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  1. It was a typo. Should read "The intensely negative tone" I have turned to the positive tones, like Ephesians twenty something positive verbs in the first chapters. "Mighty Fighter of the Evil Forces" is another sarcastic title, similar to "Bad Guy Busters" like the comedy movie "Ghost Busters." I see it in politics all the time, and here, where the important work in life is identifying the evil ones and magnifying them, distributing collateral damage to those who are exposed to the flood of negatives. The world is so full of evil (and so are we from Romans 2) that it is easy to get inspiration to spot the bad guys and magnify the details of their evil. But what does that really DO for people, besides warn them that "there's ANOTHER one of them." ? It's hard to spot the good guys, especially when all of them are tainted (just like us) with evil. It's hard to magnify the details of the good they exemplify. It's hard to pass on the positives to a cynical world. It's THIS job we should be occupying most of our time. A little bad guy busting on the side may be called for a times. Here is what I find about all of us having to deal with in our old man nature in Romans 2. We should be busting these things that come within us being born to Adam's race behind enemy lines: As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” “Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.” “The poison of vipers is on their lips.” “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” “Their feet are swift to shed blood; ruin and misery mark their ways, and the way of peace they do not know.” “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”
  2. I'm not a doctor, but I do look like one on the radio. No, I don't want to bear their crosses. I just want to fine tune my understanding so I can better pass on the good stuff.
  3. Yes that happened a lot... but usually over coffee in the 1970s I saw a few big-wigs do it, but mostly it was us peons. I never saw it in a SNS tape or Mag article. That was an area that needed a lot of fine tuning. I'm still on that for myself.
  4. Thanks for the invite. I actually do believe you. Last week I was just talking about MORE efficiency in learning toward doing all the things that Jesus Christ did and greater. I know I do better the more I turn my focus off the TWI negatives and onto the positives of the Word. My 5 years of daily exposure to the TWI negatives was all I could handle, and I just wanted to live the positives. Just as I believe you can do SOME good with daily exposure to such negatives coming here to GSC, I also believe the current folks at TWI-4 can do some good, karmicly immersed in some past negatives daily. For myself, for you and all GSC people working and ministering the Word, and for all the grads in TWI now, I wish and pray for maximum acceleration toward more accuracy, more love, and more power. Plus I thank you for the tone I feel from you letter. I wanted to say the same tone thanks to WordWolf, but my time is very scarce this week. Maybe soon I can be back to continue this positive trend. Thank you for sharing your heart, Twinky.
  5. It's the intensely tone I believe is making your good works less effective. I think the tone of this being a Mighty Fighter of the Evil Forces is a counterfeit. Any good counterfeit is going to be camouflaged with lots of good. Hey, that's just my opinion, and we'll someday find out EXACTLY what gets burned away and what is rewarded.
  6. I think it's a good approximation for the tone here and the energy, time per day, and years. Is there good fruit coming out of all these efforts? Fifteen years ago there was godly fruit coming from some efforts: grad re-connections, PFAL review, and super-PFAL supporters magnet, that helped me intensely. I made all sorts of connections and new friends, many I work the Word and move it to this day. I also think a lot happened to assist people in sorting out the good from the bad they we absorbed. But my friends and I here chose to focus on the good things, and my blanket judgement of MOST of what happens here is a strong, repetitive re-kindling of past grievances and focus on negatives that happened. Notice that is NOT a judgement of the people here, just what goes on here. Maybe other forums here are better and lighter. Maybe.
  7. It is not my circle of friends I was referring to. The vast majority of my friends now are Deadheads, musicians of all sorts, and a spectrum of brain scientists, ranging from well informed amateur such as me, to serious students of the brain, psychology, and philosophy; then grad students and professors in neuroscience. What I was referring to is the growing number of Facebook groups that are PFAL friendly. A number of current members of TWI have joined it. From them I saw posted pictures of the PFAL Camp this thread started with. Then they had an AC Camp. Why does everyone WANT to think I'm BSing? I saw these many groups spring up in the past 5 or so years. Some have a lot of members? How many? Go look yourselves. I think that all of you have finished exposing the worst of TWI. Many out there only want to think of the great benefits they received. Whenever I mention GreasSpot to them they are SO disinterested in getting all negative, so I learned to not mention this place. I think you all need some closure, after this many decades. You did the job you felt urged to do. Now you just seem to be helping each other maintain a great state of negativity. Why not turn to those things that are right in your lives and that generate GREAT JOY in your lives? I refuse to believe your lives are over or incapable of finally putting to rest the negatives of the past. Take what you have right in you heads about the gentle, true, loving God and MAGNIFY it for some other people. How many young people are you teaching the goodness of God to? Are THEY interested in all the negativity that you have saturated your lives with? I doubt that more than the numbers you doubt from me. +
  8. I was specifically avoiding mentioning him to avoid debate, but I see him in the phrase I used "ministry leaders" First John Epistle told me long ago that VPW was no goodie goodie. He said it too, many times, many ways. I'm sure glad you folks aren't anybody's final judge. You all need a chill pill sometimes I think. But I;m not a doctor, I just look like one on the radio.
  9. Actually, in verifying my earlier answer to you, I;m not sure if it was you who asked. I was unable to find my original post that that came from. I;m losing my second wind and missing things.
  10. Yes, and it's the same thing at most University Lectures on technical and highly detailed topics with the expert in front and the students not engaging.... until the end of the lecture. The more students, the more this thing.
  11. No. It;s a media estimate from the numbers of members and posters that are visible, and from the number of PFAL grads. It's an Enthusiastic Estimate. In various media, it is well known that for every letter or caller, there are x100 to x1000 silent non-writers out there. What kind of and Unenthusiastic Estimate would you give? We can take the average as fact.
  12. Sorry. I may have missed something. There;s a lot to respond to here and I was tired and racing. I came back to catch up, getting a second wind.
  13. LoL Golly Gomer, why did you ask the question? Was that a Columbo Question?
  14. Hey guys and gals, I'm exhausted. I'll try to get back to you soon and catch up on what I haven't answered.
  15. Glad you asked. If you search Acts of the Apostles in a red letter edition, highlighting Jesus words an interesting pattern emerges. Jesus actually is the Star of the Show in Acts, just like in the 4 Gospels, only better. Acts is "Jesus - Part 2" Acts answers the question some might have at the end of the 4 Gospels "...and THEN what happened?" Jesus said in the Gospels that he was going to split and send the comforter, etc. etc etc., and Acts is Luke's continuing account of these things. We could say Acts is "Luke Part 2" but Luke is not at all the Star of the Show, although he is a player. He has a minor role in the Gospel he wrote. Can you pull up from memory where all the red letter fonts of Jesus speaking in Acts are? Think on as a self Bible Quiz. Certainly he is in there at the beginning, and then gone by the second chapter. But where else? <Jeopardy Thinking Music Playing> ding dong ding ding dong ding ding ding ding da-ding ding ding aling BUZZZZZZZZ! OK. This is like self scoring bowling. See how you did. Jesus appears on the road to Damascus !!!! applause,applause,applause,applause,applause,applause,applause,applause, But WAIT! There;s more. The road to Damascus scene with Jesus in this movie happens ONCE.... in the narrative. But then he appears TWO MORE TIMES ... as flashbacks. Now here's fun part that you can do an home for extra credit. If you take ALL the red letters in Acts and put them on one sheet of paper WHAT do you see? It reads interestingly close to the first chapter in Colosians, the "Christ in you" chapter !!!!! Waysider, if you want the short answer, Jesus commissioned Paul to be his top apostle with the top message. Paul was documenting in writing and in his life how far God can go with sinners to inspire them to walk away from their old man nature (at least for a little while) and get some of God's most important work done. The Jesus Christ factor is behind all of Paul's writings. ******************** LATE ADD ON: The Jesus Christ factor also appears in US when we walk this way. Natural men, blind to spiritual realities, can see Jesus Christ in our actions that line up with Paul's (really Jesus' words) just like blind natural men could see Jesus in the Gospels, except the potential is greater in the Gospel of Paul.
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