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  1. There’s no way I have the time to get involved in debate here, but I couldn’t help but notice two interesting items are missing here. The first missing item is what did VPW himself say about his use of other people’s material? His words on this topic are conspicuously missing here. Why is that? I also noticed this crucial information missing EVERY TIME the issue of plagiarism comes up. I think it dampens a lot of theories. Does anyone remember what he said? It’s in print. It was widely distributed, starting in 1972. I’ve posted this item about 10 times here (if not more) si
  2. And you also wrote: "It's obvious you don't bother to review your remarks before you post them. And I'm convinced it's because you're just too busy formulating the next ones already in your head --- that you don't stop to consider much at all before you post them! Hence, we see stuff just like this: 's like st (Go back and look...that's just the way you posted it!) And just what the hell is that, but the tell-tale marking of a man who just doesn't care a lick about what he's saying, nor how it might be taken by others?" Hi spectrum49, Thank you
  3. Please read my post to spectrum49 below. I am almost ready to post it. In there I explain that both my eyes ARE blind due to extreme ignorance on my part.
  4. Please read my post to spectrum49 below. I am almost ready to post it. In there I explain that both my eyes ARE blind due to extreme ignorance on my part.
  5. It was NOT a molestation, only a proposition, and she was and AC grad. You assumed the worst because you wanted to. I'm trying to get out of here, but it's like trying to stop a freight train. ******************** Late Addendum: Just reflecting on how I'm too sensitive to these things, I only used one word (victim) to describe that situation because it still bothers me today. A simple proposition (with him dutifully backing off from her refusal) is still horrific me. It bothered me a lot! Yet you, chockful, assumed the worst of both the situation and of me for blowin
  6. Thank you, Bolshevik for your refreshing contributions here.
  7. I was joking. Don't tell Johnny Carson it bombed, ok? Let's wrap it up here. I can say no more than I have. Where and how do I send money to Paw?
  8. If Bolshevik is similarly finished, maybe he would consent to close the thread here.
  9. I think me and my style are only a minor issue. Posting what has not been seen well here was the big issue to me. But for 3 posts now, I am willing to quote Superman and say "My job's done here." and fly away into Doctrinal after my taxes are done.
  10. To tell you the truth 49, I agree. I am repeating myself here. If Bolshevek comes up with any more gems, I can just read them. I doubt if I can say any more. Doctrinal sounds fine to me. I got to put some serious time into taxes also. Thanks for the idea.
  11. I thought this thread WAS in Doctrinal! I think it got moved. Maybe it was in Open. I don't mind posting in Doctoral. HEY! Maybe that would reduce the volume and I could get some polishing done. GOOD IDEA DWBH! Or was that MY idea? Gosh! Who's idea WAS it? Who might have the rights to it in a copyright court. I am NOT joking here. I am speaking by serious analogy. Attention: Bolshevek! I first noticed this oddity and some flimsiness in concepts of intellectual property and plagiarism when I was a Junior in High School. Several times someone would say something
  12. Hi Rocky, Your post is in black, my response in blue. That's disappointing Mike. I HAVE repeated, repeatedly, the point about how the communication process works and that when you resort to telling people that they read you wrong, you fail at communicating YOUR message. Rocky, I appreciate your patience. I do try to do the kind of polished writing, and sometimes succeed. But most of the time here I am swamped with responses, lots of emotional hits, many spurious like sex on a plagiarism thread, and the urge to get my points down quickly overrules my desire to be polish
  13. I've hardly had time, this being a big family day, to even read all the posts of the past several days, but someday I will. If you have a burning point to make, please repeat it. Meanwhile I had some fun just now. There’s a certain warming rhetoric satisfaction when my opponents in a debate descend to ad hominem tactics like “liar liar pants on fire” and “you don’t write clear enough” and that I am wiggling about away from topic. Instead of addressing the ONE POINT that I made, which was that 1972 had some early, unemotionally charged discussions on plagiarism, the focus shifts
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