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  1. Rocky et all, Because I didn't visit to debate, my ducks are not all in a row. I had an after thought; an augmentation. This also answers my comments on that other thread with J.Juedes video. ***** Another aspect of "acting out the Christ within" is service. I remember how VPW presented a mind-picture of Jesus' personality at the 1975 AC that I attended with a tape by Elizabeth Burns who wrote a very popular autobiography in 1957 titled "The Late Liz." In that tape Liz describes the thing that turned her attention toward Jesus Christ. Somehow she was giv
  2. Rocky, I genuinely meant it, that I have a reasonable expectation in imagining you being able, at this date, to "act him out." It’s because you were a grad. Doing this "acting out" was supposed to be what we DO with our dose of "Christ in you the hope of glory." I’ll try to prove it to you, and then submit my proof to the judges. All thru my history with TWI (1971-88) I looked for and found mentors who seemed to be “acting out” the Christ in them. They were people who HELPED me with various things. I learned to always be on the lookout, as I moved about the minis
  3. Thanks, Raf. :) LoL It's things like this that I peeked back in for. If it's any consolation, the archive we generated was not a waste if you look at it, the entire GSC record, as a major historical document in itself. It is a VERY thorough airing of hundreds of intense TWI issues, thousands of unrelated issues, and the mirror riddle. Scholars who find such an archive several generations from now will have a data rich resource.
  4. I didn't come here to debate or waste anyone's time. I said my peace, and wish everyone well. It was quite an adventure for all of us to so intensely cover so many subjects. My compliments to the mods all the way back to Pawtucket, in that they kept the intensity from swamping the whole website. It was quite an adventure (for those who saw it) a few decades prior to GreaseSpot in the early Seventies, where a good 10 years of not perfect, but still massive blessings occurred in our midst, all around the world.
  5. I can testify to the factuality of this! Except I do it to Grateful Dead recordings in my earbuds.
  6. T-Bone, one of the most extensively covered topics I handled in my active years here was this plagiarism issue. You and most others rejected all my points then, and probably can't remember all of them. I do; most of them. I feel no need to continue with you on this. What would be the point? I am thankful that I had the chance to put all my ducks in a row, and in writing, here. What I don't remember I can look up in my private GreaseSpot archive. But I remember enough usually to help grads perplexed by this issue, thanks to all the practice I got here. I'm sure God will generously
  7. That's an interesting "tipping point" you are perched on, Allan. You sound a little like Columbo stalking his suspect. Actually, in recent years I have latched on bigtime to HOW sailboats work. It utterly fascinates me, the way they can move AGAINST the wind, and to be able to travel FASTER than the wind. It has inspired me to work out a whole theory on free will mechanisms in the human brain. If I continue in this vein, will that get one quarter of your attention? Are you currently working any or all four of those items? You have my attention if you have any light on them.
  8. Rocky, if you really don't know what I mean by acting him out I feel sorry for you. I hope you actually DO know the answer to this, and that you can do it also. If you really are impoverished in this area, and are seeking my help, then your first job is to convince me that you really want my help, and you are not playing "Gotchya" here. That may be at task too big for you. Meanwhile, do you think the Padres have a crack at the Pennant this year?
  9. That's great to hear. Think of how many THOUSANDS of others have SIT now to enjoy! We were a part of a huge move from God. God used flawed ministers (like us) to make this available around the world. I like singing in tongues to loud Rock music while I dance.
  10. T-Bone, I though it was always my position that FOR REVELATIONS from God, there can be no legitimate owner or copywrite owner. It is in this category I look at the priorities attached to copyrights and judicial law as PUNY by comparison to the real ownership God claims to His own revelations. I think copyrights are fine for worldly matters. When two jurisdictions conflict (God's and man's) then I care nothing about man's.
  11. I think VPW predicted the reaction you describe on FoS. The academicians are way behind on that. Instead of looking at that academician's "heavy tome" as a credential, you should have asked those who read the book if it helped them. I'm not trying to keep track of all that's said in this thread, but I think you asked about SIT. I remembered another benefit I've noticed in highlights lately. When pulling my hair out dealing with difficult believer personalities, I find great rest in SIT. Instead of my English "self talk" chatter trying to come up with the right words to help this diffic
  12. Waysider, I'm so glad I can do it, and enjoy it so much. In TIP Excellors' Sessions I'd teach how much fun SIT is and is even a little like dance. Now that I've RECENTLY gotten heavily into dance, I can say it's extremely verified. The mechanics of speech in SIT are similar to the mechanics of dance. Oddly, I've discovered that dance is like a forced smile. A forced smile can confuse a depression for about 3 seconds. But DANCE is like a forced smile on the whole body, and it obliterates depression, sometimes for hours. It is massive fun, especially when mixing in the social interaction
  13. Such righteous anti-plagarism is really a joke to me. Has your mission in life really descended to fight for "Scholars' Rights" and Proper Crediting. Are you able to think outside that box? It reveals to me a level of desperation in wanting to criticize VPW. If I didn't think this was a terrible affliction that limits you in life, I'd consider it as hilarious as what happens to Flat Earthers. I think you and others here have whipped yourself into a 25 year fit of righteous anti-plagarism, and lost track of real priorities in life and living. But it's your life and you choose
  14. Twinky, I did mitigate my putting words into your mouth. I'm happy to hear I was wrong. But you know that I nailed the modus operundi applied to me by most here. It's only a Gotcha game. The be anxious for nothing comes from 2 chapters where VPW handles that verse. One thing I had always wondered about was the "make your requests known unto God" part of that verse. By working it I finally noticed that Bullinger calls it "Condecencio" !!! It's like bold-fonting the idea that God would bend down to us and cup His ear to hear what we are anxious about. God is not hard or hearing a
  15. Waysider, are you aware that there was a strong "Jesus" influence that rubbed off Kesey, and onto Jerry Garcia? And then from Garcia to Bob Dylan. In the 70s Dylan turned onto Christianity and did a few albums on that theme. Also Eldridge Cleaver, another bit time 60s leader went Biblical around then. I suggest, instead of rolling your eyes, you read "One Few Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and then "The Electric Cool Aid Acid Test." I researched all this heavily from 1987 thru 1998, and then touched on it here and there since. Part of that research was calling Kesey's house for verifica
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