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  1. When Lo shanta al la hanta gobble de gook is considered a complete thought, what could go wrong? Doubt they'll ever think of it as murder either.
  2. I can't say what Christian practices are. Any quote by LCM should be read as if he is yelling or at a low rumble leading up to the yelling . . . Certainly sounds like an inner conflict
  3. Well giving equals receiving and to receive anything from God you must have your needs and wants parellel.. Oh and since you are thankful for what we've given you, you are now motivated to give. Sign here, initial here, here and here. That's the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation in the Household of Standing Believing Believers. Sounds like uncertainty was given up by giving up agency. Was vpw part of a free love movement? If he was would he hide it? Aren't there people up front about that? I'm sure vpw showed porn as a shock, doggie style and all, . . . If they'll let him do that they'll let him do more later, sort of thing. That's just part of his need to control people, eliminate boundaries.
  4. How do you like your coffee? Hebrews 4:12 No, really, what's that verse about?
  5. "People complain that we're not loving enough . . . We're giving people THE WORD. . . THAT'S love." -LCM
  6. Call out culture is where you "call out" an individual publicaly for some trait. They pay a price such as ostracism, whether they deserve it or not. You pay nothing or gain some perceived social points in this virtue signaling. That's a low risk tactic. And shallow, why not talk to the individual in private? It's like sacrificing someone else for your cause. Not giving of yourself, taking from someone. Like stealing. Like a thief would do. Like in a verse, John 10:10. .. which was handled in The Class.
  7. You've always got great insight T-Bone. Long ago ostracism meant death. You couldn't survive outside the group. You'd starve or be eaten or give in to the elements. So in simple terms ostracism = death. (I probably said that before) Your post reminds me of the word Fellowship. Seems a term in stark contrast to ostracism. Wayworld has no Hell, which I have heard described as a separation from God. Not simply torture. But a life as a result of no fellowship. Your point about a false godhead, the old spiritual switcheroo. Yes people fear being kicked out. Being kicked out of a Twig Fellowship is a blessing in disguise. That's like a double switcheroo, I guess
  8. Wayworld had it's vocabulary. Cult-speak. Way-speak. Believing, spiritual, The Word, were some overused words. Teaching is another word. The Teacher is a good point. The Word is the jargon to be concerned about here. Seems it means not what it means.
  9. Doers of The Word CLAIM The Word, cause believing without works is dead. And who works the Word? The Word is PFAL . . . Which is alive now. . And study to shew thyself a WORKMAN or WorkPERSON . . . Rightly dividing The Word. See it was given by inspiration and interprets itself through perspiration. That's work. And when sunesis happens that's like when the snake bites its tail, right? See how it all fit together? I'm almost having a thought again. Need to renew some stuff.
  10. The key to the blown mind is the chewed thought. MIKE!! What does it all mean? If we turn away from PFAL Christ never comes back? But the Word takes the place of the absent Christ . . . This is like if Christ meets the AntiChrist do they cancel each other out?
  11. Theopneustos. Teaching is breathing. God-Breathed the Word and made it a bigger deal than himself. Says so in The Word. Sounds like a coup.
  12. Hold on. Just need to renew my mind. I almost had a full thought.
  13. Cause God can only give that which he is and he gave his only begotten Son. WAIT
  14. Remember the ROA everyone smiling stupid all day? Zombies. Just zombies. With snack tents.
  15. The Word takes the place of the Absent Christ (except to talk to Saul) . . . The Word The Word nothing but The Word. Why did Christ show up? What . . . is . . . The Word. . . . . . . Is PFAL. . . . Which was meant to help study The Word . . . HOW Is not lost . .
  16. God in Christ in You. Which is lower case in great principle speaks to upper case. But Christ returns to Christ us in this Word? Or World?
  17. Clearly stolen from LCM by da Adversary. A challenging counterfeit.
  18. I don't have my Young's concordance either. I was more into Strong’s. What about the raptor?
  19. The research had been done and Dirkter Virk put the WHOLE package together. Buy PRESENT TRUTH and OLD WINE SKINS but WHY?
  20. Workman of the threads, 17 years later. Should always ask Mike first. Is that a missspell cause I have no idea what that means.
  21. That why he was sent away? 30 or 33 years on Earth and he's a one trick pony. Got his foot voluntarily handed to him, and then got replaced by the Greatness of God’s Word. That's Wayworld, right? If Gawd would do that to his only begotten, how quickly would he get over you?
  22. Images of Jesus were not common and frowned upon . . Although one was in the auditorium where he all in deep thought. Images of the Bible and dove were more common. I remember items like he's "the word made flesh" . . . But it's more like the word existed and then Jesus came along and perfectly believed . . ."THE word". That kinda makes him a brown noser for God.
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