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  1. I've heard there's another side to the story. Sort of mystical talk - since nobody can utter what it is.
  2. I'll try to clarify for you what we were discussing before. When I was building "new communities" there was a problem with the internet being new. I was not involved online. Others read. Others reacted. I was cut because of that. I had waited and waited to legally leave TWI. There are closed communities. I know they exist. Where those matters stay contained. The narratives that develop online aren't necessarily good fits offline.
  3. On these groups . . . You get a bunch of strangers together . . . And everyone tries to put psychological mirrors up to each other . . . Is any image produced from that?
  4. Any comments section on any site devolves into nonsense. The founder's name should never be mentioned, the opposite of what happens here . . . and old gripes are mixed with today's issues. The biggest issue is decisions are made out there in the real world. And places like this and not separate from it anymore.
  5. I think others have stated the Bible is a "male-dominated" text or from the male gaze. When I first went to college the school broke up all new students into groups. A dominant topic was sex. The young women announced, very clearly, that promiscuity is a must. It's part of their liberation and makes them equal. I'm sure you've run into those girls doing their . . . "gender studies assignments". . . . I think college campuses are 60% female now . . . so are we removing men from temptation by removing them from school? Or creating polygamist cults?
  6. You do have a group of people claiming NOT to be part of TWI and having nothing to do with it affecting the minds of those who do interact with those associated with The Way. So again, no interaction on the internet or off the internet is wholly real. Very, very dangerous medium.
  7. He could have done that without targeting individual posters. Strippers have pseudonyms for a reason.
  8. Have you seen "Stepword Wives"? Did they butcher the kids at the end? I was confused about that.
  9. No they weren't Mormons. They just knew me. My birth was supposed to be a miracle people use sometimes. The Law of Believing.
  10. Visited his home out west years ago and had a nice spread. Only time I've tried bear meat. I understand at this time he calls The Way a cult.
  11. I received a tailored phone call. They know things about me I didn't know. One thing I notice is . . . some people get better treatment inside The Way than outside . . . . probably why that generation took PFAL in the first place.
  12. There are several false statements here. I can't address them all. I'm still tied to The Way. The same people who built The Way built these websites. Obviously these websites are skewed toward those who joined The Way.
  13. I was a kid. Kids talk. Is Eli proxy so as to talk as if these things were far away?
  14. One idea out there is that all heterosexual sex is rape since this a patriarchy. If you have a wife, by definition she can't give consent.
  15. I am watching people die. As others have already. I don't know what experience you consider significant. What event in life does The Way International not touch? You have no skin in the game, is what I have pointed out to you.
  16. The life abuse was in the TWIG. Gatherings that should never had happened. To escape was to find the shadows. The internet took that away. To my knowledge sex abuse scandels were in The Way were known of in the 1970s. The internet magnified the rumors and dumped it everywhere.
  17. When facing TWI directly, yes, that is what they will say. We know them. When facing the other direction TWI should not be there.
  18. I am not claiming TWI is not abusive . . . nearly every act was abuse. I guess I don't understand why some wait until the sex scandal to see it.
  19. I gave one or two benign examples. Destroying a cult is in the forgetting, isn't it?
  20. Why use the term clergyman? PFAL did not teach the right thing to do. Weren't boundaries broken as soon as you were witnessed to? Those involved were PFAL grads. The pattern of behavior in the example you give . . . . it's not really that different than all the other behaviors in being in a cult . . . stupid decision after stupid explanation from all levels . . . . it might be more dramatic and click baity.
  21. People who read it. It happened many times. Waydale was a way to through dirty laundry in all directions right? Who cares where it lands?
  22. Why was working at HQ if I hated TWI? I tried preaching to the trees. Nothing responded.
  23. I knew the lady you're speaking of a little. I spent a lot of time with her next husband. Ok, what actual issue? Everyone involved was in a cult. Everyone was in the wrong. What the heck was everyone doing in the first place?
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