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  1. Vankin pointed out NPDs want to extract money from people for Narcissistic Supply. Once they have the money taken from others, that money has already served its purpose. Just . . . Interesting
  2. When you don't like something the Bible says, just grab a fine tip Bic pen and those little metal rulers and fix the problem. Give some sort of Greek or Aramaic word game reasoning. Having various colored pens, wide margin companion Bible, and other note making systems helped in this ostensible show of diligent research. I'm sure this old tried and true technique could be applied here if one were so inclined.
  3. LINK Pointless tasks serve a function . . . The leader outsourcing for supply
  4. I think it's what's called "narcissist mirroring". He's copying like a child copies an adult, but lacking the ability to develop his own identity he just looks like a copy-cat. Completely unable to "make it his own" as is said in TWI and ever really understand. No sunesis going on. The WAP class I believe made fun of those out there who "parrot" their teachers . . . but that's exactly what TWI teaches it's followers to do.
  5. VPW's headstone/monument says something like "I wish I was the man I knew to be" (wish is a no-no word, so that may not be exact) His last words are rumored to be "I think I've made a great mistake" I like the lack of ambiguity in these statements. Very clear to the reader.
  6. The first of my children was born while still involved in TWI. The Abortion Doctrine was the final straw. They could abuse me, but not my kids. I stated my opinion but the choice was ultimately his mother's . . . although our marriage didn't survive TWI I remain thankful for her decision. I was no leader, but they use children, from the moment of conception, to push their agenda.
  7. Not sure I follow that, maybe some things are being conflated. Gender Bias? I think we're forgetting that a cult is an effort to escape the larger culture to cocoon a false image a false self. In TWI the wooden spoon, for example, is genderless. People are objects for projection. This is a shared fantasy realm where narcissistic rage is center stage. All meaning and identity is erased. The fetus was tirelessly reduced and compared to . . . Trash let's say. Even if intended to continue to birth. I think one can stop and realize there's more significance to a pregnancy than was practiced in TWI . . . And not need to stop and point out who has what rights historically. I can certainly agree there were numerous methods for control in TWI, by reducing boundaries, by reducing the value of people. Gender relations in TWI might be a good topic for another thread. I don't mean to do that in this one. Potential parents come in multiple genders.
  8. All data I've looked at so far says rape/incest/deformities are mostly <1% of the reasons for abortions. In this thread we are talking about people whose minds and hearts are under the influence of a cult, women included. The actions of the leaders were spread into the behavior of the sheep, right? Further, let's not forget Origen.
  9. "Make your weakness a strength" Or some BS I called it "waste time until your strengths become weak"
  10. Are we calling Texas a cult? . . . j/k The NPD seeks to dissolve boundaries. Coerced abortion was normalized through the Abortion Doctrine. It HAD to not be murder. I can remember some of LCM's rants on the topic but I just grossed myself out recalling his words.
  11. Galen's story is tragic. But I think it show the weightiness of the decision on both sides. It's not easy and shouldn't be. Outside of TWI I've seen abortion used as an emotional weapon. Carried out to inflict emotional pain on someone else, narcissistic supply. There's more and it's all just selfish. In TWI I think it was an example of an emotional numbing. It was not a discussion. Contrasting it with murder makes it a black and white decision and encourages indifference. The Squirrel is back. I knew today was a good day.
  12. This isn't meant to be a doctrinal thread. Whether or not abortion itself is always murder is mostly beside the point. But it is an emotionally charged topic for a reason. There should be some deep feelings associated with the topic, IMO. The Abortion Doctrine was there to be made common among leaders and non-leaders alike. The Cult leader ultimately wants you to literally take your life and those you care about in worship of them. The Abortion Doctrine in TWI is a step in that direction of self destruction, IMO. That's the sickening part. Take these decisions lightly so that future to-be-determined decisions can be taken lightly as well. How far has no limit. The Abortion Doctrine highlights the depth of evil that is latent within The Way International.
  13. Far as I understand. They wanted the rest of us to do the same.
  14. Along with The Dead are Not Alive and Jesus Christ is Not God this Abortion is Not Murder was screamed about quite a bit in The Way. (Notice how this and that are Not something else) I'd always paid more attention to TDANA and JCING subjects and ignored the Abortion stuff for most my life. Until the Abortion Doctrine was suggested upon my now oldest son. Then sh!+ hit home. I might have snapped. Why did they scream constantly about abortion not being murder? What were they hiding? What was the conflict? If you're still with TWI, would you sacrifice your own for them? Are you Abraham? Is that who you think you are? Why was everyone taught so intensely Abortion is not murder? What was being cosigned on?
  15. There's like half a dozen subjects popping up over the passing of one person not named VPW. And everyone's a medical expert now. Maybe ban all discussions around this passing for six months. If a subject is important it will come up again?
  16. The NPD has a far greater fear of his/her own demise than the average person. It's the fear of death projected onto the world at large. Lots of folks know not to worry about what they can't control while they still have breathe. Unlike the NPD. I'm sure that applies somewhere and everywhere.
  17. I don't think JAL's lack of belief killed him. Pandemics kill more than war. Always have. Who was this guy who's name is being thrown around? What did he accomplish? He took PFAL and stuck around I assume.
  18. No, but it's an origin story. And a better story about inner conflict than "I don't wanna . . . make it snow"
  19. Thou shalt not surely die? Your eyes will be opened . . . one might fall out, Odin did just fine with the other. Lance Armstrong, not so much. Whose identity? Cult founder or his loyal subjects? Are they not tied together?
  20. The NPD feeds on the image projected back to them by others. VPW's choices caused his eye to fall out, contradicting his previous statements. This would instigate deep feelings of shame, self-hatred even. So he or his flying monkey's comes up with a story. Boom. Problem solved. Carry on. VPW knew he wasn't as good as others. His envy drove him to plagiarize. Copying isn't consistent with his false sense of self so he confabulates seeing snow on the gas pumps. Everything is all part of God's plan now. Feelings of happiness and joy follow.
  21. VPW sacrificed an eye filming PFAL . . . he labored so intensely body parts just fell out . . . little cleaner than Origen. Rome was founded by a guy raised by wolves. Descendant of Troy. Coca-Cola keeps its recipe in a vault. Batman's parents were killed in an alley in front of him.
  22. I was going to let it slide but Capital O, three times. That's completely Obvious. Definitely a message.
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