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  1. engine

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    The fact that these folks are just now leaving illustrates, to me, that their minds have been dipped in a formaldahyde type solution: they don't work well anymore. Their social circles won't change, they'll still live with their current worldview, they'll all be clinging like I did that what we were taught must be right? please? whoa, that is, IF they even question it. Manipulated by Holy Scriptures? Please, say it ain't so, Joe. My current view is all we got Theologically was an offspring branch of Protestant Christianity (yeah, I was reared Methodist), that started with Darby back then in the 1830's, Dispensationalism (a BIGGIE!) into the Revivalism movement, to the toned down Charismatic movement birthing from Pentecostalism (no pun intended). The basis for us being at the outside edge of the Standard Bell curve? Bullinger (not as hot as we were taught), Stiles (who?), Leonard (who?). In other words: hogwash. Others may even say the entire Bible. I know quite a few of those folks. I liked some of them then. I am saddened that they stayed. Sigh. I finally accepted my Geological tables, 9th grade Earth Science, the Brachiopods (fossils- at least 550 million years old) I found coupla' years later at 15 years old in a creek bed behind my home UP in my Hills at Elevation +800 ft. I quit on the vapor canopy theory of the Noahic Flood, and any glimmer of hope with Creationism died out, sadly, but refreshingly nice, too. I understand a lot more NOW, and am still exploring. From what I've read, I might be kinda' on the same page with a few others here. Some loudmouth guy here comes to mind. The steps toward resolving these conflicts is not as hard now, and my mind is full of more questions now, but not in a confusing way. This has been worse than getting a coffee stain on a brand new white shirt! These "jumps" or "parsing" in worldviews requires a flexible, unfearing mind to be able explore. Nimble. Aware. A true natural curiosity makes it more fun. I feel I am just getting started at times. I don't think they can do it.
  2. engine

    Thus Saith Paul

    I was looking at Boxing terms a bit ago, and this reminds me of when a fight is stopped by the Ref for any number of reasons. " Other times a referee simply deems that a fighter is too battered, defenseless, or hopelessly behind and outclassed-all without a knockdown having occurred. I wonder if this is a TKO? BTW, I see where the 12 really could have missed this "GO into ALL..." I know a little about how the Jews separated themselves from the unclean "others." Gentiles. Very conscience decisions all the time on this in daily life. For centuries. Cultural norms. Traditions. So, I can see how Peter and the others may not have truly understood until Acts 10 and Cornelius. After all, Jesus wasn't exactly "with" them on a daily physical basis after that. The little birdies got kicked out of the nest so they could learn to fly. It took Peter 10 chapters. LOL. DOH! I know I have some Homer Simpson in me, too, just like those guys seemed to have had back then.
  3. engine

    Old Emporia recipe...

    Well, it's been a long wait for some of you, but here, for all of you Millet lovers out there, is the Recipe booklet from WCE. I am posting because it's liked by some, and I don't see it around the Cafe'. Goodness Gracious. From 1981- 1982. There may have been a cover page that got lost. This is one of the things I saved....HAH! Don't use it hardly at all, but for some who knows? It's scanned in 2 parts, front back. It was broken apart from it's booklet form, which was (2) sided, and stapled. The memories associated with aromas is powerful, at least for me. In 1991 I made my Grandmother's chicken and dumplings. Never had it at our house because my Mom didn't like them growing up. Only had them at my Grandmother's house. Anyway, I dropped the home made dumplings into the pot, the final step, and as the dumplings began cooking, the aroma was overpoweringly wonderful, and I hadn't smelled that aroma for about 30 years. Wowee Zowee. Oh, it took me back. That night I had a dream, picture perfect!!, and I was in my Grandmother's kitchen again as a kid, into her undercounter cabinets looking for chocolate....like I used to do all the time when I was over there; they only lived a coupla' blocks from me. So wonderful because I was over there so much, and I had forgotten. So, enjoy, please. EmporiaRecipes_2.pdf EmporiaRecipes_1.pdf
  4. engine

    Why did you take "THE CLASS?"

    Ohhh, Ex. Me, too. Sigh.
  5. engine

    Countdown 2019

  6. engine

    Countdown 2019

    Yes, we did. I didn't know if you'd remember. Coconut Creek on Sample Rd, I believe. I will say this: I have watched your skills as an Investigative reporter get well honed over the years. And, I've almost emailed you a few times to tell you I liked this article or that article. Well done. Stay on it.
  7. engine

    Countdown 2019

    Congrats, Raf. That's my paper, and I've been seeing your bylines for years now. Your beat takes you into some nasty arenas, and I enjoy reading about it, and not being in it. I find the Sun-Sentinel to be an outstanding paper. You guys and gals deserve this, and Wowee Zowee, The Most Pestigious Pulitzer given. Well done, my man! Cheers!
  8. engine

    Events relating to Holy Week

    ROFLMAO, Raf. Yeah, those 70 weeks. The first Rubik's cube for many! NO comment.
  9. engine

    Most of VP's and TWI Stuff here

    Thanks Grace, I haven't been around here much for a long time, and had never seen that link from Penworks (Thx, Penworks, BTW), but on all the other pretty current. I was at the reading of POP at corps week in '86. Have read portions since. My gawd, that poor man, look at the burden on him and how he really serves and shields the MOGFOT and how he tries so hard, and no matter what he just keeps trying, and the hurt and pain of OUR beloved MOGFOT, oh, I wish I had been there.....sob sniff tears.....NOT. I also know two fellas, 8th and 10th, who flew to Gartmore with another Rev back then to get an OK to go around the overturned eighteen wheel "Yuk" twig, or get instructions on what to do. They wanted to see Geer. These three were doing the run around on their higher ups at HQ. Another mutiny inside a mutiny like the little Russian dolls. The one where DWBH was confronting all of 'em seems like. They were going to wrest back this "thing" away from them, or do whatever had to be done, and get it back on track. And, it would have been just as awful. Firstly, DWBH would have had to confront at least one of them, too. That was a sprout of the first offshoot...it died. Asked my old Bro' in person 3 years ago, "Why did you go?" "To find out how to save the minus-try." Said his plan had always been a "career" in the minus-try. He had climbed up to Limb Coor. by '85. "So, what did he tell you? Anything? Or, did he just sorta' look at you with that psychzoid I'm getting revelation don't mess with me kinda' look?" Hardly nothing, he says....a whole week! Hope they were Scotch drinkers! Hope it wasn't raining on your parade there in sunny Scotland! Honestly? It's really kinda' super hard to see miracles and have joy and love and those things without the Holy Spirit, who, best guess, had to grievingly depart from Twit, if it ever was really there much at all because of the corruption and sin. But, to me, most especially, the Holy Spirit had to leave because of the denial of Who Jesus really is...the Christ...the Logos in Person! Not a Book. Found in That Book...not the Book. Knows my name, every hair counted, loves me as the Good Shepherd that He is, Was, Always shall be. Mine. His. He's spoken of in the banned books section of the Twit archives: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. That's where I met Him before the way. He's still there. And, it seems, from what I've read, it didn't take long after the first coups of Heefner and Doop (not quite my time yet) for the fabric to begin to fray. Anyway, Grace, thank you. Boy, I sailed away on that one.
  10. Hi Grace, Yes, it was WRITTEN. And, my belief, having been a hometown boy with Chip, a little time at WVU with him, and knowing his reputation for "smarts," is that he was the "brains" behind this operation. Penworks, DWBH, and others know that no credits were ever given to anyone. EVER. Just some "aid." Chip left I think around 1980, was 6th, and went onto get his PhD in Humanities and started a teaching career. It was 1995 or so that I spoke with him again, and though he was seriously stunned and shocked that I was "still thinking about that junk??!!", he graciously filled me in on a few things. For those who care to know, he had started a young family by that time, and was happy.
  11. engine

    TWI 1, 2 and 3 - from Waydale

    I don't know, Twinky. But, a good guess is someone here knows more about all that. LOL.
  12. engine

    Most of VP's and TWI Stuff here

    Thanks, Skyrider. I found it years ago by Oral, and boy, he was good. I've been catching up on threads, and not only do I like the divergent views, I am glad to see it here among all of us.....most of the time...lol.
  13. engine

    Way Corps Pentagon

    And maybe Christopher Watkins? Family. And, I heard the same story...Pentagon encloses Pentagram. Five Ministries surround and hem in dat debbil, and LOL, dem debbil spurts! Hah.
  14. I helped with JCOP in the summer of 1978 in Gunnison. It was a Family Camp, and the theme or whatever was something like, "The Last Week of Jesus Christs' Life." I guess 100 plus of us? I recall vpw there of course, Walter?, but for sure Chip Stansbrry. Chip was my Twig coor. What we did every morning and afternoon was have twigs just for study. We spread all around the grounds. 2 or 3 casual hours each time, all week. Each twig did the same. We simply read through all the gospels line byline AFTER, in my case, Chip taught us Passover, the days, customs, and so on. He made sure we had it. That was the first morning session. The start and end of the Hebrew days, and so on. Timelines. It was meticulous work. THEN, We started at John 12:1...6 days before Passover. We used that verse as our "origin." Chip gave us some work sheets broken into days, and we used it for our timelines witht he verse, and so on. We proceeded through the other areas verse by verse, word by word at times, comparing similar, and sometimes not identical, records or passages/ verses at the same time, carefully watching our timelines, and Chip would ask our opinions on how we were reading it: Did we consider this? What about this? Did we have anything to add? And, we usually did, and Chip would look at you and listen, nod his head, and scribble it down in his notes. We met under the cottonwood trees in lawn chairs. Most of the twigs did. 10 twigs? It was FUN! Sweet. After that week was up, never heard anything until it was published. Pretty much what we all saw. I am not confident in a couple of areas, 6 denials of Peter for one, but Chip was OK with it years later when i had an opportunity to speak with him. Me? I don't know. That week was my inspiration to go into the corps, and I did. It's the only twit book I have. I tossed mine with everything else back around '87. Then ten years later I had a question and needed that book. I said, "WTF?!" and got a copy from ebay. LOL
  15. engine

    Most of VP's and TWI Stuff here

    Thanks to all, once again. I stopped puking last night. I had wondered about Mark Gluckin. Always liked Mark. He did have everything ever done up there. And, Nashville makes sense as I know a few folks who seemed to gravitate to Nashville back in the 80's and 90's. That clears all this up. I have searched at times for other sites but never saw this one. There were papers in there by an Anth@ny Gilm@re, too. By the years maybe 14th corpse. I didn't know, but at one time Nashville was well known for it binderies....maybe still. One Nashville follower who stayed in the EX-TWIt circle (11th Corps who was in A/V with Smiling Joe the Colt for years, and with Mark) was a big vpw devotee. He owned(s) a small publishing/ bookbinding Biz in the 90's and '00's there. As the Digital age of publishing dawned the company would have had to somehow "morph" to digital. The fella' used to read all those idiotic one liners over morning coffee, write Op-Eds to the local paper with the TWIt angle. There was a Sunday 10:30 held at J H!lls house, Family corpse, with the Sing Along the Way and collaterals and everything. Yay? Yechhh! This is circa 2004. I guess Nashville was a hot spot for lots'a reasons. Musicians, too, huh? This archiving is going full tilt as some uploads are 2018, and all this material, some only heard about by me, and so many obscure and long ago forgotten items (Color Way Corpse brochure), points to someone at HQ for a LONG time. Mark certainly fits the bill for a source. Others, too, as DWBH noted. I forgot about the Craleys. Ok, that explains that. In all my journeys I never saw any inkling of those sites up there. Thanks for the insights. And, with all the software and capabilities these days, I don't think a "publishing" house is necessary, do you? Just the source materials.