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  1. engine

    The cone of Isaias

    Tuesday afternoon's forecast predicted, at worst, 50 mph winds and big time rain and squalls Sunday Monday. We've had worse summer thunderstorms and low pressure systems stuck over us for days here in South Florida (Hi Raf). The track up the peninsula like Irma from Sept 2017 is eerie. My experience tells me, after 30 years in S Florida, that it's the Canes in September- October that are usually the fiercest and sometimes they come one after another. Dorian last year was nerve wracking as we waited for that Cat 5 to hit us. We were spared its awful destructive wrath, but the Bahamians weren't.
  2. Hi there, Bob is in San Diego. I saw he and Annette and their 4 sons about ten years ago. Reconnected on FB.
  3. You're welcome, T-Bone. Thank you for posting that.
  4. This book is an easy and enjoyable read. Written from the Methodist viewpoint, it addresses inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible (it is not), the assumption of many regarding verbal, plenary inspiration (Biblical Literalism Fundamentalists cling to and demand) of II Timothy 3:16, Genesis and it's writers, how reliable are the Gospel accounts and the sources of the Gospels, suffering, homosexuality, Canonization, science and Young Earth Creationists, and on and on. He does all this by discussing the various arguments and viewpoints in a respectful manner, and not from a Bully Pulpit. T
  5. Hi Rejoice, I, too, was stunned after I stumbled on it. An admiration site for he who shall not be named. Yechhhhh!
  6. I burnt up a lot of good music Albums during those UH Days in the late 70's. And a few books. Black smoke heavenwards. Not quite incense. Burnt the wrong books.
  7. I recall that, too, as Raf does....exactly... in Piffle. Thought about it last night. But, we know there was more, too.
  8. Stay away from Momentous. I almost took it, and it would have destroyed me in my disorganized and confused mental state of seeking answers. I have spoken to two Directors of Momentous. Once in 1996 by phone. I was dissuaded to take it by the lack of clear reasons as to why a release was necessary. I had not heard specific horror stories then but only about the extreme intensity of it. Then, the second one a few years ago. Said it was a great seminar, though it destroyed one facet of her personal life. Like her marriage. I had long ago abandoned the idea in 1996 because of that legal Re
  9. I simply think we were poorly and pathetically taught. The Splinter Groups simply cannot admit they were taught wrong. Session One? Piffle.....what corrects wrong teaching? Hah! Right teaching. And, that ain't coming from The Way no matter the Era. I also think that's why splinter groups keep splintering further and further into the Wild Blue Yonder: It appears to me that the Splinter Groups believe they were taught correctly, ALMOST, but, like a Cook, this needs more salt, hmmmm, some more of this, or that. Then, we'll have this Manifestions of the Spirit stuff cooking, our Walk by
  10. The journey to realiization of self outside Christian Fundamentalism and Twit has been long and arduous for me. This site has, again, proven invaluable. DWBH, unbeknownst to him, has helped me tremendously on the finding of the Authentic Self and by mentioning other concepts to which I was CLUELESS. I truly thought I left the Twit outlook on life years after 1986, but the last ten years showed me I had not. I essentially cocooned me, myself, and I (ALL of US) for the last 1 1/2 years to investigate where my behaviors and actions, beliefs, and so forth, originated because my life was still
  11. I have no idea on how it was received. IIRC, circa 1980 or so IBM was working on the lightweight Selectric "ball" or 'typing element" with that alphabet. Then the PC came out circa 1982 and bye bye you wonderful Selectric you. I just looked. It seems that many Academics like it, though they are aware of it's origins, and that old "Father, Father, for this purpose was I....." was translated per vpw in Piffle. DETOUR: RE: Dominionist Theology: what a CROCK of poo-poo. If those Dominionists are in charge in anything in this future Kingdom they speak of (Millenial Kingdom) or g
  12. That letter is quite revealing. Headquarters...a private joke among him and his lukewarm supporters? Manipulation with guilt, woe is me, I'm really trying here... I've heard this whining in my profession from everyone over 40 years...whine..... For the any era, especially the mid 1950's, that was a brazenly forward letter. No wonder the adults wouldn't listen to him. Him telling them what to do. Family folks in Ohio farm country. He called my Mom and Dad for an Ambassador One weekend circa 1978...they were grads in name only.....Dad saw through it in a second, and just had
  13. Hi, Surfcat, and Welcome. There are some good waves at this locale. Enjoy.
  14. And, tadaaaa, the book jacket. EmporiaRecipes_Cover.pdf
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