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  1. As a long time type 1 diabetic, I find the article absolutely horrifying, repulsive, tragic, and enraging. Has it ever occurred to these buzzards that God may have inspired the scientists who did the research to develop insulin? I wish I could feed them to the crocodiles one bite at a time. Those sons of bytches! May God have mercy on them. I could not!
  2. I believe from the University of South Carolina but I'm not sure. Now you can all go back to tearing her down. She was wonderful when I knew her.
  3. Knew her years and years ago. She was wonderful then. I hope she still is.
  4. We were in family 20 for about 3 months and two couples got kicked out of F19 for something along those lines while we were there.
  5. During our brief tenure in FWC we spent a lot of time harvesting produce grown there. I distinctly remember apples, potatoes, tomatoes and perhaps onions. We were involved in making salsa; I've written about that elsewhere. They raised chickens, beef and pigs as well. Did we benefit from this largesse? Nope. It was shipped to HQ. it's a challenge to perform four hours of hard physical labor after a breakfast of one cup of granola and milk, and a delicious lunch of one cup of tomato soup and two zwieback crackers. On rare occasions we got chicken or other meats, and every day we had to exercise vigorously. I realized recently that this arrangement is very similar to a work camp in a communist country. We workers slaved away for the benefit of the elite, who graciously permitted us to have a few crumbs from under their gilded tables.
  6. So I have a medical condition that precludes seeds, nuts, raw grains. Does that mean I'm eating devil's food? As Bugs Bunny would say "what a maroon!"
  7. Mr. Garden frequently cooks potatoes and onions together. The onions perfume the house. To me, it's the scent of a beloved man enjoying a meal. I was flabbergasted at the thought of every one lining up their taste buds with his. So not right!
  8. The worst part was only the Head Table got coffee!
  9. In 1993 we were FWC for a couple of months, at the Indiana campus. The food was atrocious! Chickens were raised and slaughtered, as well as pigs and beef. We seldom ate meat. Most got shipped to NK.The kids were always hungry. We made tons of "salsa" with no onion or tomato. The idiot in charge bitched me out for removing rotten portions of tomatoes. There was no cilantro, either. We were always hungry from working outside to the exercise program to 5 hours of sleep per night. I lost at least 15 pounds if not more the first six weeks. It was heck.
  10. One of the most embarrassing moments of my TWI-life was happy household holiday carolling using those fake lyrics. Most of our victims didn't hear the difference but it was horrible nevertheless.
  11. Newly married in a college town in Ohio.
  12. We were in residence in early 1993 (family division of the horror that was WC). During that time there was an incident where a helicopter carrying U.S. military was shot down and survivors tortured and their bodies dragged through the streets of Mogadishu(?) And hanged from bridges. I knew nothing about it until the motion picture "Black Hawk Down" was released. What offends me about all the silence is that prayer is a powerful weapon and we should have been praying for these situations. As I recall the 9/11 attacks were minimized as well.
  13. When I took the advanced class at Emporia, I would stand in line at the ladies' room door for ten minutes, get right up to the door, and here would come the trustee's wives, and frequently Mrs. Wierwille. The ladies room would be closed for their convenience and rest of us would be ushered back to our seats, bladders aching. One person actually complained and was promptly reminded if the privilege she was given to be there, and the greater privilege of waiting for the next break, when it would happen all over again.
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