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  1. Thanks to the many posters here who have helped me through the mental hardship in understanding what it takes to leave a group that has a great hold on your mind and life. I will always be thankful. Hats off to Paw, and many others.
  2. Do the letters "ss" mean anything to you. That was what the corps was be groomed to be. I refused to go along with the plan.
  3. Twi does want to define who you are. They invent things to keep their people busy enough not to have time to figure that their lives are being manipulated and controlled. Thank God they no longer have us in their "grip". Great topic as always.
  4. I thought it was a great place......for anyone who wanted to get the life sucked out of them and then have their @@s handed to them on a platter. I remember one time we had forty people with rakes on a little piece of ground. I had the audacity to ask my leadership why we had so many doing a job that a couple of people could do. One quess what happened. Boy did I get a speech. Never did understand what he said but it was "real spuritaul".
  5. Ham and eggs. That cracks me up. Seriously though I would highly suggest to anyone who has excited twi recently to take a year off from any offshoot or church. Think through what you want in life. Then make a decision not based on what twi did but what you want. Most likely you will run for the hills any time a religion or offshoot is mentioned,
  6. At first I sat around and waited to see if duh Debil would rack and ruin my life like twi said would happen to all who left der Veg. Something funny happened. My life actually got better. Who wooda thunk it. Then I started to get some of the life de veg had sucked outta me back. Now I actually enjoy my life. I bought a big a** sailbaot, got back into my love which is music, then recorded a CD and have fun playing at boat clubs and sailing around on my boat, and (burp) drink the occasional beverage. It doesn't get better than this. I will never belong to any religion (my choice) but I do read der bible for fun.
  7. Sometimes I think of the days of torture I endured during my involvement with TWI and shake my head as to why I didn't see the evil earlier on. I felt trapped, there's not way out, this is Zion, the true household. What a crock. It was "maniputlation". But now as I think back, I"m thankful that the evil mainifested itself to me on a level that gave me a "wake up call" so to speak "the straw that broke the camels back". So I was able to leave knowing that I wasn't going to be left to the adversary's mercy as they taught. In fact what I realized was quite the oppposite. They had sucked the life I once had out of me. So, what was my "wake up call". There were several things- -I had questioned something leadership had said and done. "Ouch" They don't like that. You get your face "melted". -Things spoken by leadership like "if you don't tithe beyond 10 percent God won't spit in your direction." -Sunday night services where scripted teachings put me and the leadership to sleep literally. -Madates by new leadership that contradticted old leadership, like Way Crops 2 in which the old leadership who had bled their hearts out were dumped. -Everytime you make a mistake no matter how small you are confronted as being weak. But leadership can make no mistakes. -You get contronted for not reporting back that you had nothing to report. -New leadership coming in to an area and saying that their lives were "gifts" given by God to the area. -Anytime that someone showed true leadership rising up in the ranks they were squelched by the MOG leadership. Even now TWI thinks that believes that they are right. They believe that we will one day be confronted by Jesus Christ as to why we forsook the TWI household. They look so great with the "sparking clean floors and gleaming fountains" which many of us slaved to build and to maintain without so much as a "thank you". I say this to you- "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead [men's] bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. I know so because I asked most of theses questions to top leadership with this response- "so why don't you come here and teach us if you think you know better." So,what was your wake up call.
  8. Vickie Allen was the one I really liked. Boy that girl could sing and wrench your heart out. She did it for me. Then Vicster or LCM would come out and ruin the whole evening.
  9. GREAT NEWS-SO HAPPY FOR YOU- But what about us poor schmucks who can't afford to come down to your school. Can you give us any advice on how to plant our own gardens? Or could you throw us a few crumbs?
  10. A friend of mine is involved with a certain ministry and get this-he has to go to therapy because he is being accused of having an anger problem because he gets into fights with his wife over their relations with the ministry. It's the ministry that is saying he is the one with anger problems and that "he" should be in therapy. No the wife doesn't need therapy and so he goes and does therapy and the therapist says he has no anger problems. Yet the ministry refuses to believe this and insists he keeps going for therapy. What's wrong with this picture?
  11. Dear Sky-So true-I had kids was trying to make ends meet, ran 3 felllowships per week, plus leadership meetings and "corpse" nights. Don't know how I did it. And do you think the ministry helped out in any way. Nope. I just don't know how I didn't figure it out sooner that I was being used. How did I get so tricked. I could see VP had a big ego and it didn't seem to register. Was it because he was touted as the MOG? I just don't get it sometimes. Twinky-I was the one who picked up all those Int. leaders coming in for Corps week. When I got one on one with them they usually had stories about how they were being screwed by TWI.
  12. Congrats. All the best to you. Please give us a brief synopsis of what it's about.
  13. I know one thing dear Cher. The good you do comes back to you. The bad does also. Twi is only a shadow of what they once were. It is now an empty shell. They are receiving what they gave out.
  14. That it is Hammy. Maybe someone here has already "done the math". If so let me know. I'm sure there's a few floating around.
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