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    The Lord Jesus Christ! Translating the Greek into English and preach. I love to cook, cross stitch, hike etc.

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  1. Tex Ritter?? Wow, now that's a name that I haven't heard in a very long time. Wow. Merry Christmas Waysider.
  2. Well today is Saturday, 12/22/2012 and I slept in until 10 a.m. ya know...too tired from dodging the chunks of sky falling all over. :biglaugh:/>
  3. Following the Lord Jesus Christ often takes us down roads that we never planned to go, much less actually finding ourselves on them. Could be why the Lord Jesus is our Shepherd, who is leading us through the wilderness to the Promised Land.
  4. The reality of having the Lord Jesus Christ in your life and thus His teachings being manifested in your life is what constitutes you as a true member of the Church. As I said before, though a group of people may meet in a building with a steeple or even in the home, if they are not His Disciple, then they are none of His in all reality. "Though I give my body to be burned..." Same idea. One can go through the show and still not be the real McCoy.
  5. So sorry to see GSC close.

  6. Wow, I've been busy with so much for so long and I just get back to find that GSC is closing down. I just wanted to say Thank you as well for all of the wonderful people that I have met out here as well. For anyone interested, here is my email that I can be reached at: newcovenantchristian@gmail.com Also I am at Facebook as: JANICE ROBINSON Feel free to add me as your friend and I will add you as well. I feel no need to hide my real name. Geisha...I hope you look me up on Facebook...I so enjoyed your posts. There are so many others as well, I could go on and on.
  7. The Apostle Paul made it clear that we have been grafted into the root stock of Israel. Personally, I'm glad....for all of Israel shall be saved. Amen.
  8. Where two or three are gathered....there I will be in their midst. Church does not have to be in a building with a steeple, it's just that people started going to such and it became known as the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.Most of us out here came out of TWI and know the abuses that went on there. Certainly there are churches that are also abusive as well...just listen to the Holy Spirit as leads you and you will find the place where you belong. No one is an island.
  9. Just thinking about the title, "Indelible Image" and I'm wondering if it is a discussion of "Imago Dei"? Let us know what you read when you get the book. I've perused some of his commentaries.
  10. My mother also learned to HATE OATMEAL. She always said it was served every morning without fail. Of course, conserving sugar and butter, so had to eat it plain. Also, she wouldn't eat yogurt either. Back then they didn't call it the fancy name of yogurt, but exactly what it was, i.e. clabbered milk. My mother grew up in a frugal lifestyle and she transmitted those values to me. I still can my own food and dry others. One story that was always told was that of course being the great depression, traveling salesmen would come around a lot. One time my grandfather (BeeKeeper) who only had broken English told the young man that if he could stand to have a bee put on his tongue for one minute, my grandfather would buy something from him. He told him too that he would also put one on his tongue too to show the young man that it could be done. Well of course, my grandfather put a drone (non-stinging) on his own tongue and put a worker bee on the salesman's tongue...well...you know what happened...and my grandfather didn't have to buy anything because he won the bet. Another one we heard growing up was that my grandmother used to put a penny in the electric meter and almost got caught one day when the electric company was coming to read the meter. But I'm thankful that I have learned to "waste not, want not!" During these tough times, it's been paying off even if its not at the level of the great depression.
  11. You're so cute, Garth O yea thats it! Nnnoooooo....that's not my book....but I wish I had their millions, though.
  12. Updated my web site and finding out just how cool html coding can be. Also, web traffic is up since I'm now using Google adwords for my Greek class and I'm going to try it out for my book too. This is really getting to be fun.
  13. Launching my new book

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