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  1. I tried clicking on the link I posted earlier, and a message came up saying there is no such page, So I'm copying the file here: What IS speaking in tongues? © copyright 2017, Stephen L. Lortz, permission to copy for non-commercial use, steve.lortz@gmail.com Speaking in tongues is the free-will[1] thank offering[2] of the first fruit[3] of the Spirit,[4] whereby people give back to God of, and in proportion to, that with which the LORD has blessed them;[5] the gift which is the Spirit that was promised for the last days,[6] the first installment and pledge of the Spirit of resur
  2. For the last couple of years or so, I've been working on a project I call "What the Bible really says (and really does NOT say) about speaking in tongues." The scholarship is up to the academic standards of the Anderson University School of Theology. This would have been my masters thesis if I had the physical strength, endurance and speed to complete my paper within the constraints of the thesis program, which, unfortunately, I do not have. The project is up to 51 12-point, double-spaced pages, about 16,500 words. I have yet to finish a section demonstrating that speaking in tongues is n
  3. Greetings, ImLikeSoConfused! I would have responded to this thread sooner, but I had a heart attack on February 9th which landed me at the hospital DOA. The docs resuscitated me and I've spent the intervening time in physical and occupational therapy, without access to the internet until last Friday. One of the things I've gained from the experience is a partial appreciation of how many people really do love me, including many of my fellow posters here at GSC. There is a difference between preaching and teaching. Preaching draws the auditor's attention to something. Teaching purport
  4. John Schoenheit is not legitimate, but not out of deliberate malice. "Delude" comes from the Latin word that means "to play." Wierwille played us, and trained us to play other people. JS is so focused on how "right" the things he teaches are, that he never even considers that something he's already made up his mind about might be wrong. "Logic dictates" that JS is correct! The doctrine JS teaches is delusional. JS is a naturally kind person. If you disagree with him, he doesn't get mean or angry. He simply refuses to engage with your thinking, and ignores everything you have to say. I spe
  5. Yep, JayDee, that's what the man wrote because that's what the man believes... in his heart... In one way, I'm mad at him, but in another, I'm just very, very sad. He had a lot of potential, but he never took a critical look at Wierwille's hype, and he bought it, hook, line and sinker.... All of his scholarship is FATALLY flawed, because he thinks he knows what God wanted to say better than God himself did. And his arrogance has blinded him to that... :-( Love, Steve
  6. MRAP - We are old farts together, you and I. I hope you are holding up as well as I am. One time, I wrote a haiku for credit in one of my Old Testament classes on the book of Ecclesiastes. It went like this: I am getting old fear God keep his commandments old but not dead yet You wrote, "I have not seen anything in your writing that changes my opinion of the validity of what John Schoeheit has done in the REV." That's a wonderful thing, MRAP! As they used to say "de gustibus non disputandum est," which means something like "it's silly to fight over matters of
  7. "Process theology" is what Alfred North Whitehead called it a hundred years ago. Today, it's called "open theism". The fact that Schoenheit doesn't read anything except his own stuff becomes obvious when we look at what others have written about open theism. Their thinking and writing is much less ham-handed than Schoenheit's. As far as I can see from Schoenheit's writing, he doesn't even have a name for the idea he's putting forward. There is plenty of discussion going on about this in the wider world, and Schoenheit doesn't even seem to be aware of it. It's called "open" theism because
  8. Lots of good fun on this thread! I used to take the things John Schoenheit wrote seriously. I respect his scope of knowledge and his desire to go to the Word of God, but after receiving a little bit of training in actual, professional scholarship, I can't help but feel sorry for John, and all the rest of them. Wierwille did not teach us how to read what the Bible says. He taught us his system, which made the Bible say what HE wanted it to say, that it is okay to sin as long as you don't become sin-conscious. Grace enables us to sin as long as we don't pay any attention to the fact th
  9. Up until Einstein's Theory of Relativity, people thought of time as something that happened in an absolute (free from imperfection) three-dimensional space. Time appears to move forward in a 3-D space. Einstein's theory conceived of space and time as being four dimension's of a relativistic space-time continuum. It's not easy to describe such a thing accurately except with mathematics, but I like to think of it as a loaf of bread whose four ingredients are the x-axis, the y-axis, the z-axis and time. If you move around in the loaf of bread, you move in time as well as in the three axes. P
  10. Thank you for your friendship, Raf! Three years ago, I was in intensive care for nearly a week because of a potassium overdose. I took some kidney and heart damage. About a year and a half ago, I was in the ICU again with pneumonia. Both the kidney and the heart damage were (what should I call it...?) made worse. I am now in congestive heart failure. My kidneys don't send the proper signals to my bone marrow to generate blood cells. For the past year-and-a -half I have been dying one red blood cell at a time, which has given me some interesting perspective on the physiology of spirit! For
  11. I'm not a fan of any particular kind of constructive theology, T-Bone. Sometimes, when people ask me what faith community I come from, I tell them I'm a Free Range Baptist, I believe in baptism but I don't believe in cages! Technical constructive theology has too many theories of post-modernism, etc., to suit my taste, but I like deriving the meaning of a text from what is written, not from reading alien ideas into what is written. Love, Steve
  12. In 1977 David Hahm had a book published entitled The Origins of Stoic Cosmology. In the book, Hahm describes the Stoic ideas that were most common in Greco-Roman culture from about 300 BCE to 200 CE. Hahm's book is not specifically biblical, but it covers ideas behind the language Paul had to use in order to communicate with his readers, such as the people at Corinth. Stoic cosmology was an extension of the Empedoclean model, that is to say, the cosmos was made up of four elements: earth, water, air and fire arranged in a number of concentric spheres. At the very center was the earthen gl
  13. Some thoughts regarding Schoenheit's REV: In the 1600s, Descartes proposed an idea as the very basis the scientific method, to begin by finding a fundamental truth (which was assumed), to proceed by the use of logic to come up with hypotheses, further possible truths, and then to find ways to test the possible truths against objective reality. Only when these tests succeeded would the new truth become established. In the early 1800s, German theologians were able to institute a department of theology at the new University of Berlin only by promising that their theology would be "scien
  14. I haven't been on Greasespot in... what has it been... about two years? The other day, I became curious about what TLTF and STFI have been up to. After going to their websites and finding nothing but the expected boilerplate yada yada, I came here to this thread. Needless to say, DWBH never disappoints! Between 2003 and 2008 I taught Humane Letters at a classical academy, and from 2011 until 2016 I was doing post grad work in theological studies. I originally went into the post grad work to get formal accreditation to teach and to pick up Greek as a subject I could teach at a classical ac
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