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  1. What I said about your character was based on a if statement. I said if you really were faking speaking in tongues it shows you have a shady character. But you know you faked it so you know you have a shady character. No honest quality person would do what you said you do then if that wasn't enough then go around and claim everyone else does it too.
  2. How am I following you around? You make a lot of assumptions about my faith that you just can't back up. My faith is much stronger than yours ever could've been that I know. You have said and done nothing that would make anyone lose faith. You're an atheist great, you should be proud, but these assumptions you make are based on nothing but what you wish were true.
  3. Raf assumes a lot about other people based on his personal experience. He says his existence shakes my faith? lol but this board is biased towards supporting their fallen brother so go ahead guys support him.
  4. Oh I get it so just like you faked speaking in tongues by default everyone else is faking, and just like you experienced cognitive dissonance about God everyone else does. I love your logic. If it happened to raf it must happen to everyone else. Fair enough. I guess I better become an atheist now since I apparently am experiencing some distressing cognitive dissonance about God. Sorry God.
  5. Well whats the answer you guys were part of the way, and have spent way more time researching the bible than I couldve possibly, is SIT possible today or not. Was paul talking to the church even today or just people of his time? If the answer is SIT is impossible then i guess i've been faking this whole time eh.
  6. I don't think it is simply because the topic is about SIT. And if paul is not talking to us when he says he wishes we speak in tongues then thats very relevant to this topic clearly. If tongues is something that just isn't possible today that is relevant, and it is why we need to know if paul was talking to just corinth or to the whole body of christ not just then but in its entirety. So if paul was only talking to corinith and not people of today then that would mean SIT is impossible today. So it is very important to bring up that to this current discussion.
  7. So when he said he wants us to speak in tongues is he asking us to do something impossible today?
  8. So you think paul was producing a language when he spoke in tongues and everyone in corinth was producing a language as well, and that he wants everyone who speaks in tongues to produce a language? We don't know what pauls tongues sounded like, we don't know what the tongues sounded like on the day of pentecost. We have no way of verifying if what someone is doing today is the same as what was done then. And it also brings the question if the epistles were written to people of today, why would paul say he wishes we would do something that is impossible to do now? So its not adding up either paul is telling us to do something we can't do or people can still do it and your requirement of it being a testable language is not possible.
  9. I don't think SIT is impressive to anyone who doesn't believe it is possible or believe in what the bible says about it. If I am christian who does not speak in tongues but heard about it and believe it has power behind it then I would be impressed by people who can do it. However if I am a person who knows nothing about SIT or doesn't believe it has any relevance then it wouldn't be impressive.
  10. Going back to the original topic, you are asking for evidence that isn't required by anyone in the bible on SIT. There is nothing in the bible to indicate that you have to prove you are speaking in a language to know you are speaking in tongues. There is no test at all for any spiritual gifts in the bible. So you are asking for something that the bible does not ask, and is quite unreasonable. But it all goes back to the atheist agenda of sitting back and saying God doesn't exist because theres no proof, and I'd love to know what you would say to the atheist when you were a believer who would question why you believe if there is no proof. I don't believe speaking in tongues has to be a proven language or have the same rules that all languages have. But if thats what you believe thats fine but it doesn't prove SIT is impossible today.
  11. So you think when paul said he will pray with understanding and also with the spirit, by spirit he is saying a language that he doesn't understand yet is a known language? If hes saying he will pray with understanding then it follows that praying in the spirit means praying without understanding whats hes saying. We have only one example of SIT where people could understand what people SIT were saying. But I don't see any verse or the way paul talks about speaking in tongues in the epistles to think that it must be a decode able known language or fit under known language rules. You really don't seem to be able to have a discussion on this topic without thinking someone is attacking you, yet most of your posts are just attacks on others and you take offense at the tiniest slight which is just a disagreement but no intention to offend you. Lower your defense mechanisms, and a reasonable discussion can be had here, but until you do, you are just going to create a hostile environment where you think everyone is attacking you so you attack a perceived threat that doesn't actually exist.
  12. Yet the evidence was the same while you were a believer and the same while you became an atheist. The evidence didn't change you did.
  13. Raf I'll just tell ya that not everyone before they speak in tongues is afraid of it. You had a bad experience with SIT which I get but thats just your one subjective experience which you erroneously project to be true for everyone because its true for you. Step outside yourself and ask yourself if it makes sense that just because you experienced something thats true for you that its true for everyone or true at all. There is nothing that I can say or show you to prove that SIT is possible like there is nothing I can say or show you to make you believe in God again. Your mind is clearly made up on both situations. Theres not much discussion that can be had with someone who has their mind made up on something. So I'll leave it at that. But if it is possible for you not to project your experience on to others, and not assume that just because you were faking or your experience with God sucked that God doesn't exist because you were in a cult. Then perhaps a discussion could be had, but your mind is made up so I don't think there can be much progress made one way or another.
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