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  1. Hi Raf, I will gather some of my thoughts and likely post in Questioning Faith. In general, I was asking to see if anyone had some feedback. Thanks!
  2. You might want to do a little research on that quote form Einstein.
  3. I was just curious if anyone has read the books published by Bart Ehrman and, if so, any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. I do not believe intent plays any part in copyright infringement cases. To me, a larger problem is the pseudoepigrapha and forgeries in "scripture".
  5. Would you also consider 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus as letters of Paul?
  6. You have given me a little more incentive to dig back into the OT now, so I won't comment re: soul in the OT until I do. But I will say that pumpkin pasties probably do exist. But maybe we are thinking of different "pasties". TG
  7. Excellent points, and much of what you said I had been thinking already. It is funny, but I have also not sung parts of songs during the services and had those " I don't think so" moments. I also often wonder how many others in that same service also have those moments and just don't say anything. I try my best to not look at things through TWI colored glasses, and there are some things I have learned that are contrary to what TWI taught. Maybe the best is to observe and wait until I know what the right move will be. While this church does do some good outreach, the problem will always come down to that point in time when you have to share the Word with someone brand new and my understanding of Jesus is very different from this church's. I really appreciate the replies. Congratulations on the decade of Cafe patronage! :) I just noticed that I joined the forums in 2002. Oy vey, time does fly.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Similar to TWI, there are other churches that will not accept any questioning of doctrine (or is it dogma?). When the lead pastor says something is, well, then it is and you can't believe anything else without being a heretic. Of course, there are some doctrines that are foundational and there cannot be a difference of opinion without being non-Christian (e.g. Jesus is the Son of God and the savior). But there are others which are unclear even after research. Topics including: what happens when you die (immediately not after the resurrection), the nature of hell, and, gasp, whether there is a trinity as defined by mainstream christianity or not. With respect to the pneuma and psuche discussion, I do not believe they synonymous from what I know of the Bible. Of course, I haven't gone to seminary school and do not have to defend the ordained doctrine of an organization either. Do I think this pastor has an agenda? Not in so many words. Do I think he would defend the position of the organization of churches to which his church belongs, even in light of being shown potential error? Yes. The main problem I see is that in this church there is little thought given that the Bible original text were not written in English within an American culture. Yes, truth transcends language and culture, but to get to an understanding of the truth being communicated, I believe you need to know how words were used in the text from which the Bible you are reading was translated and what did expressions mean culturally. Time to go back and redo a word study done a long time ago on these two words. It may also be time to move on to another church. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate it. TG You bring up two other words that I need to do some work on. Thanks
  9. As maybe you have gathered from my recent posts, I am going through a bit of a struggle right now in trying to fellowship with believiers yet running into pastors teaching what I believe is error. In a church I have been attending, the lead pastor just preached that soul and spirit are synonymous. since those words are English, I will have to assume that he believes psuche and pneuma are synonymous. Have I lost my mind or is someone else playing fast and loose with the Word, either ignorantly or with an agenda? Thanks TG
  10. Raf, at this point I would say that is accurate. I always leave open the possibility that I will have additional insight that will make me change my mind.
  11. In some churches I would be considered Christian, in others a heretic. I am frankly tired of the debating and the grey areas and having to parse sentences into words written in a foreign language to try and divinate a meaning. Frankly, if God is so powerful, He should straighten out the confusion regarding His own Word now. If it is supposed to be for all men to understand, then make it so. Otherwise, all you have are books written with the accuracy and exactness of a political campaign platform where people are able to spin phrases and sentences to fit their own theology. It is utterly ridiculous the lengths humans have gone to understand what is accurate in the Bible. If life and holiness and afterlife is so darn important, make it as easy as falling off a log to understand. Then people have the free will to fall off the log or not. Yes, I am exasperated and very tired of all the drama and mental stress this "rightly dividing the Word" induces. When all is said and done, I, at this moment: Do not believe in any such Trinity. There is God who is Holy Spirit and His son Jesus Christ. Period, end of story. I do not believe everything in the current Bible is God breathed. I believe it (the Bible) was added to for personal or political reasons or contains mistranslations. I do believe that the original Word of God is truth. And I do believe I will need to leave the church I have been attending soon as I cannot tolerate the error being promoted as truth when the lead pastor continually tries to work the trinity into sermons, shoehorning it into spots it does not even remotely belong. Sorry for maybe being off-topic. Not sure if the above counts as doctrinal.
  12. The more I read the more I am coming to the conclusion that the god of the Bible is sadistic and seems to have narcisstic tendencies. He asks that justice be equal to the transgression, yet seems to want to exact penalities far in excess of personal transgressions. I am slowly beginning to think that the Bible is nothing more than a book to keep people in submission to avoid all out chaos, written by men. :(
  13. In my limited contact with non-TWI Christians, it seems to be impossible for many to consider that Jesus was man (yes, the Son of God, but man and not God incarnate) who did not sin. It seems that, to trinitarians, the only way this was possible was that Jesus Christ had to be God. Yet, the Bible clearly states that God cannot be tempted, neither does He tempt any man. Yet Jesus was tempted, in many many instances. But did not sin. It seems to me that trinitarians attribute His non-sinning to him being God, yet do not look at the other part of the picture. That if he is God then he cannot be tempted, which Satan already knows, so why did Satan try so hard to get Jesus to sin? It also seems, that many believe that if you do not confess Jesus as God you are not saved. It is still my firm conviction that Romans 10:9-10 is so simply stated as to eliminate that last argument. Of course, I have heard those twist even this simple scripture toward a trinitarian viewpoint.
  14. No one ignored verses 8 and following, But that still does not help with the understanding of: 6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Really? Does anyone really think that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are God's servants????? My questions has nothing to do with owe no man anything but to love one another, I get that. I am struggling with the more than apparent contradiction that there are PLENTY of governments that are NOT serving God. This is a section of scripture that, as I sit here now, is screaming out that it has been rewritten, or added or mistranslated.
  15. Except when the Pastor at the church you are attending teaches on this section to hundreds of people and states that all government authority is from God. Then it becomes extremely important.
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