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  1. DontWorryBeHappy

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    Pawtucket has taken the “brunt” of this place from the day of it’s inception. Financially, socially, and emotionally. This site has benefited tens of thousands of people through it’s 18 year history. I have never questioned the choices Paw and Greasy Tech had to make through the years, to secure the site and it’s contents from the constant attacks from those destructive cults who have been vividly exposed to the light of REAL FACTS and not mere obfuscation and cult triple-speak which offshoots need to survive. From Wierwille to Da Dancing Forehead and his Board Of Terrorists, to Rose-a-lie and Donna and the Rise of The Lesbian Mogettes, through Waydale and the Allen case, to the disaster of the last 18 years of incompetence, hubris, psychosocial insanity, and the institutionalization of dictor paul’s personal peccadilloes of Nazi fascism, serial sexual predation, perversely distorted and self-serving “Christian theology”, along with continued outworking of their own most distasteful psychiatric dysfunctions, to the phony selection of Yves-de-liar as the “new prez” and the defections, mutinies, and splinters which followed, The Greasespot has been here! Why try to fix what ain’t broke??? Like Rocky, I am not financially able to donate much at all. But, i’d rather see the Cafe close down than tell Pawtucket how I think he should run his site. That’s just me. And, YES! I am personally biased. The man has endured so much beyond what many of you and I know. He is a good man. He is a giver. Thanks Paw for all you’ve done and Godspeed in whatever you choose to do! PEACE.......
  2. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Cone Of Florence

    Looks like Florence foesn’t speak English and ignores Batshit Pat and The Fox at Crotchaven too! North side of the largest part of the storm is gonna park right over Norfolk and Virginia Beach VA. So much for Pat and his ooga booga prayers. Rosie the Liar is from New Bern, NC. She’s on the Social Register there under her maiden name, Fox. So, New Bern is already under water because of the Neuse River flooding and the hurricane hasn’t even hit land yet. Then, it’s heading north to Ohio! Not rejoicing in inquity......just saying Mother Nature is NOT subject to the phony faith of self-deluded fools.
  3. DontWorryBeHappy

    Revival and Restoration

    Another total crock of alt-right, fundamentalist, John Birch Society Nazi anti-Christ bullshit. FucKKK these morons! Sheesh!
  4. DontWorryBeHappy

    Revival and Restoration

    What’s happening with that monster of hypocrisy joe coulter? Is he retired yet? Talk about a rabid TWIt Nazi......this guy is like their Eichmann!
  5. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Cone Of Florence

    Thanks Raf! Batten down the hatches in the Southeast friends!
  6. DontWorryBeHappy

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Outstanding Raf!
  7. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Cone Of Florence

    Awesome! Thanks Raf! I got a bad feeling about this one! Climate change is again banging on our doors!
  8. DontWorryBeHappy

    Revival and Restoration

    Oh? You mean the Steve and Meg Longley at whose wedding I officiated? The Meg Longley that lived with my family and I in one of the trailers at HQ for a year? That Steve Longley had something to do with that bogus non-Research Dept.? Bwaaaahahahaha! Now THAT’S funny! If he’s some kind of “example” for you, you’re understanding of the Bible is quite limited imho.
  9. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Cone Of Florence

    Hey Raf! Your insight on the cone of uncertainty for Flo would be much appreciated. I just watched Batshit Pat Robertson rebuke the storm in da name of Geeezus, and I’d like to see how much Geeezus listens to him. Sure do appreciate it!
  10. DontWorryBeHappy

    Revival and Restoration

    C’mon Taxidev! You’ve been here long enough by now, to know that these whited sepulchers not only KNEW EVERYTHING dictor paul, da forehead, and every one of THEMSELVES DID, but also participated in them from the early 1970s until today AFAIK! Boob and Doody were thick as thieves with dictor and coward Allen back in the ECU days. They were both involved with the Putsch of March 1972 in HQ’s hostile takeover of The Way East. I know because I was THERE! Geer was the other cog in the putsch wheel. He made up the lies and false stories about the Heefners, the Perezs (Steve and Laurie) and all the leadership in NYC and Long Island, which were used by Moneyhands and coward allen and dictor, to cover up and smoothe over the hostile corporate takeover and rape of The Way East, a separate and independent 501(c)3 charitable corporation. Forts? Don’t even get me started. Horneys? Even worse! THEY ALL PIMPED FOR THE BOT AND THEMSELVES. And, just like every other splinter outfit, these morons either already have a good $$ stash stocked away from wealthy parents, or a good clientele of equally dysfunctional and disturbed brainwashed cultists who act as sugar daddies for these little whores just like John Lynn, Gerald Wrenn, Vince Finnegan, Doug Seed, SOWERS, and every other POS offshoot of the Mothercult in New Knoxville. They’re all moggies and mogettes! LOL! There is that certain requisite opulence which accompanies all those “gift ministries” dontchya know! These criminals pimped for dictor and the “trustees” from the early 1970s already. Then they pimped for da forehead and themselves. They paid for unwanted abortions by many of their sexual abuse victims. They stole millions of dollars from the faithful givers. They molested and raped hundreds upon hundreds of innocent women and girls! They drugged women to force themselves upon those women. They ordered the intimidation, harassment, and even physical violence against those who threatened them. They defamed, maligned, libeled, and slandered all who knew their M.O. They marked and avoided, isolated, financially decimated, abused and destroyed individuals, couples, and families without remorse or conscience. Many were alcoholics and guilty of domestic violence. Just about ALL of them were adulterers, liars, and thieves. They gave willfully false counsel and bore purposely false witness against innocents! Believers committed suicide because of their “counseling” practices and lockbox extortions! They ran a fraudulent criminal enterprise. That’s all they know how to do. They’ve been doing it for 46 years! They ain’t gonna stop now!!! LOL! The TRUTH only hurts those who oppose it or deny it. If these facts “hurt” you Taxidev, it may be that “inner man” urging you to lighten up on some of that possible (though well-meaning) denial of the truth shared here at the GSC. The RnR televangelists are as rotten as that tree they fed and watered for 46 years in Ohio. Dead tree. Rotten fruit. Lake of fire material, not “bema time”! Selah and Godspeed Taxidev.
  11. DontWorryBeHappy

    Stevie Kay music

    Her last name now, is Astley. She lives in Colorado and she’s on FB.
  12. DontWorryBeHappy

    Severing Family/Church Ties and ....The Destruction of Self

    Hi At A Loss! i am so sorry for the insane and totally unnecessary havoc wreaked upon your lives by the ignorant bigotry of moron wayfers. Greg Lewis was a loser before he was in the 7th corpse, and as usual, the corpse made him into an even bigger asshole and bigot! I knew him back then, and the fact that he was ever a limp coordinator ANYWHERE, let alone CA, proves how utterly and pathetically void of anything near “leadership” TWIt has been since 1986! The fact that an ignorant, talent-less, dumbass below average schlepp like Lewis would be assigned as anything above chair-stringer is yet more proof of the utter dearth of normal human beings in any nook and cranny of wayworld. LOL! If you were not so far away in miles, I would suggest you sue the shit out of them for kidnapping your grandson and estranging him from his father and paternal grandparents. That is illegal unless adjudicated by a court of law. Expensive yes! Maybe even prohibitively so. But, you do have the right to do so. Money may be the biggest hindrance. Whatever happens, DO NOT accept one ounce of bullshit from these morons. They are insane and immoral. They are a danger to the mental and physical well-being of your grandson. There are numerous effective anti-cult groups that may be able to assist you. But I warn you, anything less than cold-hearted JUSTICE will not help you. You must be tough as nails if you want access to your grandson. This is a child custody and child welfare issue. Don’t quit! You’ll win! Godspeed to you and your family! P.S.....BTW, shiftthis is FOS. If he’s still stuck on waybrain stupid the best thing you can do is ignore the identity confused adolescent stuck in the 1980s of TWIt idiocy and hypocrisy. LOL!
  13. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    No problem Wolfie! I was directing no personal animus toward you. I seem to have developed a reflexive response when questioned about facts which I know to be true. My “sources” were afforded me mainly through serendipity. Just happened to be in the right or wrong place at the right time! LOL! I apologize for coming off as angry or gruff................peace.
  14. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    I was told the information I posted by a very close and personal friend of Mrs. Wierwille who also was on her personal staff. I believed that person then and still do today. If you wish to turn this into a he said/she said argument, I will not join in. I am quite secure in my statement. I don’t really care what other people think. Don’t mean to be haughty or off-putting about any of this. If you are offended I apologize for offending you. I just want you to know that what I posted is not a homespun fantasy. It is simply another cog in the wheel of wicked deeds that dictor suffered and then turned on the innocent with the vengeance and “maturity” of a petulant toddler. This person considered that s(he) was an “adopted child” of the Wierwille’s, just like Bill Maize. This witness grew up in New Knoxville with the Kipps and Wierwilles. The only other “adopted child” admitted by dic’n’ Dotsie was Bill Maize. I know that this witness is true. Everything this witness said was corroborated by Dee Fischbaugh, Dotsie’s sister and the Mayor Of New Knoxville when I was in-Rez corpse. It was also corroborated by Lydia and Sevilla Wierwille and Alford Kipp, Dotsie’s brother. Also corroborated by Dotsie’s older brother who was also an ordained clergyman of the Evangelical and Reformed Church in Ohio. I had lengthy conversations about dic’n’Dotsie with ALL of them. I KNOW whereof I speak. YOU don’t! Thank you for reading.
  15. DontWorryBeHappy

    Nothing New Under the Sun: The first sin of mankind

    Tlc...... Your continued condescending arrogance to posts which disagree with your holiness and incredibly insightful PRIVATE INTERPRETATION of dictor paul’s private interpretation of B.G., Bullinger, Kenyon, Oral Roberts, Rufus Mosely, Rosalind Rinker, E. Stanley Jones, Dale Carnegie, Oswald Chambers, J.E.Stiles, Norman Vincent Peale, Glenn Clark, Starr Daley, etc., etc., etc. is really very sophomoric. Your “understanding” of scripture appears equally unreliable and full of confirmation bias for your hyperdispensationalist private interpretation of Bullinger and Welch, Darby and Schofield. Not one single “original thought”. Just another mindless repetition of the ridiculous private interpretation of ALL “scripture”. You are a helpless and hopeless Paulian. Christianity is a “different administration” for YOU. YOU ARE WRONG! Completely and ignorantly WRONG. You are a hapless sycophant of the world of those YOU agree with. Bwaaaahahahaha! I suggest YOU get over YOURself! We all have. LOL! You are an uneducated fool, and a follower of evil stupidity. Have a great day!