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  1. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    I’m not “making this about” anyone other than Mark Frontzcak. It’s not all about YOU, Rocky! LOL!
  2. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    And Rocky is defending a perverted cult leader. Why, Rock? I have what “ax to grind” according to your mysterious knowledge of whatever that “ax” might be? You’re starting to sound like Frontczak now. Are you waiting for the “green light revelation”?? LOL!
  3. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    Hi WordWolf. I have interacted with Frontzcak numerous times. I lived at HQ for 8 years, and he was there for half of them. I interacted with his spouse also. When Barnard came to my house in Franklin, MA, to recruit me because “God showed him I was called to be his frontman and apostle”, and that Walter Cummins was ordained to be his “research man”, in the early 1990s, I spoke with Pam and Randy Roark (whom I knew from my time in MI) and Frontczak whom I knew from HQ. Barnard called them from my phone in order to have them “vouch” for his “man’o’gawd” status because I did not know him but I knew those three “well’ according to them. Barnard was driving an RV and they were holding down the fort at the RRF Camp in MN. I made him park on the street in front of my house because our driveway wasn’t big enough for his RV. I didn’t let him sleep in my house, and after reading his doctrinal research thesis “proving” that his ministry was Christ’s ministry, i told him that Lori would be happy to cook us all a nice breakfast, good coffee, in order so he could leave by 7AM so we could get our kids off to school on time the next morning. I also requested that he never come near my house again or ever contact me again. LOL! Then, when he was locked in his camper, I went and burned his stupid paper on my grill in the back yard and went to bed. I didn’t buy Frontczak’s lies back then and I don’t buy them today. So, I knew Frontczak fairly well back then, and my numerous personal interactions with him certainly helped me form my professional opinion of him then and now. I have never claimed to have diagnosed Frontczak “formally” or definitively. That’s your inference. I do claim to have the professional expertise to make some educated observations about his blatant malignant sociopathic behavior, based not only on “a handful of posts”, but also based on 4 years of interaction and personal interaction with and observation of Frontczak and many of those giving him cover today, like Quillen.
  4. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    Wrong again, Rocky. Wrong again. I used to get paid quite well as a Psychiatric Nurse to do exactly that. Hmmmm........
  5. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    I have NEVER “tried to tell you what to do” regarding all this. THAT’S YOUR PROJECTION. Dr. Freud! LOL! You just refuse to reveal what it is that allows you to justify the cognitive dissonance between your previous vociferous legal and psychosocial support for Lindsay Tornambe and Jess Schweiss in the not-so-distant past, with your cryptic, defensive, and pugnacious stand in protection of a known criminal accomplice to the perverted, malignant, narcissistic physical and sexual abuse of at LEAST 2 UNDERAGE GIRLS FOR 10 YEARS?? I certainly understand your complete inability to logically and critically examine the reasons for this behavior, as it is logically and psychologically false, imo. Perhaps a more effectual use of your time might be to get your pal, Frontzcak to accept Raf’s invitation to come here and tell me where i’m wrong, lying, or otherwise full of shit? He certainly appears able to speak for and promote himself from what I can glean from his FB page. Why is he unable to do that here? YOU obviously can’t do it for him since you’ve got NOTHING YOU choose to reveal which might prove me wrong, or explain the attachment to, or reasons for YOUR emotional and overtly defensive apologia for Frontczak. You want it both ways, and you can’t handle not being able to have it your way for whatever reasons you choose to conceal. I suggest you stop huffing and puffing rhetorically, and maybe take some time for serious self -reflection as to what is motivating your incongruent and counterintuitive arguments. Stop blaming ME for whatever it is Frontczak is GUILTY OF, Dr. Freud, and “Physician heal thyself”! I fail to understand exactly what it is which prompts you to engage me in a verbal argument regarding the defense of Frontczak in light of the overwhelming eyewitness testimony of two of the victims of his and Barnard’s perverted, evil, and sociopathic behavior over nearly 20 YEARS OF THEIR CULT’S SPRITUAL, PHYSICAL, and EMOTIONAL ABUSE OF THEIR VICTIMS AND PARISHIONERS. Shame on YOU, Rocky......selah.
  6. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    Pppppfffffffttttttt! LOL! And BTW, you are NOT the boss of me. LOL again!
  7. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    Anybody checked out Markie’s FB Page? Interesting stuff there. Look at who all likes his posts regularly there and who follows him. You’ll see several Barnard names there. You’ll see Charlie and Debbie Quillen a lot. You’ll see the sisters of Lindsay Tornambe’s co-plaintiff, Jess Schweiss, regularly loving his posts over there. One of them was also a maiden and funny, they all live in Bellingham, WA too. You’ll see several names you know, repeatedly. Here’s a couple of examples: Responses to one of his “Christian” cartoons he’s selling from on his page: “Kind of...working off of VPW waiting for "green light" before plowing ahead.Hi Eric”, ......April 23, 2019 to Eric Tuominen in response to green light revelation cartoon on frontczak’s page. “I love the reminder of VPW's encouragement, but I also really love Eric's take on it. Perhaps it's the stop-and-fellowship-with-God that will lead to you being in a good place to recognize when the light turns green!”......From Katie Schweiss, Jess sister! Lives in Bellingham and is still a follower of Barnard and his wife. Notice the dates on the posts? They’re not from 5 years ago. They’re from 3 weeks ago! Blah blah blah and yada yada yada all you want to about documents and pdf files and whatever other obfuscations you choose. Raf isn’t “required” to DO anything. As a fellow journalist, certainly you must respect and understand his demonstrated even-handedness and objectivity regarding info on Mark Frontczak, public figure, posted here at the GSC, Rocky? You too like to be proud of your journalistic objectivity, no? I do not understand your consistently weakening arguments regarding the “outing” of Frontczak as Victor Barnard’s willing and loyal accomplice, here at the GSC, where he and his lawyers or anyone else, have been invited to state their side of the story right here. Does someone you know have a dog in this race? I don’t think you yourself do, but I could be wrong. That’s why i’m asking. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.
  8. DontWorryBeHappy

    Recently Returned to the Roman Catholic Church

    Wow Oldies! Once a cultist always a cultist I guess, eh? LOL! A 50 year long circle. Glad you found your way home. I still like Pope Frank! Way better guy than that DiKKKtor Paul pope you used to worship! And, a helluva lot less dangerous too. Light some candles in St. Paddy’s for us here at the GSC when ya get a chance. Thanks!
  9. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    He’s a rabid and proud “deplorable” by his own admission, Rocky. Maybe he’ll join the staff at the AZ Eagletarian? The staff cartoonist/satirist? All of Barnard’s boys and his ex-wife love and follow his work, so he’s got THAT going for him! “Rev” Charlie Quillen, his old Bless Patrol Lord, does too, and Bill Panc***t. LOL!
  10. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    Maybe he does. In the meantime, i’m waiting to here from Frontzcak, or Quillen, or Wrenn, or Guigou, or Reahard, or........Frontzcak can tell us how those cases were resolved when he shows up. Or Quillen, or Wrenn, or Carmen Tornambe, or Stephanie Sarro, or Pam and Randy Roark? I’ll wait! LOL!
  11. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    We DO know! Lindsay and Jess TOLD EVERYBODY! If you choose to ignore that, regardless of the outcome of any of these charges brought against ALL those named people above, then that’s your choice. It surprises me that you, in some kind of attempt to be “fair minded” to these perverts, choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, while at the same time applauding Lindsay and Jess for their courage and truthtelling and supporting them vociferously. You got FB friends among those named? Got any friends who are “forgivers” of people on that list? And, NO!, those are not accusations or aspersions. They are simple yes or no questions. As to the contents of the posts, you’ll have to ask fellow Greasespotter, Karl Kahler, who posted the posts I linked to right here on GSC just about 5 years ago. I would caution you to be a bit more objective about the evidence, facts, reported and confirmed, regarding those that are as complicit with Barnard as anyone could be, including his own wife. You’re almost sounding like an Attorney General or someone like that. LOL! Regarding what allegations I make, they are in black and white and there are 19 pages of court documents to boot. Modcat5 has given Frontczak free space to respond here. Where is he? Waiting for someone to write a “summary” of his fraternal complicity with his Lord and Master, The Christ In Victor Barnard? LOL! He got caught. So far, his most loyal accomplices have not. “The Arc of the Moral Universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Peace, Rock.
  12. DontWorryBeHappy

    Victor Barnard's protectors and right hand men

    Also, you might like this, from the same Google search: https://media.spokesman.com/documents/2017/01/10-14-2016_-_Complaint.pdf "Said Defendant [Mark Frontczak] negligently and tortiously exposed Plaintiff and other girls, called “Maidens”, to the sexual perversions of Defendant Barnard and is liable for the harm to Plaintiff alleged herein."