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  1. So easy to judge, criticize and have a posting frenzy of aspersions and lies, when the target of the immature and disinformed personal attacks has no way to respond. How nice you finally had the “bravery” to take down the personal attacks and prepubescent ad hominem attacks upon my posts and character. Thus will never be seen and left up for days like the thinly posts, and the WordWolf whines, and the Rocky “look at me posts”. What a bunch of elementary school intellects with a free reign to bully the people they don’t like. This post will never see the GSC playpen. You people don’t like HONESTY here any more. You just want politically correct vanilla flour here. Everybody gets a trophy! LOL!
  2. Oh? So YOU’RE the one that wants to sue me. I got ya now!
  3. Posted Thursday at 01:09 PM “Where did you get your training in what constitutes libel and how to avoid it, DWBH? My most recent refresher session was in June. Would you like the names and credentials of the attorneys who ran those sessions and whose job is to literally keep ME and my colleagues from printing information that might lead to defamation lawsuits?” Edited Thursday at 01:29 PM by Raf Would YOU like the names of the MA Police Cyber Division Atty. who instructed ALL we RNs at every hospital I’ve worked at here in MA, regarding the legal requirements upon our licenses, to report ANY act of SUSPECTED psychological or sexual abuse we witness ANYWHERE?? Would YOU like the credentials of the Lawyers, Nurses, and public servants who authored the MA State Nurse Practice Act which details these reporting REQUIREMENTS?? Would like the names and credentials of the physicians, lawyers, and politicians who defined the statutes making Cyberbullying/ sexual and psychological harrassment the CRIMES they are here?? I’m not a journalist. I am an ANCC Certified Registered Nurse. I provide professional healthcare delivery on the frontlines of these cases, and have for almost 30 years. I don’t give a crap about being politically correct enough to avoid sone THREAT of a lawsuit that will NEVER HAPPEN to me. I care about delivering the necessary and proper PROFESSIONAL healthcare to help the victims of abuse, not excuse their victimization by people on a website YOU or ANYONE “moderates” according to the editorial opinion of YOUR FL newspaper, and your layman’s understanding of whatever legal directives your bosses at the Sun Sentinel give you so THEY can avoid getting sued. I don’t work for your paper either. Your unilateral and arbitrary censorship of my posts has nothing based in REALITY to do with “avoiding a lawsuit against the GSC”. It has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR personal biases and what you learned about libel and slander from some FL lawyer who was hired to keep your bosses and you outta court, NOT to tell you how to provide professional healthcare delivery to surviving victims of TWIt and offshoots’ spiritual, physical, and sexual abuse. Please tell us of ANY lawsuit, threatened or filed against the GSC because of ANYTHING I have posted here or at Waydale in the TWENTY YEARS I have been posting here. Enquiring minds want to know. Thank you.
  4. The only “plan” these wierwillean hacks and Nazi bigots have, is to continue the malignant paranoid narcissism and serial misogyny and sexual predation of their religious bigot idol and fuhrer, Herr wierwille the First. They have NO IDENTITY OF THEIR OWN. They have no moral compass of their own, and they reside in the “intellectual” swamp of Aryan Nazi theology and practice. They are what their “man’o’gawd” ordained them to be. Perverted Nazi religious bigots and mental terrorists, in “IT” only for the money and the free sex, and the personality cult of a severely mentally ill pervert. They brought nothing to TWIt but their personal hates and fears and pathologies. That’s all they ever “contributed” because that’s all they ever had to “give”. They are the epitome of what a “seared conscience” is and has to offer this world. They are a cancer in the Body of Christ. They are a blight to our nation and to humanity. They are uncharged and unconvicted criminals. They are guilty. Anyone who covers for, protects, excuses, or apologizes fir them is as guilty as they are imo. Lynn, Wrenn, Reahard, Pierce, Walker, Quillen, Frontczak, Barnard, Finnegan, Moynihans, Forts, Horneys, Joe Block, Maurice Goulet, Terry & Melanie Wilson, MacMullan, Geer, Jerry Carr, Strzepeks, Geer, Backes, and on and on and on. They are all diseased wierwille-worshipping lying cowards and thieves. Skyrider is right!
  5. Where did you get your law degree, Raf?
  6. Don’t hold your breath! LMAO!
  7. You’re more than welcome, Annio. I appreciate your personal courage and honest transparency. YOU are a survivor, but more importantly, you are a thriver! You are on the right track, imho. Take your time. Thoroughness is helpful as is caveat emptor regarding professional therapeutic help should YOU choose such a course. Regardless of what you choose, support and helpful counsel are available to you here and in your community! YOU GO GIRL!...............peace.
  8. The weeks the site was down were the safest for those who come here to share their deepest hurts and hopes. Sad that’s what it took. Please don’t let it happen again.
  9. Yeah.....you’re really good at games, George! Glad you enjoy the games and trivia forums
  10. Thanks for your personal courage in sharing those morally depraved and physically degrading incidents you experienced first hand. I BELIEVE YOU! The after effects linger, now some 40+ years! Imagine what damage is being done by the current wierwillean cults like Frontczak and the remnants of Victor Barnard’s River Road Fellowship, “Rev” Charlie “Mr. Bless Patrol” Quillen, frontczak’s former boss, in IL, “Rev” Chris Geer and Word Promotions, now down in NC somewhere, and “Rev” Super —classified-double-secret-probation Kung fu agent, Doug MacMullan, at his family farm in MS, where V2P2 and poppa JP carry on the dictor paul legends and good ole daze. YOUR COURAGE and honesty will help future victims Annio, as well as prevent future victims as women all around the world agree, “TIME’S UP!”. There is no statute of limitations on truth! Thank you again for your bravery and honesty, Annio!....................peace.
  11. BTW....... The other “leading men” demagogueing from the stage were Da Forehead, as Corpse Director, and “Rev” Beence Finnegan”, Trunk Coordinator. Another two dirty sexual predators who never confronted the Verge.
  12. Well Annio......I absolutely remember that meeting because I was standing about 30 feet from Virgilio during that entire incident. And you are absolutely correct! Dictor paul totally glossed over it in a jocular, dismissive, manner, as if it was a matter of fact. But “no problen”! Drunken pervert John Wilmer Townsend, future Fog Years Twustee, was the Western Region Guy at the time. He was as dirty as dictor paul himself! His own wife, in her corpse graduation speech in 1972, bragged how she slept in the same bed with dic’n’dotsie during her entire time in-rez with the first corpse! LMAO! Let me State this: During my entire time as a Region guy and the Trunk guy, THE NUMBER ONE REASON THAT CAUSED ME TO FIRE “LEADERSHIP” WAS SEXUAL PREDATION/ABUSE AND ADULTERY. NUMBER TWO WAS EMBEZZLEMENT. The perps number in the scores! That’s all that needs to be said, imho.
  13. Thanks for the current and correct info on Quillen’s offshoot Of CFFM, JayDee. I didn’t realize they had a split with one another.
  14. Thanks for your posts, Penworks and Skyrider! Informative and enlightening. I lived at HQ from 1979-1984, as both Midwest Region Coordinator and Trunk guy. During that entire time, Quillen was the head of Bless Patrol. Along with Scott Jarvis, Jim Peterson, Don Wierwille, MacMullan, and Geer, Quillen was a prime mover in getting his Bless Patrol Dept. legally and officially deputized by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, which effectively made Bless Patrol a Sherriff sanctionioned private police force made up of deputized members of the Shelby County Sherriff’s Office! They ALL had to successfully complete the Ohio Sherriff Deputies qualification and performance exams, which they did. As I said, my entire time of post-in-rez time at HQ, 9/79-8/84, Quillen was the head of Bless Patrol. He was joined-at-the-hip with Geer and super-secret-double-probation-agent MacMullan the entire time I was there. ALL the sexual dalliances of ALL the “Trustees” were coordinated and “overseen” by these three Wierwille gestapos. There are scores of personal, eyewitness, firsthand accounts right here over the 19 years of GSC posts, which document the evil, and sometimes guilty stares, at vic’s victims as they marched off the Bunny Hatch, as Dotsie referred to the motor coach, by one or more of these loyal pimps for da MOG. Not one of them would hesitate for one second to put a bullet into ANYONE vic perceived as a threat. NOT ONE. These days, it is ironic to note, that each one of those three hitman security guards and pimps, runs his own wierwille cult. Geer does his “Word Promotions” franchises out of Maine, Quillen runs his offshoot out of CFFM in Illinois, and Agent MacMullan helps run SOWERS on his family’s MS farm with V2P2, victor paul wierwille II, JP’s kid. And, then there’s Mark Frontczak, Victor Barnard’s right-hand man pedophilic sexual predator at their River Road Felliwship in Finlayson, MN. He was a very loyal and high profile Bless Patrol guy under Quillen. He also enabled and participated in the incredible Victor Barnard cult for nearly 20 years, for which Barnard himself now gets severely beat up in prison regularly, for just a few of the 59+ sexual crimes he committed with Frontczak’s help and support! Frontczak is now happily back with his former boss and the offshoot networks hawking his “spiritually right on” cartoons and acting as if he never heard of Barnard......kinda like trump never met or heard of any of his victims either. So, the wierwillean cults continue vic’s only legacy, lying about their faddah in da woid while continuing to pimp his Aryan, Nazi fundamentalist “Christian” cult. So, the wierwillean legacy marches on through the scores of all these offshoot TWIt cults spread around the country. Thank God that the GSC is still here! Faithfully and factually telling the other side of the story of these destructive and immoral wierwille cults.
  15. Greasespotters: For those of you who can’t afford more classes and books, or just vomit at the thought, there are a number of folks who do lots of really excellent and academically legitimate work in and with Syriac language textual criticism of New Testament scripture. Bob Wassung in CT comes to mind. Don’t let his affiliation with Jalvis’ TLTF confuse you. Bob has a genuine and impressive background in the study of Syriac. He has published numerous articles and runs an online independent study group for those interested. Our good friend Penworks also knows some of the old Syriac/Aramaic legitimate researchers from the days she worked with them in the Research Team of the mid 1980s. If your interest in Syriac is profound and you desire to seriously study it and understand it linguistically, then, imho, books and classes as recommended by our friend johnj above are an excellent starting point. But, if you just want to understand how Vic, and Walter manipulated the Aramaic Dept. and bullied Bernita Jess and her copse Aramaic assistants in the Research Dept., then you might even be able to find enough right here in the GSC archives to give you all the accurate info you need. Whatever you choose, enjoy!
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