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  1. DontWorryBeHappy

    1 Corinthians 12 - manifestation of the spirit.

    And, perhaps, try being less smugly judgemental. That seems to help conversations around here. Try it.....you may like it. LOL!
  2. DontWorryBeHappy

    1 Corinthians 12 - manifestation of the spirit.

    Don’t hold your breath! LOL!
  3. DontWorryBeHappy

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    She’s a very stable genius! There are so many geniuses running around these daze! It’s like a bunch of Nietzsche’s ubermenchen are raising themselves from the dead and the chemtrails, and are once again co-habitating with us poor limited-to-the-five-senses natural man human beings! Oh happy daze are here again!!
  4. DontWorryBeHappy

    Countdown 2019

    When’s Easter this year?
  5. DontWorryBeHappy

    Recently Left

    Hi Volchic! Welcome to the Spot! And, thank for sharing some of your story. I agree with you, that “working out” some of the confusing and cognitively dissonant experiences in your years with TWIt is important. The old adage, “If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.”, aptly applies here. I think as time goes by, and you take your time here to gather info, make new acquaintances, and, most importantly, continue to dialogue with the other members here about your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and psychosocial interactions during your time in TWIt, in order to effectively sort through “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of your TWIt year, will be an important beginning in your full understanding of what TWIt was, and how it affected you. Doing so will relieve any anxiety, embarrassment, guilt, or shame, which may accompany your self-reflection and your journey of self-identity. At the very least, I think GSC will provide a great launching point for your objective inquiry into the whys and whats of your involvement with a destructive, fundamentalist “Christian” cult. The very first step is overcoming that twinge of discomfort that often hits when confronting the denial which usually comes with the realization that the words, “The Way” and “a religious cult” are synonymous. I’m sure you will find the compassionate support and understanding so freely offered here among those of us who have made and are making the same journey you are. I bid you Godspeed in your exciting, self-determined new journey!
  6. DontWorryBeHappy

    Most of VP's and TWI Stuff here

    When the late Mark Gluckin finally left TWIt, he had personally and singlehandey amassed the most complete collection of vpw tapes, transcripts, photographs, Way magazines, PFAL materials and syllabi and tapes of all the Advanced Classes and AC Specials run at New Knoxville from the first one. His son, Victor Paul Gluckin, is the Co-leader with Sean Finnegan, of Living Hope Minustries International, phony Beence Feenegan runs. However, victor’s late mom Barbara, lived in St. Mary’s, OH until she died. There were several people who wound up in TN (Nashville or Knoxville area) who compiled, catalogued, sorted, and printed as many of these as they could. I do not know who the individuals involved are, but, Barbara Gluckin was married to Mark Tompary until she died. Mark is the 7th corpse grad brother of Pam Tompary Craley, a 5th corpse grad, who was the official historian at TWIt after she graduated, and married to the Editor-in-Chief of the way mag at that time. It would not surprise me if there was some collaboration between the Tomparys, Gluckins, and wierwille worshippers in TN with computer publishing skills who put the thing together. I found it as a part of “rev” Jurry’s FB Page a couple of years ago. That’s all I know about “ Eternally Bleesed”, and that’s all I’ll ever need to know about them! LOL!
  7. DontWorryBeHappy

    Most of VP's and TWI Stuff here

    That was written by none other than the “Rev” Jurry Wrenn. It used to be the header on a page he put together with some wayfers in TN at the very beginning of his minustray. It included the same kind of awestruck “bios” of other dictor paul plagiarism victims like E.W. Bullinger, George Mueller, and even Grace Bliss. It tied into ”Rev” Jurry’s “speak to me father” FB page. It even included “grapevine letters” from Emporia in-Rez corpse days which Jurry wrote when he was in-Rez corpse cord at Emporia! LMAO! I don’t know if that page is still active, “rev” Jurry sure is. it was the reporting of the garbage on these pages here at the GSC that blew it all up and caused poor “rev” Jurry to wonder why all dem debbil spurts were persecuting his sorry arse! LOL!
  8. DontWorryBeHappy

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    Yup Charlene! You can ask anyone in the 4th. They should ALL remember it, and I bet some do with genuine Trumpian pride. Enough said.
  9. DontWorryBeHappy

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    There is a thread somewhere here, in which I document the events leading up to my being thrown off dictor paul’s motor coach on I-35, at a rest stop on the way to WIBAP 1982 in Kansas City. He demanded that I take the lead on “fighting those fucking Jews in KC who are gonna picket me at WIBAP!”. When I responded, “Dr. (sic!), what does that have to do with moving the word over the world”? That’s when the purple-faced, neck-vein-popping order was barked out to Kramden Geer, the bus driver, to “pull over and get rid of this sonofabitch!”. Thankfully, by serendipity, we were within 2 miles of a rest stop, from which I called Emporia and begged a ride from another wayfer heading toward WIBAP. What a shitshow!
  10. DontWorryBeHappy

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    There are numerous posts here in the archives somewhere which include quite a bit of history and eyewitnessconfirmation of wierwille’s pathologic Nazi Aryanism, abject racism, and agreement with the basic religious ideology of the Third Reich. There was of course, a warped spiritualistic theology which accompanied the Nazi “mystique”. Well documented and quite interesting, you can find many vetted documentaries on the religious and spiritualistic rationalizations made for Naziism. The bottom line culmination of the matter for me, is wrapped up in the oft repeated quote during my 2 years of in-Rez corpse indoctrination, which wierwille himself spoke often in the fake safety of “nite owls with da corpse”........: “ Hitler was right. He just went a little too far at the end. We fought on the wrong side in WW II. We’re still paying the price!”! What more does anyone need to know?
  11. DontWorryBeHappy

    Extended interpretaion of tongues

    Maybe he’s totally FOS? Self-delusion, especially Messianic Complex types, is clinically obvious, but worse, the Elmer Gantry con-man spiel to cover-up gross hypocrisy is on rampant display. This guy is dangerous, especially to women. Be careful ladies!
  12. DontWorryBeHappy

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    It would not surprise me to find out that the Montana connection has something to do with Steve Sann. Wanna bet?? LOL!
  13. DontWorryBeHappy

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    A nest of scorpions devouring each other into the bottomless oblivion they have so richly earned. GOOD RIDDANCE!
  14. DontWorryBeHappy

    Raising the dead

    Hi WW! It is possible that in the stress of the situation you were in, that you may have misunderstood medical information given to you quickly in an emergent situation. Broken ribs are very difficult to treat. #1 issue to be addressed is pain. #2 is incentive spirometry in order to PREVENT pneumonia, not TREAT it. Without adequate pain control, incentive spirometry is compromised. Problems? Broken ribs cannot be “casted” or mechanically repaired. The pain with inhalation, coughing, laughing, can be debilitating. Unfortunately, the number one side effect of the narcotic analgesics necessary to treat the pain is respiratory depression, i.e. shallow breathing with a low respiratory rate. So, the incentive spirometry, which is basically therapeutic exercise, is most important in preventing pneumonia, as is ambulation as soon as possible. As for question C, from your account of your care, it does not appear to me to have been incompetent. As to whether or not your parents “really didn’t care that you were getting bad care”, I really can’t speak to that in any clinically proper manner since I never met or knew them. Hope the helps clarify things a bit more for you. I do not mind your questions at all.
  15. DontWorryBeHappy

    Raising the dead

    Thank you Raf and Modgellan.