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  1. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    No problem Wolfie! I was directing no personal animus toward you. I seem to have developed a reflexive response when questioned about facts which I know to be true. My “sources” were afforded me mainly through serendipity. Just happened to be in the right or wrong place at the right time! LOL! I apologize for coming off as angry or gruff................peace.
  2. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    I was told the information I posted by a very close and personal friend of Mrs. Wierwille who also was on her personal staff. I believed that person then and still do today. If you wish to turn this into a he said/she said argument, I will not join in. I am quite secure in my statement. I don’t really care what other people think. Don’t mean to be haughty or off-putting about any of this. If you are offended I apologize for offending you. I just want you to know that what I posted is not a homespun fantasy. It is simply another cog in the wheel of wicked deeds that dictor suffered and then turned on the innocent with the vengeance and “maturity” of a petulant toddler. This person considered that s(he) was an “adopted child” of the Wierwille’s, just like Bill Maize. This witness grew up in New Knoxville with the Kipps and Wierwilles. The only other “adopted child” admitted by dic’n’ Dotsie was Bill Maize. I know that this witness is true. Everything this witness said was corroborated by Dee Fischbaugh, Dotsie’s sister and the Mayor Of New Knoxville when I was in-Rez corpse. It was also corroborated by Lydia and Sevilla Wierwille and Alford Kipp, Dotsie’s brother. Also corroborated by Dotsie’s older brother who was also an ordained clergyman of the Evangelical and Reformed Church in Ohio. I had lengthy conversations about dic’n’Dotsie with ALL of them. I KNOW whereof I speak. YOU don’t! Thank you for reading.
  3. DontWorryBeHappy

    Nothing New Under the Sun: The first sin of mankind

    Tlc...... Your continued condescending arrogance to posts which disagree with your holiness and incredibly insightful PRIVATE INTERPRETATION of dictor paul’s private interpretation of B.G., Bullinger, Kenyon, Oral Roberts, Rufus Mosely, Rosalind Rinker, E. Stanley Jones, Dale Carnegie, Oswald Chambers, J.E.Stiles, Norman Vincent Peale, Glenn Clark, Starr Daley, etc., etc., etc. is really very sophomoric. Your “understanding” of scripture appears equally unreliable and full of confirmation bias for your hyperdispensationalist private interpretation of Bullinger and Welch, Darby and Schofield. Not one single “original thought”. Just another mindless repetition of the ridiculous private interpretation of ALL “scripture”. You are a helpless and hopeless Paulian. Christianity is a “different administration” for YOU. YOU ARE WRONG! Completely and ignorantly WRONG. You are a hapless sycophant of the world of those YOU agree with. Bwaaaahahahaha! I suggest YOU get over YOURself! We all have. LOL! You are an uneducated fool, and a follower of evil stupidity. Have a great day!
  4. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    I was told the information I posted by a very close and personal friend of Mrs. Wierwille who also was on her personal staff. I believed that person then and still do today. If you wish to turn this into a he said/she said argument, I will not join in. I am quite secure in my statement. I don’t really care what other people think. Don’t mean to be haughty or off putting about any of this. If you are offended I apologize for offending you. I just want you to know that what I posted is not a homespun fantasy. It is simply another cog in the wheel of wicked deeds that dictor suffered and then turned on the innocent with the vengeance and “maturity” of a petulant toddler.
  5. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    “I seriously doubt that few will ever uncover the reasons why wierwille roamed the grounds at night......” Well Sky, maybe it might have something to do with the FACT that little vp was molested by his mother from ages 2-5?? Could be, no??
  6. DontWorryBeHappy

    Ephesians 4:14 and Wierwille's psychological deception

    Great book!
  7. DontWorryBeHappy

    End times viewpoints

    “Get a chart, get a life!” That’s the total summation of TLTF’s incredible KKKlass on the end times entitled “The End Times”. It’s got more bullshit and double-speak mumbo-jumbo in it than you’ll find anywhere else on Earth, plus it’s all in Wayspeak! A hyperdispensationalist’s dream as well as a guided tour through the private interpretation and interpolation necessary to believe any of this tripe is “god-breathed”. It even introduces an 8th “administration” which you never knew existed before. Maybe TLC can put this all together for us who don’t believe anything Paul wrote was “scripture”? If anyone can, “put it all together so it fits”, besides dictor Paul himself, I’m SURE TLC can do the job. Impress us pal.
  8. DontWorryBeHappy

    Thus Saith Paul

    Thank you very much for your answers! Much appreciated. As is the perfect example of jargonized private interpretation. I suppose you’ll say you objectively and logically answered the questions. My only question is, in what language are you writing? LOL!
  9. DontWorryBeHappy

    Thus Saith Paul

    Upon whom or what do YOU rely for your definitions or “perspective”, or “understanding” of “inspiration” and “revelation”? YOU say, “It’s not necessarily in what they look like, or in the effect either may have. In fact, on the outside, it's probably impossible to see any difference whatsoever. And making it even more difficult, I don't know that it's possible (nor necessary) to make any distinction from the inside (i.e., inside the mind of the person acting on it.) However, there can be - and are, at times - situations where there is "no guesswork" or mistake about which is which from the inside. In other words, I am fully persuaded that there are times when there is absolutely no uncertainty about something being known only by revelation. It is "as real" and "as sure as"... well, as much as the chin on your own face... or anything else that you'd never think to give so much as a second thought to the "reality" of it.” WHAT do “they look like”? WHAT are the “effects that either may have”? WHAT is the “difference” which is “impossible to see”, yet somehow visible to you? If it’s NOT “......possible (nor necessary) to make any distinction from the inside (i. e. inside the mind of the person acting on it.), than why make one? WHAT are those “situations where there is no ‘guesswork’ or mistake about which is which from the inside.”?? Do you sincerely expect serious, logical analysis of your complete vagaries based solely on YOUR claim to be “fully persuaded” that YOU’RE right? It seems to me rather presumptuous on your part to determine for others how real your “full persuasion” should be for all those others, simply because YOU have “no uncertainty” regarding what YOU determine to be “real”? Just asking.......see if you can come up with an answer beside another mindless ad hominem attack. LOL!
  10. DontWorryBeHappy


    Comes right down to the title of this Sub-topic.....”Questioning Faith”. Which, as TLC states above, is a completely unique, individual, and most personal decision for all who make it. “Perhaps one of the best reasons to take Paul's epistles as "the word of God" is rather succinctly stated in 1Thess.2:13. Because it "effectually worketh also in you that believe." In other words, it just plain works. Is that not proof enough that he was who he said he was, and that the authority for his epistles came from above?” Yes. Prove that Paul’s Epistles are god-breathed by quoting Paul from one of those Epistles he wrote? That makes it strictly a “matter of faith”.....you either believe Paul’s letters are scripture or you don’t. Well, I for one, don’t. TLC does. He demands “proof” from me, yet resorts to overt logical fallacy of using a false premise to prove a false hypothesis. Quoting itself to prove itself. At least there is a hint of tolerance in TLC’s last post, for the idea that others with different decisions of faith from his own, are not necessarily heretical cynics, gainsayers just out to subvert the flock with word-battles and vicious divisions. Perhaps they are equally as Christian as TLC or anyone else who purports to be one? Maybe................peace.
  11. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    Yup! Love ya man!
  12. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    Another wonderful post Skyrider....encouraging both critical thought and self-reflection. Your willingness to reveal your deepest personal “lens” view of experiences you witnessed or endured, without worrying about covering for your own naïveté at the time, due primarily to the vibrant idealism of youth at the time many of us got involved, is most admirable imho. I appreciate your honest insight and your reflection of TWIt “history” as you experienced it then, and as you understand it now, some 40 years later. I am far less “kind” to dictor paul than you are. From my own interpersonal interactions with dp, I don’t think he had near the cleverness you give him credit for, Sky. He was a spoiled little brat, sexually abused baby of an Aryan family of 8. His intellect was a C- at best throughout his academic career, when he wasn’t failing. He mastered one thing. Plagiarism. Vic was a charlatan from the beginning. But, he was just a small-time crappie in a huge pond of Elmer Gantrys in the 1940s who were looking to make a comfortable living and stay outta WWII. Plus, Adolph Ernst...his daddy...was a Nazi supporter in the German-American Bund founded by Lindbergh and Fritz Kuhn in 1936. Young dictor grew up in that racist, fascist environment, and they even spoke German in their home, before they learned English! So, dp’s “call to ministry” was nothing more than a fortunate turn of events which got him through a cheap Evangelical and Reformed seminary, and ordained as a clergyman in that denomination with his own church, St. Jacob’s in Payne, OH, as Skyrider has recorded. That began a bumbling, stumbling, rumbling, bull-in-a-China-shop romp through the Bible Belt Fundamentalist Jesus culture of the post-war Midwest. Quite a conservative area of the USA at that time. His entire Chimes Hour Youth Caravan “founding” of TWIt was just the beginning of his hustle. He saw what worked with kids, had a nice, steamy affair with Rosalind Rinker, and had his first child, a son, Donald Ernst. Then he got a promotion to a bigger, more important, better tithing E&R church in Van Wert, St. Peter’s. Got him out of Payne before his shenanigans could be uncovered, settled him into a comfortable, economically stable community with a built-in guaranteed flock to fleece. He was simply playing the denominational pastor game and really just wanted to be as big as his heroes, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham. At the AC at HQ in the sumner of 1972, dp said: “I’m not an Evangelist like Billy Graham, or Oral Roberts! I’m a teacher! I tried to reach out to them in the 50s to work together for the Lord. You know, when they pack ‘em into their tents and stadiums, get ‘em born again and then what?? Send them to ME! I’ll teach them the greatness of the accuracy of Gawd’s rightly divided word!” He said that right after he finished playing a tape of Oral Roberts’ preaching his famous 4th Man Sermon. Dic was just a greedy young ne’re-do-well from a hick German farm town in the middle of nowhere Ohio, who got outta the hard work of taking over daddy’s farm, or starting a business of his own like his brothers, by choosing the easy, well-respected con of Midwest clergyman, knocking up his HS sweetheart, and grabbing and groping his way through one small group of suckers after another. When he was lucky enough to stumble across folks like Peter J. Wade, David Anderson, John Somerville, Ken Klug, Walter Cummins, Jim Doop, Steve Heefner, and Donnie Fugit, it was THEIR gifts, abilities and enthusiasm that made dic’s class a hit, not dic’s personal presence. Often, his personal presence just caused trouble for everyone! He was a jerk in the opinion of many. Until those same men had the Bible ministry they loved stolen from them and brought under the iron fist of Herr Victor the First. The progress of dic’s new possession really took off when he got rid of his competition. He started the corpse in 1969 with Ken Klug in it, John Lynn, Pat Browning, Johnny Townsend, and couple of others. The famous Zero corpse. Started again in 1970 with the first corpse of 9, including 1 guy at ECU. Again, not really planned or thought through beyond the free-spirited idealism of young hippies who really believed ole Dic was teaching the word like it hadn’t been known since the 1st Century and there were miracles, signs, and wonders everywhere! Dic wanted a core group as disciplined and tough as the Marine Corps after the Zero corpse pooped out to get married and take care of other personal priorities. That’s why he loved ECU so much. John and Tim Somerville started the “work” at ECU. John volunteered for Vietnam Nam to prove the revelation and power manifestations to himself, and was truly a hero and esteemed warrior among his fellow Marines. Dic said if John could do all that for the Marines, why can’t I get people to do that for God and His word??! Why can’t God have a Marine Corps?? Hence, the concept of the way corpse was born. Again, no cleverly calculated, sinister, MLM plot. Just the continued outworking of one man’s pathology now gathering steam through a serendipitous cult of personality that was building around a completely incompetent, dumbass, perverted drunk. Imho, Dic had a lot less to do with building his cult than the first 5 corpses and the WOW program. It was those groups that most adored dictor, enjoyed the thrill and joy of genuine Christian revival when they first took that class thing, were free enough to just pick up and go wherever the man-o-gawd told them too. It was not dictor or the stupid class that got me into TWIt. It was my closest and most beloved friends. It was the power of miracles, signs, and wonders and no authoritarian control. As the money began pouring in, Harry and Vic figured they better invest it. Best investment?? REAL ESTATE! Emporia, Rome City, Gunnison, Limb homes in OH, IN, MI, NC, KS, CA, NY, all bought by TWIt in the early 70s. The Colleges, campuses, camps, limb homes, etc., were all money-laundering schemes that Dic and Harry stumbled into, which were then “perfected” by Howard and Don, and all the new early corpse grads flooding HQ and all the new “Root Locales” with millions of laundered abundant sharing dollars. The only names on ALL the deeds to those properties were those of TWIt trustees.....Harry Wierwille, Ermal Owens, dictor paul, Howard, Don, and da Forehead. That was it until the Allen lawsuit was settled. Whose names are on the remaining deeds?? Ohio? Gunnison? That’s when the real systemization of dic’s evil began imo. Dic himself was too dumb to do anything but drink and molest women while reading anyone else’s Bible teachings a couple of times a week in some quaint little midwestern hamlet in Ohio. He was a slick con. He knew the game. He was always on the prowl. He was clever, not intelligent. He was deceitful, and ambitious, not honest or humble. He was mentally ill....untreated, uncontrolled mental illness dysfunctionally working itself out since his teens. He was a charmer and manipulator, not by will, but by nature. No redeeming social value, spiritually empty, and intellectually vapid. So, though dictor paul was lucky enough to attract some very talented people into his sex/personality cult, I don’t give him credit for diabolically planning, thinking through, or conceiving what he eventually destroyed. Sadly, he used a lot of wonderful, smart, talented, authentically loving, idealistic young people, who loved Jesus and just wanted to do the right thing to pay for and fulfill his own hubris and lusts. A pimp and a whore and a bully. What a ministry!
  13. DontWorryBeHappy

    All governments are from God?

    YES. Chew your own vomit. I’m sure you love it. LOL!
  14. DontWorryBeHappy


    I say everything Paul wrote was what Paul wrote. WHO determined Paul’s personal letters and writings as being “the god-breathed word of God”, or pure “revelation from Jesus”? Bullinger? Constantine? Walter Cronkite? Buddha? Mohammed? Brahma? Vishnu? Confucius? Moses? The Pope? Billy Graham? Kenny Copeland? Pat Robertson? Joyce Meyer? Which exactly, are the parts of the Pauline writings that you can prove to me are written by “revelation from Jesus Christ” to Saul of Tarsus? Who Canonized the books of the Bible? What were the criteria they used to determine what was god -breathed and what is man-breathed? What criteria do you use besides some man-breathed commentary, book, or theological theory? PFAL? How To Enjoy The Bible? The Companion Bible? Any one you choose is only as good as the private interpretation of it’s author. Your view of my “credibility” is equally as valid.
  15. DontWorryBeHappy

    The Way Tree Teaching Is AntiChrist

    For me, understanding quantum physics explains the genuine science behind the ability of the Risen Christ to be anywhere and everywhere He wants to be whenever He wants. No problem for me understanding that “miracles, signs, and wonders” are indeed “available” in the physical universe without any need to break or supercede “natural law”. E=MC2 is both a natural and spiritual truth. I am one who chooses to believe that God is as omni- as She chooses to be with absolutely NO limitations. That’s just me.