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  1. hiway29

    Berlin Wall

    I was at an open meeting in the auditorium in '86, before the fall, and Craig was yelling that we should quit reading newspapers. He literally said "I'll tell you what to think ".
  2. Infoabsorption, you may be thinking of the house in Sidney, Ohio. The church in New Bremen was set up for theatrical or music productions, and I don't think there was much room to hang paintings. The Sidney house had a lot of art from various way artists , as well as curious items including the window frame through which vp supposedly watched it snow.
  3. My memory is that the 'cultural center' was in New Bremen. I was showing my parents around the area, and my mother was surprised that the way owned that church building. She said she was a bridesmaid at a wedding there in the 40's, and relished being able to look through the place. I question myself though, as DWBH would know more than me.
  4. Not sure why I am commenting, as I have nothing new, but over the years since being out, I get moments of clarity on things that I always knew. All of these classes laid a groundwork for what we were supposed to believe and how we were to act. Any hint of thought or behavior that didn't jibe with those primers were alarm signals and justification to reprimand, yell at, devalue, criticize and find some existing 'fault' that needed to be corrected , until you were back to parroting the 'word' taught in the classes at all times. After several years of reproof sessions for various crimes, it dawned on me that I could avoid much of it be keeping my mouth shut, cleaning my room, and appearing to be onboard with any and every thing the way did. At one point, I was coordinating a twig, running a way home, class 'instructor', and bookstore manager for the state all at the same time. Thankfully I resisted going into the corps, largely because deep down I knew I would never live up to that standard 24 hours a day, and had no desire to live in a compound. All those classes created a core group of otherwise 'regular' people who had been indoctrinated with just enough way think to make independent goals and actions extremely difficult.
  5. and anything 'earthly' was wrong.... in our thinking or environment....as I'm thinking about in the context of wayspeak and conditioning, 'earthly family' is a total insult and dismissal of our families, parents, siblings.
  6. does nova's copy mean you don't need me to dig out mine , excorpsartist ?
  7. does this mean I don't need to dig out my copy ?
  8. I read it early on in my way life in '75. I was thankful for a look at HQ and way history, as the farm and the day to day workings of the place were a mystery . I had no reason to think I was being lied to, though it was clear from page one that the purpose of the book was to present everything about the way in a positive light. There was no way this all happened in one day, and I got that the interviews and events had been consolidated and arranged for specific reasons, but that didn't cause me to think it was anything but an accurate depiction of life at HQ. I do recall being surprised and questioning the snow, and even then tried to not completely reject it. We all went through a period when we honestly believed the way was genuine and that they would not blatantly lie about such things. I wouldn't have devoted the next eleven years of my life to an organization thatI thought was operating like that. I did laugh at the part where a guy in a bar asks Elena about HQ, and if they sit around and bs about the Bible all day. In my experience that's exactly what went on there, based on the many pages of interviews taking up the first half of the book. I thought the book an entertaining piece of positive propaganda.....which is a far cry from my reaction when i re read it in the 80's when it all hit the fan. I wondered how i could have been so gullible and easily swayed....but of course I had learned a few things since then.
  9. hiway29

    Cat Woman

    I worked on AOS, animating the amoeba devil. I was working in st Marys with T#yl#r Ov*rbey on a thing called Glad magazine, when he got drafted to do it. We painted hundreds of animation cels, and filmed it in his living room. This was based on lcm's directive that the adversary should be shapeless and without form. I thought it a strange production in many ways, but admit I enjoyed the music and dancing more than some of the endless teachings in the auditorium. I did get a kick out of seeing the Catwoman suit with our silly amoeba shapes on it.
  10. The lovely dog video was not part of the video class I took in '77, but in '81 I was somehow living in St Marys, and was at a 'local fellowships' meeting they decided to do one night at HQ.Unless my memory is faulty, it was not an advanced class, or leaders meeting, and certainly not a corps meeting. For forgotten reasons, they pulled out the dog sex tape to show the good people of St Marys and New Bremen. Reactions ranged from audible gasps to the usual stunned silence so as not to be perceived as taking issue with anything done at HQ.
  11. I still feel ill when I recall how they soaked people to build that auditorium.I was in CT where we had an area meeting with Joyful Noise traveling through, pushing for the building fund. A couple of impassioned songs by Claudette had a woman who I was 'working with, just starting the class, not a penny to her name, emptied out her wallet that night for the place. I so wanted to tell her not to do it, and still feel guilty that I didn't.
  12. I was painting a mural for the new Knoxville school gym on the day VPW died. A cowboy on horseback by the words Ranger Country.I thought then, and even more so later, that it felt good to do something for the community, besides providing customers for Adolphs. While passing through Ohio in 2003, I stopped by the school out of curiosity. The custodian showed me that the mural was still there. They had recently repainted the gym , but painted around the mural. I have no idea if it is still there. Adolphs had closed down , and I was immediately followed by security as I slowly drove past the fountain of stagnant waters.
  13. Thanks for the reply, DWBH. I wasn't insulted. I've respected your insight , honesty, and genuineness for a long ,long time, and appreciated the no bs information. Thanks for understanding where I was at.I may be his friend, but if he's guilty of all this, and it sure seems likely, I agree that jail time is only part of the deserved kickback.
  14. Thank you for that response,DWBH. I would not take issue with one word. If it sounds like I'm excusing Fr&;$czak , or lessening what he's done, it's not my intent. I was surprised when he contacted me, not knowing what agenda he had, and debated whether I should make the call. I lost a lot of respect for him years ago when I learned about Barnard. It was until fairly recently that I learned about his daughter being one of his maidens. That trumped everything if it was true, but I am so removed and not aware of what went down there, thatI admit that part of me hoped that wasn't true. I mean that's insane , abusive, perverted , behavior- how the hell could any parent do that. i guess it was easier for me thousands of miles away physically, and even farther away from cult living, to think that there MAY be more to it than the rumors I'd heard. As I said, I like Mark, and it was difficult for me to put those pieces together. I was not looking forward to calling him, knowing what I know. I admit I was mostly concerned with hidden agendas and motives on his part. The timing with Barnard being in the news seemed too convenient. Not knowing for certain about a lot of the crap he's swimming in, I thought it best to keep it at a nice to chat old friend level. I was frankly more concerned that he may be looking to use me in some fashion, than feeling like I should call him out on all that's gone down. In looking up old friends, he did say he was going to meet with Charlie Qu&; llen, the guy from bless patrol who married him. Not sure if that means anything to anyone. I don't know if he looks at greasespot. being a security guy you'd think he would......if so he certainly knows who hiway29 is now. I admit I tiptoed and danced around some real issues. I appreciate the cold water in my face, DWBH.
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