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    music(both secular and Christian), swiming, hiking, volleyball, putt-putt, visiting historic sites, SciFi TV, murder mysteries, amateur Biblical Scientific Research(despite TWI).now into Organic Church(Viola, Zens, Cole,Dale) My new email is thomasloybumgarner@gmail.com

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  1. Raymo speaks of how much time in PFAL we spent talking about the cross. Except for 4 crucified section, very little was on the cross. More time was Wierwille talking about holy spirit
  2. On my Facebook page I wrote that I wished I had never heard of TWI and Victor Paul Wierwille. I wasted time from 1973 through 1979 instead of focusing on college and music. I should have graduated by 1978 instead of 1982, been a full-time church musician until at least 2019, and had a better Social Security amount to retire on. But I was young and foolish. I could have bought all of Bullinger, Pillai, Lamsa, Errico, Watchman Nee, Torrey, etc. at Christian Bookstores and have my church purchase Alpha and other DVD's on Christian doctrine. A word of warning to others who might be seduced by this cult.
  3. Cults are hazardrous to your spiritual health. Return to mainstream Christianity
  4. Twinky, mass comes from the word ite missa est, which means to leave, to go. The worship service is over. Go home.
  5. It was Good Seed who re-wrote 12 days of Christmas
  6. I know VPW was of German background, but did The Way International celebrate Christmas/Birth of Jesus? I am familrar with JCING and Jesus Christ, Our Promised Seed, plus Ernest Martin's Star of Bethlehem, plus One God and Father from Lynn and company. Outside of Children's Sing Along songbook with Silent Night and O Come, all ye faithful,anything about Advent, Christmas/Nativity, Epiphany?
  7. In 1978 I was attending Appalachian State University in Boone, NC before dropping out to do my "sabbatical"(figuring what I should do and living in Hickory with "other believers")
  8. When we have book burnings of Wierwille's plagurized materials
  9. Maybe because of my Lutheran heritage, it seems Lutherans and Moravians were the only ones who celebrated Reformation Day(most of them celebrated the Sunday before October 31st). Strange that the Reformed churches rarely did that
  10. I suspect TWI never celebrated Halloween or All Saints Day, but did Wierwille ever acknowledged Reformation Day?
  11. Amen, Twinky. I came out in June 2014 which shocked some people in churches but my friends from high school and college have supported me
  12. I saw the last episode last night, typical 2 hour episode but they did not explain about the spying from one of their detractors unless it was about Danny Masterson and his raping women.
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