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    music(both secular and Christian), swiming, hiking, volleyball, putt-putt, visiting historic sites, SciFi TV, murder mysteries, amateur Biblical Scientific Research(despite TWI).now into Organic Church(Viola, Zens, Cole,Dale) My new email is thomasloybumgarner@gmail.com

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  1. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Parcast episodes 62 and 63 -- podcasts about TWI and VPW

    I wanted their site to have us leave comments, correcting them on WOW, The Word(not The Way) over the World and that Deluise is now President, no longer Rivenbark. They did mention John Juddes. Wish they had visited Greasepot Cafe for more and better information.
  2. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

    inquiring minds want to know, also Sonrise and other bands mentioned that were not recorded on LP's/cd's
  3. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Cults: The Art of Deception

    possible follow up is also slated the same night as Leah Remini's Scientology starting with Word of Faith Churches
  4. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    New season begins November 27
  5. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    A and E is re-running Season 2 tonight and at 10pm. Leah interviews former members of Jehovah's Witness and their similarities to Scientology. I wish she and Mike had instead interviewed, Karl, Kristin, and Charlene.
  6. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

    BTW, whatever happened to Salty Oats and New Knoxville Green? Did they become part of Way Productions?
  7. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    The Six Stages of Wierwille's Climb to Power

    Info I saw was Google
  8. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Athletes of the Spirit Video (from the '80's)

    I bet some people were hoping VPW would be electrocuted or that the gathering together would occur and poor Vic would be alone on stage with everyone else beamed up to heaven
  9. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

    I still have the CD's of Paulo Dionisio/Selah(not to be confused with the South African trio of more recent times), and Good Seed. Wish Joe, Paul and Ralph of Pressed Down had converted their records into CD format and likewise Joyful Noise(although I do have Ted's and Dean's cd's). I wonder what they think of Hillsong, Third Day, Newsboys, NewSong, Don Moen, Israel Haughton, Ron Kenoly, Bob Fits, and others.
  10. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

  11. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

    I saw yesterday the full 60 minute Rock of Age Film produced by Bud Morgan, divided into 2 parts on You Tube. I believe this was the CBS Sunday Morning program This is the Life(not sure if that was the correct title). i think remembering it was edited down to 30/35 minutes. I haven't seen that since 1975. Boy, that was a Christian hippie Woodstock. DWBH with long hair and beard, Selah with Paul Vergillio and Kristiana Linder Perez, Pressed Down(boy Joe Fair was a kid). How many of you remember that event?
  12. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    The Original Way Setup...........Changed

    Obviously, no negative or critical comments allowed. implication is if you do reject my suggestions/requirements, then you are a cancer to the Body of Christ(Wierwille) and pose a threat to me. Same as McCarthy, Cohen, and Trump, bloated egos.
  13. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

    Nothing New Under the Sun: The first sin of mankind

    Actually Loy is the last name of Lutheran pastor Matthias Loy of the 1800's and was quite famous.