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  1. Pam, hello. I was a WOW in 1978-1979, in Joliet, Illinois. However, I joined the Navy in 1985. Do you remember Paul N, who was the head of Miltary Outreach? He, and his wife Rita were my first TCs back in VA Beach, in 1978. I have great memories of them!! Their "Twig", was fun! I think they have a ministry in Massachusetts, (?) nowadays.
  2. DB, I personally have a problem with many televangelists. I think far to many of them are power hungry, and money mad. JO, for example lives in a multi-million home, and drives a Ferrari. Is he teaching for the good of society, or for his personal gain? I think he is in love with living the high life. Many of his followers can barely make ends meet, yet he throws money away on fancy adult toys. Jerry Falwell recently resigned from Liberty University in Va, and reportedly received a multimillion farewell cushion. I think Olsteen, and others of his ilk, are grifters. Just my opinion.
  3. Way, I have a question about SOWERS; are they still in Mississippi? Is VP3 still the leader? I have read many of the recent posts, but I have read very little about them.
  4. Twinky, I would like to know also what happened to her. I would not wish sickness, of death on her, but I would not be upset if she left TWI.
  5. Beguiled, it's my time, and energy. I love reading the various posts on the GSC. Some I agree with, some I don't. But, even with those I disagree with, I still find the posts interesting. I personally had no idea of all the drama, that went on in TWI, until I read all the posts here. Back when I was in TWI, everything was Moonlight, and Roses, or so it seemed. However, since I started reading the posts here at the GSC, I have learned that TWI, f--cked over tons of it's people in various ways. For many of us, we spent our youth, money, and energy in various TWI programs. Youth, money, a
  6. T-Bone, great post!! However, I think CG should be careful about what he says, or said. I left TWI decades ago, and wish I had left sooner.
  7. Twinky, thanks for the information. I personally don't think I will get involved. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I have been out of TWI for over 30 years; I plan on keeping it that way.
  8. T-Bone, very funny!! AEN would be proud of you!
  9. Annio, I think I was attracted to the TWI, decades ago, because of a need to belong. Back in 1978, I didn't know TWI was a cult. I was a very young girl, and attended "Twigs," because I was loved, and accepted. At the time, I felt my family didn't love, or accept me. My early experiences with TWI, were wonderful!! I loved going to Twig, or Fellowship, because the people there were warm, loving, and kind, and gave me, a lot of positive attention, qualities that I never felt as a child. I lapped it up; I loved the joy, and fun, we had as a Twig. We had Dinners together, and had parties li
  10. Waxit, I was badly hurt as a child. However, I am now seeing a therapist. Perhaps counseling could help you. I know it has helped me tremendously.
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