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  1. DWBH, I think they used to give tours of it. Or am I wrong? For some reason, I think I went on a tour there years, and years ago. But perhaps I am wrong.
  2. WW, in other words; VPW didn't want to take responsibility for his poor health care choices. He smoked, and drank for decades, yet blamed something else for his Cancer. What a jerk!!
  3. Kathy, I would wear them everyday!! I love Pearls, and don't care who sent them to you. They are fabulous!! I know very little about real jewelry, but even I could see they are real. Enjoy!
  4. DWBH, excellent post!! I remember years ago, all the Bulls--t, we had to go through to see a doctor, while in Way World. I hated that "Third-Aid," nonsense!! Inside of seeing a doctor, people would pray for you. I think praying for others, is wonderful, but sometimes you need to see a doctor, and take medication.
  5. Rocky, true. I would like to know, if Volchic would like to share.
  6. Volchic, hello. If you are willing to share this information, I would like to know why you left after 27 years. I left in 1988, after beginning in for 10 years. Looking back, I wish I had left much sooner, than I did.
  7. Volchic, great post!! Thanks for the information!!
  8. Grace Valerie Claire


    Rocky, good for you!!! I am so happy for you!!
  9. Hello Waykid. Hello, and welcome. I don't know if you, and your husband know Leah, LCM's oldest child. She has posted a few times here, and I find her posts very interesting, and informative. I joined TWI decades decades ago, and left after 10 years. At one time, I truly thought kids raised in TWI, were truly blessed. I thought they didn't have to go through all the S--t I did growing up in an unhappy home. Wow!! Was I ever wrong!!! I know that many of you kids growing up in Way World, had serious issues with drugs, and alcohol, among other problems. Not all of course, but some did. I could go on, and list more of the S--t, some of you kids went through, but I think you know about this, than I do. I am so happy that you, and your husband left TWI, and found a church that works for you!! God bless both of you!!
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