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  1. T-Bone, not true!! I think you do know what you are talking about! I think your posts, are kind, and gentle, and interesting. Just my POV.
  2. T-Bone, as usual, I look forward to your posts. I think the key word in your post, is the word, "civil." Yes, we can agree to disagree, but please let us be civil. I try to be civil in my posts, but I am sure I might have unintentionally been rude, or disrespectful to others. If I have, please forgive me. Thanks.
  3. STL, I have lived in DC, for the last 23 years. DC is a fascinating city, and obviously, a very political city. However, my political views are personal, and not open for discussion. I don't think the GSC, is the right place, for anyone to discuss politics. I enjoy the GSC, because it isn't political. Just my opinion. Peace.
  4. Rocky, I read that book years ago, and I thought it was well-written, and very illuminating. I would highly recommend it, and his other books. I believe EW won the Nobel Peace Prize, back in 1988.
  5. WW, interesting post. I wonder if VPW, wanted to leave Ohio, and see a foreign country, on OPM. Just a guess, on my part, but perhaps he felt he was entitled to live on other people's money, because he was a MOG,(if only in his mind.) I think VPW, had a hearing problem; he heard what he wanted to hear, and nothing he didn't.
  6. Allan, I don't think they will get back together. Donna likes power, and position, neither of which Craig has.
  7. WW, you are so right!! I often wonder why he couldn't wait a year, or two to take his entire family, including JP, to India. I can't imagine leaving a newborn, behind on such a long trip. I never understood why VPW, was hell-bent on going to India in the first place. What was his purpose in dragging, his wife, and other family members on the trip?
  8. Rubina, I think it was sad, that parents were so busy, with TWI "responsibilities", they didn't have time to raise their kids. I often wonder how much time, VPW spent raising his kids.
  9. Socks, what a shame!! So that's what happened to JN. How sad. I have long forgotten most of the teachings, I heard in TWI, but I still remember JN's music. Even today, I still sing their songs, and it makes me happy!
  10. Annio, very interesting topic. Thanks for posting. I just wanted to add my two cents: When I was young, and insecure, I needed a lot of attention. I think for some kids, attention is a form of security; thus it equals love. However, my mother never understood this; she was very self-absorbed. Throughout, my childhood, I felt unloved, and because of it, I was a very insecure, and unhappy person. However, one day, I realized God loves me. What a profound impact that had on me!! God, Almighty, the Creator of Heaven, and Earth, loves me. Why, I will never know; I am nothing special. I'm
  11. LU, I went WOW in 1978, and vaguely remember that meeting. What did he expect when he sent out families, of two young men, and two young women?
  12. Twinky, I think the next few months will be very turbulent, but also very interesting. I think the US is going to have a great 2021, with a new President. Que sera sera.
  13. T-Bone, oh yes, I remember people like that out on the field when I was a WOW years ago. Perhaps some of them really did enjoy the teaching(s), but I think many of them were phonies. Some teachings were great, some su--ked. I hated all the phoniness in TWI, and there was an excessive amount of it. I always tried to be the "real" me, but sometimes people thought I wasn't being "spiritually-mined." Nowadays, I try to be a "real person", instead of a phony. Most people can deal with the "real me", as long as I am, polite, and respectful of their opinions. How life has changed, and for bett
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