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  1. Hi WordWolf, I have thought more about that letter and that time and what you guys have said in response to my post, thanks. . I myself was pretty much sheltered from the fallout , but it must have been horrible for everybody in the way corps. Easy for me to look back from 35 years distance and think about what if, maybe, and (my personal favorite) shoulda coulda woulda. But today, I am so grateful that was then and this is now.
  2. Hey STL, Thanks and glad you're out, too.
  3. I love Guthrie’s quote! My own journey post-twi took me to the Episcopal church. One of its primary draws for me was that they do not have an official doctrine (dogma) which is very restful after the years of “The Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God” , et cetera. Among my bedrock beliefs is that no one, ever, in the history of humankind has had the last word or a complete understanding of the mind of God. God is God and we are not, so nobody gets to decide for everyone else what is “truth.”
  4. Hi outandabout, too bad we didn’t know each other- you could have laughed with us making fun of The Entitled Ones. It was not mean-spirited, but it was very funny.
  5. Thanks, Twinky thanks, Twinky! Enjoyed the coffee. I was out before “Mark and Avoid” was happening. Brings to mind the 1692 Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials.
  6. I recently rediscovered this site and have spent hours and hours reading your posts and your stories. Despite how many years have gone by since you wrote them and since I have been out of twi, I have been moved to tears, outrage, gratitude and sometimes laughter. Although we may not know each other personally, I feel a profound connection with you from our shared experience in twi. Thank you so much for keeping this site going all this time. My brief history with twi: started attending twig in 1973 Fairfax, CA and first took PFAL at a live class (!) at Shaver Lake, CA that summer. I was 1
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