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  1. Don't you love all those Reverends on the R&R page? Leave the group that ordained them and keep the title?
  2. Yes, maybe! But I wasn't and kept on going. Took over a decade to finally make my exit!!!
  3. We saw the "or else" in action during my time in the corpse. People kicked out for poor performance during LEAD and all types of other craziness.
  4. penguin2


    Here too! Just need to get used to popping into this area.....
  5. congrats! Downloaded it, will take it for a spin....
  6. Just saw this thread! I guess i don't meander around in this section often. I pop in and check the about the way. It's late here and I am crashing for the night. Paw thanks for everything. This site has helped me so much! I was smurfette, then pengu in. I never would have made it out without everyone's help here. I will donate something tomorrow since the button is still up....
  7. Just a thought. Anyone who has been in twi for any length of time is so programmed that they need to ABS that no one would really need to solicit donations, they would automatically give.
  8. Hey Tom! Dave is doing great and no longer with the Way. I have lost track of Dominic. Melissa is still involved as far as I know. I believe you are referring to Brian, who unfortunately succumbed to cancer a couple of years ago.
  9. Yes, after decades of being in the Way, it was so important that we finally realized God is at work outside of "the ministry" and was much bigger than and cannot be contained in the little box the Way put Him in. You would think it was obvious, but it actually was a conclusion we had to come to before we could even consider leaving.
  10. Well, In the days Twinky mentioned, especially around 93 and 94, many in rez corps were kicked out for having homosexual fantasies-men and women alike.they would get the bum's rush and disappear while everyone else was doing different things...
  11. Thanks. Been doing what dr. Says. Just was such a rare one no one seems to know a lot about it. I have been in remission for a year and a half. Praying i still am and for wisdom for us and Dr if not....
  12. Thanks, definitely some great words of wisdom. I appreciate all everyone here has done to help me get free of most of my way brain.
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