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  1. Looks like a year ago lots of countries were encouraged to sing and record this song. There's several versions listed on the Way YouTube channel.
  2. Hey Ham. I was glad the week was over. Looking forward to a better one this week.
  3. penguin2

    So we adopted a baby

    Congratulations! So happy for you all!
  4. Ugh. Who would want to follow lcm? And he's also got titles of his teachings in French? It seems the likes to teach a lot out of R&E.
  5. Thanks Again T-bone for your contributions to helping me unravel my time in twi. All the best to you and yours!!!
  6. As far as the US groups, they had two groups. One in Kansas City and another in Orlando. Don't remember how many were in each group.
  7. I've started a small garden now that I bought a house with a good backyard. Have some blueberry bushes and strawberries that come back each year. Planted roses out front but need to learn more about them.
  8. penguin2

    Cat whispering II

    Twinky, sorry for your loss.
  9. penguin2

    Cat whispering II

    I'm sorry Twinkie. I still recall my Siamese cats Buttons and Patches and tell stories about them.
  10. If I want to write something i don't want my youngest daughter to know, I write in cursive. She might have had a couple of days of cursive in elementary school. She can't write or read it. I have to remember to print any important information.
  11. Yes! My machine gunning rapid fire retemories did nothing to address the real roots of things I was dealing with. We were taught to stay in denial and pretend everything was fine. Still working out my wholeness and salvation here too. So glad God is faithful and never misleads me.
  12. Ugh. The lack of boundaries. Commitment until death?! And Ruth's special assignment was to get married and have a child.
  13. Donated!!! Someone else's turn now. Thanks guys.
  14. I think they would say, "We have changed."
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