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  1. Yes, they are much more animated. Though it looks like V*rn has allowed Way prod to get creative and switch it up a bit.
  2. Yes, that was fun! Best thing I've done in a while.
  3. I know it's ancient post but I thought it was interesting. Most of you were leaving as I was diving in deep and it took me twenty years to come up for air.
  4. penguin2

    Happy Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you as well Twinky! Aren't you glad we no longer have to say happy ho ho! Peace and joy and hope for a great 2021 for all of you at the cafe!
  5. JYDL Definitely still in. He ordained one of the newest clergy a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Well, then karma is a b----. Sorry you had to go through that Allan. Glad we both exited.
  7. I don't know the answers, but since there's no yearly gatherings, I am thinking most don't realize how much things have shrunk. Plus there's always the faithful remnant spin along with those of us who left were deceived by the devil issue. So glad I woke up!
  8. There's a much larger group than two for 2020. The graduating class grew to five times the size of 2012! Looks like you exercise with a buddy now. Happened to check out twi website and their congrats article. Looks like both B0b St8nl3y kids graduated 49th corpse this year.
  9. Yes! They are!! Just spent a night at church in which middle school, high school and college students led a time of worship that was SO much better than any Way prod or Rock of Ages event.
  10. I wonder if Vern knew that play before or after he accepted his powerless position?
  11. Welcome Naut! Have some coffee ☕ or tea and pull up a chair.
  12. Exactly. I'm wondering too!
  13. Do you think she's really left the boardroom? Is she emeritus/retired or whatever they call it?
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