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  1. Well, I guess they will have to do something now since they employ more than 100 people.
  2. That was one of my favorites! Fruit salad, yogurt dressing, almonds and that ginger cinnamon bread. But they served it in the summer during ROA setup and especially the men really needed more substantial food/calories/protein.
  3. As far as numbers, looks like they have a commercial on their website to come be on staff!
  4. No, didn't say anything about actual numbers.
  5. Saw someone say on social that it's the biggest class in twenty years. Then I remembered that they lifted the no debt policy for advanced class candidates. Hmm
  6. Enjoying it daily. Favorite is speaking in tongues during worship time at church. (Music is So loud no one can hear)
  7. Very true. I found it not very productive to think of the hours and years dedicated to the way. But there are wonderful things ahead. I don't know anything about daycare except back in my day a lot of moms worked part-time and would often watch each other's kids, especially if you were sharing a unit.
  8. Yes, they are much more animated. Though it looks like V*rn has allowed Way prod to get creative and switch it up a bit.
  9. Yes, that was fun! Best thing I've done in a while.
  10. I know it's ancient post but I thought it was interesting. Most of you were leaving as I was diving in deep and it took me twenty years to come up for air.
  11. penguin2

    Happy Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you as well Twinky! Aren't you glad we no longer have to say happy ho ho! Peace and joy and hope for a great 2021 for all of you at the cafe!
  12. JYDL Definitely still in. He ordained one of the newest clergy a couple of weeks ago.
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