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  1. No Christmas! Happy household holiday. Happy HoHo....Corpse went on Ho Ho relo......Had to buy cards that were appropriate or cross out words and correct them.
  2. In elementary school and pre-way....
  3. Yikes! An app!!! And faithful followers leaving perfect fives on their reviews.....
  4. Talking to my brother a few weeks ago, he mentioned he and my dad being very worried about me and thinking it so eerily quiet and weird that they didn't see or hear any birds while my family visited me one summer at HQ. Did twi actively kill or chase away the birds?
  5. I remember celebrating Reformation Sunday. Also, at my Advanced class we watched an old Martin Luther movie. Years later, this same movie was shown in our fellowships.
  6. Don't you love all those Reverends on the R&R page? Leave the group that ordained them and keep the title?
  7. Yes, maybe! But I wasn't and kept on going. Took over a decade to finally make my exit!!!
  8. We saw the "or else" in action during my time in the corpse. People kicked out for poor performance during LEAD and all types of other craziness.
  9. penguin2


    Here too! Just need to get used to popping into this area.....
  10. congrats! Downloaded it, will take it for a spin....
  11. Just saw this thread! I guess i don't meander around in this section often. I pop in and check the about the way. It's late here and I am crashing for the night. Paw thanks for everything. This site has helped me so much! I was smurfette, then pengu in. I never would have made it out without everyone's help here. I will donate something tomorrow since the button is still up....
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