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  1. So come and join some other threads NOT related to TWI, PFAL, or anything of like nature. Schmooze away in Open about the dancing you've been doing. Chat about a book you read. Tell a few jokes.
  2. I found it really hard when I got out. I'd hooked up with some exWayfers who were running fellowships in their home: two fellowships in nearby cities. And one of these exWayers generously allowed me to stay with him while I was in the process of buying my house. None of these people had been Corps - in fact, I don't even know if any of them had taken the advanced class. I was pretty broken and smashed about at the time, but they couldn't hear the pain I was in, couldn't hear the things I said. The female most sympathetic just thought I should get over it; another male thought he could lor
  3. Interesting vid, Waysider. Yep, seen it all before; far too familiar story. Right down to the enormous effort needed to break the hold of cult-brain. Glad the young woman's parents were able to rescue her. (Zumba in dark glasses!)
  4. Ah! The long white night. Enjoy Alaska. I would like to visit there one day.
  5. I think this is a serious question, but not quite the one posed. What is witnessing? I don't think it's going around banging on people's doors, and harassing them in parking lots and shopping malls. I don't know who has ever been "won to the Lord" by such means. More, it's likely to turn them off and certainly make the "witnessee" regard the witnesser with a cautious look. Witnessing is more like "living it" and letting your life show what you believe. "...be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you..." (1 Pet 3:15), is what
  6. Er ... what are you on, T-Bone? Too much wine, too much weed, something else?
  7. Mike, JCOP, JCNG and JCPOS are not in the Orange Book. And - the epistles were seriously venerated; the gospels were despised. (Yes they were, Mike!) JCNG was pushed, as a way of distinguishing TWI from more mainline churches. The others you mention weren't particularly promoted; they are better and more researched (but still with a lot of bias) - but much more emphasis was on the PFAL books and venerating TWI's "Promised Seed," Victor-Paul Wierwille. And besides hardly giving the gospels a mention, the schedule, especially in the WC, was so controlled and so overburdened that the
  8. I noticed that, too. I thought it too pathetic to even mention. Such an amazing offering.... not.
  9. What we say: "Church policy explicitly demands Scientologists abide by all laws of the land, including the reporting of crimes. This is blatantly clear in the documents we understand were put before the Court — and many others,” Pouw wrote, repeatedly noting the church is not a party in the criminal case. “The Court either did not read them in full or ignored them. It should have done neither. Interpretation of Church doctrine by the courts is prohibited and the ruling is evidence of why.” What we do: "the church document amounted to an admission by the woman that her encounter
  10. I'm not sure that God was left out of the class; but certainly Jesus was. I found myself in later years with a deeper knowledge of God, and very little of Jesus and what he did and accomplished. That's because the gospels were ignored, and instead, the focus was only really on the epistles. Only passingly touched the OT. God-conscious, but not Jesus-conscious. Still working on that.
  11. Hey Socks! Long time no see! Welcome back. Yes, exactly. I wonder if a digital subscription like this is going to become "required purchasing." I am fairly certain that most (all?) people who post here would not be welcome to subscribe. Feel free to visit most normal religious organisations, for free services and teachings.
  12. Thanks, WW. Saved me the trouble. Apologies for the accidental strikethrough. I can't get rid of it. Unintentional
  13. It's your hard-earned money that these people are spending. Yes - give locally, where you can see what the church is doing. Give generously - but give wisely. Also give to genuinely worthwhile charities - you should be able to check out a charity to see its status and effectiveness - there are websites dedicated to assessing charities' effectiveness. There are very good charities that won't score highly on such assessment sites, so find out at a local level what they do. Part of my personal "scoring" level is the things I am thankful for (good, free, healthcare, clean water etc) an
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