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  1. You don't have pantomime season in the US? It's mad, bizarre, crazy, and completely over the top. Let your inhibitions go, and enjoy a laugh at theatre in the insane. The season is December-January, sometimes early Feb (at least, it used to be, prior to CoVid-19) (who knows what'll happen to live entertainment now). If we have a panto season this year, though, I'm sure there'll be lots of topical references to coronavirus - maybe that'll be the "it's behind you!" lurker. Yep, the panto nasty, felled by the pantomime dame (a male in female dress-up) or the principal boy (a youngish female in male attire). Hmm, yes. I can see it now. Panto best undertaken with a small child or two. And possibly a comfortable quantity of alcohol (please drink responsibly).
  2. Oh no it isn't! Oh no it isn't! Watch out! It's behind youuuuu! (Okay. So it is a bit early for panto season. Just practisin')
  3. Maybe they think they've "won at life," with having ripped off believers worldwide for lots of dosh, amassed to their own comfort and never distributed for what the donors thought it would be used for. Nice places to live, nice campuses, nice grounds for personal use, vehicles (such a shame they had to lose the private jet), swimming pools, quiet location, army of slaves - sorry, staff on minimum wage - to service grounds, vehicles, buildings - and that's without the other aspects of "servicing" that we know about. Law of thieving more than law of believing. So, yeah! they've won at life. If you count that, as winning.
  4. What's this "How to win at life"? Life isn't a game where one wins and everyone else loses. Life's more about being successful (perhaps "content" would be a better word) in "being oneself" and "being a valued member of the community." "Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Tim 6:6-11. Here's what "winning" is: righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.
  5. Oh yeah. "Spiritual probation." Forgot about that. (Chapter and verse, please?? )
  6. Here's some things that scripture says: Is 1:18 - “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. Prov 11:4 and 24:6 both tell us that there is "safety in a multitude of counsellors" And we can consider the lives of prophets and evangelisers as set out in the Bible. Some talked/consulted with others; some others just went their own way - and maybe got into trouble. I think there's a time for "first thought" - for example, in extreme danger - but mostly, almost always, there's considered thought and discussion with others whose views can be respected. Those others may or may not be Christians; if so, may or may not be Christian leadership. God gave us brains to think with, "common sense" to help us, and gave us other people that we can talk ("reason") with; and where there is no-one else to talk to, he gave a book full of examples of "how to do" and "how not to do," to help guide our thinking. And, of course, TWI squashed any kind of "first thought" by compelling obedience to leaders in all capacities - even one's unqualified twig leader, who of course had to defer upwards, and so on. If you didn't follow your twig leader's pronouncement and things went pear-shaped, it was your fault for doing your own thing and not listening to God. If you didn't follow your twig leader's pronouncement and things went well, there was no "credit" anywhere. I think this got worse as TWI got more erratic. In the LCM era, it was a real lockstep approach.
  7. As a former lawyer, and occasionally I did a bit of work in matrimonial matters, I never really "got" abusive couple relationships and why one would keep returning to the abusive partner time after time. I knew the "theory" (if you like); but I didn't understand the gradual erosion of boundaries. "If he keeps hitting you like that - just leave!" Later, processing my experiences post-Way, ah! then I "got" it. Emotionally. Whole different picture then.
  8. There are plenty of threads on the failure at Gartmore already in the Cafe's archives. Try the search box above. WordWolf has picked up a few. I was there. The enthusiasm of European believers was enormous. Beautiful place, a bit run down, but workable. Lots and lots of time and energy given freely by believers. Working parties coming hundreds of miles at weekends to help. But their enthusiasm and willingness were no match for Geer's ego. He had to do everything himself, and ran off those with energy, skills, ability, so that he could downplay their contribution and say he'd had to do it all himself. I was also at HQ in Ohio working in the International Outreach and Legal Depts, when they shut down Geer and made him return all the PFAL materials. That didn't matter too much to Geer, as by that time, he'd cribbed what he wanted and was busy preparing his own foundational class. This is a bit "off topic" for Vern Edwards. I don't think there are any more properties or campuses to fight over, except for Gunnison, which has now pretty much become the summer holiday retirement home complex of favored older staff. Maybe he should consider selling that off to a real holiday resort group. Beautiful place.
  9. (If it is in fact the same Robert McCulloch. It's possible there are other men with this name, though McCulloch as a surname probably isn't that common.)
  10. Igt was always supposed to be 4 years; apprentice year (working with your local leadership); 1 yr in rez (younger Corps); interim year (on the field, in a different area probably, and trying to get PFAL classes together); and final year (elder Corps), where you helped and guided younger Corps. The thought of being assigned to work at HQ after graduation I found absolutely terrifying. And an interim year at HQ - glad that wasn't an option for me. As international Corps, though, I had to do two years back to back then a year on the field in my home country.
  11. Very interesting. Imagine if such a fellow had fallen into the hands of TWI. His faith would quickly have been squashed under their legalism. However, having assisted his escape once, It's certain God would assist him in escaping again. It's a question worth asking ourselves. How far are we really ready to go, for our faith? What are we really ready to do?
  12. I found this about Rosie. Can't speak for its accuracy. https://enacademic.com/dic.nsf/enwiki/1589401 Relevant bit reads: Rivenbark is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and received a master's degree in English from Appalachian State University ref|sidney1. Prior to her work at The Way International, she worked in the field of education and taught at the elementary, high school, and college levelsref|sidney1.
  13. Knowles method of breathing? They did have a time of "teaching" us to breathe - something like, inhale for 7 seconds, hold breath for 5 seconds, exhale for 10 sec, or something similar (timings might well be wrong). I note from a look at a document on Knowles breathing (put out by Liberating Ministries for Christ, whoever that/they are) and that slow inhale, hold, slower exhale is actually the 6th of 6 exercises, and only to be done after other muscles in the chest have been strengthened by other exercises. Anyway, here's another effort at plagiarism. Note the names of the "authors." (You can also get this book as a free Google dox download). It appears to have been sold in TWI's bookstore at one time. Probably a "required reading" book that they could scam more money from. https://www.amazon.ae/Knowles-Method-Breath-Training/dp/1481209965 It seems also to be promoted by various splinter groups - Eternally Blessed, for one. That guy had some dealings with the cafe a while back but doesn't post here any more, as far as I'm aware. But the original appears to be a book called "New Life through Breathing" and several people have republished it, with their own forewords so presumably it's something else that's out of copyright that that thief VPW stole/attributed to his own workmanship. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=30450584346&searchurl=an%3Dwilliam%2Bknowles%26sortby%3D20%26tn%3Dnew%2Blife%2Bbreathing&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title1 Here's a free document if anybody's interested: https://lmci.org/BreathingForLife-PDF.pdf
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