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  1. Yes, I thought that, too. If they'd looked at this site, they'd've found a lot of other material. And if they'd talked with Ralph D, they'd've found a lot of info, if not "too much information." But for a couple of hours for a podcast, this was a good exposé.
  2. Twinky

    Random thoughts

    Mince and cheese pie??????????? You know mince isn't meat, don't you? It's chopped up mixed fruit (sultanas, currants, apples and such like, together with spices), sometimes a few nuts mixed in. Originally called "mincemeat" - used to include mutton or beef, and is still traditionally bound together by suet (beef fat), but I don't know that that's always still a component. Is mince pie and cheese an Ozzie speciality?
  3. Hmm. End of the second podcast: RFR is rumored to be [LCM]'s wife's former lover. Errr - former lover? Are they not shacked up together any more? Has one of them "got a life" outside (Donna has gone back to LCM? Hahaha!) As Ham might say: enquiring minds want to know!
  4. Twinky

    Random thoughts

    Hey, willpower! I went to the supermarket and bought not mince pies - but carrots and a cauliflower!
  5. Twinky

    Random thoughts

    Random thought for today: should I stop at the supermarket [store] on my way home this evening, and buy some more mince pies? Hmm. Well, maybe not so random, considering I ate the last but one half an hour ago.
  6. Twinky

    Revival and Restoration

    Well done, TaxiDev. You took a thorough look and found it was just another flavor of Kool-Aid.
  7. Twinky


    Much confusion, disillusion, all of our fears, no doubt.
  8. Twinky


    Strange one! Welcome back! Where've you been?
  9. Twinky


    Does nobody visit here any more? Have y'all gone down to the pub for a bevy or two? Did y'all get gathered together and somehow I got missed? (weeps quietly)
  10. Twinky


    I suffered under LCM's reign of terror. He could be very manipulative - knew when to facemelt and when to play it quiet and sorrowful that (I) was so ... whatever he perceived me to be. Some of his horrible words still ring in my ears. I wish I could answer him back, now, and tell him that what he said was true (or not) but not in the way he meant. Because now I have a genuine Christian relationship and I know God and the Lord Jesus are at work in my life as I reach out to help others as they would wish. Anyway - what I've wondered since I first saw this thread was: I wonder how much retirement pension he gets? Because if he was paid anything like the HQ staff, he was on such a low wage that pension contributions would have been minimal. And he wouldn't have made up much in years in later "real" working life. Perhaps that was supposed to be covered by the big pay-off he allegedly received.
  11. Twinky

    Random thoughts

    Cheers. Raf!
  12. Twinky


    Old enough to draw his retirement pension. What contribs did TWI make towards that, I wonder?
  13. Twinky

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Heck, I'm really glad I got some special toenail fungus killer from my doctor. After 12 months treatment, my horrible-looking toenails are gradually growing out. You saying, Raf, that I might have been harbouring demons???
  14. Twinky

    Random thoughts

    Come join us in the UK. You can buy a beer at age 18. Do the other things you mention, too. You forgot to mention, drive a car, a potentially lethal item. Yes, it's a weird distinction, stemming from who knows what time; a distinction that, I suspect, is widely ignored by very many young people.
  15. Twinky

    7th Corps - The not-so "perfect" Corps

    Welcome, Chainclanker2. Who knows, you might meet other people you know here. You can post a little about yourself in the New Members section and perhaps if someone knows you they will contact you. As for Paula Wrenn, I assume you've tried the old favorite, Facebook? There are a few PWs there.