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  1. Twinky


    I'm just saying hello cos I'm bored witless. It's raining outside so there's nothing to do but my much-needed housework. Ugh. Somebody say Hi and tell me something to cheer this gloomy day. Please?
  2. Twinky

    Zoom lunch hour!

    Did y'all have fun?
  3. Get real, does anyone really think that a TWI person would want to join? They wouldn't last long, defending their TWI dogma. And all of us old-timers here have been out long enough not to care what TWI say, or whether they knew our identities. For myself, I don't know many people here in the flesh. It would be interesting to see those I know again - perhaps. I quite like the anonymity of not knowing who I'm talking to, in this forum. I can hear your "voices" clearly but I don't know that I want the distraction of seeing your faces. I don't want to see how fat/ thin/ clean/ ti
  4. Here's another one, Gloriavale, in New Zealand. All males wear the same style of clothes, all females wear long blue dresses, all living done in common - communal meals, very little private life. It's run by a small elite group of "shepherds." The rank and file are allowed "holidays" - a week spent on the property. The usual allegations of sexual abuse from some people; definitely the same coercive control. They've been investigated several times by various govt agencies, who've come up with nothing (= closed ranks of the insiders). But escapees tell a different story. https://glori
  5. Not my favourite movie (I don't like Jack Nicholson), but the next clip analyses Nurse Ratched and how she keeps control of her patients. Now that indeed appears to be an allusion to a cultic experience. (Some here might feel there are allusions to Nurse Rosalie.)
  6. I was sent to Gunnison for the summer camps. It's a lovely place. Camps are run two back-to-back, then a week off, then more camps. Between the two back-to-back, there's a really swift clean (people must leave by about 10 or 11am, and new arrivals come after, what, 4pm?) and then the middle week is a more thorough clean and other work that may be required at the camp is also carried out. It's quite intense. It was specially intense for me, because I was finishing my - wojja call it, paper, dissertation, project - during the early part of the time. The two camp weeks are full-on, wit
  7. Glad you made that clear, Mark. I did think your original comment was a very strange thing for anyone to say!!
  8. Not entirely sure what you have said that is either loving or constructive; but critical, yes! And yes, there is a relationship between GSC's arrival, and LCM's departure. Have you read the court documents detailing his depravity with a certain person's wife? No? Okay, look about and you'll find out why these events coincide. Even now, there are people who have been "out" of TWI for many years (decades, some), who are so traumatized that they are only now addressing some issues. And the people who post (or at least look in) regularly are the ones who hear and understand - in a wa
  9. I don't know whether to hope you're right, Skyrider, and that some decent folk get purged; or to hope that you're wrong and that decent folk get to stay, and stay decent (if unenlightened) folk and sort-of respected for who they are. Maybe somebody local could paint up a GSC billboard and position it nicely on an approach road to Camp Gunnison .
  10. That's an awfully big assumption to make. How can you possibly know who is or has been active in another (another?) church? How do you know about other peoples' involvement with other Christians? Look harder, read more carefully: I think you might be surprised. Especially as you say this of yourself: Just don't think that because you gave up, others also did.
  11. Yes, Rocky, I thought that's probably what you meant, really. A good historical novel can in fact convey so much, and much more easily than a textbook. The principal character(s) can be set in various situations, and present different views of what's going on and how it affects the general populace. In particular right now, I'm thinking of Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth and others in that series - it discusses cathedral building, different styles, what works and what doesn't, all from the mediaeval perspective of a journeyman builder who goes on to become a master builder; his relat
  12. Love the way they're making the first a special class from 1-9 May, so that participants don't have to take two weeks off work. So thoughtful!
  13. And he says all that with a great big smile on his face, and something of a chuckle in his voice. Love the way he says, TWI wants to help people become debt-free. I bet they have no idea of preparing a proper budget (a genuine budget to help a needy family that can hardly feed and clothe the kids), making arrangements with creditors for full or partial repayment on terms, what state or other benefits the people might be entitled to; and getting effective help from charities, power companies and other like organisations. I have helped hundreds of people become debt-free and I love d
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