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  1. Twinky

    bad advice

    Very true, "social distancing" is a weird expression. Some people, mostly young adult males, not obviously family groups, are still walking about very close together. Strange how quickly that has become quite indecent.
  2. Hi George. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we've met, long long ago. Gartmore, Birminghamor possibly London?
  3. Welcome, George It took 40 years to discover what "normal" churches have been teaching for decades? You have taken the time to study non-TWI related materials, haven't you? There are really good Jewish-interpretation sites, NT-Greek sites, and various reputable commentaries. I looked at your website but not at the articles you included. You've probably made more of an effort than VPW did, for sure; he chose what he thought he could easily palm off as his own, and what he could use to browbeat others. But - - is unlikely to be a fair reflection of genuine study on his part. Rather, he collected snippets, jigsaw pieces as you describe them, that suited his own agenda. He didn't match the completed jigsaw to the picture on the box, but rather fitted the jigsaw pieces together as a small child might, ramming them into approximate places. 2 Tim 4:3 seems apposite. Here's the Berean Study Bible version: For the time will come when men [VPW] will not tolerate sound doctrine [walked away from established church], but with itching ears they [VPW] will gather around themselves teachers [even respected theologians] to suit their own desires [and so to found his own "ministry" to give place to his lusts].
  4. Hey, you could ask him: https://www.peterwade.com/wades/?v=79cba1185463 You'll see a nod to TWI in his bio.
  5. Gabriel! Check your private messages.
  6. WW, Rocky sent the text to me in pvt msg. Hence my thanks to him.
  7. Thanks for that, Rocky. A fine tribute to a troubled young woman.
  8. I can't access the document (in UK). I'm so sorry for this young woman - and her family. I wonder if this news has reached Barnard; and if so, whether he accepts that it was his behaviour, his abuse, that pushed her over the edge - even all these years later. Whether he accepts that or not - he killed her. I'm glad that she got the opportunity to see him put behind bars where he can't hurt any other young women.
  9. There's a recognised "Anglican Communion" (and the Church of England = Anglican) sort-of coordinates it all. I wonder if these "American Anglican" churches are affiliated? No time to check out now, but it sounds a bit scammy to me - sounds like something it should be, but in fact might be something different. As you say, Can see why VPW might be in awe of him. Perhaps he was following a model that had worked for Pillai.
  10. Wow! And then - oh no, not Vern. I remember him as being a really nice chap, decent, open-hearted. I don't know how "aware" he would have been when I knew him. And living in Columbus away from HQ might mean he knows less now than others might. Don't do it to him, Rosie. Don't corrupt another decent man.
  11. "We can't change the past, Jack; what we can do is choose how we move forward." Isn't life fabulously good when you're free in your head!!!
  12. After TWI through me out most ignominiously, I was desperate and really felt I didn't belong anywhere. I was living in another country with no friends (they'd all been Wayfers) and no family. Happily I'd lived in the other country long enough to qualify to apply for naturalisation. But "belonging" really helped in my slow recovery.
  13. I know that, WW, that's why I asked if newbies had information. What you (and I) know is decades out of date; I don't doubt that he's aware of the background and has to some extent colluded in what was going on.
  14. That would be mostly newbies, who could answer this, if whisper ever got out at HQ.
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