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  1. You still have your WC mug, T-Bone? And the PFAL book?? And a green card??? What are you - a cult-head??
  2. I don't know about symbols, but the slogan The Word of God is The Will of God makes me want to run away fast. Can't stand it. I am not sure that even now I can cope with the Bible being called "The Word o God." Parts of it are clearly not the will of God, and some parts have been added in - and some omitted from some versions. The expression "the Corps" also got me running away. It's been hard to overcome - especially since my mum has now joined the Salvation Army and its officers and more dedicated followers are known as the Corps. (Happily, they do seem a dedicated-to-the-Lord lot,
  3. What a gruesome report. I feel sorry for these poor beguiled people. I pray they'll come to their senses, and that this wretched abusive "minister" is quickly made to face justice for her behaviour.
  4. It's easy to look from across the pond and think how bizarre all this Q stuff is. Very hard for people who have "lost" relatives to this online cultish thing. Just as it was hard for our relatives when we disappeared into TWI. Hopefully there will be post-Q help sites set up by escapees.
  5. Yet another all too familiar story. Sad. I hope that the people she names (esp PB) don't take it upon themselves to sue her for libel. Or set TWI's lawyers onto her, to gag her.
  6. Would be good if they can keep their own organisation clean. The UK branch of Zacharias's organisation has already distanced itself and has adopted a new name. However, I think there will always be predators - this abusive culture isn't new, and has been going on centuries (millennia?) and will continue for more centuries. I follow with suspicion a cult in a remote South Island of New Zealand area, and rejoice every time there is a family that escapes. It's in many ways like the communal culture of TWI, mixed with forced "kibbutz" type living. The people choose to live there - but
  7. I read about him in the Church Times (an Anglican newspaper) some weeks ago. sad. Same sh1t, different faces. I'll check out the video later.
  8. That's outrageous, JCS. First, even taking a little money for ice creams - then taking more for private use for a car radio - on the field, people weren't allowed to dip into the ABS even to provide refreshments for the PFAL class, not that milk, coffee and a little cake or cookies cost a lot. Your mother sounds like she not only drank the kool-aid but wallowed in it too. I pray her head is in a better place now.
  9. Oh, tell more! When/what year was this? (Do you mean, adulterous? Nearly everyone, unfortunately, was adulatory)
  10. Some misguided soul in Belize seems to have put this together. Must have taken some work. Pity the author didn't spend that amount of time doing something useful - personal Bible study, for example. Or reading this website.
  11. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" (George Orwell, Animal Farm)
  12. Welcome, Grace and Truth. Thank you for sharing your journey in such an articulate post. Many of us still here can relate to what you said. It wouldn't have made any difference to them; all it would have done is hastened your exit. You'd've invited more "reproof" and ultimately likely would have been marked and avoided. Many did confront what they saw, and got kicked out. Some are still trying to do that: witness the Revival and Restoration band, of quite a lot of The Bigs; totally ignored by TWI. Usually after being kicked out, and when you have no opportunity to respond, you'
  13. I wondered if anyone apart from ex-Wayfers ever talked about "the red thread." Or whether it was only ex-Wayfers (usually pushing their own wannabe ministries) that got excited about the idea. Several of the sites I looked at that described red thread are clearly ex-Wayfers; the Jesus descriptions are the same, and the wording of any supporting paragraph is the same old jargon - even though many don't give any names in the About Us section of their websites. It was something that was relevant to my housegroup discussions on Wednesday evening. They were very interested when I asked if
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