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    After midnight

    That's quite a good article, T-Bone. And UK coverage of Trump has been - as fair as it could be, given there isn't a lot of good to report on - a lot comes via US channels like CNN but both BBC and ITV (Independent TV) have lots of reporters based in the US. We also have hate-speech laws and some of the horridly inflammatory language that I've heard on US clips is shocking. Would be a punishable offence in the UK. And before anyone jumps up and down - of course we have "free speech." But polite free speech - which means we can't go around inciting riots, or denigrating people fr
  2. Not to mention that the writers of the church epistles referred to themselves only by their Christian names. They don't bother with titles at all, and they don't have - whatever it's called - the descriptor of who their father is. James ben Joseph, for example. Or Saul/Paul ben ...?who? And we only know Timothy's mother's name, which wouldn't have been used unless he were illegitimate, probably.
  3. It always amazed me in TWI that the once-leader (before my time) liked to be referred as "Doctor." Since when was that a Christian name? Perhaps he changed his name by deed poll, or however it's done in the US? When LCM took over, I recall him talking to my in-rez corps and telling us we could call him Craig (as opposed to Rev Martindale, I think). I just looked at my church notice sheet. This coming Sunday, our speaker is Bishop Ruth. Everyone calls the Bishops, Deans, Deacons, and other leaders by their Christian names. The title "bishop" would identify her for the cong
  4. Well, I did write something about cult leadership, but pressed the wrong key by mistake and ended up losing the post. I'll write it again later.
  5. Huh, in 10 mins. Who're you expecting, Raf? Whatcha wanna talk about?
  6. Wow, you didn't know that, T-Bone? Well, I suppose with "free speech" in the USA, it's a different perspective. Yes, it's illegal - and so it should be. Germany, in particular, does not want neo-Nazis raising their heads and poisoning people's opinions. Germany is ashamed of this incident in its past but acknowledges it (as it should) and isn't airbrushing it from history. A country, indeed anyone, who doesn't remember history - hasn't got a proper foundation. Is doomed to repeat old mistakes because it never took time to examine why that happened. A huge amount of European eff
  7. Twinky


    Call 'em what you like. They aren't listening.
  8. Thanks, Chockfull. Our service is available online (live or catch-up) and we have people joining from various places in Europe on an irregular basis, likewise once or twice someone from America. I'd guess that these foreign participants are friends of people in the church, or have attended in person in the past. We're not the sort of church that'd naturally have a big non-local draw. In fact, being deeply embedded in, and serving, our communities, is what we're all about. Church | Holy Trinity Combe Down | Bath (htcd.church) Services available Live Stream or on YouTube (Catch
  9. Mind you, escaping doesn't mean he has to take the family. So why? Add credibility (in his own assessment) to himself as a leader and family man when he was overseas? Delay his wife finding out about the affair with the church secretary? (I don't know the timeline here) Because he'd been told not to by whoever was leading the mission? Or even, Dotsie wouldn't let him go alone because she thought he'd be trying it on with every woman he saw? And getting himself in biiiig trouble? But why the kids as well? Too unruly to be left with other family in Ohi
  10. Memories good, bad or indifferent... I was just thinking a few days ago, as I prepared to visit a friend (in my "bubble") for our very quiet NY Eve celebration (a meal, a bottle of good wine, and a glass of port) than we once used to have to go to a massive Event in the auditorium. Way Prods would put on a show (sometimes quite good) and there'd be few comedy bits. And then it'd all cool down and there'd be prayers to bring in the new year. Do they still do that, I wonder? Can they even fill the front row in the auditorium nowadays? Or do they all "social distance" and sit 6 or 16 r
  11. Twinky

    After midnight

    These are some of the sources that I also use to check weird reports. I've seen people post on FB shouting about the latest news on, I dunno, the shortage of widgets, and it's easy to check on some of these fact check sites that the widget factory on the dark side of the moon has indeed cut production, but that's because the widget factory on the lighter side of the moon has doubled its production, and in total widget production is which now well in excess of previous combined production levels and there is a small surplus. So, there was a grain of truth in the original story - but it w
  12. Twinky

    After midnight

    Good post, T-Bone. It's wise to consider a variety of different news sources. From opposite sides of any political argument. The truth is probably in the middle somewhere. What I do not trust: Facebook! (1) presents selective and highly prejudicial info according to what its algorithms assess the reader might want to see; (2) too much vox pop where every person has an opinion regardless of any knowledge ("I know nothing about epidemiology, but that epidemiology expert there, well, his opinion is rubbish! He's just lying to you!")
  13. Twinky

    After midnight

    Press will be allowed to work, then, not just government by tweet?
  14. Twinky

    After midnight

    Part of the problem, T-Bone, is that in the US as I understand it, there is no requirement for fair and balanced reporting. So some rabid nutter with an idea can spout forth and there is no more balanced perspective presented at the time to say that rabid nutter's perspective is totally off the wall. Thus, if only watching (say) one news channel, one gets fed info that only promotes rabid nutter's PoV. Of course, in newspapers, there's a flavour, a bit of a bent, tht can put a slant on what news is promoted and how, but it's not as bad as on TV programmes or other media. Hence, you end up
  15. I just have to shout about this. Mum has gone home from hospital today. No visitors allowed, so most days I've gone to visit and stand at her window (she was on the ground floor) and rang her mobile phone. We chatted and she would wave to me. But today, she was all ready in her going-home clothes, big jacket and all. The nurse saw me and offered to bring mum to sit in a seat at the window, and opened the window so that we could chat better. It only opens a few inches, lets air but no people in or out. But we could talk properly. It was soooo nice. Mum was walking well (for her) an
  16. Twinky

    After midnight

    Happy new year to you, too, T-Bone. And to other Cafe denizens. 2021 has got to be a lot better than 2020. Please.
  17. Oh, I would like to share one bit of good news. My nearly-92 year old mother had a short spell in hospital after she tripped over her zimmer frame. They wanted to arrange some home care for her to try to improve her walking ability and kept her in for a week, during which time she contracted coronavirus. This was detected by a daily temperature check on the ward. When the week, or 8 days, or whatever, was up they discharged her to me (complete with coronavirus), saying they'd do a care assessment later (but getting the care assessment was the reason for the bloody delay!! she coul
  18. Well said, T-Bone. I checked on my own and other churches' websites. Individual churches don't put Coronavirus up there in big lights , though read on and you'll see the requirements for attending (or not!) services. But on the Headquarters sites for the C of E, Methodists, RCs, their Coronavirus policy is right up there. How to behave in church, what can and cannot be done, everything. Perhaps TWI doesn't allow anybody on site any more? So they don't need a policy for visitors. Perhaps everyone at HQ is one great big bubble (from the CV PoV) and they think they don't need mor
  19. Twinky

    Happy Christmas!

    Christmas is traditionally much longer than one day. It's twelve days. Ends 5 or 6 Jan. Also known as Yuletide. I'm sure you know the carol Partridge in a Pear Tree - On the First Day of Christmas... up to On the Twelfth Day of Christmas... It doesn't really relate to the Orthodox or Julian calendars, though that makes it a bit more convenient. Twelve Days of Christmas - Wikipedia
  20. Twinky

    Happy Christmas!

    "Christmas" actually extends to 6 January. Longer than just 25 Dec.
  21. Twinky

    Happy Christmas!

    Happy Christmas, people! Yes, we are allowed to say that! (Season's greetings, if you prefer.) Have a joyful Christmas, careful New Year (especially if driving), and a very much better 2021.
  22. Twinky


    Thanks for the chuckles, T-Bone. Your cat seems not unlike my all-black one, Crypto. Has a good line in stares. Happy Christmas to you and Tonto, too.
  23. And here was me thinking something fun might be happening. Zoom's really good. Much, much better than Skype. I do a church "online" service for all the four churches in the benefice, usually 80-90 logged on (which will include couples), followed by a Zoom chat room with those in my church who want to attend that (usually 8-20 of us, inc some couples) depends on who's physically present in the church and who's only online. The Host posts a link to the meeting and each participant has to be allowed to enter by the Host, who can mute anybody at any time. After my Zoom meeting,
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