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  1. I had a quick look through their site. Boring as heck. Songs uninspiring, and the performers as wooden as fence posts. I did notice something else about the site, though, that brings them into modern age: a Give button - for those who want "to give toward the movement of God’s Word to the entire world." And there's even an associated email address = "giving@..." None being given by me, I hasten to add: they've had much more than appropriate over the years I was with them. They do have a section where people can "follow" them (108 followers), which might be a way of catching up with some folks' whereabouts.
  2. Wow, an app! Does that count - or not? - as being "on the internet" and therefore in that devil spirit infested place?
  3. There were woods behind Founders Hall (eventually purchased by TWI from the farmer) and across E Shelby Rd there were the Way Woods, and other woods round the auditorium. Plenty of space for birds to nest, roost, feed, etc. The extensive lawns where the RoA tents were wouldn't hold a lot of attraction for most birds - too exposed to predators, and hard work seeking grubs and insects compared to being in the more wooded areas.
  4. Twinky

    Berlin Wall

    Yeah, me too. It's weird catching up on things that were top news years or decades ago.
  5. Welcome, Victor. That's a lot of years in TWI. You endured Martindale and JY and now Rosalie. Find some answers to questions you never dared to ask, right here in the Café.
  6. Twinky

    Berlin Wall

    And now I learn that not only is it true that WS was at Gartmore, but that his wife and new baby and other family were in Berlin at the time and terrified at what might eventuate - nothing, as it happened, but who knew at the time? It could so easily have gone otherwise. It seemed joyous at the time - but who expected the wall to be built in the first place? No doubt others there were also anxious for what the future might bring. Chris G33r refused to let WS go home to Berlin and be with his family. CG said, "If she needs to get herself and the kids out, she'll find a way." And no thought for any other believers that might be caught up in it. Your caring compassionate ministry at work. Hardly surprising, then, that an Ohio cornfield wasn't on the "hot line."
  7. Twinky

    Berlin Wall

    Can't speak for Gartmore, as I was in the US at the time. Where'd you hear that, WW? Yes, surprising if true; I'd think all Europeans would have been interested and ought to have known this news.
  8. Twinky

    Berlin Wall

    Perhaps it wasn't a big deal in the USA, but in view of US anti-communist rhetoric at the time, I'dve thought it worth a biiiig mention. If it wasn't a big deal, it must reflect a much more serious insularity than I'd realised, about the US. Which I don't think was the case. I think it was just TWI "not entangling us" with world affairs.
  9. Twinky

    Berlin Wall

    It's the anniversary of the breaching of the Berlin Wall. The end of an era, really. All the talk in TWI of freedom, democracy, etc. I was in rez at the time. You'd think it was a cause for celebration. I didn't learn it had happened until the December break - I thought I'd misheard, or whoever told me was mistaken. Quite astonishing that this major world event never raised a whisper in an Ohio cornfield.
  10. Uncle Harry Day: Now who'd've thought that VPW could have planned so far ahead? That is funny, Thomas.
  11. Remembrance Day, Vets' Day, or those other things you mention, Rocky: I don't recall TWI respecting any of those days. Could be wrong as to whether they did or not, but I don't remember anything. But then - nobody knows or understands "service" or "serving one's country" quite as well as TWI (bleah, vomit). .
  12. Next stop (at least in the UK): Remembrance Sunday - the nearest Sunday to the 11th day of the 11th month. Commonly called "Poppy Day." Remembrance Day itself is observed on 11 November in most countries to recall the end of hostilities of First World War on that date in 1918. Hostilities formally ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month." Mostly observed as such in Commonwealth countries. On the Sunday, there will be parades at all UK churches, with Scouts, Guides, etc and the British Legion (ex-service personnel) with flags and wreaths. Prayers and thanks for the dead in action. There's a startling 2-min silence at 11am, broken by a bugler playing the last post. In our village, most of the traffic (at least past the church) also stops (a voluntary action). I think the emphasis is a little different from the US Veterans' Day. It's good to remember and honour the sacrifices of those who have died in honorable combat.
  13. Not only not Halloween. Also, not All Saints' Day (1 November) or All Souls' Day (2 November). Both of these are significant in church calendars. But we can commemorate "Uncle Harry Day" (the anniv of Harry's birthday) and make a big deal of that.
  14. Hey folks. Perhaps some of you can help me. For sure, nothing I can find on the net can help me! I have recently taken over as Administrator for a small team (for want of another description I'll call it BSP) on Facebook. The page is a Private one also called BSP. The person who originally started the page about 2013 no longer has a FB account and is no longer part of the team: having set it up, he departed to pastures new and the page administration has been lacking ever since. As a group, we want to use this FB page more. We are not, never have been and never will be, a business, which so much information seems to relate to. So far, I have managed to make myself Admin, and as such have approved or declined several wannabe members, set up a simple question to deter non-eligible people, and given the page a suitable photo. I would like to be able to deal with the page as BSP rather than in my own name. How can I do that? I would like to invite other members of BSP to join the page/group. But it seems I can only invite my Friends, and none of them are eligible to join the group. How can I, as Administrator or as BSP, invite other people? Or do I have to wait for them to apply to join? I would like to be able to share our page with the parent group. How can I do that? In case it should come to that, can I stop someone else making themselves Admin? (Though to be sure, there's no clamour to be involved.) The FB "how to" says about handling things as Administrator that I should go to Settings, then choose Editor (or some such) - which is kinda difficult if that's not offered! When on the BSP page, whether as myself or when "moderating" the group, I don't see any Editor or Administrator panels or anything on the group page that is different from my personal page. Any suggestions? Any helpful hints gratefully received :)
  15. What TaxiDev said, which is exactly right. I wasn't going to go there; opens too big a discussion for this Any Questions forum. Mods can move, of course, if the thread gets too busy.
  16. Look around you. Do you see people who have been healed? Yes, you do. How many of those "tithe" to TWI? Vanishingly few, if not to say, none. Tithing is another issue and healing is not dependent upon it (even if TWI claimed it was). I'm reminded that Jesus told us to love the lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, not with just 10% of our being. We are to acknowledge him in all our ways, not just some of them. Even so, we have fallible bodies: people (including great Christians) still get sick; all die, eventually. What we do have, as Christians, is the peace of God in our hearts, that will strengthen us through all perils, dangers, evils, sicknesses.
  17. Not a direct answer, but some years ago, the son of a friend/acquaintance decided he was going to go on the SOWERS whatever-it-is (SOWERS is another splinter group). (I think he was in his early 20s at the time.) I was so concerned that I took him out for a coffee and explained at some length the dangers of the parent org (TWI) and the damage it has done to so many. I don't think he was convinced or really took on board what I was saying. However, his visa didn't come through and he never went. I wonder now if he realises that he had a narrow escape? Probably not, but I felt I could not let him go there without warning that it could be detrimental to him. Even if he went, he'd've had a context for some of the behaviors he might well encounter. As well as gently questioning the lad, I'd tell-all to your friend, the vulnerable lad's parent, and ask her to get him to open up to her about whatever he's thinking - especially if he gets to attend the group. Maybe she can go with him and confront, or at least sound out, the leaders? It could be that the leader(s) is/are genuinely trying to help. If so, they won't resent the questioning. Mind you, if he's vulnerable and on disability benefits, he's hardly their long-term prospect, so they might drop him quickly.
  18. Me too, but it's still an experience I'd rather have done without. And especially the years of condemnation and despair afterwards (the lost years). I do feel robbed, of those "lost years."
  19. Me too, but it's still an experience I'd rather have done without. And especially the years of condemnation and despair afterwards (the lost years). I do feel robbed, of those "lost years."
  20. I think we can learn something from everything that happens to us. And those things that happen make us who we are now. If different experiences had happened, then we would be a bit different. My life [and probably everyone else's] has diverged wildly from where I thought it would be at any given point on my "plan." That said, I think I'm ideally placed where I am now to reach out and help others. I like that. I'm happy with that. I don't think that divergence (or indeed the plan) was ever part of God's "plan" but he helps me through the difficulties and problems, and helps me find purpose wherever I am. Generally, I feel fulfilled and a valued member of my community/ies. Having said that, I'd still have liked the loving husband, the several kids, the nice house and dogs and cats and whatever. But. Well. I have the house and the cats. And good friends who love and help me. I would have liked the career I studied hard for over many years (but I still get to use a lot of what I'd learned). I am content to know the peace of God in my heart. That counts for a lot.
  21. Sounds like great fun! Very inventive.
  22. Clearly that's a worship site for you-know-who. It seems to be associated in some way with "Living Tree Academy" in Nashville, TN, and supports children in need in Belize. The books on their "Our e-books" are a motley selection of Tarzan, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Sherlock Holmes - and Walter Cummins's "How to write a research paper." Bizarre! Even more bizarre if, whilst still looking to Wayfer "heroes," some ex-Wayfer(s) actually wanted to help somebody, especially folks in another country. But it might be that the website owner has hooked onto something that it thinks will be a draw for a wider audience. Living Tree Academy 2817 West End Ave, #126-211 Nashville, TN 37203 The goal of LTA is to help every child pursue education. This will enable them to maximize their ability by giving and serving to their family, community, country and the world. Our mission is: Giving access to educational opportunities worldwide.Living Tree Academy helps supply educational materials, scholarships, books, and uniforms for education in Belize as well as community service in the areas of medical and public works. Anyway, I'm "eternally blessed" enough without spending time exploring the website of this worshipper.
  23. Never heard of it before. So clearly, despite VPW's adulation of Martin Luther, celebrating the nailing of the 95 theses didn't hit VPW's radar. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he'd never heard of Reformation Day (or Reformation Sunday).
  24. Heck, if they were aware, they could use that as justification for plagiarising. All part of the same body, so what belongs to one part belongs to all parts. Therefore, what that person worked out belongs equally to us, and we can pass it off as our own. (I hasten to say I never heard this as an argument by VPW or TWI for plagiarising, but that might be because VPW never acknowledged that he pinched anybody else's work.)
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