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  1. It appears these culties STOPPED this girl taking prescribed meds. Not even TWI was quite that mad. I don't think they required people to stop taking needed meds or to stop using medical devices. After all, VPW never gave up using his glass eye.
  2. Move in tenants of her own choice, then?
  3. Move in herself! (Rent out any other property she has been living in.)
  4. I'll certainly agree with you on this one. Whether the fundamentalism is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or any other type of religion. (Can Buddhists become fundies?) And not just religion, either. It can be encountered without too much difficulty in the business world.
  5. Chocky, I'd just like to remind you that socialism is NOT the same as communism. And I respectfully suggest that you may have a wrong conception of both forms of arranging life in a country. This is not the forum to debate this. There's plenty of material available online for you to check. Just don't fall for the myth that the American way is the only or the "best" way to run a country. Most other countries would strongly disagree, and consider much of America is all - and only - about greed.
  6. Hi Tiredgirl. Others might offer you coffee and cake on the house. I just want to send you a hug.
  7. Thanks for your kind words, T-Bone. Cats are (usually) great for Cuddles and generally being loving.
  8. I work quite a lot with homeless and other very needy people. My heart hurts for what they suffer. It's not a vague "compassion in the abstract." I'm very fortunate to have a supportive group of friends, with some of whom I can be very open and vulnerable. Still - there's something missing. Some passion that used to be there, that isn't. Still fenced in. Doesn't help that some that should be supportive just kick me down. Maybe it is just "getting older." But that should mean more self-assuredness. Which, mostly, I am. Hey! I'm alive and well. And thankful. Emotions are GOOD things. Even Jesus wept.
  9. It's a good thread, and thought provoking. I myself feel significantly more compassionate towards some people and incidents - the homeless on the streets, for example, or (currently) the Ukrainian situation. Much more compassionate. But in regard to issues that touch me personally, family matters or love interest, etc, I feel that there is something missing, something I haven't retrieved, something absent. At some other level, the passion for others at a more intimate level has gone. Too buttoned down. Is that something to do with getting older? Or am I still TWI-stunted in this area? Am I afraid to share what's going on inside? Ah well. Half a bottle of good red wine, and I could be anybody's/ No not really: I just sent The Man home, with barely a goodnight hug. Where's my cat, for a cuddle?
  10. Looks like Cameroon is in deep trouble, but the usual: one faction stands with TWI and the other opposes TWI-theology or practice or both and thinks it's the real thing. There was a split in the UK a couple of decades ago, and also in Norway and other parts of Europe. TWI loved the African nations because "the Word" spread quickly, and many became staunch adherents. Now, it seems, history is catching up and there is this split. A Cameroonian believer has been posting about this, and there is or has been a court case. As usual, it's all about who gets control of the money. Vern Edwards has been over there seeking a solution. Here's some "breaking news" - "The general meeting has ended. The legal La Voie au Cameroon (The Way in Cameroon) has a new leading team. The 12 member board of directors is headed by Mr. André Marie Mba, with Joseph Augustin Mandeng as Secretary. Jean Pierre Moudourou is the president of the executive bureau (national coordinator), assisted by Emmanuel Ndebi Ndjeanti, Albert Lindjeck is the secretary treasurer. All of them are stamped "mark and avoid" by The Way International." I don't know any details, but this group does seem to revere LCM (probably the now-old news of the sex lawsuits hasn't reached there yet) and Schoenheit. If anyone cares to look up this information, I found it on the Facebook pages of "Valiant for Christ," and of "Agapetos Add."
  11. Didn't he plagiarise this one as well? Something to do with installing LCM (a "fair haired youth") as next Prez? The Bridge Builder BY WILL ALLEN DROMGOOLE An old man going a lone highway, Came, at the evening cold and gray, To a chasm vast and deep and wide. Through which was flowing a sullen tide The old man crossed in the twilight dim, The sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned when safe on the other side And built a bridge to span the tide. “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near, “You are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day, You never again will pass this way; You’ve crossed the chasm, deep and wide, Why build this bridge at evening tide?” The builder lifted his old gray head; “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said, “There followed after me to-day A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been as naught to me To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be; He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!” Source: Father: An Anthology of Verse (EP Dutton & Company, 1931)
  12. Hello, Kblosser. Welcome! Stick around and enjoy time with other escapees There aren't so many people here nowadays, but there are plenty of threads started by people in similar situations to yours. I'm sure you'll find some useful information there.
  13. Are they the "same" institution? Or a copycat with a similar name? Like his claim to have studied at Princeton / Princeton Theological College but it wasn't it was somewhere of a similar name (if indeed he studied there at all!). I don't care to remember the details. I don't care about VPW or his phony credentials or his organisation at all.
  14. LCM didn't just call them "the remnant" - he called them "the faithful remnant." If you use an app like BibleHub, you can put in Faithful and Remnant, and look up the contexts. Think of it this way. A garment, rag, dishcloth, etc. Gets worn, used, employed for its purpose, many times. When finally worn out, what's left is the faithful remnant. That's LCM's idea: what's left "stuck around." Alternatively, IMO, what's left is the bits that didn't pull their weight, but lurked at the edges. The faithful part is the bit that did its job and got worn out, worn away, in the process.
  15. Wow, first car shows 23 mpg, second car shows 28 mpg. This is mileage claimed (with a quick google search) online : Fuel economy: 32-55 mpg combined (29-52 city, 42-69 highway It's priced for a UK car so it might be for UK gallon (bit larger than a US gallon). 23mpg is appalling. Dreadful. Look for something that gives better fuel economy. Especially with fuel prices rocketing up. You can be sure they aren't going to go down at the same rate.
  16. Good lord. Is your "gas" only $5/gallon? To answer the question about "extra cash" - right now, people are buying food. Or electricity. Or maybe "gas" for their cars. Nothing stretches to buying all of these. Rapidly increasing prices for everything here is leading to "heat or eat" for some people. I could talk about budgeting ability, debt management, etc, but the fact is that prices for everything have risen hugely and rapidly. A full tank of fuel in my car now costs at least twice as much as it did at the beginning of the year. Electricity and gas also have doubled. This has knock-on effects on all needful things delivered to shops and supermarkets, etc. State benefits (unemployment, sickness, etc, and old age state pensions haven't increased and were already very tight for managing on. Just about enough, until something goes wrong. Like the car needing repairs, the children needing new school uniforms, the fridge packing up. So what I'm doing with some of my spare cash is buying extra tinned and dry food to put into Foodbanks, for distribution to needy people.
  17. I too ran classes; some people SIT, some didn't. Some of those I led into SIT on later occasions - and sometimes, before taking the class. They saw something in our WoW family and wanted it. Wanted what they saw - not wanting the class. I loved the people in our twig, the ones we'd introduced. And I hated what became of them once they got to know others of the believers, and the abuse that happened to at least two of them, who'd been awesome helpers to our WoW family. I felt that their precious lives, that had been so damaged but that the Lord had repaired, had been smashed around even more badly.
  18. That's somewhat how it's done at my Anglican church, well, at the parent church. Baptising tank in the middle, where everyone can see, usually covered. Full immersion. Usually people prepare a speech or vignette about their lives and saying why they want to be baptised. Many report feeling different afterwards - that something special but indefinable happened as they emerged from the water. There were baptisms this Easter and one woman, a Christian and church attender for years, felt compelled of the holy spirit (as she put it) to go forward to get baptised. Completely unplanned, so she'd be in wet clothes for the rest of the service. Always there is applause and cheering as people emerge from the water. Often (obviously when it's a planned occasion) well wishers present gifts to the baptised person. None of this is expected, required, demanded, or in any way forced. Just celebrated, when it happens.
  19. Good points, Charlene. I note the "Dahlia Lama" and wonder if your computer is out to sabotage your efforts?
  20. This seems to have turned into a discussion on RoA - which is currently cancelled by the current TWI leadership (no doubt because the number of people attending wouldn't cover more than a small back yard. The massive fields that TWI has would be obviously vacant, not as in some previous years. I don't know if the current trustees, BoD or whatever they call themselves will reinstate RoA in some form. Hard to see how they could do that without completely embarrassing themselves. They'd have to hide away all pictures of previous RoA. Would scarcely bring in enough people to pay for the hire of the big marquee.
  21. Belonging? I was so "unattached" after TWI that I felt like a real drifter. So lost and unable to make decisions, even of what to eat. Living in a country not where born, with few people I knew, family elsewhere and I'd broken ties (one of my family, not parent, is particularly horrible - just is), rejected by all my TWI "family." Eventually, I found a much-needed sense of belonging by getting naturalised in the country in which I was living. We all need to "belong" somewhere. In our community, our family, our church, our "group" of whatever we enjoy doing. We don't have to be likeminded, but we do have links in common. I volunteer with a group that works with homeless people. Even the homeless folk have their own community, in which they "belong," and sometimes that's why they find it hard to leave and resume "normal" lives. Few friends/contacts outside that community. The ones who don't seem to have a community, the "loners" who don't seem to belong anywhere - those are ones to watch out for. They can become increasingly dysfunctional and that can lead to increasingly antisocial behaviour. We all need to belong somewhere.
  22. Not to mention that everyone had to sit on the floor in the BRC "at the feet of the MoG." Plenty of chairs available, but not allowed to use those. Many people acquired backrests to make the floor-sitting a little more comfortable.
  23. I frequently wondered that. Never got an answer beyond: If you can make more sounds, then God can give you more "words" to say. Yeah, noticed a lot of that pre-Pentecost and thereafter. Even that Paul. Said he SIT more than other people. Must have had lots of practice sessions. Hmph, Not! Doesn't even take into account that you might already know and even be fluent in several languages very different from your mother tongue.
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