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    Oh Kathy, we're contemporaries; you understand the LCM rants. In rez, it was even worse, not just Corps Night, but lunchtime "sharings" to several hundred captives, that would go on for a couple of hours too, and once in a while at breakfast (very small audience), about how he'd "run off" some more homos. I was on Bev Crew for the advanced class you mention. God, what a mad time the whole of being in rez was!
  2. Twinky


    As to homosexuals: there are several "gay friendly" churches in this city, including the principal church of the city. In my volunteer work as a Street Pastor, I have visited (= called by) a well-known gay pub and struck up many conversations with young males. You would not believe the treatment that has been meted out to them by different churches: beatings, cold baths, exorcisms, endless Bible studies, and finally banning. Some of these men know a lot of Bible verses; they've tried hard not to be homosexual but - but they just fancy men. Some even say, "I know it's wrong." This sort of treatment of these men by their churches is shameful and so lacking in compassion that I'm badly embarrassed. My response now is: "I'm glad you've found someone to love." And I've told some, "Did you know God loves you? Really loves you?" For some, it's clear that this is one message they've never heard from their churches.
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    Oh Kathy, if you had heard LCM's rants on Corps Night...! It'd be a three-hour session, with the majority being a scream-fest from His Horribleness around the topic of homosexuals, their disgusting deviant practices, their deceptions and manipulations, their entering "caring professions" simply to pull the wool over our eyes that they might be nice people, but actually, they're vile, disgusting, schemers, etc, etc, etc. The first time, I thought, wow, there must be a problem, I'd never have thought that. Second time: there really is a problem. Third time: This is going a bit far. Fourth and subsequent CNs: He's kinda upset about this, but off the rails. And then the purges started, months of males allegedly caught in the act, or who'd confessed, or left of their own volition because they were that way oriented. Oh yes. He definitely went on (and on, and on) about homosexuals using "caring professions" as cover, not out of any true sense of care. And all this at a time when his wife had left him to go and live with Rosalie Rivenbark, in a sexual relationship. So you know these "teachings" were his rage, frustration, humiliation, whatever, at his wife's (and Rosalie's) behaviour. All this at a time, too, when he'd been bonking many other women than Donna - other men's wives, single women, he didn't care. I can't speak for what VPW may have taught. I do know, most certainly, what LCM taught. And did.
  4. After sexual horrors now exposed in the RC church, in the Anglican church and likely other places, I can tell you that the Anglican church (at least) has a very obvious safeguarding policy, with a parish safeguarding officer and a very strong diocesian oversight. Copies of the safeguarding policy are available at various locations in churches (often posted on the notice board, sometimes additionally in a private place like the toilets, where a putative victim could review in private) with a list of people to whom any offensive behaviour could be reported. And there is careful vetting of the people on the safeguarding team, to make sure they themselves are not abusers. I don't know if CFFM has any kind of safeguarding policy. I'm d@mn certain TWI doesn't. Nothing "real" anyway - not beyond anything legally required, like a notice, but not an actual reporting chain.
  5. Many of you will be aware of the history that got LCM ejected from TWI, and you may know the names of some of his victims who started lawsuits. I met with J@nu@ry B@rn3s. She told me how LCM had been with her. She told me the whole sordid details of what he did, where; how her marriage broke down and - oh, just so much. I had no idea (how could I have done?) - I was "gobsmacked" with what she said, still am really, filled with revulsion; and it's over ten years since we talked. What she did tell me, though, was that she attended CFFM fellowships and the leaders at CFFM knew some of what had happened (to whom, how, when) and that they spent a lot of time with victims, walking in the grounds, or in other places at CFFM, quietly talking over the abuse (including sexual) of the survivors. Walking, talking, soothing, praying, listening. CFFM certainly wasn't in denial at that time and didn't avoid the topic or tell people to move on. It's not necessary to shout about it from the rooftops at every meeting, so if it wasn't mentioned on one occasion that's no surprise.
  6. It's special TWI language (as sought by the topic of this thread) meaning, "unzip your pants and screw every female in sight." From the English, "loosen up" your moral values. From the Greek, "luo," to act like an out-of-control dog.
  7. A bit off topic from the starter thread, but as regards signs, miracles and wonders, I simply say: God works in small ways. Yesterday I was going out for a casual stroll around some public gardens. I put together a small bag with a few things I might want, nothing much, but I didn't want to take my full-on handbag ("purse," for Americans). My fingers touched on a roll of micropore, a sort of lightweight band-aid, and I put that in my little bag - I'd never bother usually. (Heck, why am I doing this?) In the park on a bench I found a man who'd done a longer walk, got wet feet, and got blisters. I offered the micropore and it fixed his feet enough to get back to his car a mile or so away. I'm glad I listened and was able to help that man. I do think that was a "God thing," to put the micropore in my bag.
  8. So there's some keen musos here. Think you should get yourselves together and lay down some tracks for us.
  9. Yet another update, I think; it opens now. But in any event, the video is still 1h4m long and I just don't have that time. It would be considerate when people post long videos, if they'd say how long they take and indicate specific times when something is interesting.
  10. For those who might be interested, this video (which I can't access) is 1h4m long.
  11. "Bless" in conjunction with practically any other words - "Would you be blessed to...?" "I was blessed when …" "God blessed me with …" (usually something material, especially money) and of course "Bless Patrol."
  12. Doncha know, all the internet is full of devil spirits, and should not be engaged with under any circumstances (lest one encounter GSC or its predecessors, of course: the most devilish of all).
  13. Y'all know about George Muller, who founded orphanages in Bristol - funded with nothing but prayer. According to the timeline, he too started out as a bit of a shyster and only went into "ministry" as an easy way to make money. However, he really "saw the light" and took the Bible seriously, and the charity that he founded is still going today, and works to help orphans globally. Here's his timeline, but if you go to the Home page you'll find out more about present-day work. https://www.mullers.org/timeline I do not know if VPW knew of this bigger history and decided to "imitate" it (we were only told that GM prayed, and resources poured in). However, "by their fruits you shall know them." Who built on solid ground, and who on the sand of ego?
  14. Ah, thanks, Waysider. And there's me wondering why the water has graduate levels in foreign languages. The water is hard in this area. Kettles and suchlike fur up quickly. Generally it's fine, but once in a while it's like drinking rocks (probably some loosened limescale from the kettle, rather than the water itself). Nice tasty (or rather, tasteless) water, though. I always put soda in with my laundry detergent; softens the water, keeps the washing machine in a bit better condition. The water company in this area has a really good reputation, on many fronts.
  15. Whaaaatttt? He acknowledges that Sunday night is a pain for everybody, especially families with kids - but then elevates that difficulty, spiritualising it and setting against "nominal Christians" who presumably are a bit more considerate towards kids' needs. What's he doing with his Sunday mornings, anyway? Teaching in the church that pays his salary, or just plain having a lie-in? (well, yeah, he is having a lie in, and out, and everywhere he goes. Can't stop lying.)
  16. Hard water: Whatever does "Degrees Clark/German/French" mean?
  17. I just checked my own water quality, according to the local Water Authority. This is a precis of what they say. It's all meaningless to me! It's nice tasting, but as everywhere in this area, there's a lot of limestone, and kettles and suchlike fur up quickly.
  18. Wow, you folks have some pretty nasty problems! Though no doubt there are billions of people with no problems.
  19. Hi Surfcat. Maybe we know a few people in common. I got witnessed to in Birmingham mid 80s and then met many of the other UK believers, in London, Gartmore, and other locations. Anyhow, welcome, and enjoy your stay. Have a nice cup of tea and some yummy cake.
  20. Good article. Beware scammers everywhere - especially in churches!
  21. Hmm, she did that in 2016, when he first appeared in court. Distancing herself. Closing the door after the horse has bolted, as it were. What, she only just found out about Vic's indiscretions?
  22. Twinky


    Oh WW. That poem. A good poem of its time, but very tainted for me. It was so used to support VPW's leading the way for the fair-haired LCM. Maybe I should read the poem repeatedly until it loses its associations (like I can hear the word "Corps" now without my hair standing on end).
  23. No doubt JJ never thought he'd still be making these videos contra'ing VPW, after all these years. As well as showing the copies of the books plagiarised by VPW, it might have been useful if JJ had recommended one or two deeper (but not too deep) theological tomes by reputable writers, since he mentions that VPW's writings are not only plagiarised, but shallow, sloppy, subbed, stolen, etc. Too many ex-Wayfers have no idea where to start looking, if they want more info, or want to study or think for themselves, and find it difficult to accept, let alone analyse, the content of non-Way materials. Anyway, well done John, for sticking with it all these years.
  24. Hey, annio! It's quite something, isn't it, when the scales start falling from the eyes! You won't untangle everything all at once, so don't beat yourself up about it. You will soon work out what's most important for you to know, to understand, to put right. I'd say (though others here would differ) that the Lord will show you where you need to start. If you are attending a church of any kind, how do the people interact? Does it seem forced, too friendly, not friendly enough; do they seem to care for each other without being intrusive in each other's lives? How do the leaders behave? Quietly, humbly, approachably, listening; or overbearingly / dictatorially / or otherwise a bit uncomfortably? It's okay, you can check out various churches. Or, should the desire take you, check out non-Christian organisations. I try to love God; love my fellow human beings and try to help them; and try not to be too cynical or jaundiced when people say things that seem a bit "off" (you and I probably say/said wacky things too in early recovery mode!)
  25. Perhaps "American Christianity" itself is a problem. Think of the number of inordinately rich televangelists, and those who teach that "prosperity" means "lotsa money." Which leads to the thinking that "I'm rich, therefore that means God has blessed me." And the corollary, "You're poor. You're out of favour with God." That never has been the promise, message, offer, call it what you will, that God makes. "Prosper" in its archaic meaning (=AV/KJV) means "thrive" or "do well" - animals, plants, and activities can all "prosper" and money has nothing to do with it. More on topic with the opening post, it might be salutary to consider how other Christians' traditions fare. Those in China or Saudi Arabia, for example, or even Christians in Israel. Do they see non-Christians as "the enemy"? I think not. I think they "see" much bigger than that. They see the spiritual intent - far bigger than tribalism. The treatment meted out to such Christians can be so vicious that unless the victims were convinced of something much bigger than themselves, they wouldn't "take a stand;" instead they'd recant. Bullies will, however, always find some hook for their hat (or hatred), so it's no surprise that Christian bullies (aka legalists) find a "hate thy enemy" message instead of the real message, "love thy enemy." Why are people bullies? Ah well. Let me count the reasons...!
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