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  1. Horrible! Disgusting! I have no words! I'd like to have the link. Not that I'm curious to know but I'm currently talking to two persons about what happened because they are not sure things happened.
  2. That's why I said above : I wonder how God is going to deal with him because so many got born again and yet, he was a big deceiver. Also the other ones who never said anything.
  3. I am wondering how God is going to deal with him because so many got born again and yet, he was a big deceiver
  4. Oh I believe you! Just saying I'm discovering things...
  5. Since I wasn't living in the US, never heard of that
  6. Yes I realize reading all the things that happened :(
  7. Oh yes!!! For sure! I also was proposed sex by two way corps but not in the US so there was really a sex mind at that time! Both were corps and country coordinators. One manipulated me by asking me to open my bathroom door to show him my naked body. I said no. He said something like I was prude but what he said was to make me feel bad. I didn't budge. The other one proposed me to sleep at his house since I needed to go to Paris so of course, I said yes. Naive I was. We slept in the same bed since there was no space (Paris has very small apartments) and he wanted to have sex with
  8. By writing a blog about them, I meant the perverse narcissistic manipulators... Yes that says a lot! She was forced to shut up anyway.
  9. Yes and since I haven't read those books neither taken the class in such a long time, I don't really remember them. You haven't tried Chris Geer's class... ewww what a boring class! Not only that, it's a cold class.
  10. Rocky I also can tell you I'm very frustrated because I have to unlearn the things I learned and I'm very bad at studying God's Word. So when I have a question I ask God to show me and He leads me to the people who have answers then tells me if it's correct :) One thing though is I never bought into some teachings... I thought they were weird.
  11. I had to put up with one for 6 years after I divorced. I understand how Mrs W became another woman after he died! I wrote a blog about them while I was in this relationship and I learned so much doing this research.
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