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  1. Am also looking for John Tatnall

  2. OK, I haven't really been too involved in this thread, but I couldn't pass this one by...Shifthis, would you care to explain yourself on this one???
  3. Oops! My bad...wasn't that a line from the old George Burns show with Gracie Allen, his wife?
  4. Yes, you are a winner!!!! Ding, ding ding!!!! Annnd what've you won? A chance to list a memorable one liner from a flick of your choice!!! You are the lucky winner of this most prestigious prize! Easy, peasy...just pick a one liner others would know from any movie ever made. You're up RR! p.s. (Isn't your old signatory the next line in Wrath of Kahn after the quote, originating in Moby Dick?)
  5. now I see

    What a Crock!!!

    These are Clinton's droppings, not Obama's droppings...get your s(hit straight!!! The Clinton admin established the Family Leave Act!!!
  6. Right on Waysider. I actually tried this one out while in twi to "prove" it, and I concluded this PLAF statement wasn't true...it never bore out with practicle application, and it didn't make sense scripturally, another one of those things that made me go, hmmm... at the time.
  7. RR riding that ragged edge of comedy and the eeewww gross! factor again...LOL, RR!
  8. I always go back to when Dorthia W. talked about her and vp going to India, and how she was forced to give up JP, her 6 mo old son, so as she could accompany vpee on his journey. I believe she said that was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do. I think it's very telling statement on how important vpee's own children were to him, it says it all. I could not conceive of doing that to a child of mine and handing him over to someone else at such a young age. You could tell from what ms w said that she didn't want to do it.....so sad really.
  9. This one belongs as a banner at the top of the GS home page. . . LOL Goucho, one of the best one liners ever written here, I'm still laughing... The truth of it I fear is Rosilla, et al, are such vpw and lcm man haters they want twi to fail and freefall into oblivion, all the while they are more than happy to live off the spoils for as long as it lasts. edited for clarity
  10. Mary Poppins "revenge is a dish that is best served cold"
  11. New one: "Mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates."
  12. Beverly Hillbillies Love the reference to Billy Carter
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