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  1. Cindy!


    Thank you Bramble. And just to clarify....FB did not tell me a certain person blocked me but they did tell me how to check....I did what they suggested and that is how I came to think that I had been blocked by Abigail and spouse. I have since discovered that the method they gave me is not foool-proof and apologized for the accusations. It was just so weird to come back to my FB account and discover that the group had "kicked me out" and I think I overreacted a bit, understandable, but my apologies nonetheless. Sorry Abigail.
  2. Cindy!


    Abigail I and I had facebook check...you and your husband had/have me blocked. Cindy
  3. Cindy!


    If you are wondering why Steve and I are no longer on the GSC facebook group...it is because I was blocked and then Steve removed himself.
  4. Cindy!


    Thanks for watching! I was near the end of the masters candidates in the School of Education....Cynthia Wall.
  5. Cindy!


    Thank you, Twinky!!! I didn't know about the music....that was great to learn!!!
  6. Cindy!


    That was so sweet of you to watch it....thank you so much, Krys!!!!
  7. Cindy!


    0 Graduation day!!!!! I walk across the stage at 10:00 am CST to receive my Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling!!! It's online here: http://streamback.com/roosevelt/fall2010am
  8. Cindy!


    *sniff* ditto, Garth! 1
  9. That is wonderful!!! I met and married the love of my life through GS......I wish you every happiness and all the joy that kind of love and happiness brings!!!! You SO deserve it, Dot!!! Yay!!!!
  10. Here is the thread to post your contact info if you want people to keep in touch with you once GS closes.... as for me....I'm on Facebook...Cindy Boydston Wall who's next????
  11. I echo mstar in my appreciation for what gs has done over the years. It enabled me to meet and marry the man I was born to be with, allowed me to keep in touch with friends I'd lost contact with but now see regularly on facebook, and helped me to meet new friends through gs who have and (some) continue to be a real joy! Thank you Pawtucket....for all of your contributions over the years....for your role in our wedding, and for putting up with some "characters" with style and grace. GS will be missed.
  12. Cindy!


    6 days til graduation!!!
  13. ...has anyone been watching this show??? Now that I actually have time on my hands a friend of mine turned me on to it and a few other amazing shows and I LOVE it!!! It's on Showtime
  14. Cindy!

    My new job

    Hump day , Twinky.....how goes it????
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