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  1. I still check in here because this place knocked the crap out of twi...and I think it's worthy of respect...and there's still people here that I like to say hi to.....hi. :)
  2. "Someone ought to post this on the FB page for VPW's followers: FB page It's a closed group so I can't do it. I doubt it would last long there. "....... I did that exact thing this week...along with about 7 or 8 posts telling them what I thought of their hero...I was booted and blocked before the night was over.
  3. What makes Wierwille real is the trail of broken lives he left lying by the side of the road as he drank and screwed his way to self gratification.
  4. "Now, if we could just figure who THEY are . " Hmmm, I thought we were talking about twi...The board of trustees, other high ranking twi decision makers...the organization as a whole. They simply love things and use people...until people are no longer of any use...they kick em' to the curb.
  5. There's no dessert unless you finish your peas...there's no dessert unless you finish your peas. OK! I ate the damn peas!... now what's for dessert?....more peas.
  6. No specifics but I heard that he is in poor health.
  7. As Waysider said..."People are commodities at The Way. When you've outlived your usefulness, your days are numbered. There's an abundance of historical evidence to that effect." I think that about sums it up. They don't care about old people because they don't care about ANYONE...
  8. You're right, words DO matter...One of the characteristics of a cult is to develop their own terminology. This reinforces the us versus them mentality and also it conditions the mind with trigger words. Even down to the names of holidays...if you called it Christmas you were either not one of us or were new and not fully indoctrinated yet. The invention of their own terminology worked in concert with their isolating people from society during corps training not allowing certain books to be read or instruments to be played...and of course the ultimate goal was never "word over the world"...it was "Obey us, give us your labor for free and then give us your money"...manipulating language was essential to pull this off.
  9. "Everything in The Way was judged by its supposed "spirituality". The whole thing was no more "spiritual" than the flying monkeys that vexed Dorothy. " True enough...In the case of Wierwille and Martindale, the flying monkeys would have been an improvement. Spiritual protocol was nothing more than a made up list of rules to keep you in your place and lord over you. I recall an incident at Emporia when Vic was sitting on a makeshift stage on the pond...some sort of raft with chairs on it. (I think he was trying to be like Jesus when he taught the folks on shore from a boat...)...suddenly Vic lit up a smoke and all the other smokers did likewise...that was the protocol taught...wait until the guy in charge to light up first and then it's ok...but not THAT night...Vic changed the rules right on the spot and reamed us all out...Spiritual protocol was used selectively when it served their purposes (egos).
  10. I don't know why this is a big story now...the NFL has always been full of wife beaters...if they wanted to clean it up, they would boot them out for life. As far as why the woman married him after he knocked her out?...NFL players are paid millions of dollars a year...another incentive to marry him?...just sayin'
  11. It all begins at the top...whether it be a religious group or a corporation...when the ceo or whoever is in charge has disregard for others, a lack of loyalty and is willing to throw people under the bus for his own advantage, a culture is formed. He surrounds himself with others of the same ilk and this kind of treatment becomes institutionalized and prevalent throughout the entire organization.
  12. Wow...A heartfelt story certainly consistent with everything I know about twi...Twi has ravaged people's lives in many ways...including financially.
  13. Also...anyone can join...you don't have to be former corps...Excie, look up Howard Walker on facebook and ask him to invite you...he will.
  14. The link...you may have to ask Howard Walker (new moderator) for permission to join, if you can't find it....he's on facebook Way Corps FaceBook Group
  15. In case anyone is interested, John Richeson's Way Corps site on facebook has changed dramatically...As some of you may know, Richeson started this site in an effort to bring the waycorps back to life...like the Phoenix rising from the ashes...he would only allow positive statements to be made about twi..."our father in the werd", etc and all the good times until you were ready to barf. Anyone who even hinted that some things in twi were not always good...he censored them immediately by deleting the post and oftentimes blocking the poster...Well...under pressure from various posters (Ralph D.), today he stepped down and named a new moderator who allows anything and everything to be posted...people are coming out of the woodwork talking about sexual abuse, lies, deceit, being screwed over, etc etc etc...LOL...about frickin' time. The truth of the matter is that what Richeson was trying to do there was dishonest...and he knew it...I'm glad he caved in because I never liked the guy and I hated what he was trying to do. A lot of people there are fleeing...boo hoo..."don't say anything bad about gawd's ministry boo hoo"...good riddance to those kool aid drinkers. May they all suck pond water...I might even throw in a post or two now that they have opened it up to honest opinions... :)
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