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  1. Geez....still no updates? I guess I'll have to drive up to Falmouth and find out for myself.
  2. Does anyone know if he is home or still in the hospital? It seems strange there is almost no information. But, I guess its not strange. In the late 80's I was shocked how much information was withheld, revised, and shelved. I'm talking about withholding information about leadership by leadership. If the bible is still the standard, Chris did not have a "good report" from many believers. I'm just curious how he's doing. He would yell at believers for being sick.
  3. Has anyone heard any news or information on C. Geer's health? I know it was serious, but I haven't heard anything. Perhaps an information "blackout".
  4. Any news or information on the status of C. Geer's health?
  5. Hi Connerron: Thanks for your post. But it looks like you're a little shy of facts and specifics. I've conducted several in-depth searches (paid and free) but I was unable to find anything on CG. Someone else asked you to elaborate in an earlier post -- but you didn't reply. I can certainly understand if you have a beef to pick with CG -- or anyone else. But one of the things that makes forums like this so valuable is shedding light on, or at the very least talking about, people and issues that affected our lives. You can post whatever you want to -- and you should. But when it comes to making serious accusations about somebody it might help to back it up with specifics, facts, information. Do you have additional information that could help us? Have you been to the courthouse in Cumberland ME to review the records yourself? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have Chris Geer's DOB? This information is required to do a background/criminal check. Thanks. Marcos
  7. Marcos

    PFAL Online?

    Thanks for the info but the site has been "locked Down" and shut down as they say. Probably for copyright infringement. But I would have loved to see and hear it. I have said since 1995 Power for Abundant Living should be available online. But for that to happen so-called leaders would have to give up control and power - not going to happen.
  8. This is the Greasespot Cafe afterall :)--> Where is the honorable LCM these days? Just curious. I've seen dozens of posts and sightings. I realize that he's kept a very low profile. He would be quick judge and spew for hours about God "removing" His blessing on anyone that did that. But does anyone know where he is, what he's doing and if he's started LCM Ministries yet? Marcos
  9. I'm not sure where Rene is but we had a lot of fun together at Camp Gunnison. We used to do coffe commericals together that would leave people in tears. A wonderful, funny, smart spiritual woman. Hey Rene..........we named our son Gunnison :)--> Don't worry........we've been out of TWI since Craig's ridiculous ultimatium in 1989.
  10. Nate and I were in the 16th Corps together. If I were ever on a battle field I want him in my foxhole.
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