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  1. If you had family in when you left TWI, the last couple of episodes will really hit home.
  2. this probably won't be a popular response but I think the difference is religion, ego,power, etc. I would follow the gospels before I would follow the epistles. i am with you 100% on this.
  3. Abigail

    San Antonio

    Are any of you in the area?
  4. Have any of you been watching this series on Hulu? I read that the show was originally supposed to be called "The Way" but they had to change the name because of the similarities to TWI. I have been watching it. The first few episodes have a few similarities to TWI, but as the show goes on I see more and more, particularly with respect to the change in leadership from VPW TO LCM.
  5. Genealogy can be time consuming, but very, very interesting. Our very own Hap from here at Greasespot got me started on it a number of years ago. I was able to pull all sorts of documents including immigration records, census data, etc. and I learned a great deal about my family in the process and even met (on-line) some relatives I didn't know I had. :)/> But I've never spent the time to try and find records from Eastern Europe and my family on both sides did not immigrate to the US until the early 1900s. Ancestry.com is definitely the way to go if you want to put together a family tr
  6. No offense taken, Tom. I most certainly cannot speak for all Jews, but from my perspective it isn't an issue of righteousness or lack thereof. The focus in Judaism isn't the afterlife - it isn't about heaven or hell. In fact, Judaism doesn't believe in the concept of hell and there is much debate among Jewish people regarding the concept of heaven as well. :) Perhaps, ask your dad to explain the Days of Awe and Yom Kippur to you. Those are two of the most important Jewish holy days and understanding them might give you a good understanding of the Jewish perspective on life and death. Th
  7. Here are a few links for you. The forefathers of the Ashkenazi community began to settle in parts of Europe during the Roman Empire, particularly after the Romans conquered Jerusalem in AD 70. Ashkenazis now make up more than 80 percent of world Jewry. They moved to Spain, France, Italy and other Mediterranean basin countries, but spread over the centuries to the Rhineland in Germany, Poland and Russia. Frequent persecution kept their numbers small. Modern Ashkenazi Jews are believed to descend from about 1,500 Jewish families dating back to the 14th century. But Darvasi said the forefather
  8. Coming back to your initial question. :)/>/>/> Since joining this discussion I began googling Jewish Genetic Disorders. It appears that science has come a long ways since I was first asked what tribe I come from and a LOT of scientific data is available. So, after researching this - "Are the people there really the children of Israel. Can they traice their lineage back to biblical Israel?" Yes, yes they can. As a ethnic group/nationality - Jews are broken down into two basic subgroups (there are other subgroups as well, but for the purpose of this discussion we'll stick with th
  9. Exactly, Ham. Abraham fathered children by two different women. Yet, only through one of those women came the nation of Israel.
  10. Before thre were Jews there were Israelites and then Hebrews. It was not God who broke up the nation of Israel, it was man who did that. All "Jews" are of Israel. All "Jews" are of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I would suspect, based on your question, that you read the Old Testament from the perspective of a Christian and not the perspective of a Jewish person. The Torah is the first 5 books of the Old Testament. It primarily contains the early history of humanity, and more importantly the commandments of God. The rest of the Old Testament is historical. Just because something occured,
  11. Thanks for the reply, Abigail. Why is it that your grandmother can trace her lineage, but you can't? Is it because lineage is counted patriarchal-wise, as we were taught in TWI? And your grandmother is your maternal grandmother? Do the genetic disorders specific to the tribe of Benjamin only transmit through the paternal lines? Hi Tom, always good to converse with you. It may be that I could trace the lineage back if I tried, but thus far I haven't tried to go back that far. Similarly, I don't know how my maternal grandmother was able to do it and she is no longer with us for me to ask. I o
  12. I can't personally trace my lineage back to Israel, but my Grandmother said she could, right down to the tribe. It is actually important for Jewish people to know what tribe they come from, as there are genenetic disorders that are specific to the tribe of Benjamin. As a Jewish person, the significance of Israel comes down to one thing and one thing only. It is not related at all to the Messiah, but to having a nation . . . a home where one could theoretically live without fear of persecution. Sadly, at various points in history during this past century I suspect some of the Jews have be
  13. It was Tom and Lois Guelli who were the limb leaders in Michigan in the 1990s who were removed. Allen and Debbie came in and replaced them as limb leaders. They left when the "one time affair" came out and were then replaced by John and Joyce Neize (sp). I think they Neize's are still in charge there, at least that was the last I had heard.
  14. *waves hi** Good question. What was lost and what was gained? Layers. Innocence was lost and shame replaced it. Before he ate, Adam did not have the knowledge of good and evil. After he ate he did. Before he ate he could know no shame. After he ate he could. Clothed in animal skin? In what form was Adam before he ate and in what form was the animal skin? We assume Adam was just like us, but maybe he wasn't?
  15. The sins of the fathers are passed down to the children. Research family dynamics and it becomings glaringly clear. Abuse your children and odds are very high that they will grow up to become abusers or will grow up and continue to be abused in their adult relationships. Have a parent who is an alcoholic and you greatly increase the odds that the child will be as well. How can they be saved? Maybe they can't? Maybe God in His foreknowledge already knew that for some, there is no saving them - - free will. Or maybe there is another life after this one, where one can come to find that sa
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