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  1. And this is leadership training? Is the title of the topic? What is it really? I will start by saying my little son is afraid there are monsters in his closet. Every night before bed we have to check just to make sure. Then an all-powerful night light must be turned on. We all know this powerful weapon can scare any monster, goblin or bogeyman away. His older sibling thinks he is a baby. But this child is convinced that their teacher is on a mission to cause this child to fail. This child thinks the teacher is out to get my child, with extra work and being pushed in class. I sat down with this teacher to find out the deal. Well this child reads 4 grades higher then their present grade and has scored off the charts on all the state testing and this teacher is just pushing and changeling my child. I am ok with that. My point is, in someone’s mind perception is reality. The teacher is not out to get my child just like there are no monsters in the closet. BUT,BUT, if we are talking about perception and reality we were told, taught and beaten down with in the Way, a way corp. person has energized gift ministries. This is the trick and catch. Every a-hole corp. grad is revered as a revelation machine and walking with God. While lowly wayfers need to submit to leadership. No disrespect to the Corp program or grads of days gone past. Now days ALL CORP GRADS ARE ROBTS FOR ROSIE AND THE WAY. God caught the last train to the coast and any revelation is gone from the way. Is being a way corp. grad leadership training? No it just gives you a title to keep the wayfers in line. copenhagen
  2. JJ I have heard the same tales over the years. In fact word for word of what you said. People who told these stories stayed after the fog years and supported L.C.M. and the people who changed in to V.P. were the cop outs. Thus further proof if you leave the way the boogie man gets you. I do not put much stock in wayfer stories. That being said your not alone I heard the tall ones to.... copenhagen
  3. Things I would say, can I have the floor and ramble? 1. Why have you given your free will to think for your self-over to Twi? Not God but the way international. 2. Why do you as an adult let leadership get involved in your life and influence where you live, where you work all so you can be close to a fellowship? 3. Why is there no growth in the fellowships? Are they still shrinking? 4. Do the Sts tapes put you to sleep? Can you name the last one that really got you excited about God, not the way int.? Is that person still standing? 5. Do the same people rehash the sts tapes and way mag? Is fellowship boring? Is it like it used to be where you were excited to go has it turned in to church? 6. If fellowship is so great why do you shrink in fear when its time to witness? When was the last time you went out and witnessed? Are you scared to witness? 7. When was the last time you have been to H.Q.? You will see the lifers on staff are getting older and the young people cannot wait to leave. Too much legalism. 8. When you hear Rosie speak, do you cringe? Is she so sappy and can only spout catch phrases and no depth to the word. 9. Is cancer and brain tumors still a devil spirit? Why did Donna have a brain tumor? Why does she have a job at hq? Why is she the prez asst when she has never done anything.? If she is so spiritual why could she not see he husband bopping everything that moved? 10. When was the last time you saw a miracle? More later. Copenhagen
  4. I guess this proves the old saying it's not who you know, its who you ( well never mind).... copenhagen
  5. If we can vote? I vote for me Copenhagen.. I will run on the promise of a can in every hand.. A can of copenhagen of course.. I will require the entire board + Donna and Linder out Way D. Make that everyone on at H.Q. out Way D. These people need to come out of the corn field and live life. If they dont run at least 2 class's they get dropped from Way Corp. If they are not corp then they will never want to be.Also no one can return to H.Q. ever. It's time to grow up and get a life. Ok if I am elected president I vow to hold one S.T.S and announce the way is an evil empire and a lie.. I will shut it down, send back all the abs. You can fill out a form for a portion of the 53 million. I will let H.Q. stand for 1 month and anyone can come visit. Then I will hold a vote of what to do with it. vote copenhagen
  6. Waysider Everyone in the know was in the hush-hush mode. You see if it was me a long standing believer in the way I would be raked over the coals for lack of believing. I would be grilled for a secret sin I had. My good name would be tarnished or perhaps I would be leveled under the influence of the adv..I would be kicked out. Never blame the miniestry is one of the spoken rules. Any thing that cant be fixed easy or something big like a Brain Tumor makes the way look like any other church with no power. You see the way has no power. God does but he left New Knoxville for the coast a long long time ago. She could not be healed. She was left alone with no guilt to heal. The way it should be done..Then there were problams and more sugery. Still hush-hush and she is better now. Moral of the story if you are little you are fair game. If you sleep with the last threee presidents of the way they leave you alone.. copenhagen
  7. I personally think this will be great for young Brian. He was raised better then the other kids at H.Q.. Didn’t he go to private school? Didn’t he eat different and better food then what was served at H.Q.? He was put up on the pedestal of being a perfect kid. He never experienced real life. Brian I hope Mr. Linder pass’s this on to you because you need real world experience and learn how to life outside that wacky little cult. You have a wife and a few kids, learn to take care of them and not be consumed with the way. Get a real job , buy a home and start a Real 401k. Brian your daddy has always been a backbiter. Wanted power before Craig got the nod as king. Kissed all the butt he could and sent your innocent sisters in Christ to the slaughterhouse covering for Craig. For his reward, the Fox sent him to England. He was hurt but obeyed as he always did so he could protect you. He wants you to be king. Your dad is a sob who looks down at people and never serves but demands to be served. What a great example of a minister…. Do not turn in to him… Run son, run away .. Take your freedom from the way. Do not turn in to your dad. copenhagen
  8. I caught a drift of that also. Will be in Toledo end of the year. Seems that he is sending out lots of resume's but that prev work experience sucks. You can not work for a cult on staff for 15 yrs and get a job in a high paying field to support a family of six...Better believe big..The economy sucks.welcome to the real world. You can put a lot of lipstick on a pig but its still a pig. You can say what you want on a resume but working for a cult leaves a lot of holes to fill. Boot licking does not count. Good thing your daddy is rich.. copenhagen
  9. I never had the pleasure of having my face melted by Donna but have seen her unlash rabid attacks on people for very little offences. She sat in her ivory tower with a nanny and house cleaner, while treating regular moms like crap. You know the moms who had to work a real job then come home and cook and clean for a family. She was so judgmental in that bull.... family class with L.C.M. You know the class after C.F. &S. Her and L.CM. Could not even say adultery was wrong…… She also sat at the big top at the R.OA. And was so sweet and seemed like she had it all together in her teaching on parenting. She is such a fraud. She could not even get it down with the Way international raising her kids. It is well documented here at the café that one is a little wild and one has nothing to do with the way. I never knew the nice Donna just the Donna that looked down on people and blamed bad things on people for leaving the way. I am sure someone here can find that rant. Blaming people for bad things that happen and saying they have a secret sin. Or leaving the Way opens the door for the devil.. This is all pure bs. I will not and do not blame God for bad things. I will play her logic and ask her (please pass this on to her JOHN L.). What was your secret sin that allowed the DEVIL to attack you and cause the brain tumor? Why were there problems after to cause you to have more operations and then a slow healing process last November? Why could your girlfriend the president of the Way not Ask God to heal you? Is she not the anointed one who has Gods ear? Is this not Gods ministry? Copenhagen
  10. 7 What a joke. I can remember 7+ from our area going in the corp in one year. There is no way to put a spin on this number. The past 15 yrs have been worn out with the faithful. Small in numbers but the best of the best. These 7 are not faithful they are stupid. This is like buying something and thinking you got a great deal. You tell everyone how great it is and you are so excited. Then in the paper you see it on sale and find out you paid way to much. These 7 will have buyers remorse and be beating their heads against a wall in 1-2 months when, 1. They hate there new assigment working on staff. 2. They get back on the field only to find themselves in a fellowship that is dead and stale. No new people for the last 10 years. People afraid of leadership. 3. Lots of pressure to put together a class together that no one wants to take,even the grads. 4. Feeling the pressure to find a real job while having to have nights, weekends and 3+ weeks of vacation to make all the functions. The ship is sinking.. copenhagen
  11. Another bit of info about the Way International and the class for anyone being hounded to take the class. Ask these questions. 1.How many class's are there? How many does the Way international offer? 2.How much does each cost? 3.If I wanted to take them all what is the total cost? 4.How long are the class's? 5.Did you take all these class's? How long did it take you to take them all ? They will get all excited you are intrested. Then ask just a few more questions. 6. Ok one last question or two. Then in a nice way ask, so you took Wap class $100, Intermediate class $100, Defeating the adv class $100, Witnessing class $50, Christian family class$100,Biblical keys class $50 all for the privlage to take the Adv class$500+ travel expenses to Ohio. Then you told me it took about 2-3 yrs to take all the class's and spent over $1000 and you can not tell me what you learned and show me what you learned to bring deliverence to my life. All you can do is take my money say you will learn it all in the class. WTF you took it and spent all this money and wasted 3 years of your life and you can not manifest the power of God. You have to push a class. Is it a multi level marketing scheme? copenhagen
  12. I do not post much so I can stay under the radar of the way gb.I will come out and say this much, in the area I am in they are pushing for a class and WILL DO OR SAY ANYTHING TO GET YOU IN IT. They use lots of love-bombing to be your friend only to get you in the class. You do not need friends like these. If you have a gut feeling and feel pressure to run, listen to your self. Run,don't walk out the door and do not return their calls just disapear. They are not your answer from GOD. If you are on the fence and a spouse or friend say they just don't seem for real or they are to nice. Listen to the people who love you and have your best intrests at heart not some people you just met wanting money and time from you. If you find your self talking to these new church people and telling them your life secrets and they bring it back up and say the class will heal you from this run. If they can not open the bible and help you then and there and tell you you need a class for deliverence, ask if the class is so great why can't you help me? If you have all the answers from this class share them with me. Jesus did not charge people for a class, he feed them and went to the peoples home. He did not require you to sign a commitment and pay money. If none of this works they will get other people (people you barley know) to call, stop by your home or work place. How ackward is that? This is like buying a car and you say no, so they bring the closer in.RUN fast. If your spouse or family or friends are talking you out of taking the class, they will want a meeting. They wont come alone they will bring a closer. Do not go to the meeting. Run. If you are single and you have a romantic intrest in a person but they wont date till you take the class. RUN.. I am in the way international only because I have a spouse who loves it. If I leave they will try and break up my wife and I. I have seen it done before. All this is so hard to believe. But is true, many people will swear to it. The way has no value on marriage just alligence to them.. If you have been talking to a member of the way and they want you to take a class RUN.. copenhagen
  13. I hear more then one person was rejected from the Way, to give blood. I know that they ask you a bunch of questions including sexual partners. Also about military service and where you have been. I also know they prick your finger and take a sample of your blood. If you give the wrong answer on the 30+ questions or your blood has a disease the Red Cross will not take your donation. I have been giving blood since 9/11/2001. They encourage everyone to give but only take the good blood. Kind of makes you wonder if the lock box is alive and well...... copenhagen
  14. If this is who I think it is, why no mention of his years of service to the prez as a lapdog in a crazy little cult. He also can add that he packs a gun and is not afraid to flash it. Will do anything to get the sale because he has done many things in his past to help Craig cover up. Why no mention of a no debt policy. If I am wrong and have the wrong person, I am sorry. having trouble with the link a little help if this is him... anyone http://www.coldwellbankersouthshore.net/servlet/AgentListing?action=detail&ComColdwellbankerDataAgent_id=594832&page=agent&
  15. You know you are in a cult when you want to leave and leave with a scene, kicking, screaming, cussing and giving leadership the one finger salute. I mean going out on your own terms telling all that you feel and and where they can go. You would even settle to just fade away. But deep down you know they would tear your family apart just for fun.. copenhagen
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