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  1. The first time I met VPW was at a state meeting and my immediate take on him was that he was a lecherous old man. He held my hand too long; he took me in with his eyes; and he kept a hand on my arm to the point where I was creeped out. I said something about his behavior to my husband who poo-poohed it. I've been hit on by all kinds and he was hitting on me. I routinely saw corp grad guys getting into "relationships" with women to get them to take the class and say the ends justified the means. We left in early 87, and yes I felt vindicated. We lined up with John Lynn since he was close by, but after all the drama in that group I stopped coming around in 05. Haven't missed it a bit. I know a couple of people who are still in. I don't get it, but they don't push me about coming back.
  2. We got ours yesterday. They spared no expense. Sent one to each of us
  3. It was in yesterday's paper, but he died in September. Obituary
  4. Wry to the point of being bread. Life has gotten more interesting challenging, if that's possible. Et toi?
  5. Hi Brainstormer - yes they can. I think they do a lot of "shaping" at the home fellowship level. Let's face it, Jesse is already wanting to go out and do what we used to call WoW. I have no idea what they call it now. So did I based on all the glowing stories - until I read my husband's WoW "rule book" - where I became convinced that even Jesus couldn't live the life that was expected demanded of them. Encourage her to find out specifics about expectations, because (if memory serves me correctly) it's pretty structured and the leadership gets pretty ugly upset when performance is down. As an adult, this is totally her life and her choice. You love her, but she really has to work through this - all by herself. Hard as it is, let her, but don't let her guilt you into financing her choices. And that's the hard part - they quit a good job and then come to you and family members to subsidize them. But obviously, do all this in love and just be there. Good luck to you.
  6. You can take the guy out of the cult...nah, no you can't. Let us not forget - JAL NEVER wanted to leave. Not TWI, Not STFI Everything. Absolutely everything he does is to desperately try to bring back the feeling he had when it was all working. Never realizing it never worked. It's sad. He's sad. Oh, well...
  7. I'd just quit going. They don't want people who aren't in it to the max and the quieter you go, the less likely they are to badmouth you. I wouldn't offer up the information to anyone, especially your friends that are still in as you will more than likely be "mark and avoided". Best wishes to you, and welcome aboard the greasespot cafe
  8. Just pity the fool...who says he's not being arrogant when he actually is.
  9. Why risk expelling all doubt of their stupidity by opening their mouths? Thankfully I'm not even remotely curious about what is going on with them anymore and I am grateful for those who expose them for what they are - which is basically people who don't play well with others so they started their own thing to get money from people who actually work for a living.
  10. I stated my issues with the REV. JS has dealt with every doctrinal disagreement issue by changing the text to support his view and not offered his version for peer review.
  11. Now mind you, I'm getting most of this from youtube videos One is that one can't be a Republican. People who believe in god can't be rational. That's just for starters
  12. There is a certain amount of dogma and assumptions associated with atheism.
  13. Yeah, johniam, I lied to myself as well when it came to thought processes, but it's hard to determine whether one has until one is completely free from the whole thing. Alas, methinks you still full enough of twi tripe to not discern. But you have improved over the years. The past is enough of a predictor of future that murderers, rapists, and other criminals are jailed for extended periods of time to not only punish them for that crime, but to presumably hinder them from repeating. To assume this doesn't happen on a less grand scale is naive.
  14. Actually, binary is the language of all monotheistic religions. Literalism just takes it to a higher level.
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