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  1. Does anyone know the password for this site: REVIVALANDRESTORATION.COM. Thank you.
  2. What do you think is the main "draw" to TWI? Is it the home fellowships? The classes? The instant "friends" that surround you? The fabulous publications/books? Or something else? And what leads a person to wanting to be a WOW ambassador or in the Corps?
  3. We are trying to maintain a loving relationship with Jessie. At the same time, we are asking a lot of questions with the hope that they will get Jessie thinking. We are sharing some information from ex-Wayers. And learning as much as we can about the problems/issues. We've had several long conversations but it's difficult to convince Jessie of anything since Jessie only sees puppies and rainbows at the home based fellowship level. So far, Jessie has not turned away from us.
  4. I'm not sure I understand. How do they give, volunteer or contribute to communities? I do understand that churches waste money. But most churches have financial data that is 'open for viewing' to church members.
  5. Good suggestions for questions. Thank you Skyrider!
  6. This reminded me of a conversation that we had with Jessie recently. We were asking about missions that TWI supports (knowing that there are none) to attempt to get Jessie to think about this. IMHO any Christian organization worth its salt has some 'causes' they support. Whether it's a soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, a food bank, or even just handing out water and preparing meals for flood victims. Its one thing to study the bible but just as important to get out there and get to work. (And no, I don't mean getting people to take one of TWI's classes.)
  7. Herein lies the problem for parents like us (and others who are trying to help). Jessie doesn't see any of the things that you describe at the home fellowship level or in the classes Jessie has taken. Previously, I've asked Jessie about people who leave and Jessie says that some people don't come back because it just isn't their thing. Jessie says there is no judgement placed on them. (I don't think Jessie has ever heard of mark and avoid.) Jessie has said that if someone leaves, they can still be friends with the people who remain in the Way. Could it possibly be that they have taken a kinder, gentler tone more recently with the goal of keeping some money flowing in? Or maybe Jessie just has nicer leadership? Just wondering...
  8. I'd like to pose another question, if anyone feels inclined to answer. Regarding the leaders at the lowest level, (that currently just lead a home ministry group), do they try to control their group members similar to those at a higher level?
  9. Just to clarify a few things. I only mentioned that we (Jessie's parents) are Christians for context - so you'd know where we're coming from. I realize the folks here are of different faiths or no faith and we respect all of you (and value your opinion). We have friends that do not follow any religion as well as friends from about every mainstream religious group out there (and some not too mainstream). I would never judge any of them or any of you. But I think we all agree that The Way is a destructive group even though it may be filled with a lot of good people. And maybe these posts can help others as well as our family.
  10. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The good news is that our lines of communications are open. And I believe we have shown our love and support and will continue to do so. I will look into the books also. And I've been reading as much as possible to be better informed. We will stop talking about doctrinal differences. Interestingly, my husband did bring up the credentials of Dr. Wierville. Jessie was a bit taken aback by that I believe. And we mentioned the issues of leaving a good job. So I guess we may have had some of the same ideas as all of you.
  11. Hello, I recently found this site and I am hoping that there are some people who can help me. I will attempt to keep this as anonymous as possible by saying that I have a young adult child (who I will refer to as Jessie) who is involved in The Way. Jessie met a friend whose parents are somewhere in the leadership and that's how it started. Jessie really liked learning more about the bible and took some classes. My husband and I are Christians and we thought that Jessie was attending a bible study group. Not until we did more research did we realize that the Way is a cult. Jessie has never been in trouble. Nor would Jessie have any of the vulnerabilities of joining a cult. Jessie really wants to just "give glory to God" and does not realize that this group is destructive and incorrect about important theology. Jessie has not shut us out; we have a very close family relationship. But we are concerned about Jessie getting more entrenched. Jessie wants to go on an outreach program (forgive me that I don't know all the appropriate terminology) where you live in a group somewhere and work a part time job and then do Way things the remaining time. Jessie has a college degree and a good job that Jessie would be leaving. Not a good move from our vantage point. We are looking for any advice you can give us on how we can get Jessie out. We have had a couple of long discussions with Jessie focusing mainly on the Trinity, speaking in tongues, and salvation. Jessie didn't attack us or condemn us for asking these questions. But I know that we are a long way from where we want to be. So if anyone can offer suggestions / help / advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Primary question: Was there anything that anyone could have done or said to get you to leave? Thank You!
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