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  1. I'm not terribly worried about it. But, the ban is permanent. I can't edit any articles, let alone the TWI one. It is what it is. I don't think there are too many people looking up TWI anyway. But, like I said earlier, I'm a truck driver. I've got more important things to do than argue with the folks over at wikipedia. It was a fun run while it lasted, though.
  2. Are there any court documents that provide this information?
  3. I'm not terribly worried about the end result of this, krys. I'm a truck driver by profession, so I don't have the time to pursue this regularly. What irritates me is that based on Wikipedia's own guidelines, I've done nothing wrong. I've pointed that out, but the administrators already seem to have their minds made up. And that's okay.
  4. This is the conversation so far. It seems like they have someone on the inside at Wikipedia. Request reason: I understand that I was blocked, and that the reason for being blocked was due to "vandalism". However, I have not vandalized the page in which I was editing. The Way International is a cult based on the beliefs of the majority of Christianity. As a reference, the website https://www.christianitytoday.com/iyf/advice/faithqa/what-is-cult.html provides information about what is commonly agreed upon as being a cult. I spent 5 years in The Way International, and I have heard at various times that if an individual "leaves the household" that they will suffer from having God's blessing removed from their lives. While I understand that there has been an emotional response from those trying to undo my edits which accurately describe The Way International as a cult, my stance is that there is no vandalism involved, because the information I have is true. In regards to changing the website URL, my reasoning is that, The Way International is a cult. The Greasespot Cafe website, is a website made up of individuals who have been a part of The Way and left, or are still part of The Way. As a resource for learning about The Way International, Greasespot Cafe is more educational the true nature of The Way International than theway.org URL. However, if the organization's web page must be allowed to remain on wikipedia, I suggest that the URL for Greasespot Cafe not be removed so that anyone reading this article can make up their own minds. Decline reason: It sounds like you're here to right great wrongs. This is not what Wikipedia is for. If you can convince an administrator that you're here to write encyclopedia articles – not to reveal the truth about this organization – you'll likely be unblocked. NinjaRobotPirate (talk) 05:15, 31 August 2018 (UTC) equest reason: Based on Wikipedia's guidelines, I haven't committed any act of vandalism. There seems to be a disagreement between myself and the user that continues to undo my edits. Based on the "Righting Great Wrongs" idea, based on Wikipedia's own guidelines: " Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought or original research. Wikipedia doesn't lead, we follow. Let reliable sources make the novel connections and statements. What we do is find neutral ways of presenting them." With that being said, the Apologetics Index, Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM), and gotquestions.org, list The Way International as a cult. I fail to see how my edits have been an act of vandalism, when I'm trying to ensure that the information contained within this particular article is accurate according to reliable sources. Decline reason: This was clear vandalism. As was this. And this. If you don't see how those were acts of vandalism then I'm afraid you lack sufficient competence to edit here. We may consider unblocking you if you acknowledge what you've done wrong and agree to a topic ban around The Way International, broadly construed. This should be no problem for you, unless you are indeed here to right great wrongs. Yamla (talk) 14:56, 31 August 2018 (UTC) Request reason: I'm not going to seek further action. It already appears pretty clear that as an administrator you have no intention of following Wikipedia's own guidelines. I have provided multiple sources to indicate that changing the word "fellowship" to the word "cult" is an accurate revision. The only thing that I can see as possibly being considered vandalism is changing the website URL. If my restriction is removed, I will agree not to alter the URL for the official website, however in keeping with the community standards of ensuring accurate content, I won't refrain from posting information simply because it's a sore subject for this organization. But, it doesn't appear that the administrators are terribly concerned with accuracy here in Wikipedia.
  5. I can't be certain of the identity of whomever has been undoing my edits to the wikipedia page for TWI. However, a new development has arisen. The person responsible for undoing my edits has claimed that I have violated wikipedia's guidelines of "vandalism". Now my account has been blocked from making edits. I'm currently involved in trying to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, I don't think my efforts will go very far, even though I am using wikipedia's own guidelines to show that I haven't done anything wrong. Man, TWI really, REALLY doesn't like being called a cult.
  6. Working on staff was what opened my eyes, and I never was corps.
  7. I noticed that as well. Perhaps another Grease Spotter added that as well. If it weren't for the fact that I don't really want to read all that drivel, I'd be interested to see what other gems are hiding that we've added.
  8. The Way International is a nontrinitarian cult based in New Knoxville, Ohio, with home fellowships located internationally, including Argentina, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chile, and the UK.[4] Also, try clicking on the link to the homepage.
  9. I read that someone had "scrubbed" TWI's wiki page. Y'all should take a look at it now.
  10. Just take a look, it's in a book... just not the Bible (sung to the Reading Rainbow theme)
  11. She was still in when I was on Staff in 2015.
  12. BlueCord


    Since I recently got out of TWI (within the last 5 years), I'm interested to find others who have recently left. I guess what this post is about is: When did you get in TWI, and when did you get out? I'll start. I got involved in late 2010/early 2011. I left in the middle of 2015.
  13. I've exited TWI less than 5 years ago (after spending about 5 years in it). After reading "The Cult That Snapped", coming to GreaseSpot and reading about all of the abuse that has continued to go on it got me wondering about something. Weirwille and LCM sexually abused people. I've read how they would say things like they were taking care of the physical needs of the MOG, and that it wasn't sinful, but don't tell anyone about it because they aren't spiritually mature enough to handle those kinds of truths. Do you think it's still going on? I mean, after all of the legal hassle it caused TWI and LCM, do you think it's something that has continued? If so, how in the world has word of it not gotten out?
  14. This is going out to everyone who was involved with TWI roughly around the time of the lawsuits. If you were around during those times, do you remember R@mon@ Bid0n? If you do, please send me a private message. I'd like to send you a picture I've found to determine if the person in the picture is the same as the one that helped LCM abuse women . . . because she seems to be a member of the R&R Facebook page.
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