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  1. BlueCord


    I noticed that as well. Perhaps another Grease Spotter added that as well. If it weren't for the fact that I don't really want to read all that drivel, I'd be interested to see what other gems are hiding that we've added.
  2. BlueCord


    The Way International is a nontrinitarian cult based in New Knoxville, Ohio, with home fellowships located internationally, including Argentina, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chile, and the UK.[4] Also, try clicking on the link to the homepage.
  3. BlueCord


    I read that someone had "scrubbed" TWI's wiki page. Y'all should take a look at it now.
  4. BlueCord

    The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    Just take a look, it's in a book... just not the Bible (sung to the Reading Rainbow theme)
  5. BlueCord

    Dianne Maxson

    She was still in when I was on Staff in 2015.
  6. BlueCord


    Since I recently got out of TWI (within the last 5 years), I'm interested to find others who have recently left. I guess what this post is about is: When did you get in TWI, and when did you get out? I'll start. I got involved in late 2010/early 2011. I left in the middle of 2015.
  7. BlueCord


    I've exited TWI less than 5 years ago (after spending about 5 years in it). After reading "The Cult That Snapped", coming to GreaseSpot and reading about all of the abuse that has continued to go on it got me wondering about something. Weirwille and LCM sexually abused people. I've read how they would say things like they were taking care of the physical needs of the MOG, and that it wasn't sinful, but don't tell anyone about it because they aren't spiritually mature enough to handle those kinds of truths. Do you think it's still going on? I mean, after all of the legal hassle it caused TWI and LCM, do you think it's something that has continued? If so, how in the world has word of it not gotten out?
  8. BlueCord

    Revival and Restoration

    This is going out to everyone who was involved with TWI roughly around the time of the lawsuits. If you were around during those times, do you remember R@mon@ Bid0n? If you do, please send me a private message. I'd like to send you a picture I've found to determine if the person in the picture is the same as the one that helped LCM abuse women . . . because she seems to be a member of the R&R Facebook page.
  9. What is the "snow on the gas pump" story?
  10. BlueCord

    How To Start A Cult Properly

    Shhh . . . Trust and obey . . . cause there's no other way . . . I'll be happy in life, than if YOU trust and obey
  11. BlueCord


    Rocky, I've sent you a private message. I'll try to track down the other book. Thanks for the recommendation. Skyrider, I have seen a majority of those documents. I'll probably have to sift through them again. Also, I'd be interested in having a copy of the staff handbook if anybody has one on hand. Also, if you've got any of your top secret documents from when you were Corp, that would be good too.
  12. BlueCord


    Well, I just found the public court records from when LCM was taken to court. Surprisingly enough, RFR was a defendant as well. If we have anybody that can decipher the documents, I'd love to know what all that "court speak" actually means. Concerning specifics, I'm not actually sure. I know it's been said that the upper levels of leadership give all of their orders via phone calls and then allow the subordinates to write all the letters and stuff without any TWI letterheads. I don't know specifically what I'm looking for . . . letters, pictures, audio recordings, official documents, etc. I've seen lots of talk about how all these folks in high positions must know the secrets of TWI. There's got to be some physical evidence of it somewhere.
  13. BlueCord


    I've been reading off and on about the things that happened in TWI before I got sucked into the cult. There are times when I still think that they've got the best teachings on the Bible around, and then I read the stuff you folks have been through (I'm specifically referencing all the times mentioned that TWI is anti-Christ). The question I have is this: does anybody have any documentation of any of this stuff? I've read the book that Karl wrote, but I'm talking about things like the letters which have been written that are posted on this site. People talk about the secrets of the Corps training program. Are there any physical records of this stuff? Also, I'm not trying to say that this stuff didn't happen, but I think it would be handy to have these sorts of things on hand when naysayers show up.
  14. BlueCord

    Gene, Sherry Slavit

    I don't know where they are now, but within the past 1-2 years I know they were on staff at HQ. I'm not sure about the circumstances, but the were either fired and lost their Corps status, or they quit.
  15. BlueCord

    John Coscarelli

    He's still there. I could be mistaken, but I believe he's singing again.