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  1. When I saw this on FB (that's why I logged in on GSC for the first time in nearly a year and a half) I knew who you were and was taken by the verse and the pic of the tulip. It all makes sense now, your defense of certain 4th Corp folk, etc. Frankly, I don't give a rat's foot but I find it obscene that you would relish in the matter of two Christian brothers "fighting". You need to deal with that hate there Ralph.
  2. You ask: Is John Schoenheiht Legit. Hell, ask him. go to the STF site and test the waters. Of course, you will then get only one point of view. Here on GSC you will get another point of view (most posters here on GSC utterly hate any TWI off-shoots = TWI/VPW pollution). I am not a big STF follower though I do provide some monetary contributions (as I also do to GSC) and do like reading their REV (with some reservations to the personal bias of JS). Most folks here on GSC hate, and I don't mean dislike, they hate JS and STF, primarily because of having a past existence with TWI.
  3. This has been said before. There is the felt need to discard all when stepping out of the mire and crap of a very bad involvlement. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water - the word is the baby. TWI did teach some actual Biblical truths, if it did not, it would never have grown to what it did - TWI became corrupt. Hold close the truths of the Word of God and unshackle the rest. You will find it hard to identify with nearly all organized religeons, don't expect to get a total 100% fit. Go with what's comfortable. Seek fellowship, even if it's a guy/gal sitting on a park ben
  4. Thanks waysider but I will post here. I think that I confused promises with salvation in texts that I read, here are those reference texts: Isaih 32: 15-18, 14: 3-5, Ezek 11: 17-21, 39:29 and Joel 2: 28-29. I ask that the scholars review those texts and enlighten.
  5. Back Rub, a TWI term for: fore play. A little lower please.
  6. We speek of God in our point of history or should I write "history" in quotes. When reading Genesis (as Moses wrote), Adam had a point of view regarding God, quite personal as I thought. Then later on, as Moses wrote, regarding the relationship with God from Abraham, Isac and then Jacob that relationship became less personal (my perception). I wonder about that perception I hold. Do we, thousands of years later, no longer have any personal relationship? Think how it would be for us if it were not for Jesus; would the concept of God be so diluted from that relationship Adam held of God tha
  7. Took a while but did get it.
  8. Oh, I had to read it three times in order to get it: March Forth. O.K., here's one: if November is based on latin for the number 9 but the 11th month and December is the 12th month and based on the number 10, why? Just for fun. I was never told this but one day it just suddenly hit me.
  9. The welcome mat is out and ripped out under your feet before you can even get all the way into the door. the GSC dogs of war should post the rules of engagement prior to engaging. GSC, you are eating your own.
  10. An inside joke there Rocky, would you mind enlightening the rest of us?
  11. The blood of two are in the water, the GSC sharks are circling. Soon enough, the sharks will have nothing else to attack, except themselves.
  12. Oops, difference from main stream gsc thought is not welcome, got the message. Funny, I thought I was missed given that DWBH dissed on me even though I had not posted anything for months. Well, love to the sisters and brothers. Yawn, time for that 3 or 4 month nap.
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