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  1. GoldStar

    In The Beginning...

    Funny, I used to take you seriously
  2. GoldStar

    In The Beginning...

    Neil Highon da Grass Tyson explains his pear-shaped pizza Flat Earth theory
  3. GoldStar

    In The Beginning...

  4. GoldStar

    In The Beginning...

    Watch at 6:66 mark of the best part of this video where oblate missionary of very inaccurate whoa Neillie also says that the tutti fruity that st Eve gave tuit Adam in the Garden of Eatin' was a pear too, but not the whole fruit, nothing but the fruit, just a wedgie which is the fruit shape of the earth, a slice of paradise on earth, where God grew a pair of the first humans, who appearently flocked everything up for everyone else creating unpearable burdens spinning the world out of control like Neillie says earth is spinning like pizza dough getting flatter flat earth but oh Neillie pear pizza? lions and tigers and pears oh my and bunnies bug Neillie the wizard of odd-s haped planets lol mooney tunes looney tunes Never A Straight Answer says earth is a sphere but they forgot to tell Neillie who says the earth is not a sphere but fat like a chubby pear, so No Actual Space Astronots and Neillie not on the same page, not even on the same planet lol, beam me up Scotty no intelligent life in this pair of looneys NASA and Neillie, would be funnier if it wasn't so seriously ridiculous lol
  5. GoldStar

    In The Beginning...

    In the beginning, when God made the heavens, and the earth flat, The angels asked him, "Why didn't you make the earth spherical?" And God answered, "I just never got around to it..."
  6. GoldStar

    Fat Earth Theory Debunked by Large-Scale Scientific Proofs

    The video documents proofs by professionals in different fields from several countries using state of the art equipment, along with government officials, and they are very conclusive, worth watching the video
  7. GoldStar

    Fat Earth Theory Debunked by Large-Scale Scientific Proofs

    There is a clear text simmary explanation right underneath the clip, I am sorry but I am unable to transcribe the entire video, please feel free to view the first few minutes of the video if you would like to further investigate
  8. GoldStar

    Fat Earth Theory Debunked by Large-Scale Scientific Proofs

    The purpose and meaning are stated in the post
  9. GoldStar

    Fat Earth Theory Debunked by Large-Scale Scientific Proofs

    This does not in any way ask me to clarify the purpose or meaning of my post, it is completely Off-Topic and clearly in violation of the forum rules
  10. GoldStar

    Fat Earth Theory Debunked by Large-Scale Scientific Proofs

    My post is in the Open Forum, which is for General discussion of ANYTHING Your 'comment' is completely Off-Topic and in Violation of The GSC Forum Rules: - Be COURTEOUS, and please DON'T MAKE IT PERSONAL. Remember, others feel as strongly about their opinions as you do about yours. It's okay to disagree, but when doing so, criticize the MESSAGE, NOT THE MESSENGER. Please do not engage in insulting behavior, personal attacks, and inflammatory language. This includes: making disparaging remarks about fellow posters' character, MOTIVES, intelligence, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), or life outside these forums. Implying negatives about fellow posters is also not acceptable. Be aware that SARCASM toward another poster can quickly turn a discussion into a flame war. WE DISAPPROVE OF COMMENTS THAT STIFLE DISCUSSION or label a particular viewpoint as UNWELCOME. SUCH COMMENTS HINDER THOUGHTFUL AND OPEN DISCUSSIONS. DO NOT "STALK" ANOTHER POSTER FROM THREAD TO THREAD TO PERPETUATE AN EARLIER DISAGREEMENT (but don't accuse someone of stalking if he/she just happens to disagree with you often). The Purpose of the Rules These rules are meant to ENCOURAGE CIVIL, COURTEOUS discussion. They are NOT MEANT TO STIFLE your FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. WE WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE A VOICE HERE; please use yours wisely and CONSIDERATELY.
  11. After seven years of research on earth format, scientific experiments carried out by Brazilian researchers at Dakila Research and the Zigurats Technological Center in partnership with professionals from various areas of Brazil and other countries, such as the United States, Russia, Chile, the Netherlands, Spain , have shown that the Earth is not spherical. Terra convexa is an independent research of Dákila Researches www.dakila.com.br and Centro Tecnológico Zigurats ctzbrasil.com.br originally published in www.terraconvexa.com.br and convexearth.org
  12. GoldStar

    NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    Thank you Chockfull for that very interesting post
  13. GoldStar

    NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    I thank God that I am neither TWI nor ex-TWI nor attracted to unusual theories, only the usual ones
  14. GoldStar

    What does Jesus Christ have in common with the sun?

    I believe it the sun and the moon it is talking about are literal, there are no other indications in the vese that they are figurative. The figurative part is in relating the Sun and Moon to God and Jesus. Jesus in his earthly ministry had spirit from God. Here is a verse that is a good example that shows how spirit can be manifested to be seen with physical eyes, and may explain how God who is spirit (John 4:24) and Jesus who has a glorified body (the spiritual body of 1 Cor 15:44 which has spirit inside) can manifest their spirits to give light: "And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, 2 and was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light." (Note that this verse is not figuratively comparing Jesus as the sun, it only says that his face did shine as the sun). I doubt it is talking about electriciy in heaven. Everybody knows there are no electricians in heaven