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  1. Funny, I used to take you seriously
  2. Neil Highon da Grass Tyson explains his pear-shaped pizza Flat Earth theory
  3. https://www.unscientificamerican.com/article/earth-is-shaped-like-Neil-De-Grass-Tyson-(pear-shaped)
  4. Watch at 6:66 mark of the best part of this video where oblate missionary of very inaccurate whoa Neillie also says that the tutti fruity that st Eve gave tuit Adam in the Garden of Eatin' was a pear too, but not the whole fruit, nothing but the fruit, just a wedgie which is the fruit shape of the earth, a slice of paradise on earth, where God grew a pair of the first humans, who appearently flocked everything up for everyone else creating unpearable burdens spinning the world out of control like Neillie says earth is spinning like pizza dough getting flatter flat earth but oh Neillie pear pizza? lions and tigers and pears oh my and bunnies bug Neillie the wizard of odd-s haped planets lol mooney tunes looney tunes Never A Straight Answer says earth is a sphere but they forgot to tell Neillie who says the earth is not a sphere but fat like a chubby pear, so No Actual Space Astronots and Neillie not on the same page, not even on the same planet lol, beam me up Scotty no intelligent life in this pair of looneys NASA and Neillie, would be funnier if it wasn't so seriously ridiculous lol
  5. In the beginning, when God made the heavens, and the earth flat, The angels asked him, "Why didn't you make the earth spherical?" And God answered, "I just never got around to it..."
  6. Thank you Chockfull for that very interesting post
  7. I thank God that I am neither TWI nor ex-TWI nor attracted to unusual theories, only the usual ones
  8. I believe it the sun and the moon it is talking about are literal, there are no other indications in the vese that they are figurative. The figurative part is in relating the Sun and Moon to God and Jesus. Jesus in his earthly ministry had spirit from God. Here is a verse that is a good example that shows how spirit can be manifested to be seen with physical eyes, and may explain how God who is spirit (John 4:24) and Jesus who has a glorified body (the spiritual body of 1 Cor 15:44 which has spirit inside) can manifest their spirits to give light: "And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, 2 and was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light." (Note that this verse is not figuratively comparing Jesus as the sun, it only says that his face did shine as the sun). I doubt it is talking about electriciy in heaven. Everybody knows there are no electricians in heaven
  9. Hi Chockfull, Your comment brought to mind the distinction I make in my mind: 'The Trinity' is the doctrine itself, best summarized in the following statement: "God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit" but 'the trinity' is God, Jesus, and the holy spirit Back to the topic of the thread, I had mentioned in a previous post here that the way I see the question posed by this thread (What does Jesus have in common with the sun), is that Jesus is more figuratively similar to the moon, but God more figuratively similar to the sun, in the verses I quoted in that post. Do you have any thoughts on that Chockfull?
  10. Quoting from that 10 "reasons" link show it's pure speculation: # 10 - "as we all know" # 9 - "may have come from" # 8 - "It is theorized that" # 7 - "This is claimed to be" etc., etc., etc..... Please don't take his click bait
  11. Bollshevik added: https://www.livescience.com/24310-flat-earth-belief.html Sorry, the flat earth idea is not true The earth has mountains just more Off-Topic click bait full of vain babblings Please don't take his bait.
  12. Great song, DWBH, thanks for that! Had never heard it before... << GoldStar dancing And it's almost on topic too !!
  13. Listen to the very last statement the 'astro-not" says on this video where he gives away the location of the video studio they are in
  14. Do you mean big red truck as in big red planet Mars, the next fake NASA mission hoax ? They sound exactly like the Board of Trustees purposefully evading answering any questions with straight answers....why? Because they are hiding something.....the truth
  15. That's a funny joke, lol Probably should go in the Humor section so we can stay on topic here But since you opened the door: Blonde calls 911 to report a fire in her apartment 911 operator asks her, "How do we get to your apartment?" Blonde replies, "Duh, big red truck!" I hope we can stay on topic now, thanks
  16. There was lots of money lost with Madoff Lots of money lost in the created housing/mortgage bubble in 2008 But the masses love to be conned, as long as they have something to believe in, even if it is completely false Lawsuits? Look into how judges and court cases are controlled by big money
  17. If I had been there and seen with my own eyes the rocket launch, I would be able to say it was real Millions of people believe Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, because they 'saw' him on TV, but not one of those people who believe were there on the moon It's mass delusion
  18. It's easy to follow a leader, even if he is leading into delusion Look at how many people invested with Bernie Madoff to the tune of $50 BILLION DOLLARS Steven Spielberg invested with Bernie, and you would think that Steven Spiellberg would be smarter than that, many smart people were fooled
  19. Yep, it's just like Jesus said: "wide is the gate, and broad isthe way, that leadeth to destruction, and MANY there be which go in thereat" Matt 7
  20. Here's another video on how NASA fakes having astronots in 'space' and 'weighless' using chromakey blue/green screens:
  21. Sorry Bolshevik, I was just kidding about the Greek transliteration FakeCon = Falcon as in SpaceX's Falcon rocket
  22. I see SpaceX is on that list That's the company that used their FakeCon rocket to launch a Tesla Fraudster into 'space' lol Oops, sorry, I meant Tesla Roadster Of course, they miscalculated again like so many times before, and the Roadster is going to overshoot Mars and end up crashing and burning somewhere in the asteroid belt, lol The Roadster will become a Roaster, just like this: The SpaceX conspiracy theory burns on, brightly shining
  23. I completely agree with you Rocky, NASA staging the moon landing in a TV studio is an incredible con Just like the Arizona State University diploma-fatory degree-mill conned Starbucks employees into thinking they would get free tuition, and Arizona State University also protected their professor who plagiarized several times, alot of conning going on there, since you live close by, you might want to take a little walk over there and ask them about all their bull$hit cons By the way, I only used the word bull$hit since you used it first in your reply to me, but I would like to very kindly ask you not to use crude words like bull$hit anymore in your replies to me as those words only serve to degrade the conversation to sewer level, thanks Glad to hear your friend married an actornaut, maybe you can ask her to set up up a free ride on their fake weightlessness-simulating wire harness system to you can make your own fake weightlessness video too just like NASA does, there are too many official NASA videos that expose their fake weightlessness-simulating wire harness cons to list all of them here, but just to get you started on your search, here is just one of those many fake NASA 'weightlessness' ideos: It's very easy and lazy to slap a conspiracy theory label on true things that one refuses to accept, and one should be careful how they sloppily slap those labels on anything that they can't refute with evidence and proof, because they will stick just as easily to the fake things they believe in, and that darn adhesive is very hard to get off their hands Thanks for making my argument for me, and be happy believing in your own conspiracies, no one can take those away from you Please no more bull$hit please, ok? Let's continue being civil, ok? Thanks, Rocky P.S. - I noticed that you didn't say anything about the other video I posted showing no rocket engine burn marks on the moon's surface right under the supposed Lunar Lander? And no tire tread marks on the moondust where the Lunar Rover was supposedly unloaded onto the moon's surface from the Lunar Landar? Too much good, hard evidence to keep believing NASA's lies
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