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  1. When I saw this on FB (that's why I logged in on GSC for the first time in nearly a year and a half) I knew who you were and was taken by the verse and the pic of the tulip. It all makes sense now, your defense of certain 4th Corp folk, etc. Frankly, I don't give a rat's foot but I find it obscene that you would relish in the matter of two Christian brothers "fighting". You need to deal with that hate there Ralph.
  2. You ask: Is John Schoenheiht Legit. Hell, ask him. go to the STF site and test the waters. Of course, you will then get only one point of view. Here on GSC you will get another point of view (most posters here on GSC utterly hate any TWI off-shoots = TWI/VPW pollution). I am not a big STF follower though I do provide some monetary contributions (as I also do to GSC) and do like reading their REV (with some reservations to the personal bias of JS). Most folks here on GSC hate, and I don't mean dislike, they hate JS and STF, primarily because of having a past existence with TWI. You are now in a position to pick and choose, exercise that option. Doesn't fresh air taste good?
  3. This has been said before. There is the felt need to discard all when stepping out of the mire and crap of a very bad involvlement. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water - the word is the baby. TWI did teach some actual Biblical truths, if it did not, it would never have grown to what it did - TWI became corrupt. Hold close the truths of the Word of God and unshackle the rest. You will find it hard to identify with nearly all organized religeons, don't expect to get a total 100% fit. Go with what's comfortable. Seek fellowship, even if it's a guy/gal sitting on a park bench - that's fellowship that exceeds a structured church setting.
  4. Thanks waysider but I will post here. I think that I confused promises with salvation in texts that I read, here are those reference texts: Isaih 32: 15-18, 14: 3-5, Ezek 11: 17-21, 39:29 and Joel 2: 28-29. I ask that the scholars review those texts and enlighten.
  5. Back Rub, a TWI term for: fore play. A little lower please.
  6. We speek of God in our point of history or should I write "history" in quotes. When reading Genesis (as Moses wrote), Adam had a point of view regarding God, quite personal as I thought. Then later on, as Moses wrote, regarding the relationship with God from Abraham, Isac and then Jacob that relationship became less personal (my perception). I wonder about that perception I hold. Do we, thousands of years later, no longer have any personal relationship? Think how it would be for us if it were not for Jesus; would the concept of God be so diluted from that relationship Adam held of God that we would no longer have a belief in God (Elohim, Jehovah - Yawhah)? God does not change through time but our demeanor about God does. Why or how is that so? Moses in his writings laid it out - we (us), diminish it. As for me, I desire that God exists. The sun rises (the earth turns) and I see the burning bush, night falls, I see stars and the bright and morning star (Venus) - reminders of thousands of years past. If the written word was exiled from my eyes then did not that same word state that even the rocks of the earth would rise and proclaim the glory? I admit, I often have my doubts but those doubts have fragile validity when I claim the overwhelming evidence, evidence no less than what Adam had - well, yes, a bit less. Oh hell, maybe that's why I have the Comforter, the Helper: the gift of holy spirit. Some of the stuff Raf wrote I think of on an almost daily basis: keeping track of so many of us, our thoughts, etc. Yeh Raf, it's a point of contention in my thoughts about if God exihists then he is required to keep track of all that BS, wow, how is it capable, how big is his server?
  7. Took a while but did get it.
  8. Oh, I had to read it three times in order to get it: March Forth. O.K., here's one: if November is based on latin for the number 9 but the 11th month and December is the 12th month and based on the number 10, why? Just for fun. I was never told this but one day it just suddenly hit me.
  9. The welcome mat is out and ripped out under your feet before you can even get all the way into the door. the GSC dogs of war should post the rules of engagement prior to engaging. GSC, you are eating your own.
  10. An inside joke there Rocky, would you mind enlightening the rest of us?
  11. The blood of two are in the water, the GSC sharks are circling. Soon enough, the sharks will have nothing else to attack, except themselves.
  12. Oops, difference from main stream gsc thought is not welcome, got the message. Funny, I thought I was missed given that DWBH dissed on me even though I had not posted anything for months. Well, love to the sisters and brothers. Yawn, time for that 3 or 4 month nap.
  13. Steve and the rest of you, thanks for the comments.
  14. To trade loyalty for something else for the benefit of others means that person must live with that breach for the rest of their life. If you ain't been there then best to sit on your hands.
  15. Strange, you folks want the dirty laundry. A Book. In order to write such a book means that one must be an entrusted person, a confidant, within the circle, someone who was faithful. Now that's all well and good for those of us who want to smell the dirty laundry but what about the person who "TRADES" their confidence for other reasons, such as "money". It dirties the concept of loyalty, friend or foe. Book writers are normally folks on the fringe, folks with a bit of knowledge but without the inner circle knowledge - that's a cheap tweet. Evil or good, I despise a breach in loyalty. Itchy ears.
  16. Hey, I was thought to be a troll after I first got on GSC because of my statements about the REV. That would have been too honest to have been a troll, unless I am playing a REALLY good game of it. I will just state it here: if I follow one of the TWI off shoots, does that make me bad? Really, be logical, an off shoot left TWI. The off shoots get a bad rap because of past TWI affiliation, shoot, we all had past TWI affiliation! Really, what can a troll do here on this site, why troll it to begin with? I don't know who would troll GSC, what would TWI gain from It, that's a question. Now I follow STF (REV), so, does that make me a troll? Really, do we need to take some sort of GSC oath.
  17. Wow DWeeBH, I ain't posted in almost 4 months and some how you need to bring up my name, and patronize Steve to inform him of my "whining". What, you need an alley? As of this writing, I have read Steve's dissertation, quite good and way above my pay grade. I know you are looking for a confrontation Mr. IVth corp but Iv'e kinda grown outa that stuff. I have to ask you a question DWBH: who is the most redundant, my asking about the REV or your consistent posts on numerous forums bashing TWI for, well, how many years now? You just keep blasting on TWI with the same stuff. I agree with you DWBH, TWI deserves it but don't say that I am redundant. Now, for anyone new here to the Grease Spot Cafe, we have fun bantering and as I must admit, I am very thankful for Don't Worry Be Happy as he/she got me back into reading more of the Gospel records as well as the Pauline Epistles, it's a balance, in my reading practices if I must say. The Grease Spot Cafe is a great place for healing, learning and also good ole locker room BS.
  18. Let' see, I also thought troll and Rocky seems to be on that thought as well. Regardless, welcome the trolls. You know, there are probably no old TWI folks who are trolls, just kids. Let them read away and get some education.
  19. All my TWI books were from the 1970's (gone now), doubt any of those addresses are still valid, besides, buyer beware. If some of the info in any of those old PFAL books can help someone, who cares (truth on the heal of the devil - if you know what that means). GSC can not police the world regarding the tentacles of TWI, sheesh. I read Capital by Karl Marx and I did not become a communist and much of Mein Kamph by Adolph Hitler and did not become a Nazi. People have minds, and sometimes those minds work.
  20. Mr. Lortz, Thanks for the dissertation, I read it a couple of times, there's a lot to digest. As of this typing, I have not seen anything in your writing that changes my opinion of the validity of what John Schoeheit has done in the REV. Quite evident you are a learned individual on the Bible, it's what you do, not what I do. I would agree that anyone having spent any length of time in TWI would have ingrained certain of their doctrine, yet, if it was stolen from other scholars, well, that makes me more confident in the validity of the doctrine. You tend to portray Schoenheit as a VPW extension, I have not seen that, else wise, why did he leave TWI? Regardless, my concern, as stated numerously here in the GSC, is that I want to know if the words in the REV are trustworthy, period. I don't give a rat's foot about the authenticity and scholarly attributes of John Schoenheit, only that what I read is something that can be trusted. You can refute the man but do you refute the validity of what's been laid down in the REV and the adjoining commentary? Thank you for what you wrote, especially the whole thing on time, etc.; something that I have pondered for decades (I am an old man you know} MRAP
  21. You know, that book: "The Bible Tells Me So", the blue book ain't a bad read, regardless of the fraud who sold it to you/your friend (it's paid for). I burned/recycled all of my old Way books but if you read it and it helped you, why not let a friend read it. Sit with your friend and discuss the book and reference the Bible; all things start somewhere.
  22. I owed someone a response, I think it was Steve Lortz but am not sure of the sub-forum topic: this one by TLF is the correct exchange of information but I don't see any posts by either Steve or myself. It's been some time and the path is overgrown: I have searched extensively but have been unable to find the formum sub-topic (it's a topic like this one TLC started). I had some references to post but will wait and see if this is the correct spot. Any help is appreciated.
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