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  1. TLC

    The Myth of Hell

    As a follow up to that last question, what does the destruction of a soul mean to you? Or what do you make of the destruction of "brute beasts" spoken of in 2Peter 2:!2? Do they "utterly perish," or not?
  2. TLC

    The Myth of Hell

    Well, so happens that I don't. But neither do I agree with that. However, allow me to ask this of you... If you suppose that it can or will purify man's sin nature, do you likewise suppose that it can or will purify the devil? If not, why not?
  3. TLC

    The Myth of Hell

    So, you've said absolutely nothing about what you believe, or that makes any sense whatsoever.
  4. TLC

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    You want undisputable, concrete, verifiable by the senses "proof," Raf, before you can believe it? Ha! You will never have or get it, until it's too late. Why? Because that methodology or approach just doesn't work. Never has and apparently, it never would. God has already tried it for hundred and hundreds of years with Israel - yet, here you are, thinking you're so much better, smarter, or less stiff necked than they were. Believe it or not, the law was actually given to convict Israel (separated and elevated above all other nations of the world), that they - at best - were still... well, in your words, outright stupid and in need of a diaper change. Ya, you go, Raf. Have your fun here. You's (and so many others nowadays) are all so much smarter and more intelligent than all them back then were!
  5. TLC

    The Myth of Hell

    Likewise, I don't find much reason to believe in some sort of eternal torment, as fire eventually consumes whatever is fueling it. However, I do read that at, or after, the end (i.e., the great white throne judgement), those that are not saved or "whosoever is not written in the book of life" are cast into the lake of fire. What do you suppose that means, Mark?
  6. Not that you said this, Twinky, but I trust that you know they didn't strangely or suddenly just "become" legalistic overnight. Hindsight being what it is, the roots of legalism within twi were well developed long before any of us (old timers included) were involved. So much so, that frankly speaking, it can be somewhat shocking when you really start digging around beneath the surface. How else do you think ego's became so easily puffed up and bloated, if not through legalism? You ever see grace do that?
  7. You know, the more I think about this statement, the more troubling it becomes. Why? Well, primarily because of the deceptiveness of it. Here it is in a nutshell: 1) Intricately associate TWI with dispensationalism and "the gospel of grace" (which has been so easily done by so many, for many, many, many years.) 2) Discredit TWI (which has also become rather easy to do.) 3) Point to dispensationalism as being one of the main, root problems of TWI. 4) Conclude that dispensationlism itself is all f'd up and must be avoided at all costs. (And you might as well toss Paul's epistles in with it while you're at it.) To one degree or another (some more, some less), it's been happening here at GSC for as long as I can recall reading here. (and previously, I've been rather viciously maligned or slandered for even daring to bring up the issue or speak out on such matters...)
  8. TLC

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    yeah, so what. lots of repetition and/or being more popular doesn't necessarily make it any more right or more scientific. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47vDpY3eMXg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd5-dHxOQhg go ahead and call them fake, it's your choice to think whatever you want to. I just think it's unfortunate that you think others looking at this from a different perspective than what you're accustomed to is so incredibly "stupid." (although you seem to define arrogance differently, that appears to me to fit the mold for it quite well.) anyways, I'm done with this thread. it's obvious that you're not here to honestly discuss, but rather, just to garner more support for and/or promote your own religious (purported to be "more intelligent") beliefs.
  9. TLC

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    If you were more concerned with finding or learning how it's possible than you've been with finding or learning how it's not possible, perhaps you'd end up with something closer to the truth. But, not only might that conflict with some of your other beliefs, it would undoubtedly take a lot more time and effort, which you evidently don't have nor care for. And, given your rather obvious disdain for much of anything that I might think or have to say on this thread, neither do I care to butt heads over it. However, I think there actually are some plausible answers to these issues that can be found on the Internet, IF one is sufficiently motivated and intelligent enough to know how to look for them. This is the result of a two minute search on google, so it's probably barely scratching the surface of what's out there: http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Chaldeans.html#.W8UET2nn-Uk And as for the length of years they lived, evidently you've never looked at or consider the possible (and probable) effect of the hyperbaric condition that likely existed prior to the flood (which, of course, you suppose and say never happened...)
  10. Oh, I'm quite aware of what was and wasn't taught "back in the day," which is why I rather specifically referred to what was practiced. You can talk about the apostle Paul and the grace administration all you want. But, if you miss both why and when it started, and fail to adhere to it on a practical level... how well "aligned" with it do you honestly think that is? (Perhaps you might try reading my previous post a bit more carefully.) Quite frankly, I suppose anyone that thinks that vpw (or twi) aligned themselves with Paul's gospel, evidently doesn't know one or the other of them very well. That said, if one isn't capable of making a clear distinction and separation between the gospel of the kingdom and the Paul's gospel of grace, what do they really know or understand about dispensationalism?
  11. Was probably like that stuff used in coffee... half and half.
  12. Oh, it's biblical enough. Comes right straight from Exodus 18. You didn't know that?
  13. Not true. Just where do you think or suppose the "Way Tree" teachings came from? Truth is that in practice (even if not as obvious in its doctrinal teachings), twi never actually aligned itself all that well with dispensationalism. So, so many things (some being much more disguised than others) were right straight out of the old testament...
  14. TLC

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Yeah, truth is, I wasn't trying to derail the conversation, and have no motive or reason for being upset, as I'm not trying to make you "fall" for anything. So, call my reasoning flawed, or whatever else you care or want to. It comes as no surprise that a two dimensional approach to a three dimensional problem might only see any three dimensional thinking as not only an insult to their way of looking at it, but as "outright stupidity."
  15. TLC

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Very well then, be happy and content with your own smartness and smugness, Raf. This will all wash out in the end, when there will be no excuses for what we thought and how we have lived. https://www.wanttoknow.info/i/what-is-reality