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  1. So, that's your only care and concern? Not, what the truth is? Look, the fact here is, I really don't care much what your reason is or isn't for posting what you did. I was simply stating what it looks like, AND some number of reasons why it does. Why do you have to take this so personal? We both know it's not even a point of view that you actually believe, but rather, some bit of a reasoning process (that I plainly stated I wasn't familiar with and didn't make sense) which now appears far easier to avoid for what appears to me to be some rather emotional and artificial reason, rather
  2. This "who is in charge" angle (or approach, if you prefer) to oikinomia is not something I've really encountered or thought much about before, and quite frankly, I'm just not sure how or someone else might see or want to frame it in those terms, aside from it being a strawman. It seems to me that a more biblical perspective deals with (and hence, is more important to understand) what is dispensed or administered, and perhaps why it is so... and not really so much (if at all) with who or where it comes from, and when or how it arrives. Regardless of whether or not anyone says they ende
  3. Geesh... can't say that I've ever even heard reasoning against seeing it as periods of time because there was some hard cut off point where one starts the other ends. When or where or why did "transition periods" get cut out of that picture? But, perhaps the intention is merely to make that particular aspect or perspective sound as difficult or as "unlikely" as possible... Personally, I've become rather fond of thinking of it in terms of an economy. Economies change (or evolve, if you prefer) over time. Even though that may not be a perfect way to see it, it makes plenty of sense to m
  4. Sounds simple enough. The question it leaves, of course, is what do you see or think that He expects of us? Something different?
  5. Ah... so, perhaps you also think Rome is (or was) the "man child" that Rev. 12:5 speaks of. But, if so... then how is it that Rome is "caught up unto God, and to his throne"? After Pentecost (Acts 2)? mmmm.... okay, I guess. Maybe it was "in progress." But to be fair, I'm really not sure what all that might or might not mean or entail, and whether it was or wasn't, one way or the other at this point. Finalized? I'm not convinced. Granted, the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed - which btw, wasn't the first time it was lost. And it's no secret that Israel (today) already
  6. Doubt it would make much difference to me whether they were or weren't advocating that particular point of view, as long as they could discuss it rather plainly or clearly... or at least, somewhat sensibly. Personally (and as you are likely well aware of), I'm probably about as (or more) "dispensational" as any I've read about anywhere on this site. Although, seems what I ascribe to doesn't actually "fit" or align with what (at least, most) others here apparently see (or think they see) of it. Quite frankly, I had surmised (from other postings of yours) that you were in (or at least, mo
  7. Yes, I know of the promise(s) to (and covenant with) Abraham.. but perhaps you can explain exactly why or how you see that being a "covenant" with us? How are you defining a covenant, and what do you suppose the terms or conditions (if there be any) or fulfillment of it are, as it (i.e., the Abrahamic covenant... or something else?) specifically pertains to us?
  8. I think you probably mean Gal. 4, but what might help me see your perspective on it more would be if you could lay out in your own terms what you see as the (or at least, some of the) basic parameters of this "covenant with us." Like I said previously, maybe it's more a matter of semantics, as I know there are different ways of interpreting or seeing what all is (and/or isn't) included or enveloped within a "covenant." Where or as it sits, the "two covenants" appear to be set or intended primarily as a means of comparison for those that are ... dare I say... stuck to (or at least, inclin
  9. Well, who are you addressing that to? ...as I've re-read my post three - no, four - times now, and I don't see how you could possibly think it sounded like I thought or meant the latter. In fact, if anything, seems to me it would have been far easier to think or question why it appears that I might be excluding all of Israel from the one body. Which, btw, I'm not inclined to exclude all... but, (contrary to certain other beliefs) maybe... some. Why, you might ask? Namely because I'm now of the persuasion that the one body (aka, the body of Christ) is not only introduced and embedded in i
  10. might you mean... none that you believe, have heard about, or are aware of ? I think one of the (many) difficulties that preterism (for example) seems to have, is explaining the prophecy (concerning ruling with a "rod of iron") written in Psalms 2:9, and if or when it was (or is to be) fulfilled. Of course, it's rather plainly referred to again in Rev. 19:15. Now, please don't suppose that any change in administrations could or would automatically end something like grace, which can easily be shown to have been in operation (or existence, if you prefer) prior to this dispensation t
  11. When did (or do) these words stop being true? Matthew 7 [13] Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: [14] Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
  12. A simple yes or no doesn't need any more interpretation, much less a master's degree in comprehending Mark Sanguinetti's vague exegesis of scripture.
  13. Rob Bell skirts the issue better than you. But, evidently neither of you care to address the issue head on.
  14. And there were others, prior to Darby. https://www.amazon.com/Dispensationalism-Before-Darby-William-Watson/dp/1942614039 Personally, I think it dates back to Paul. Of course, most that post or read here don't believe anything even remotely close to that, and contend that where ever that word is written in scripture it means something else. However, not many see the difference that Paul refers to in Philippians 1:10, nor can imagine what all might be meant with the instructions to rightly divide the word of truth. I'm inclined to agree...
  15. ...what an obvious case of projection: so much for any "discussion" of Bell's position on the issue... sayonara.
  16. He's sure not the first to speak out against hell being some place of eternal torment, which incidentally, I agree with (and quite frankly, have known from a time that was many moons before twi..) Seems to me that doctrinally speaking, even vpw and twi would (have) agree(d) with him on that. (Which gives be pause in pondering why this particular thread was introduced here...) What is questionable, however, is the notion of universalism... that eventually, none can - or will - resist the will (i.e., love) of God, and will (inevitably) be saved. Although Bell appears to lean in that dire
  17. In reality, he didn't actually do any "boxing up" (i.e., containment) of dispensations. not only did he not rightly divide them (as plainly instructed to do in 2Tim2:15), seems he took, stole, borrowed or used (however you want to think of it) whatever he could from what was written to and intended specifically for Israel whenever it appeared to be advantageous to do so. so what if anyone talks about or makes some rather broad references to there being different "administrations"... yet in both doctrinal teachings and practice, fails to rightly separate and clearly note various distinctions (
  18. don't frequently read (much less, post) here anymore... but reading that sure stirs the pot a bit. probably because it was an issue that often drew deeper thoughts outta me, even back in early 80's, maybe 'cause it didnt' fit and felt rather "off" to me. whatever our take or perspective on what believing is (or isn't), what I am fully persuaded of is that the only one that ever perfected it is the Lord Jesus Christ. And not only are we not capable of that (whatever "that" is), because he did (perfect it) ...not only do we not have to, neither do I think our day to day attention and
  19. Seems to me it'd take a bit of work to make that much more confusing than you did, WW. But, to put it bluntly, guess I'm not buyin' it. For starters, why so nonchalantly entwine the entire notion of believing (anything) with what it might mean to believe God? Granted, the whole "positive or negative" approach to what believing is or means might be (i.e., probably is) misguided, especially if trying to restrict it to its biblical usage. Yet, I do recognize there is something (which I'll leave undefined) to positive (or negative) thinking that can and does have an effect on the reality th
  20. Since when (and/or where in the Bible) did God ever give preference to or choose any of those characteristics above humility? But, as with most that were ever sprinkled with twi's "special" pixie dust, perhaps such a forgotten and lessor quality probably would never make much of a difference anyways...
  21. When did they stop using (or calling it) "Third Aid"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems I recall there being a "third aid" tent at Rock of Ages festivals. Did no one hear ever hear of it, or the reason why it was called that instead of the First Aid tent? Did no one else here ever ask anyone else in the ministry "did you pray about it"? Please tell me it's not so...
  22. To put it bluntly, unless you're trying to make some strange point about it being or using those exact words, there were so many times that I was asked "Did you pray about it," or that I overheard it being said to others, or that I asked it of someone else, at this stage in life it would be exceedingly difficulty (and pointless) to differentiate between them. Evidently I must have been around an entirely different genre of people back in those days, ..or I'm totally insane, and my memory of those days (and my life) is somehow entirely wrong and perverted. Or maybe it's simply a matter
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