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  1. I was also referring to the perpetrators who return to victimize the innocent again, and again, and again...as in the case of the leaders of some of these offshoots. It is a seared conscience...
  2. As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly. Proverbs 26:11
  3. I am just so angry about this! It is the year 2020, "Mr and Mrs B" still think this is acceptable behavior??? After all that was exposed??? They need to be stopped and to feel righteous justice by the laws in place.
  4. Rocky: The post on baysidefellowship is about Phil Bonadies...a Way Corps grad and his wife Karen. Bayside Fellowship is listed as a religious organization...headquartered out of his house in Los Gatos CA.
  5. Reminds me of the Lamaze technique during child delivery! LOL
  6. Oh Gosh...I met Phil in the mid 70's before he was married. He was so clean cut and seemingly kind and upright. So damned maddening to realize how these men allowed themselves to be so easily seduced by evil corruption.
  7. Heck no...she was a high school graduate who never attended college. Worked at the Way of CA office at about 19 I think, and worked her way to Ohio to be on staff. She was only a secretary, and from those I know who worked with her...not even a good one.
  8. Considering she has never held a REAL job, this is just laughable.
  9. I stumbled across this page and wondered Who The Heck?? Only identification is a contact address in Belize. http://eternallyblessed.org/ Oh...and they had this link...shudder! http://eternallyblessed.org/archive/downloads/1810/pdf/1982-LV-Program.pdf
  10. Rocky, this may be the link you want. https://www.preachitteachit.org/articles/detail/surviving-the-desire-to-be-known/
  11. Grace; it is beyond me how any human being can justify their predatory behavior, especially with young girls/children. A seared conscience comes to mind...
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