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  1. Rejoice

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    This isn't always the case. After 25 years as a highly successful remodeling contractor, Dan Gallagher gave it all up to join STFI, then their top leadership were split up, then he was only other leader besides Scheonheit, and then DG was finally removed. So oddly enough, he DID have real-life job success, and yet returned to that which was all built on a cult. Nuts!
  2. Rejoice

    Phasing in a Splinter

    Does anyone know if this R&R Group just faded off into the sunset?
  3. Rejoice

    Twi's Headquarters: Manufactured Process

    Been watching Leah Remini's expose of Scientology on the A&E channel. They have a location like TWi, hidden away in the hills of Riverside county CA.
  4. Rejoice

    7th Corps - The not-so "perfect" Corps

    Chainclanker2; they are no longer married. His current wife is named Carol. Gerald Wrenn is 'friends with my friends' on FB.
  5. Rejoice

    STFI and Finnegan join forces!

    They all just cannot let go of telling people they have the truth. Sheesh....just go and live life!
  6. Rejoice

    STFI and Finnegan join forces!

    I thought they all divorced each other.
  7. Rejoice

    Revival and Restoration

    Thank you Taxidev...sad how these folks just can't let it go and just go live life.
  8. Rejoice

    Revival and Restoration

    I went to their front page...and it requires a password. I'm confused! Who are they? https://revivalandrestoration.org/
  9. Rejoice

    Might this be why the Moneyhands were M&A?

    Oye...I'm dumbfounded on that "new" revelation. I don't think it will sell very well, especially if he is trying to convert those who converted from TWI to CES to STF, and now his "Lean On Jesus." Even that title is not new!
  10. Rejoice

    Wierwille: The Indoctrinator

    Thank you all for the information update. Years ago I read Kahler's and Skegdell's books, and just recently finished Lamy's first hand account. People choose to stay asleep and hoodwinked it seems. Just when I thought it couldn't be more weird, it is more weird than I could have ever thought!! Every brother is fair game for decapitation at some point in WierdWorld.
  11. Rejoice

    Wierwille: The Indoctrinator

    I looked around to find a definition of the "new R&R" group, but couldn't find it. Of whom are you speaking?
  12. Rejoice

    Athletes of The Spirit

    I'm curious...WHY would this video be considered for an ART exhibit?? An example of What Not to Create????
  13. Rejoice

    Athletes of The Spirit

    Oh my...he's got this photo on his FB page! https://www.facebook.com/events/452792265179805/
  14. I received an email and don't know details as to how this happened, but it seems that Dan Gallagher is starting his own offshoot. He's reversing on what he's taught for years. http://restitutio.org/2018/04/19/interview-33-can-you-lose-your-salvation-dan-gallagher/
  15. Rejoice

    Martindale Kids

    Both of the girls look like their mother when she was young. The kids are all on Facebook.