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  1. I stumbled across this page and wondered Who The Heck?? Only identification is a contact address in Belize. http://eternallyblessed.org/ Oh...and they had this link...shudder! http://eternallyblessed.org/archive/downloads/1810/pdf/1982-LV-Program.pdf
  2. Rocky, this may be the link you want. https://www.preachitteachit.org/articles/detail/surviving-the-desire-to-be-known/
  3. Grace; it is beyond me how any human being can justify their predatory behavior, especially with young girls/children. A seared conscience comes to mind...
  4. No idea if this is close to what you remember...but it sure looks like an AMAZING recipe! https://www.rockrecipes.com/dirty-rice-beans-soup/
  5. In order to be heard and to release the negativity, she went public with the story in 2014. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2850582/Daughter-27-confronts-father-handing-cult-leader-raped-years-saying-God-s-word-just-13.html
  6. Rejoice

    Charles Manson

    Twinky; excellent insight! Manson was a discarded child...spent most of his childhood in juvenile detention and foster care I think from the age of about 11. No family and no love. Notice how he called his followers his family? He probably developed schizophrenia from terrible early, emotional traumas; a broken soul. No idea why any of his followers were mesmerized by him. I think a few of them actually came from good upbringings. For me, I was raised in a very loving home with good friends and support. I felt a hollowness with formal religions and TWI offered something I had never heard previously...to build a personal relationship and knowledge of God the creator. And I could help others who felt that void. That was it...plain and simple. I went on the WOW field with that starry-eyed goal, and have maintained some of those friendships from the 70's. Went in Family Corps...but could see that things were glaringly hollow and problematic, and the control over every little thing was choking us. Even though I gave 18 years of my life believing what they taught, I had no problem leaving it all behind once made up my mind to go. I only heard the uglies when WayDale surfaced. It and The Cafe explained the explainable.
  7. Rejoice

    Charles Manson

    Leslie Van Houten: She is up for parole consideration today. My gosh she was only 19 when she got drawn into the cult of Manson, and is 69 yrs old today. She was a young kid who stupidly followed orders [and yes two people died], but she has paid with her life and freedom all these years. I wonder what would become of her if she was released? How would she survive? No friends [or family?] on the outside. https://www.foxnews.com/us/court-wonders-if-it-can-rule-on-manson-followers-parole
  8. This isn't always the case. After 25 years as a highly successful remodeling contractor, Dan Gallagher gave it all up to join STFI, then their top leadership were split up, then he was only other leader besides Scheonheit, and then DG was finally removed. So oddly enough, he DID have real-life job success, and yet returned to that which was all built on a cult. Nuts!
  9. Does anyone know if this R&R Group just faded off into the sunset?
  10. Been watching Leah Remini's expose of Scientology on the A&E channel. They have a location like TWi, hidden away in the hills of Riverside county CA.
  11. Chainclanker2; they are no longer married. His current wife is named Carol. Gerald Wrenn is 'friends with my friends' on FB.
  12. They all just cannot let go of telling people they have the truth. Sheesh....just go and live life!
  13. Thank you Taxidev...sad how these folks just can't let it go and just go live life.
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