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Found 2 results

  1. I'm looking for a full-length copy of Athletes of the Spirit (VHS, digital, whatever) and am willing to purchase it from anyone willing to sell. Please PM me if you have one, or post here with suggestions of where I might find one. Thanks.
  2. Hello! I'm planning to get my AOTS 10th Anniversary Edition vhs tape converted to digital. The service charges by length. The tape itself is a T-130 VHS, which is a 6.5 hour long tape. Visually, there is a lot of tape on the reel! I don't think the production is that long! Anyone know the approximate runtime of this production? I don't own a VCR so I can't watch it and time it, and I don't want to ask the conversion service to time it for me. Thanks in advance! Edits: I forgot to mention that the approximate runtime is not indicated on the clamshell or tape label . There is also an insert with a bunch of scriptures, but no runtime! My motivations for this conversion are historic preservation. I was raised in the Way and don't feel nostalgic for it, but I also don't want to eradicate all memories of being there. This tape is rare, so I want to make sure that its contents are sufficiently archived. I realize that the Way holds copyright claims to this production and that they actively eradicate evidence of Martindale's involvement, so I know that uploading the video on a major platform will result in a copyright takedown. It's not my intent to distribute the production in such a manner, but rather to preserve the recording.
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