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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I'm planning to get my AOTS 10th Anniversary Edition vhs tape converted to digital. The service charges by length. The tape itself is a T-130 VHS, which is a 6.5 hour long tape. Visually, there is a lot of tape on the reel! I don't think the production is that long! Anyone know the approximate runtime of this production? I don't own a VCR so I can't watch it and time it, and I don't want to ask the conversion service to time it for me. Thanks in advance! Edits: I forgot to mention that the approximate runtime is not indicated on the clamshell or tape label . There is also an i
  2. "Buckskin girl"--labelled this because she could not be identified at the time, for the unique deerskin poncho she was wearing. I am starting this thread to jog anybody's memory for the time of April, 1981, that might have had contact with her that was connected with The Way International at this time. I can confirm that Marcia King was in my fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA for a few weeks shortly before her homicide in late April 1981, but went back to headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio. So she might have ended up in a similar situation of living arrangements and fellowship in th
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