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  1. Skyrider are you sure it was 1985 when he was ordained? I was sure he boasted VPW ordained him, and that couldn't be possible since VPW died before Corps Week in 1985.
  2. https://www.rapsheets.org/sexaul-offender/McCulloch_Robert/2050019 I worked for this POS while on Staff at HQ. The victim was a 6 year old girl. I'm beyond disgusted. He liked to claim his ordination was by Wierwille, and it was under the Big Top tent during a ROA. I guess the rain came through and dropped water on his head. Or course the incident was spiritualized indicating the adversary didn't like him being ordained. I think it was probably God giving his opinion on it. I wonder what else he's done. Sick sick sick!!!
  3. https://www.rapsheets.org/sexaul-offender/McCulloch_Robert/2050019 Anyone see this? OMG!!!! The victim was a 6 year old female. Unfrikkingbelievable and disgusting. I worked for that POS at HQ.
  4. It's been awhile since I've been around. I decided to stop by this morning to see what was up with good ole GSC. Glad to see some are keeping TWI's craziness alive. Some of us need to write a book on our experiences, me included. I've been out now for 10 years and 3 months! It doesn't seem that long. But the good thing is I've really put it behind me. I rarely think about TWI, and I rarely have dreams about being in staff. The thing that chaps my hide: I was filling out a resume and had to put down 15 years of work history! That meant I had to put TWI down. I thought 10 years work history was the norm. Anywhoo. It gets better each day with time out.
  5. How come I can't see "About The Way?"

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  6. OMG! The things that come to mind if you spent too much time on sex. And even thinking that was the adversary....OMG! That organization is so effed up, it is inconceivable people stay in it. What do you say to leadership? You were having more fun than originally planned? Then you schedule more time the following week and get reproved for spending too much time having sex? Good God! Where does the craziness stop?
  7. I only had a refresher course in English, which I actually needed. It helps me to this day. I severed my employment with TWI 10 years ago this August. I'm glad I don't have to list them on my resume any longer. Added to keep on topic: Other than the English, nothing I did at TWI helped me with my career nor did it help make me more valuable in my line of work. I worked in Word Processing for the first 3 years. They were still using a DOS version of WordPerfect. They didn't upgrade to a Windows version until the year I moved to another Department. This was in the late 90s. They should have changed to the Windows version much earlier than that. And just what is wrong with MS Word, the most used word processing program? It reminds me of the BetaMax days.
  8. I just saw the links to the interviews is not working. Can someone help? This person I just reconnected with really NEEDS to hear it from the mouth of someone who experienced it.
  9. I just ran across an old friend I knew i TWI who has since left. However, they didn't know about this place. When I told this person of VPW's sexual improprieties, she was shocked. I know there was a Greasespot Radio interview with someone from the SF Hippie Days who shared about VPW asking them to take him to an orgy. However, I don't know which radio interview that was. Can someone help point me in the right direction? I will be pointing her toward Losing the Way interviews as well.
  10. I'll trust your judgment Old Skool. I actually haven't been around him since before he went in to the Corps. He was still a youngin' back then, and that was at least 10 years ago. I'm sure his dedication to the old lesbian has changed him.
  11. That was darn funny! Surely Frank S is horrified he's been the butt of so many things because of that video. Poor guy. I thought he is actually a good guy. He's just misdirected.
  12. I don't believe that happened to Tom Mullins. He was a Region coordinator when I left in 2002. As far as I know, he and his wife are still in TWI. And he is still alive and kicking.
  13. I found her on Facebook. Thanks!
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