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  1. The main fundamental problem with the Way ministry as I still see it and saw it years ago was that high leaders for the Way could do what ever they wanted to do with no criticism even if they did bad things. While common ordinary people involved in the Way as members were treated much more critically regarding so called evil things that they could do even before they did them. Years ago I even wrote a biblical article on this subject titled "The Lordship of Jesus Christ, Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man". I did not know about Victor Weirwille's usage of his religious leadership
  2. At least the Thayer's Greek Lexicon is NOT subject to intellectual property / copyright law, because it was published before 1923. However, the Vine's Expository Dictionary may be subject to copyright law because it was first published in 1940. Perhaps the Thomas Nelson Publishers purchased this. Difficult contacting them. In doing a Google search, I just found out that Thomas Nelson Publishers was acquired or purchased by Harper Collins Publishers. I can perhaps at least contact this publisher. I will try to do that by phone call soon.
  3. Thank you Twinky. It would be good for me to contact PC BibleSoft Software or Thomas Nelson Publishers , but no success so far. Yes, it likely took a number of people to do the research work for this.
  4. Thank you Rocky for your feedback. In research so far when using my brain. I need to contact organizations or corporations that have received or perhaps purchased the copyright of the documents that I can quote from to get their approval or at least their feedback. The problem now is that it is very difficult to contact them. Perhaps at least in part because of the virus. The organizations should at least let me compliment them for their definitions while I write that their definitions of Greek words are very factual and that they confirm what I already believed before reading their definition
  5. I have now almost finished the writing of a biblical study book with the title of "Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ", which may be printed for commercial use. Most of the content I am confident you will agree with. Perhaps as high as 98% or after reading the content and comparing to bible versions, maybe higher. The problem I have now is after learning from Greek words and their definitions or confirming what I already believed about their definitions, I wonder if I will be able to copy these definitions to my book, while giving them clearly written credit for their definitions? For example, two
  6. WOW Waxit and others! Because this is Saturday we got or get to rest and sleep today, Saturday. We even get to worship God. However, I think God lets us also rest and even sleep other days also and not just only Saturday, the day of rest. We also get to even worship God, not just on Saturday, but also seven days a week. I hope that is OK to worship God seven days a week, perhaps through prayer, but I think it is.
  7. Regarding Sabbath, here are scriptures where Jesus Christ stated his views of the day of Sabbath after being accused of doing things even to help people on the day of Sabbath by the Jews. Here are scriptures that showed that the Jews had a crazy and hateful mindset of so called working on the Sabbath day with Jesus trying to correct the crazy sinful mindset of at least one Jew who was healed through the faith of Jesus on the day of Sabbath. Regarding the day of Sabbath being a special day of worship. It looks to me like Jesus worshiped God his Father seven days a week and so can we t
  8. Perhaps we should congratulate Waxit for a Grease Spot Cafe record for adding a phrase of his promotion and mindset to his posts. Congratulations Waxit!
  9. Perhaps we should thank Waxit for inspiring us to do the research showing that the day of Sabbath is NOT important compared to faith in Jesus Christ. Yet Waxit wants to continually try to add his mindset to the scriptures. As one of MANY examples here on GSC doctrinal. Waxit has a long post with his comments that include accusations to someone named Mark Sanguinetti, yet Waxit does this with only one scripture quote , while again trying to get people to ignore the context of the one scripture that Waxit quotes from, while again trying to add his mindset of the 7th day Sabbath to one scripture
  10. I am confident that Waxit is not as judgmental and bad as the Pharisees were in the first century when they opposed Jesus Christ and his followers. However, perhaps Waxit promotes the Sabbath day here on Grease Spot Cafe even more than the Pharisees did in the first century. Perhaps Waxit agrees with the Pharisees regarding the day of Sabbath, but hopefully not with as much hatred as the Pharisees promoted the day of Sabbath. As a result of the hatred of the Pharisees, the temple of worship was at least partially destroyed on Jesus' day of death. As a result of the hatred of the Pharisees whe
  11. I have previously provided the below information to help Waxit understand how the Pharisees often promoted the days of Sabbath. The question now is will Waxit actually read these verse along with teaching comments? Please read these verses Waxit. Here are the other verses where Jesus said he was the "Lord of the Sabbath".
  12. Sorry Waxit, but I have complimented her even more than I have complimented you. Now Waxit please read my previous posts here as it relates to the views of the Pharisees on the days of Sabbath, where I quote from actual scriptures instead of ignoring them. I am sorry, but you will not be able to bring diversity between me and other posters here. It is clear that you are trying now. NO, I do not have a different view on this and many other biblical subjects compared to Twinky.
  13. Jesus Christ as the Son of Man relates Jesus Christ to common mortal man. The Pharisees after continually accusing Jesus and his followers of not following their pharisees mindset of the Sabbath being a burden while condemning the innocent. Jesus Christ says this day is not a burden, while desiring mercy or a blessing through the Sabbath day instead of this day being a day of condemnation and sacrifice.
  14. Waxit needs to look at the context of Jesus telling the Pharisees who were accusing him and his followers for working on the Sabbath, that "the Son of Man is also the Lord of the Sabbath. Jesus said this because the Pharisees were accusing Jesus' followers of perhaps even working on the day of Sabbath. Waxit, please do not act like a Pharisee on this thread while also, at least in part accusing us for not seeing the day of Sabbath like you see it. Here are the other verses where Jesus said he was the "Lord of the Sabbath". I hope Waxit is not furious like the Pharisees were wh
  15. WOW, it sounds like Twinky has a brain and is even using her brain. Very good!
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