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  1. Hi Twinky: Perhaps I am a workaholic instead of an alcoholic. If you or anyone here wants a copy of this book to read, they can contact me or click on the web site link that I posted here last night, Oct. 16, 2021. I am OK with web sites, but in order to securely set up any payment I needed to do that with PayPal. Please pet your Kitty Cats for me. Thank you.
  2. Today I set up a web site link for the purchase of my biblical teaching book. The web site page is: https://christianreconciliation.net/book-oursaviorjesuschrist.html You can learn about some of the content of this book from the above web page.
  3. I have not read this entire forum because I am super busy, but what I have read compares the leadership of the Way International to some of the 1st century people. Simply often not the followers of Jesus Christ, but instead the 1st century Pharisees or at least some similarities to their mindset of wanting to religiously rule. Not as bad as the 1st century Pharisees who sometimes murdered followers of Jesus Christ or at least worked with the Roman Empire to have followers of Christ murdered with no crime for them. Obviously because they got away with murder by working with the Roman Empire, they will be judged at the 2nd resurrection of the unjust and could qualify as political or religious biblical beasts. We all make mistakes in our lives and when someone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ makes a mistake in not following the mindset of Jesus Christ as our loving savior. We can simply let them know their mistake even in person, while hopefully doing this in a peaceful way and simply this could or can be done with the leadership of the Way International. In the early 1980s when I met Victor Wierwille in person at an event I did this. I knew the problem with the hierarchy structure with leaders esteemed highly compared to other followers of Jesus Christ. I walked up to him and told him that you look familiar, but I can not remember your name, but it sounds something like, "Wear Something". Perhaps I was inspired by God because of his problem with having sex with multiple ladies because he was highly esteemed and could get away with that, while others received more criticism. Victor Wierwille answered and said his name was "Werewolf" and we laughed. He was with his best friend and we all laughed. Then I apologized to Victor for not calling him the animal "werewolf" and we laughed again.
  4. Why did Victor Wierwille falsely and errantly predict the death of your parents? What fault did Victor see with them? Yes, Victor Wierwille could be considered a teacher with his biblical teaching books, but NOT an apostle or a prophet and I saw that in the 1980s before I left the Way ministry. Also Wierwille also showed arrogance that I saw by saying he was the teacher instead of a teacher. We had and have a number of teachers that include on various subjects.
  5. Regarding politics I thanked John for helping me laugh when he wrote the following to me by email: I then simply helped his economic education, while providing the following link about state taxes as he helped others with his biblical teaching books. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/04/19/taxes-2020-states-with-the-highest-and-lowest-taxes/111555224/ I simply explained to him through my research that California the state that I live in does not have the highest state taxes, but is above average for state taxes that people are required to pay when you live there. Also Indiana that state that John Lynn lived in does not have the lowest state taxes, but is above average for the lower state taxes that are required when people live there. I also helped John with his economic education about low import or tariff taxes in the USA as a whole nation compared to high income taxes also in the USA with the following link written by someone named Mark Sanguinetti. I wonder who he is??? https://tppbadforus.info/u-s-constitution
  6. I consider John Lynn my friend from the state of Indiana. Sad to hear him breath his last natural earthly life breath. About two months ago on July 29th, I sent John and his wife my biblical teaching book titled: "Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ". As payment John sent me one of his books: "Is There Death After Life?", that I agree with. A good book and in working with two other authors, they wrote a number of biblical teaching books. Simply, John has the hope of a future eternal life with Jesus Christ our loving savior. When Jesus Christ returns as 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15 teaches.
  7. OldSkool, your face looks like you could be a leader of the Way International, but perhaps not enough green in your face with their headquarters perhaps still on a farm. But at least your face has the color red so that you could be intimidating to their followers. Also with your big eyes this might help you to see people that are under their religious authority. Congratulations, OldSkool!
  8. I recently received copies of my book that I ordered and paid for from a good book printer. I will place this book for sale on Amazon when I have more time. However, you can contact me directly with a discount price for the purchase of this book through the private messages on this web site. Or publicly on this topic/forum. I will send this book through USPS media mail which is a good cost of a little under $3. It has on the back cover of my book with the ISBN number, a retail price of $19.95.
  9. The following is the back cover text (I did not add extra space between paragraphs): This biblical teaching book is solely based on scriptures from the bible. Many bible verses are quoted from or referred to before or after the author teaches and provides godly spiritual knowledge. In addition, factual and informative reference books that include the definitions of the original Greek words that the bible words were translated from are quoted from to help our understanding. The author primarily promotes Jesus Christ in this book, while basing his views of Jesus Christ from bible verses, especially from the New Testament. Perhaps the author could be considered a cheer leader for Jesus Christ. The author primarily promotes Jesus Christ instead of one individual denomination or church. Hopefully many people that are part of different churches or denominations will learn from this book. The author wrote this book to serve and help people instead of wanting to lord over people like the Pharisees and Sadducees often tried to do in the first century when Jesus Christ lived his natural physical earthly life. We only have one Lord, Jesus Christ who represents God’s love and is our loving savior.
  10. Here is the last page of this book that I finalized today, while paying for some book printing from a book printing company in Washington state: Christian Book Reviews If you have read this biblical teaching book and have found it helpful for godly spiritual knowledge. You can let other people know about this book and where you found it. Or by directing people to this web site: https://christianreconciliation.net/ If you have also written a biblical teaching book or are part of a Christian church or organization you can contact the author through the web site christianreconciliation.net and write a review about this book. Then for the future printing of this book I could add a paragraph of your review while also directing readers to your book or Christian church organization in a favorable way.
  11. Last night I filled out the form to get a library of congress control number. I received an email today showing that my almost completed book was approved. I will simply have the book's isbn number and library of congress number on the copy right page. After some books are printed. I will send one of them to the library of congress address in Washington DC by media mail.
  12. Hi Twinky: In Addition, youtube has very good videos to learn how to do things. For example, I previously rarely used Adobe InDesign, but now after watching and listening to instructional youtube videos. I have learned at least the basics for a book layout. Now it is not difficult for me to do. Thank you youtube and the teachers who do youtube videos. Please pet your cats for me.
  13. My near future biblical teaching book has been almost fully written. I have used very good software programs to help with this. The programs are the PC Study Bible for research. Microsoft Word for the writings of the chapters with some editing for spelling, punctuation, and editing without having to rewrite the entire chapters when I learn more. Adobe InDesign for the layout of the book chapters that includes scriptural references, content with 16 chapters and scripture index. Also Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics within pages to also represent spiritual. Software used for the front, back and side cover, done by my graphic artist friend who I pay, named Julian Kernes, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.
  14. Very good advice T-Bone regarding eBook also. I was also advised about eBooks about 3 days ago from a phone conversation from a friend in California where I live. I started this with downloading from Amazon the Kindle software, where I can do the basics of at least reading eBooks. Thank you T-Bone for the links of also publishing as an eBook.
  15. I learned perhaps last month that many businesses who say they are book publishers, do not actually print books. Instead they mostly promote books, while doing marketing to make money. Perhaps they make more money than the author does, who actually did the research, and wrote the book. Therefore, I do not need businesses who call themselves publishers, especially it they do not actually print books. I found a company in Washington state that does actual book printing at a good price. It looks like I will self publish while using this company to do the actual book printing. For marketing I can use other people to help me with marketing and the selling of books. For example, visiting local book stores, with bookstores getting a wholesale price, instead of a full retail price. If someone gets sales, I will send them money as a commission of perhaps 5% to 10%. The book will take more time with a little more editing and then printing, but hopefully finalized within the next two months or maybe next month. Below are the chapters of my future book called "Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ (It looks like from this title, that I am doing marketing for Jesus Christ, instead of a church, denomination or even the Way Ministry.) I hope that is OK, but churches that actually read and study the bible, will agree with at least some or most of the book content. Chapters: 1. How the Bible Can Be Studied with Sources of Reference 2. Jesus Christ Representing God’s Love 3. The Salvation of Humanity Through Jesus Christ 4. The Lordship of Jesus Christ: Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man 5. Age and the Greek Words That Begin with Aioon 6. The Authority and Supremacy of Jesus Christ 7. Reconciliation Through Jesus Christ 8. The Gift of Holy Spirit Thanks to Jesus Christ 9. Jesus Christ the Head of the Body or Church, 1 Corinthians 12 10. God’s Love for Humanity with Our Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 13 11. Prophecy to Serve the Church of Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 14 12. Resurrection from the Dead Through Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 15 13. When Will the Dead Be Made Alive Through Jesus Christ? 14. The Mythology of Hell That Contradicts Scriptures 15. End Times with the Judgement of Humanity Through Jesus Christ 16. End Times with Purification of Humanity and Jesus Christ Reigning Supreme
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