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  1. Mark Sanguinetti

    Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church

    One errant or misunderstood part of the lady's teaching though. She mentions tithes or tithing. Tithing is misunderstood often and can be used to make money for large religious organizations and individual already wealthy people instead of being used to help poor people. Tithing is NOT required in the New Testament. This was only practiced in the Old Testament under the Jewish religion. Here they mixed faith in God with their political authority. Jesus Christ spoke against this often as these people were not service oriented like Jesus wanted people to be. Instead they wanted power, authority and perhaps even worship of themselves. Here is an example of this with the first usage of tithe or tithing in the New Testament. Here is the NIV version. This version does not use the word tithe. However, obviously the same Greek word for tithe. The NIV simply describes the corruption and greed more of using tithing to gain religious authority and perhaps also using it to make money instead of helping the poor. The word "greed" is used in verse 25.
  2. Mark Sanguinetti

    Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church

    Oldiesman! The lady speaks like a legitimate biblical teacher, while learning from and quoting actual bible verses. In my view for faith, she gets a grade of "A". For teaching, she gets a passing grade. Interesting that sometimes the Roman Catholic church believes in the gift of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation, evidence, events or gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whatever they want to call it, it is OK with me.
  3. Mark Sanguinetti

    John Juedes critiques TWI's Aramaic Interlinear

    Koine Greek was the dialect that it was specifically called. Of course, to say that any text written to people that were in a Greek culture and city would NOT be written in the most understood language for them which in the first century was called Koine Greek. This would be Dumdi Dum Dum. Perhaps I am starting and learning my own language now. Either that or my own dialect of the English language. However, perhaps I made a mistake and misspelled it. Perhaps it is Dumdee Dumdum.
  4. Mark Sanguinetti

    Splinter Cults are WORSE........not better

    I agree with Raf on this. Using my own figurative and not literal language, to see if they have made or make a change, perhaps reach out with your hand like you would with a dog. Then look and see if they wag their tail, while listening to make sure they don’t growl or bark. If they growl or bark then simply walk away. If they wag their tail then perhaps either pet them or wag your tail also.
  5. Mark Sanguinetti

    Thus Saith Paul

    Perhaps Raf and TLC can or should at least agree that Paul made a huge change from being hateful to being loving and peaceful. Paul named with his Jewish name Saul as a greedy power hungry Pharisee worked to persecute the followers of Jesus Christ. The bible says in Acts, when Jesus Christ appeared to him he got Paul to make a major change to being an actual loving and peaceful follower of Jesus Christ. Regarding knowledge, yes Paul showed more knowledge than the original twelve disciples pertaining to the message of Jesus Christ.. This should be clear when reading the epistles that has his name on them. This can also be seen when reading the apologetic or historical book of Acts which has Paul's name mentioned many times compared to the original twelve disciples. As an example, in the NIV version in the book of Acts, the name of Paul is written 172 times. The next highest is the name of Peter, 71 times. The third highest is John, 27 times. At least four of them were only mentioned one time in the book of Acts in the same verse Acts 1:13.
  6. Mark Sanguinetti

    1 Corinthians 12 - manifestation of the spirit.

    Very Good insight and practical application Socks. I give you a grade of "A" for your post. As an example of mercy, the book of Psalms was perhaps written by a number of authors along with the imperfect and sometimes sinful David and his son Solomon. Psalms is a book with many not long chapters. However, in doing additional research, David as a King was much better than Saul as a King. Saul was a crazy moron who could be considered demon possessed.
  7. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Certainly these are the views of Raf.
  8. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Sorry for not learning from fiction. I would rather instead learn from factual information.
  9. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Why would Raf want to learn from a fictional TV show?
  10. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    I wonder where Raf gets his views? Paul is one person that is mentioned many times in the New Testament. According to the New King James Version (156) times his name is written. Three times Paul's name is written in the epistle of Colossians. One thing though that Raf will like. Under the Roman empire with the Sadducees who did not believe in any Resurrection being given religious and legal authority. Paul got put in prison. This is where Paul did some of his written work. Perhaps he simply did not want to waste his time. I wonder if I am wasting my time on this web site mentioning bible verses?
  11. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Colossians as seen in Col. 1:1 was written by Paul. Yes, there was a physician named Luke who was a friend of Paul, the apostle for the gentiles.
  12. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Regarding the actual authorship of what is titled the Gospel of Matthew. Here is another quote from the Nelson Bible Dictionary regarding the subject of who was the author of the Gospel of Matthew. From this study this is questionable only.
  13. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Regarding the question of who was the actual author of the Gospel of Luke? Here is information that I am simply copying from the Nelson Bible Dictionary. Overall I think the Nelson Bible Dictionary is a good biblical reference book with many articles on different biblical subjects.
  14. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Luke was a physician and a gentile who later became a follower of Jesus Christ. Luke simply called the two that were crucified with Jesus Christ, criminals. Matthew one of the 12 disciples later to be apostles that worked with Jesus Christ, called them robbers. Both Luke and Matthew said one on the left and one on the right of Jesus Christ. The two different people simply described them with different words. Using common sense, can a robber be called a criminal? Only if robbery is legalized can a robber not be also considered a criminal. Sorry, but robbery is NOT legalized. Yes, there could have been more people that were crucified with Jesus Christ. Also a large tree could have also been used in the Crucifixions. With the cross or crosses simply nailed to a tree. Either that or someone carrying in a cross to be used for a Crucifixion, in order to hold it up it would need to be either cemented into the ground, which would take time to dry or nailed to a tree which would take a much shorter time.
  15. Mark Sanguinetti

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Here it is again for people to at least consider.