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  1. Sorry for not trying to eat them. I would instead prefer to pet them and feed them. The one at the top looks hungry for at least a tidbit. Thank you for your prayers. Prayers for you also.
  2. Regarding the NOT service oriented teaching of so called "personal prophecy" I found the information and am now remembering my opposition to this doctrinal and especially practical error. What this was about was to lord over God's heritage. It was not for service to followers of Jesus Christ. They were using this so called new doctrine to form a new hierarchy of leadership with more money to be received. This was not only used by CES, but used by the following Here is the link that shows this. https://personal-prophecy-today.com/ Here is a link to an article which explains the problem that I saw about 15 or 20 years ago, but did not remember the details of. So called personal prophecy was being used for political mixed with religious power and authority. John's wife I think saw the problem with this and tried to correct them, but was obstructed. http://www.empirenet.com/~messiah7/rec_cesCrisis.htm The person who wrote this article did a very good job in factual, truthful and practical writing. I give him a grade of "A". As an example, he wrote, A theocracy is "a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god." The person also wrote the following. I recommend reading this article with link above.
  3. Just curios now, but does anyone remember the details of the doctrinal and practical errors, which John's Ex-wife saw and opposed, but John did not oppose?
  4. Interesting and I remember this now somewhat, but not with the details about the doctrinal and/or practical errors that John's Ex-wife saw and spoke against, but that John did not speak against like his Ex-wife. I also saw the doctrinal and/or practical errors, but do not remember the details of them today as this was years ago. The Ex-wife tried to correct the poophetess, but the poophetess did not listen to John's Ex-wife and instead was power and authority hungry. Yes, John made a mistake and sided with the poophetess. instead of John's more doctrinally knowledgeable and practical Ex-wife. Yes, we all make mistakes. After reading what John's Ex-wife had written on this subject, I saw that John's Ex-wife regarding biblical doctrine was KNOWLEDGEABLE and PRACTICAL. I then contacted John since I know him and consider him a friend. John listened to me about his Ex-wife and soon after again contacted his Ex-wife. As a result they got back together again. and remarried. His then wife and not Ex-wife called me on the phone and thanked me. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect on the planet. The only perfect one is Jesus Christ. However, at least John corrected his mistake with the help of his Ex-wife and someone named Mark Sanguinetti. Who is that person?
  5. Have you read the book, "One God & One Lord"? It was written by three people that includes John Lynn. It is very well researched and readable. After reading most of the book, I shared some of the content with a Christian that participates in the Catholic church. She agreed with what was explained to her and saw it as factual and godly or spiritual. John can be factual especially when he gets editing from other people. He has learned from other people including someone named Mark Sanguinetti. I wonder who that is?
  6. Thank you Twinky for the inspiration. I need this also for my two index fingers that do not have the flexibility that they had a few years ago, especially the index finger on my left hand. Also the index finger on my right hand has trouble now with pressure and needed strength. Not as good as the other fingers. Any prayers would be appreciated. Also please pet your Kitty Cats for me. Thank you.
  7. What I see in this discussion is how we apply our Christian Faith and not just or only doctrinal beliefs. The practice for Christianity as I see it is love and peace and not hatred. As an example Jesus Christ said to even "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you". Matthew 5:43-48. One thing here though is that Socks shows a lot of energy. Amazing how he is able to run around, move his body and and then jump over and over again. WOW!
  8. Biblical students and then teachers who are sometimes called scholars often see that the book of Revelation was symbolic and figurative and not literal. It was written through symbols, images and numbers that often represented spiritual. However, do biblical students and teachers see that the book of Genesis at least in part could have been also written with images and symbols to represent spiritual? Not as much as the book of Revelation, but at least in part.
  9. Some people including the person that thinks Adam and the serpent are the same, simply do not understand spiritual and look at everything as physical and material. So was the God of this world who is a spiritual being or fallen angel according to one of the foundations of the bible appear as a literal serpent in the book of Genesis? Did the devil appear literally as a dragon in the book of Revelation 12:9? Revelation 12:9 9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. NKJV The devil or Satan only appeared as a serpent and a dragon if this spiritual fallen angel wanted to look ugly to Eve and ugly as read in the book of Revelation. Yes looking ugly would make deception more difficult and challenging for the spiritual deceptive being. However, perhaps serpents and dragons look sweet and beautiful. At least to crazy people or to blind people. And certainly to people that are both crazy and blind.
  10. In addition to my previous post here regarding the subject of the "manipulation of language". Perhaps I was doing this by pronouncing VPW's name as "Wear Something". And VPW was doing this by pronouncing his name as "Werewolf". In addition, I sometimes pronounce my last name as "Spaghetti" instead of "Sanguinetti". Perhaps I also sometimes do the "manipulation of language". However, at least one of my goals and perhaps my primary goal is to get people to laugh or giggle.
  11. Regarding VPW in his mind able to have sex with all women that he liked, yet common people were looked at critically regarding relationships between men and women. In the early 1980s, I saw the problem with people high up in leadership being able to have special authority instead of being service oriented to humanity. Jesus Christ was and is the chief example of being service oriented to humanity. Because of this in 1983 or 1984, when I finally met VPW at a hotel that was part of an entertainment facility, I walked up to him and I said, "You look familiar, but I can't remember your name, but it sounds something like Wear Something". Perhaps God inspired me to tell him to "wear something", especially when he was with women that he was attracted to other than his wife. He then said “werewolf” which has the same pronunciation as "wear wolf". Since VPW was with his best friend at the time, we all laughed. I then told him, "Sorry, but I will not call you werewolf". We then laughed again.
  12. One errant or misunderstood part of the lady's teaching though. She mentions tithes or tithing. Tithing is misunderstood often and can be used to make money for large religious organizations and individual already wealthy people instead of being used to help poor people. Tithing is NOT required in the New Testament. This was only practiced in the Old Testament under the Jewish religion. Here they mixed faith in God with their political authority. Jesus Christ spoke against this often as these people were not service oriented like Jesus wanted people to be. Instead they wanted power, authority and perhaps even worship of themselves. Here is an example of this with the first usage of tithe or tithing in the New Testament. Here is the NIV version. This version does not use the word tithe. However, obviously the same Greek word for tithe. The NIV simply describes the corruption and greed more of using tithing to gain religious authority and perhaps also using it to make money instead of helping the poor. The word "greed" is used in verse 25.
  13. Oldiesman! The lady speaks like a legitimate biblical teacher, while learning from and quoting actual bible verses. In my view for faith, she gets a grade of "A". For teaching, she gets a passing grade. Interesting that sometimes the Roman Catholic church believes in the gift of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation, evidence, events or gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whatever they want to call it, it is OK with me.
  14. Koine Greek was the dialect that it was specifically called. Of course, to say that any text written to people that were in a Greek culture and city would NOT be written in the most understood language for them which in the first century was called Koine Greek. This would be Dumdi Dum Dum. Perhaps I am starting and learning my own language now. Either that or my own dialect of the English language. However, perhaps I made a mistake and misspelled it. Perhaps it is Dumdee Dumdum.
  15. I agree with Raf on this. Using my own figurative and not literal language, to see if they have made or make a change, perhaps reach out with your hand like you would with a dog. Then look and see if they wag their tail, while listening to make sure they don’t growl or bark. If they growl or bark then simply walk away. If they wag their tail then perhaps either pet them or wag your tail also.
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