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  1. This band, especially the singer is really good at barking and growling. Hopefully they are also good at wagging their tails, especially the singer. My advise to them is "wag more, bark less". I use this figurative wording in one of the chapters of my biblical teaching book named "Lordship of Jesus Christ Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man". I originally wrote the first draft of this chapter years ago as I was leaving TWI.
  2. Humanity can be the image of God after death is destroyed and humanity bows down to Jesus Christ and sees Jesus in a favorable way as Lord and someone to follow with the same or at least a similar loving mindset. More detail for this is read in 1 Corinthians 15:20-28. Regarding God's love, this is read in 1 Corinthians, chapter 13.
  3. In essence that is what I heard in the late 1970s while listening to a tape from a Sunday teaching by VPW. As I remember, VPW said that he agreed with the Roman Catholic Church regarding the religious belief that the Pope was the Vicar of Christ. In practical application, while VPW was the leader of TWI, VPW also saw himself as the earthly representative of Christ and as "the teacher" instead of "a teacher", as I remember from the Power for Abundant Living class. However, at least most of and perhaps all of his books don't have that hierarchical and errant teaching.
  4. Using figurative language, wag or purr more, bark or growl less as dogs and cats can do. Regarding hopefully at least, a not controversial subject of free will for humanity as quoted from the book, "Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ", is the following in chapter 11, named "1 Corinthians 14 Prophecy to Edify the Church":
  5. Very good and I give you a grade of A for your post. However, God and Jesus Christ could instead give you a grade of A+. That is God's goal through his Son Jesus Christ to reconcile all, especially all of humanity under Jesus Christ his Son. And the biblical teaching book, Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ, that I wrote points this out perhaps as the main theme of the book. As an example in quoting from this book is the following in chapter 12 named "1 Corinthians 15 Resurrection from the Dead Through Jesus Christ ".
  6. That is good that the commentary of Colossians 1:27, which I have quoted from below, understands that “Christ in you” represents the Spirit of Christ, which according to Romans 8:9, also represents the “Spirit of God”, which also can be called the “Holy Spirit” which we know was first given on the day of Pentecost according to Acts 2:1-4. Jesus Christ before he ascended to heaven to be with God his Father knew about this as read in Acts 1:4-8.
  7. Thank you for helping me laugh.
  8. ZERO! That is only a religious question.
  9. Mike, please use your mind and even common sense. Did you know that "hidden" has a different meaning than "absent"? A dictionary definition of hidden is "being out of sight or not readily apparent". A dictionary definition of "absent" is "not present at a usual or expected place". Instead followers of Jesus Christ who read the bible know that Jesus Christ is now at "the right hand of God" according to Mark 16:19, Acts 2:33, Acts 7:55 & 56, Romans 8:34, Colossians 3:1 and Hebrews 10:12. Through Jesus Christ, who is now standing or seated at "the right hand of God", followers of Jesus Christ have received the gift of Holy Spirit as a connection with God through Jesus Christ. Do you at least believe the Holy Spirit connection with God through Jesus Christ?
  10. Regarding actual versions of the bible. Just like the word "trinity" is not found in any version of the bible. Guess how many times the phrase "absent Christ" is found in any version of the bible, both Old and New Testament? Zero
  11. Mike is either a super fast typer, while being able to at least try out for the United States Olympic Speed typing team or uses a software program that allows him to speak with the words entered into a text software program.
  12. Followers of Jesus Christ who were unfairly in their lives, especially followers of Christ who were murdered for no crime. God will make up for this in the 1,000 year period with the resurrection of the just or the gathering together. Simply different authors express this differently. For example, Luke in Acts 24:15, Paul in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians chapter 15, and John in Revelation chapter 20, who often wrote figuratively.
  13. Mike, read the scriptures in Acts chapter 9 that clearly show Saul was blinded before he tried to have more followers of Jesus Christ murdered. Then he was healed of his blindness when he became a follower of Jesus Christ.
  14. Again Jesus Christ and God were protecting followers of Jesus Christ by blinding Saul who again was wanting to religiously capture followers of Jesus Christ and find a reason to have them murdered like Saul did with Stephen. Perhaps, you can think about it this way. If a person was trying to capture and find a reason to have you murdered, would you at least call the police? I wonder if you would also pray to God? Using logic followers of Jesus Christ knew how to pray to God for protection. Historically in the first century followers of Jesus Christ did not have the help of a protective government. Therefore they needed help from God. Jesus Christ in his earthly life saw the hatred in Israel and the Roman empire and knew that there would be destruction in the capital city of Israel soon. Historically in 70 AD the capital city of Israel or Jerusalem was at least partially destroyed by the Roman empire. Sorry, but I am not blaming God or Jesus Christ for this destruction. It came because humans are not puppets on a string with God controlling everything that people do or want to do.
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