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  1. That is the basics of this subject. For example for the New Testament, we need the help of people who know or knew the original language of at least most of the New Testament, the Koine Greek language to even have the New Testament in today's English language. On the subject of the "bible interprets itself" spoken by any person, they were talking about a different subject than a language that they did not understand.
  2. Jesus Christ in his earthly life was very helpful to common everyday people. Especially if they did not want to religiously rule over people like the Pharisees and Sadducees often wanted to do in the first century. Hopefully, Christians today have the mindset of Jesus Christ and want to help and be loving to people instead of wanting to religiously rule over people. Jesus Christ can change humanity to being loving and service oriented. As an example, when Jesus Christ appeared to perhaps the most hateful Pharisee, Saul later called Paul, Jesus got him to make a major change from a hateful Pharisee to the most informative teacher of the New Testament.
  3. Just to remind Stayed To Long on this web site there is also a forum that is more in harmony with his current mindset. Atheism, nontheism, skepticism: Questioning Faith
  4. WOW, it looks like we even know where our head's are and I even see your head now. Rocky, you just inspired me to email Jonathan Mitchell and this could be primarily marketing. Regarding learning from people I perhaps have learned from hundreds or even thousands of people through a very good biblical study software program that I have on my computers that has many sources of reference. http://www.biblesoft.com/
  5. I do not have a special title of religious authority like the Pharisees and Sadducees had in the first century. Instead, I use a VERY GOOD biblical study software program to help me with my research, with biblical references from many people with a number of different bible versions. My reference sources include the definitions of original Greek words from people who obviously knew the Koine Greek language that most of the New Testament was translated from. Below is a link to a person named Jonathan Mitchell who is in the state of Arizona. I think you know where that state is without having to massage your head like all of humanity may sometimes need to do. Jonathan has done a New Testament translation from the original Koine Greek language. I communicated with him at a Zoom meeting last year and then sent him a draft copy of my first chapter titled, “How the Bible Can Be Studied with Sources of Reference”. This is perhaps the chapter of the subject that I know the least amount because this includes the Koine Greek language. His response by email was the following. The following is a link to his web site: https://www.jonathanmitchellnewtestament.com/ I wonder, should Jonathan Mitchell apologize to people today that have religious authority like I do NOT have that includes the title “Reverend”, for giving me a compliment regarding my biblical teaching book? Do you know how many times the word “Reverend” is used in the New Testament from the following versions? King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, American Standard Version, Douay-Rheims Bible and Young’s Literal Translation. ZERO times! In the chapter titled “Lordship of Jesus Christ Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man”, I explain how the word “Reverend” is used even in the Old Testament. I wonder since like other denominations, the Way International uses the title Reverend for their leaders. Should we glorify people that have that title? I do NOT think so. I would rather base my Christian views from the bible.
  6. I have no ability to read people's mind. Only God can do that. My goal is to be 100% spiritually truthful. I hope I am at least up to 98%. My book is only biblical instead of spreading RELIGIOUS MYTHOLOGY. One of the chapters is "The Mythology of Hell That Contradicts Scriptures". In the future we will have judgement to get every knee to bow down to Jesus Christ.
  7. As read in Matthew 4 and Luke 4, Jesus was being tested by the devil and the devil was even allowed to speak to Jesus. Of course Jesus rejected the devil and never followed him. This is to verify and prove the perfection of Jesus Christ. Even when the devil spoke to Him and offered Him much, Jesus rejected the devil. In Genesis chapter 3, Eve the woman accepted words of deception as spoken by the Serpent, who we now call Satan or the devil. Adam the man was also deceived as this deception was passed from Eve onto Adam also. This perhaps figuratively shows a lack of perfection for humanity. The only perfection in humanity was and is Jesus Christ. Simply in this age of imperfection, the devil with the demons are allowed spiritually to sometimes communicate with humanity with sometimes deception and even wars that often results in death. In the future as worded at the first part of Revelation chapter 20, the devil with the demons will be put in prison for a thousand year period, then no deception for humanity will be allowed and then there will be no wars. After this period of time the devil will again be released from prison and some of humanity again will be deceived to try to make and want more wars. This looks like it will be stopped though, with the near future judgement of humanity as read at the last part of Revelation chapter 20. In the last two chapters of my biblical teaching book, I cover the last scriptures of the book of Revelation that has judgement of humanity.
  8. With the false god of this world with the demons now having some authority in this age of imperfection. The main thing that they try to do is whisper or speak to people and get them to be deceived. The devil even was allowed to speak to Jesus Christ in his earthly life as read in Mathew 4:1-11. Perhaps this was to test Jesus Christ. In Matthew 4:10-11. Jesus finalized this testing with these words. Also the serpent who was Satan spoke to Eve with the origin of humanity as worded in Genesis 3:1-19 and was able to deceive her as she admitted in Genesis 3:13. Simply all of humanity in this age of imperfection gets true thoughts and also false thoughts. We simply need to follow and apply the truthful thoughts in our daily lives.
  9. Using figurative wording: "Wag more bark less", comparing us to dog pets. Or comparing us to kitty cats, "Purr more growl less". I hope that I at least got you to laugh a little bit. I even have a sticker on the back of my car that says "Wag More Bark Less".
  10. The main thing that the devil with demons, which in my mind I call spiritual ants, tries to do with Christians or followers of Jesus Christ is try to speak to them with the primary purpose of deception. This is seen in scriptures from the bible. This is first read in Genesis chapter 3 with the devil figuratively called a serpent. The devil, that I figuratively call the chief spiritual ant, even tried to speak to Jesus Christ at the start of His ministry to even try to deceive Him. This is read in Matthew, Mark and Luke from this informative and scriptural web site. https://www.biblestudytools.com/bible-stories/temptation-of-jesus-bible-story.html Yes, this is not a perfect age with the devil and demons not yet put in prison, which is where they belong. The start of this is the thousand year period as read in Revelation chapter 20. I cover this with detail in chapter 15 of my biblical teaching book. Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ
  11. A very good example of that no human is perfect, especially regarding his actions in his worldly life with the devil being the God of this world with sometimes deception for humanity. Only Jesus Christ is the perfect Son of man. And He was and is the only perfect man in his earthly life. Hopefully we can at least improve in our spiritual knowledge and actions through God, his Son Jesus Christ who has given his followers the Holy Spirit as a spiritual connection with God and Jesus Christ as a gift.
  12. What I am agreeing with you is with the above statement. Regarding the 1 Corinthians 12:11 having a capital letter at the end of this verse. Many bible versions do not use a capital for "he". For example, the New International Version. But at least one newer version does translate this verse with a capital letter for "He". The New King Version: It is both. At the start God through Jesus Christ inspires and teaches his followers, while distributing to them through the Holy Spirit. Then followers of Christ determine what they will do in their earthly ministry. We are not puppets on a string. That is the devil who wants to do that often through deception.
  13. In the biblical teaching book written by Mark Sanguinetti. One of the 16 chapters covers 1 Corinthians chapter 12. Here is the section of this chapter that is in harmony with your above quote. https://christianreconciliation.net/book-oursaviorjesuschrist.html
  14. Overall I think Victor Wierwille's books are good and above average for biblical teaching books that quote from scriptures. Especially the book "Are the Dead Alive Now?" No one has been perfect in his actions. Only Jesus Christ was the perfect man, while always being loving and serving humanity. Simply some of what Victor did in his life was not good. If he was alive today and we met him, we could simply tell him his faults in a peaceful way. Using figurative words and actions. Before we told him his faults to try to help him improve. We could lift out one of our hands to him and see if he wagged his tail instead of bark or growl. And I really like dogs and cats and often want to pet them. I even have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that says "Wag More Bark Less".
  15. I did meet Craig Martindale once at the rock of ages in New Knoxville, Ohio. This after I finished as a WOW ambassador in perhaps 1984. I think we were peaceful with each other. But then about 2 or 3 years later I saw the problem with the hierarchy of the leaders of the Way ministry to take the place of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This hierarchy included Craig Martindale and to let the Way ministry know about this errant problem I wrote a letter with biblical information and mailed it to their office in Ohio. I forget whether or not I got a letter and a response back from them, but perhaps I did. I think they knew it would be very difficult for them to oppose me on this subject of the Lordship of Jesus Christ Contrasting the Lordship of Imperfect Man. Soon after this I wrote the first copy or draft of this biblical teaching article or today one of the chapters of my biblical teaching book. I sent this first copy in the late 1980s to a number of Way ministry people.
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