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  1. JayDee

    STFI and Finnegan join forces!

    $choenheit hasn’t given up on it though. Strange bedfellows.
  2. JayDee

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Did Jesus ever speak to his genealogy anywhere? Did he sit down with his followers and lay it out generation by generation? I guess what I’m after is what “data” did Luke use to trace it back to Noah?
  3. JayDee

    The Key to The Bible

    In all seriousness, please explain.
  4. JayDee

    Revival and Restoration

    Whole heartedly agree Twinky. Personally I give where I’m inspired to give. There’s a family in my area who’s 12 year old son developed a virus in his spine that paralyzed his legs. He’s going through a very challenging rehab and the family are incurring mountainous medical bills. I’m helping them as much as I can. Yes. Giving without compulsion. Amen.
  5. JayDee

    Revival and Restoration

    Do any of you know any Christian denominations or organizations that DON’T ask for money? Who DON’T have a donate button or n their websites? I’m not defending the practice. But why think it’s so unusual for any group that asks?
  6. JayDee

    The Key to The Bible

    I’m in agreement with you Twinky. I read through all of Wraysed2’s posts. No comprehendo. Not even a little bit.
  7. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Rough weekend. Honestly don’t have much of a history with lots of movies to participate here. Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone.
  8. Didn’t know it was a game. Hope I didn’t mess anything up for you guys. Just happened on the question and saw Rev. Graham Hess. I really enjoy M. Knight Shyamalan films.
  9. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    Good for you Rocky. I left 31 years ago.
  10. Isn’t it great when that lightbulb goes on over your head!
  11. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    I hear you. Wish I’d never been involved.
  12. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    I don’t believe there was ever a moment of real Christian service in his life or in that of the BOTS. The R&R group have the same “DNA” as their “father in the word”. Countless lives destroyed by their so called “ministries”.