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  1. JayDee

    The Key to The Bible

    I’m in agreement with you Twinky. I read through all of Wraysed2’s posts. No comprehendo. Not even a little bit.
  2. JayDee

    Goodbye and Thank You

    It’s been an eye opening experience being involved here. Very grateful to Pawtucket and all the moderators for keeping a lid on some very passionate topics. Well done. I had no idea about the depth of depravity that many experienced in TWI. Without GSC I might still be in the dark. My years were in the late 80’s. Still trying to put that time in my rear view mirror. It goes on.
  3. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Rough weekend. Honestly don’t have much of a history with lots of movies to participate here. Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone.
  4. Didn’t know it was a game. Hope I didn’t mess anything up for you guys. Just happened on the question and saw Rev. Graham Hess. I really enjoy M. Knight Shyamalan films.
  5. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    Good for you Rocky. I left 31 years ago.
  6. Isn’t it great when that lightbulb goes on over your head!
  7. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    I hear you. Wish I’d never been involved.
  8. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    I don’t believe there was ever a moment of real Christian service in his life or in that of the BOTS. The R&R group have the same “DNA” as their “father in the word”. Countless lives destroyed by their so called “ministries”.
  9. JayDee

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    All I ever wanted was to get to know God and become a better man. Little did I know about the depth and depravity of vpw and his henchmen. Great post skyrider.
  10. JayDee

    The Latest From JAL

    I don’t know how JAL continues to reduce the words of Jesus Christ to relative unimportance behind Paul’s letters to specific churches? I don’t get it. I think JAL has “mirror, mirror, on the wall” syndrome. Only insert “who’s the greatest teacher of them all”.
  11. Hello Friends! As you know, belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to everlasting life (John 14:6). But did you know that in one sense, he is a divided highway, and both roads lead to glory? Are you aware that the vast majority of Christians are being taught that most everything Jesus said is pertinent to us Christians today? Almost none of them recognize the biblical truth that God and Christ currently have two programs now showing, although the one that came on the air first is now temporarily held in abeyance until the next stage in the second program is completed. Knowing what parts of the Bible are written TO WHOM is perhaps the most important principle there is in Scripture. We must understand which parts are TO ISRAEL—past, present, future, and what parts are TO CHRISTIANS—present and future, or the Bible will not make sense. This is one reason why Satan so vigorously attacks the Truth about the Secret of The One Body. If one misses this vital truth, many other indispensable biblical truths fall like dominoes. Please come to the party this Wednesday evening, August 1 at 8 p.m. EDT and enjoy the glorious truth of God’s wonderful Word regarding this extremely crucial topic we must grasp in order to live a powerful and fulfilled Christian life. USA Audio Only: +1-510-338-9438 (Access Code: 627 384 395) Love you! I won’t be calling in.
  12. JayDee


    Seems pretty detailed