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  1. Charlie Qui!!€n has his own 501c3 in Illinois. “Faithful In Christ Ministries”. 2-300 followers. He hasn’t been with CFF for 4-5 years. Fell out with them over whether a Christian can talk or pray to Jesus and other differences. He was po’d because he wasn’t installed as the new President after John $hroyer passed away and Wayne C!app resigned after serving as President for 3-4 years? John $hroyer’s daughter in law became president then. Char!ie wasn’t going to follow a woman or anyone else that didn’t hold on to vpee’s doctrine. He’s only after the $$$.
  2. Twinky, I had the exact same conversation with J@nu@ry over 15 years ago, and very similar experiences with CFFM. For what it’s worth, I’m in complete agreement with you comments. For decades she lived in fear of reprisals from TWI. Actually feared for her life. What a horrible way to live. To my knowledge she’s past that now. From what I can see these days, CFFM is doing the best they can do to honor Jesus Christ in their small community of Christians as they continue to help those who were abused by TWI in any form.
  3. JayDee

    Countdown 2019

    Happy Birthday Twinky. Enjoy!
  4. https://twitter.com/bettywebb I’ve never tried this so I’m not sure the link will open. Betty Webb has a Twitter account. She also has a Facebook page with basically the same bio.
  5. Welcome Leah. Your posts here are inspiring, courageous, and commendable. Thank you for being here and for baring your feelings.
  6. “Never”? How would anyone know how many people tried to identify their “tongue” with a certified, MA, or doctoral linguist?
  7. It’s David, not Dave. He has silver-gray hair in his profile photo with an open bible in the background.
  8. Thanks Raf. I’ll just search through the previous discussion(s) and go from there.
  9. After 30 odd years, I’m still trying to sort out speaking in tongues. My question is the following: There are about 7,100 *known* languages in the world today. How would I or anyone else be able to produce to someone what *unknown* language I’m speaking with that many *known* languages in the world? I hope I’m being clear. I’m sincerely looking for an answer. Who would believe they are actually speaking in an *unknown* language, then actually seek out a language expert to verify that they are actually speaking a *known* language? Did I hear people speak in tongues before I did? Yes. Does my tongue even sound remotely like theirs? No. Is it one of the *known* languages in the world. No friggin’ idea. Again, thanks for your response Raf, or anyone else that chooses to contribute.
  10. One topic was left out on that page. Unconvicted felon.
  11. Like I said...almost. If it was “verbatim” I would have said “verbatim”. I said “almost verbatim”. Are you telling me that what was “almost verbatim” in Mr. Sebastian’s blog was not in pfal? And for the record I find your “sighs” comment condescending.
  12. I thought grace and truth came through Jesus Christ? John 1:17
  13. What Mr. Sebastian wrote in his blog is straight out of pfal. Almost verbatim.
  14. For whatever it’s worth, I’m in agreement with DWBH. This topic doesn’t belong in Doctrinal.
  15. I’d be interested in reading that article if you’d care to post it.
  16. I’m in agreement with Twinky. What hospital? What doctors? Might this story have ended up in the local news? I should think so. Not saying it didn’t happen. Would just like to hear more details.
  17. $choenheit hasn’t given up on it though. Strange bedfellows.
  18. Did Jesus ever speak to his genealogy anywhere? Did he sit down with his followers and lay it out generation by generation? I guess what I’m after is what “data” did Luke use to trace it back to Noah?
  19. Whole heartedly agree Twinky. Personally I give where I’m inspired to give. There’s a family in my area who’s 12 year old son developed a virus in his spine that paralyzed his legs. He’s going through a very challenging rehab and the family are incurring mountainous medical bills. I’m helping them as much as I can. Yes. Giving without compulsion. Amen.
  20. Do any of you know any Christian denominations or organizations that DON’T ask for money? Who DON’T have a donate button or n their websites? I’m not defending the practice. But why think it’s so unusual for any group that asks?
  21. I’m in agreement with you Twinky. I read through all of Wraysed2’s posts. No comprehendo. Not even a little bit.
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