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  1. Perhaps he played the scarecrow too often in HS Wiz of Oz plays..you never know but has more $$ than I..lol
  2. yes Penguine...love Todd white..another really effective one is Roger Sapp..been ministering healing since 1992 & getting consistent results!! More a common man approach instead of an "elitist approach"
  3. yes Kata isn't this an amazing world we live in...with our ability within to dispell alot of this darkness....glad I ignored the l/2 time..in fact did my best to stay awake on this defensive struggle..glad your art doesn't depict this junk..love u too..JJ
  4. Kata..Its GREAT to hear of someone who "did battle" and came out on top..don't think that we're not proud of you, as most would have bent their knee to the BS!!
  5. I meant to say the spirit of God in us does the work..not us..we HAVE to make the effort or we don't ..the key is : what reasons" or excuses do we have NOT to go after healing for the other? Bless JJ!
  6. we who do this KNOW its the spirit of God in us!!! I love it!! & again I belong to no one but the Lord..but do glean from them
  7. so sastian..these deceivers will be judged because of their evil intents right? What if their intent is "Godly" simply trying willing to help others & not just to pad their pockets? Will they be "rewarded" therefore because God approves of the healings and miralces at their hands??
  8. also..to me its quite remarkable that he's(jacob) now in "healing ministry"..thanks again WW as I watched /read all 3 links you provided....strange how the camps are quite divided..& cool that Jacob has flourished for over 40 years!! despite a cruel childhood..what a great heart this man must have towards the Lord!
  9. again I apologize Rocky, as the puter isn't that huge a factor in my life & yet..for others sakes I need to learn again how to do this..my apologies.. If any of you do want further verification of this having happened..Jacob is on FB with his phone number as well & just e-mailed me & let me know that he has all kinds of verification of his condition and also testimonies of a couple of the Assy of God preachers that ministered to him as a baby as well as the nurse who was there when he was born this way! Word Wolf..thanx for those links as I'll run thru them
  10. again..I haven't done that since the last time you taught me..so again refresh my memory on how k?? Thanks Rocky..just not on line that much but honest I will learn this stuff..
  11. LOL...good one....if u do go on youtube..you may have to scroll down further than 3 to find the one w/ the split screen..this is quite interesting (sorry to being repetitive)..JJ
  12. it'll be the third one (split screen) when you scroll down..k??
  13. Go to youtube & type in" Healing Facebook Live"..its nearly 50 minutes long.. and is quite thought provoking! Enjoy Enjoy!!!!
  14. Interesting article..as I knew a bit of this..not a perfect man...thats for sure...but it sure stirred alot of people way back when & out of it came some amazing results & encouragements. Ethics is always at the center of one's "ministry" (hopefully) & this man had questionable ethics from what I read..Thankfully God dealt with him.
  15. yeh Mark the life expendecy back at the turn of the century was much lower than now a days..yet that's way too young to die..I agree.. John G Lake found that commanding the demonic off of people was a huge key to his own deliverance(which he learned from Dowie), thus utilized that for the sake of others while still promoting Jesus Christ and his grace & mercy in our lives & positive results followed...Blake in teaching this same mind set now, encourages people to rise up & lay hands on the sick,,..despite having sin in our lives & that God will deal with us (in terms of o
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