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  1. They are in California now. Not sure if they are in or out but They are both on LinkedIn.
  2. Sky, Where did you get those characteristics of a cult? Just wondering...I'd like to read more. But one reason Way Corpse don't move more is that TWI has to foot the bill for their moves. Rosie isn't into moving people unless "there's a need." And people not going into the corps and not going on staff...what people? Since this evil Internet thing has taken off and people go there for answers instead of to TWIers who know the "real" answers, fewer and fewer people are getting into TWI. Class numbers are down down down. STS attendance is down down down. And most of the people who take the advanced class are children of "believers." Soon, hopefully, that will be the only way to get new people into TWI. Let's keep this Internet thing going with the real word on TWI: It's a cult; run while you can.
  3. Hey notawayfer! I put Way, Inc. on my resume, hoping no one will find TWI. It doesn't come up in Google searches that way...whew.
  4. They went through more copyright issues in the 90s also and had to take more songs out. Then Martindale did a request for original Way songs at a Rock of Ages. Several of the "approved" songs were added to the songbook, but most became very dated after a year or so because they keyed off the theme for the year. They were also, for the most part, pretty lame. Very simple songs that were written by people who obviously had no musical training. Or maybe it was just that they were uninspired, unlike the great inspirational hymns that have copyrights.
  5. How many people remember Craig's rants in 1999 about the widespread catastrophes that were going to happen when the clock struck midnight on 1/1/2000? According to him, computers all around the world would go berzerk and either freeze or breed catastrophe: Our water was going to shut off. We'd have no electricity in the middle of winter. Computers wouldn't work. Cell phones, forget it. We needed to get generators, ham radio operators, a communications system that would bypass phones and the Internet so that we could make sure that all of "our believers" were safe. Anyone else besides me think that he was absolutely off his rocker...especially on 1/2/2000 when everything around the world was business as usual? And he said nothing, not a word, about it. Maybe that we had prevented it by our believing preparation. Ah, but in only 4 short months he would be exposed even greater...via the Allen lawsuit.
  6. Well said. I still shake my head in near-disbelief at all of these things. That I really lived through that, for 23 years. And outandabout is right, the longer you stay in, the harder it is to leave...for all of the above reasons. And I was among their so-called leadership once, too. I didn't know jack about leading, but I wanted to learn more. I went into the Way Corpse because I wanted to learn what the advanced class promised but never fulfilled: to learn how to operate the other 6 manifestations--the revelation and impartation ones. Hoping to learn these in the advanced class, I left disappointed but without the courage to say so for fear of speaking up against the tides of popular belief. So when the emotional urge to go into the Way Corps hit (it was not a calling...it was an emotional, impulse decision made at the Rock of Ages), I thought then I'd certainly learn how to operate these manifestations to serve in the "household." Well the Corps doesn't teach the manifestations either, but does twist truth, part truth, and popularly believed sayings to control people. To make them feel like they're the best of the best of the best. Or to make them feel like they're dung if they're not doing "right" (per their definition). Their so-called leadership can be summed up in the one phrase they use to control their leadership: The best leader is the best follower. Wrong again, TWI! Craziest thing I've ever heard. Again, just a popularly believed saying that they use to control people (and one that doesn't even make sense; kinda like Rico's famous "You don't think! You only think you think!" WTF???). Run while you can, people. And even if you think it's too late, run anyway!
  7. Yeah, that's what Vic taught. But Craig taught that homosexuality was the sin of all sins, the granddaddy of them all. That homos were the "lowest of the low." He said that was the only sin that the Word says the people who do it are "filled with all unrighteousness." Sounds like degrees of sin to me. No doubt they've gone back to Vic's teaching on this since he was not ousted from presidency from coercing female victims into sex...even though it's well known that he did.
  8. Hey Twinkie, yep, I remember. Some things in all that yelling are still stuck in my brain. Poneros was the unproductive evil; kakos was the active, malignant evil. Somehow poneros was not as big of a sin...not until later when all the slothfulness teachings (yellings?) came about and it was "discovered" (I think the Lord revealed it to the forehead) that poneros evil was in the midst of us every day and we had to smoke it out. "Smoke it out"...that's so ridiculous...it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.
  9. Yes, she assured "us" (ugh...while I shudder at the thought of following TWI) that no one person would ever have that much power anymore but that the power would be spread out. There would be many, many different teachers. The president would be mainly an administrative function, and she, after all, was an administrator and not a teacher. And more people would be added to the board and the authority would be spread out there too. That's what she said. And 12 years later, it's all a big fat lie. Sure, there's many teachers, and true, she's definitely not a teacher (even though she really was a teacher...go figure), but all the teachers are completely filtered through her approval process that her publications minions carry out, and stripped of all personality so that the final product is old, empty, stale, and boring...just like Rosie herself. Sure, there are more people on the board, plus officers too. Even so, they still must send every tiny decision to her, and they bow to every word and whim she says. They will even eat shi®t for her. And if not, they get the axe. Harve was "released" of being VP because he disagreed with Rosie and stood up to her. At least I semi-admire him for that. So now she's fired him twice...stupid beach. Roger M., same story. Both good people who didn't agree with her and got put in the doghouse for it. Roger especially. Long story short, she's in total control of everything administratively also. And if she loses any control through any one of the directors or officers, off they go. There is one thing that is different, though: she's not the most photographed face of TWI. Other than that, same control, same power, same old same old.
  10. How did the Vicster know the good Rev. I.S. Williams anyway? Was Williams from Ohio, New Bremen maybe, and not from India after all? When I was a staffer in the corn fields of New Knoxville, a lady in New Bremen used to cut my hair. When I told her I was in TWI, she said her grandfather was Rev. Williams who took Wierwille to India and her grandmother was still alive and lived with them. I asked her how she was doing, and she said she was crazy, had lost her mind. One day I walked into the salon and an elderly Indian woman was sitting in a chair by herself, mumbling. Then she got up and walked out. That was her, Rev. Williams's wife. So was Rev. Williams really living in the United States and took a trip to his home in India and took Wierwille with him?
  11. Here's a silly question: What the hell is a dog doing at the bottom of that FigPep home page?
  12. They have this "we/they" thing that they use to keep people in the fold. It's so controlling, so manipulating, and used very intentionally--to keep people in. Make them afraid to leave. Isolate them from anything not connected with the Way. "We" are kind even to those ("they") who have ingratitude. "We" lead "them" to God. "We know God; "they" need to know God. As if everyone outside "the household" (oh, don't get me started on this) of TWI is without God and without hope. The sad thing is, they really believe that. Oh, my stomach turns to even think that I spent more than 20 years with "them."
  13. I know I'm resurrecting a really old thread. In fact, I was still an innie when this thread was new, which I why I do know a little about this book and author Jacquie Horney / Josie Daval. Plus I just remembered my GSC username and can log in again. Jacquie did not self-publish. The publisher, Orange Frazer Press, is a small but quality publisher in Ohio that specializes in books about Ohio. The Wright brothers, who are the "historical fiction" characters in this book, are from Dayton. Jacquie put a lot of local historical facts together to knit a tale that would be very entertaining for kids to read while learning about a (very boring) subject - history. Surprised she'd write a book? Why? She's always been a voracious reader. Pitiful proofreader...in fact, she got fired from a job once shortly after leaving HQ in the mid-2000s...but an avid reader. Yes, I'm sure that her getting fired wasn't a good example as a Way Corps Minstrel, but then I'm sure she didn't have to answer to very many people. Even funnier, she had just left the "printed perfection" Way Publications department at the corn-field HQ. That's how she landed the proofreading job...that she got fired from. As I said, pitiful proofreader. I don't think The Wright Twist got the sales she had hoped for. Orange Frazer Press discounted her book to half price...a few years ago. And they still have it in stock even today. At half price. Clearance, for $7.00, originally $14.95. When I talked with her in 2008, she hadn't made a dime off of it yet. So who knows if her second book will get published. Or even if it is completed yet. When I knew her, she was working on a near-final draft. That's about all I know. Now that I'm an outie, no one will talk to me anymore. Poor me.
  14. Oh, yeah, she sure does. Who remembers the bulletin board in the east lobby of the OSC, where everyone would enter for lunch (or "dinner" if you're out of touch in German farmland)? On the bulletin board would appear Rosie-approved cards, photos, letters, and newspaper articles. One day a newspaper article was posted about a big CFF meeting where some of the food they served was contaminated and a lot of the members got sick from it. People were reading this article and joking about it, like it was funny or like they were getting what they deserved. How completely uncompassionate is that? Wasn't there a story about some of the in-residence Way Corpse getting sick from food at HQ and then being told something about their believing being the cause? Ummm...can you say hypocrite?
  15. I wrote a Way Magazine article that keyed off one of VeePee's chapters in the blue book. It was all fine and dandy until I used a definition of a Greek word from Bullinger's lexicon instead of from VeePee's "proven ministry research." In truth, seeing Bullinger's definition really opened my eyes to the meaning behind this Greek word, which I had heard from only VP's slant for years. The end result: everything that I wrote based on Bullinger's definition was stripped or changed to agree with VP's and ONLY VP's definition of this word. Sad but true. And this was not in the 1970s or 1980s. It was in 2000+. So yes, in case you are wondering, VP seems to be alive and well. Or at least his minions are.
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