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  1. "Potlucks" are of the debil :evildenk:/> If you are a real believer, a 'believing believer' which is the only kind of believer in the way, you only attend "Pot Blesses." :who_me:/> OK - join in with me everyone..... Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...Lucky, Lucky, Lucky....I hope, I hope, I hope.... create a document, create a memo, Hawaiian Island Creations,....Oooh, am I being devilish :evilshades:/>
  2. So here's a question (maybe it should be a new topic)..... As LCM eventually was removed, can Rosie be removed? If so, how? Maybe LCM just resigned amidst the scandal, pressure and lawsuit. But, if Rosie did something illegal, or at least what the majority of BOD and Officers disagreed with, could they collectively exile her? Was there ever any coup attempt? From what I heard, many of the rank-and-file followers were 'hoping' for things to get better.
  3. Those who are getting money from TWI...they're one thing. It's like Shamu the killer whale...after many years, fearing they may turn them back out to the wild oceans to fend for themselves. It's a real fear! But what must they think about the current state of TWI? Maybe some of these folks are sincerely, really great people. Even if they have no plans to depart (the 'spiritual rust' and maybe family ties will keep them there), what must they reason or think...knowing the past it was growing, flourishing, and at least registered on the radar for outsiders. Now even the outsiders are j
  4. Just for this post.... Let's set aside the argument whether TWI was legit or corrupt from the beginning. My deep confusion is with many of the very long-standing staff or leaders in TWI today. Let's take it from, say the 70's, 80's and 90's. They saw the way TWI was in the past. Huge groups of people. Huge events. Huge WOW and Corps training groups. Classes all over. Secular recognition (although not usually positive) as a rapidly growing ministry (cult). Every state having work in it. Huge international and military outreach works. Generally speaking, a lot of 'stuff' goi
  5. Interesting.... Recently heard from another insider how they've been waiting and waiting for a new leader who would make everything all better. It seems like a familiar dream to many insiders. From what I understood, most people on the inside absolutely hate life inside, see the hypocrisy, control, and are totally BORED! The only reason they hang around is, because they anticipate the next coming of....someone who will replace Rozie and her crew, and make it a vital household. And people say the Jews are silly for awaiting their savior's first coming..... Do they really expect Ro
  6. Looking for an update. Did Howard and Wanda ever tie the knot? Can anyone confirm? Is there any public record of it? Curious minds want to know.
  7. Speaking from a military-experienced perspective, I loved when Congressman Allen West said that he'd walk through hell with full gas cans for his troops. Regardless of your political leanings, you have to appreciate his devotion to his subordinate troops. He lost his position by (allegedly) putting a gun to the head of a terrorist, in order to get them to spill the beans on an upcoming attack on US troops. The terrorist did, and it saved lives. West got in big trouble. That's when he said he'd do whatever it took to take care of his people. When we had real good leaders, they were people
  8. I'm not sure its a figure for every remaining fellowship...I think it may be a figure for every person remaining. If not, it may be for everyone at the head table at HQ.
  9. Interesting topic Some...especially those who are / have been on staff, for DECADES just don't want to take a stand and declare independence. They've become mentally comfortable with the systems and chains. As a matter of fact, those systems they've made homes in, and the chains are no more than decorations and jewelery. They see the wrong, yet to keep the status quo, they rationalize. For example, the Mooneyhands were mentioned. Where would they go? What would they do? Where would they find elevated positions that they are used to? And if they were to depart, would their son
  10. In her mid 70's? For most of TWI's upper elite, I would imagine they'd like to be 'emeritus trustee / director household' by that time. They can have an escort (if single), be looked highly upon by all the adoring masses, cruise around on a cushman, and be paid to do so. I'm just curious if she could handle watching some young buck (or doe) take her place and then start changing things. Can you imagine, someone else, upon their inauguration, getting rid of the 'no debt to go to the Advanced Class' standard? Speaking of which, is H*ward Allen still alive and doing all of those 'e
  11. Oh, the irony is just too funny! Did you happen to see the 'church' who was listed right above Camp Gunnison? The Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. Yep, they give out the same type of degrees. I went to their website expecting a neo-nazi group....nope, just hard core mysticism (sp). Still, they have a college and issue degrees. I wonder who has more students in training? Brotherhood College The Brotherhood of the White Temple Correspondence College is recognized by the State of Colorado as a bona fide post secondary religious educational institution. The College Work is a series
  12. Well, if the pot needs to be stirred again.... Joyce Stonecypher, is / was a nurse. She 'should' have known EXACTLY what steps MUST to take in the case of, even an alleged sexual assault against a minor. That should make this all MUCH more unsettling, and potentially more liability involved.
  13. How does the credit union make money? One Answer: I believe that they use their money and deposit in the local Botkins banks. I saw Safety guys (and Paula B)pick up deposits from Finance, and then from the CU each morning, and take them to both Bank One (now Chase) and Star Bank in Botkins EVERY weekday. What's funny - they are willing to give their money to banks, that loan out the money, and give them the interest, that they in turn pay out to their CU members. So, it's kind of like saying 'using and selling drugs is wrong, so we will not let our people do so. However, there is
  14. An interesting observation. On twi's website, it lists the board of directors, and gives NO titles to anyone...except her. She is not the president, but rather the 'chairman.' Are there no organizational officers for this? (pres, vp, sec treas, etc.) (I may be wrong...not sure. Just noticed the change) Isn't the board of directors usually somewhat separated from management? And isn't it appropriate to call a woman a 'chairwoman' or 'chairperson.'? She has decided to be the chairMAN in this instance. Interesting....velly interesting.
  15. Not sure if anyone brought up this part of scheduling. You had to turn in a proposed schedule every week by Friday to your leadership. They had to review it (including day off activities),critique or 'approve' it. And the following Sunday or Monday morning, you had to send an 'actual'schedule - as to what you actually did. They were going to determine if your changes were valid or 'distraction' from the adversary. I pitied the RC. He had his wife be the (as her subordinates affectionately refer to her) schedule Nazi. Wow! What a title.
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