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  1. Yes, Out and About ... It was an excellent album, and the musical tour Joyful Noise did that year was very good. I enjoyed it immensely and played that album for many years, even after I left The Way on January 11, 1996. A couple years ago, I passed on all my Way and other albums to a close friend, along with a combination record player, CD player, etc. I do not know whether he kept them or not.
  2. In my first year in-residence in the 13th Corps, we saw the video called "A Day with the Wierwilles." He stated this in the film. I later read that Don Wierwille did not agree with that statement.
  3. Rocky said: IIRC, she's (Donna Martindale, then Lombardi) mentioned in Undertow as having worked at the NC limb also. That was during her interim year in the 4th Corps, the same year Ralph D, Joel Burke, and Charlene Little, were sent to North Carolina so that Limb Coordinator Doug Emerson his wife, Connie (later Connie Panarello) and their daughter, Krissy (later Kristyne Panarello) could go to HQ for the one-year "Special Corps" program. David Turk was the Limb Coordinator in Doug Emerson's place. Ralph, Joel, and Charlene were Zone Coordinators, each of one-third of the long state of N
  4. Beguiled: Just to clarify ... coal miners are mostly in Kentucky and West Virginia. There are no coal miners in the Carolinas.
  5. It always made me chuckle when I sat at or near Ralph Dubofsky's table at lunch in the HQ dining hall during my interim year of 1983-84. His wife at the time, Lori, always brought a bowl of raw, cut onions along with their children when she came for lunch. People who knew this made it a habit of sitting at their table so they could have onions on their salad.
  6. When I was at Emporia (13th Corps), the chef was Bob Gassman. The food was good, with few exceptions. I have read online that one reason the food was so bad there in the early years is that Craig, who was in charge of the campus, was trying to save money. Another issue is that it is comparably a very small kitchen. When it was the College of Emporia, it most likely was not used to cook food from scratch, bake homemade "Benny's Wheat" bread, etc, Most likely, it was used to heat up industrial-sized cans of vegetables and the like.
  7. Ira Hearne, his wife Ora, and daughter, Nancy, are all deceased.
  8. I did an online search. Rosalie Rivenbark was born in March 1940, so she is now (in May 2020) 80 years old.
  9. One thing about PFAL 77: the food was great at Ball State University. Every afternoon was yours to nap, play, fellowship, etc. In that regard, it was NOTHING like in-residence Corps training. Honestly, I quite enjoyed it.
  10. Just depended who. VPW said on several occasions that he had no respect for anyone who used the word Christmas because it was not a mass for Christ. It was contempt for the Roman Catholic "Christ mass" that started all the brouhaha about using the word Christmas. Still, many of us Corps at the time (I was 13th) went along with it when we were on campus or at Way-sponsored events, and said and still celebrated Christmas at home with Christmas trees, Christmas cards, Christmas carols, etc. We had a big formal Christmas party at both Way HQ and Emporia, but probably called it something else.
  11. This made me remember something the HQ Corps Coordinator said to the 12th in-residence at the time) and 13th Corps (interim year on staff at the time) at a Sunday after-meeting when he was talking about the upcoming Uncle Harry/Burn the Chaff Day. He misspoke and called it Burn Uncle Harry day. That would have been 1984, so Uncle Harry had rejoined the soil 6.5 years before (he died in the summer of 1977, IIRC). The name of the event had recently been changed from Uncle Harry Day to Burn the Chaff day. We all cracked up. He was embarrassed, but Michael always enjoyed a good laugh, even at
  12. The way The Way celebrated Halloween was discussed in a lame class which was the last one I took before leaving. It was called The Believer's Family, or some such. In it LCM said that was each family's decision. Sometimes they had a "Harvest Festival" or some such. Some believers just let their kids go trick or treating or to a locally sponsored event. VPW talked a lot about Reformation and Martin Luther, but I do not recall in my 23.5 years in that we celebrated it on the same day as the traditional Protestant church calendar. I do recall, however, that on one day around the time Je
  13. Thanks to everyone for your responses. I didn't think it was the real LCM, but I just wanted to make sure.
  14. There is an LCM who identifies as Lot Craig Martindale on Twitter. Is this the real one? This enquiring mind wants to know ....
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