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  1. Thanks to everyone for your responses. I didn't think it was the real LCM, but I just wanted to make sure.
  2. There is an LCM who identifies as Lot Craig Martindale on Twitter. Is this the real one? This enquiring mind wants to know ....
  3. I think that must be the book Mrs. Wierwille wrote, with her daughter Karen's help ... I had left TWI before it was published, but I have seen a copy. Checked Amazon ... it is called VICTOR PAUL WIERWILLE: BORN AGAIN TO SERVE. Available for purchase if you choose to spend an arm and a leg ...
  4. There is a large tree out back of the East Carolina University (ECU) Way Home in Greenville, NC that is a great example, as trees go. I remember being told in my first year in the Way in 1972-1973 that there's where VPW "got the revelation for the Way Tree." Even then, at the ripe young age of 17, I thought, "What? He had never seen a tree before?"
  5. I found it interesting that everyone in the 13th Corps (can't speak for others) was given a copy of Bullinger's HOW TO ENJOY THE BIBLE in September of our first year in-residence. I remember slowly reading through most of it during that year. It was amazing to me how very much of PFAL was taken from there.
  6. Remove and replace is a much better idea.
  7. I remember. It was my first ROA and my favorite ... our local fellowship leader got a wealthy woman in town to donate the cost of the chartered bus we went on. I was 17 at the time. Nice memory.
  8. I remember seeing "A Day with the Wierwilles" while in residence with the 13th Corps. I do not remember a lot of it, but I do remember that VPW had said in it that Luke Somerville (son of John and Mary Wierwille Somerville) should be "groomed" to be the third president of the Way (which, as we know, ended up being Rosalie Rivenbark). I also remember hearing Don Wierwille say he did not really agree with the premise that the stand of the Wierwille family was so crucial to the Way continuing. As I recall, the "day" in question was during a holiday vacation at Gunnison in 1982.
  9. Was he ever part of the singing group, The Victors?
  10. For some reason, I was thinking that the premier was before VPW died. I was in residence at Gunnison in the spring of 1985, which was a horrible experience, and those that wanted to go were allowed to go straight to Ohio for the weekend, see it, then come straight back. As much as I would have liked to escape the gulag for a couple days, I did not think it was worth the effort. Earlier that block, in February I believe (LCM watched the Grammys with us), when LCM came to visit Gunnison, all he seemed to talk about was the costuming for the different categories he had determined of devil spirits. I found it extremely weird, and still do. I saw AOS once at the Rock of Ages 1985. It was a waste. I could not believe they made a coloring book of it for kids of the ministry to be exposed to it ...
  11. When I was in the Corps, one of the Corps Coordinators told us a story "for our learning" about how he had once announced at some meeting that the Trustees (they were called that then) were on their annual fishing trip. He was reproved by one of his higher ups with the admonition that he should refer to it as "their annual meeting" with the explanation "we have to protect our Trustees." During that same year, I was told that I should not ever say that Vince was "olaying cards with the Trustees" ... because they were gambling, playing poker during business hours one Friday afternoon. We were taught to cover up anything that put TWI in a bad light.
  12. Skyrider: Just curious ... what 24 Corps have been blacklisted? I only heard about the Moneyhands that I recall.
  13. I really liked the early ROAs ... 1972 was my favorite, as it was my first. By the time the later ROA rolled around, I did not particularly like it. One of them, I left in mid-week (not in the Corps yet then, so I had only been there a few days). It was hot, humid, and nasty. I left, drove to just the other side of Dayton, and slept overnight in a WONDERFUL air-conditioned motel room, munching on some of the food and drink I had brought for the Rock. I decided then I would never camp in a tent again, and I didn't. The last year of the Rock, I was staying in a motel with a friend and her kids. I had left the Corps about ten years before that, so we went whenever we wanted (usually in the afternoon) and it was very nice....UNTIL Craig decided it was going to be a Rock of Ages CLASS. He had no class. We still came and went as we wanted, but I knew then I would never go to a Rock again. I was very relieved when he announced later that fall that the Rock was no more. Sad, because in my younger years, I loved it. By then, I was forty and despised it.
  14. I talked with someone still in TWI for several hours this past Saturday evening. She is in support of these dissenters. She sent me all the letters that have been posted here and answered any questions I had. I remember her saying that, Rico had told the group that God gave him audible revelation to go into Rosalie's office and tell her she was to resign from her place on the Board of Directors. Clearly, that did not go well, as he was escorted off grounds by security. So that is a little more detail on his leaving.
  15. Too much money and power is at stake for the trustees/directors to step down. Actually, for the Way, the fewer followers there are, the more money can be spent by the Directors ... in a 501(c)3 corporation, as long as there is ANY provable effort that they are following through with their mission (not necessarily large numbers), the Directors will have access to that $58 million plus that was amassed by good-hearted believers giving during the heyday of the Way. I have read all those letters, but there is no way that, short of divine intervention (not likely), that they will be successful. Many of those folks now have alternate sources of income, so they can afford to speak up now. Lots of dirty hands on that list of signers of the letters...people that were involved in tossing out others who spoke up against those very things years ago. TWI can be compared to North Korea in that it is a very closed society. For the USA to ever get rid of Kim Jong Un will require his death, his assassination, or some wild bombing. I am assuming that this group would not resort to the last two to get rid of Rosalie, but I am willing to bet that the only way she will take her hand off the helm of control is at the time of her death. Even then, she has put a "yes ma'am" man into the presidency. Their efforts are indeed like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
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