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  1. Longhunter

    Revival and Restoration

    LOL I personally know everyone on that panel. Wish I could've pitched 'em some fast balls on live stream.
  2. Longhunter

    6th Corps Reunion Site

    Any plans for another 6th reunion? I'd try to get my Dad to go, that was his corps.
  3. Longhunter

    Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

    Here's a much better debate. I'm not just saying that since I've done show with both individuals. In my opinion, they are the best debaters in the world for their side.
  4. Longhunter

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    I grew up at HQ and our 8th grade Washington DC trip was not allowed to visit the Holocaust Museum per Way instructions, that was 1998.
  5. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    That doesn't address anything I've discussed.
  6. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    Several problems: A liger may share some properties with a tiger, but is not a Tiger. There is no middle ground. Similarly with a God. You can define it how you want, but it is either A or not A. Please demonstrate an alternative to A or not A. Atheism is not an assertion that God does not exist, merely not accepting the claim. You are conflating theism/atheism with gnosticism/agnosticism. I'm using the true dichotomy of accepting the claim and not accepting the claim. There is no middle ground. There may be diferent concepts of God, but far any of them, you either accept it or do not accept it, without middle ground.
  7. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    that may be an example, but the direct analogy would be" Something is either a Tiger or not a tiger". There is no middle ground. You are either a theist or not a theist.
  8. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    No, something is either A or Not A. You either accept a claim or you do not. That's a direct negation of the statement. It is by necessity and by definition a true dichotomy. To deny that is a formal logical fallacy.
  9. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    This is a basic fact of logic. You are claiming a middle ground in a dichotomy, that's a logical violation. Law of Identity Something is what it is and isn't what it is not. Something that exists has a specific nature. Law of Non-Contradiction Something cannot be both true and false at the same time in the same sense. Law of Excluded Middle A statement is either true or false, without a middle ground.
  10. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    What's the 3rd option between accepting a claims as true and not accepting a claim as true?
  11. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    No, that's what a true dichotomy is, by definition. This is basic logic. There is no middle ground between accepting a claim and not accepting a claim.
  12. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    You can't be neither. They are a true dichotomy. You either accept the claim that a god exists or you do not accept it. There is no middle ground. Also, if you are not agnostic, that is a claim that you do know weather a god exists or not.
  13. Longhunter

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    A fun new error I noticed last week: "Moses" wrote the account of Abraham 500 years after and called a location of Abraham as "Dan". Then after Moses died, a new account occurs where the land is finally named "Dan". How did Moses call it "Dan" for Abraham despite it being named that not until after Moses died? Genesis 14:14 When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as Dan. Judges 18:1 In those days Israel had no king. And in those days the tribe of the Danites was seeking a place of their own where they might settle, because they had not yet come into an inheritance among the tribes of Israel. Judges 18:29 They named it Dan after their ancestor Dan, who was born to Israel--though the city used to be called Laish.
  14. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    Yes, "immoral". I don't posit a definition since I don't hold the belief that they exist. The theist should define their terms, but the character of the god of The Bible is typically the classical definition (transcendent being, creator, etc).
  15. Longhunter

    Are You More Moral Than Yahweh?

    Jesus endorsed the OT saying "No jot or tittle shall be changed" He also passed up every opportunity to denounce things such as slavery, but decided not to. Instead the NT uses slave/master analogies as a positive example. Also, Jesus' "best" examples of morality, found in the Sermon on the Mount, are terribly flawed. Lastly, to say Jesus "improves" god law is an admission that God's morality meter is flawed.