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  1. Raf

    Greasespot will miss you forever.

  2. krys

    The Way

    I like your taste, Twink!
  3. BlueChord I hear where you're coming from. I understand your angst. However.... I am old enough to have skin as thick as leather and a penchant for sarcasm - - therefore -- If I were in your shoes, I'd be pleased to have stung the center of the "singularity of infinitesimal value" [thanks T-Bone] Me and my family have taken more than our fair share of painful barbs from the "singularity" (actually - no share is a fair share...I'm being sarcastic). So If I were in your shoes, I think I'd be dancing with joy to have been able to lob one back causing a wound that they found as annoying as this!
  4. That reminds me of the kettle and the frog. As long as the frog is in the kettle while it heats, it doesn't notice the temperature increase. BUT drop the frog into a warm kettle of water and he'll notice that right away and jump out!
  5. One of the reasons that cult was so treacherous was that there was plenty of truth entwined with the non-truth and evil stuff woven in. Most people could see the truth, but the cult was so sly, that you were lapping up the junk with the good stuff and didn't know the difference. Once you lived enough years in the world you developed some thinking skills regardless of what the cult tried to instill in you. That's why it was so hard for most folks to leave...and why those who left were stunned at first. It took time to unravel all the threads and decide which, if any, were worth keeping. The cult was so good at it; they could keep you believing all the lies they told while still keeping you believing that you knew the word of God. They were particularly adept at this deception. Sometimes I'm embarrassed about the deception I swallowed. But, I'm thankful for the truth I learned. Some of it must have come from them, some I learned myself along the way, and I'm still learning now some 21 or 22 years out. It was't easy. But - it was worth it to have the truth I now have.
  6. I believe Galen is on the right track. Your suggestion of a person with a gift ministry gives to the church (the believers) and God gives back to him, doesn't mean that the believers have not been "blessed". Perhaps God gives back to your strong abilities (gift) which makes you only more effective at it. If you are particularly adept at teaching you will be strengthened in this "gift".
  7. I agree, T-Bone. I believe I was "in" later than you (78-97), every time I can wrap my head around another piece of this, it is a blessing to me. I'd like to think that I'd gotten all the old twi cobwebs out, when you shine your finely tuned light on it, lo and behold, another one pops up! Thanks, because when I see it, I can begin to eliminate it.
  8. I'm an old timer too. I come frequently and read the posts. I post infrequently but I'm here watching for those who seem to want help escaping from the cult. We are a solid, sane group of individuals. We are quite varied in our pursuits, but generally our love of God and obedience to the example of Jesus Christ unites us. Welcome. BecomingMe.
  9. Arrogant little ba$tard$ aren't they! They make up their little rules and if you don't follow them and do what they say Almighty God will drop kick you into the abyss.
  10. krys

    Song of the moment

    sweet. even a little playful....yes, I did enjoy it - - thanks
  11. No matter what you choose, you're doomed.
  12. I remember it just as Rocky has stated.
  13. How interesting to have this framework. There are many things that contribute to my joy (of life), it we can look at it that way. Spiritual abundance spills over into my "natural life" increasing that abundance too.
  14. Do you think it would fit in an email? I would love to read that piece.
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