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  1. Interesting that you bring this up. My friend and I have been looking at quantum physics and, as it turns out, it fits perfectly with what Jesus Christ said about believing, and also what it says in Psalms about guarding your heart because out of it are the issues of life. I have always believed that science is pretty good at explaining how things work. For example, chemistry explains the reactions of mixing certain chemicals, and physics explains action/reaction. But until recently they couldn't tell us why, at the root of it, these things work this way. But quantum physics points out very clearly that there is a spiritual energy in everything. So, while the bible tells us what to do and the benefits of that, quantum physics is now explaining what is happening at the microscopic level and smaller. Invisible, in fact. And from what I've seen so far there is nothing indirect about the relationship to "things of God".
  2. My life experience both in TWI and outside of it has shown me that there are many people that prefer to be led. That's why there are still so many people involved with TWI and all of the offshoots. They either don't want to, or don't know how to, do their own research. And I mean real research, not re-searching what was published by TWI or the offshoots. (That was such a stupid concept) Several months ago I stepped away from R&R. I can't even bring myself to listen to the recorded teachings on their web site. Instead, a few of us just get together and actually research topics of interest to the group, or if one of us has been working on something and wants help with it then we do that together. The give and take is wonderful, and it is done without anyone having authority of any sort. Sometimes, we reach a consensus, and we leave there electrified! I can honestly say of the 20+ years going to fellowship I never left feeling electrified.
  3. Interesting. I threw those out as soon as I got them, every year. It made no sense to me that a ministry that taught when Jesus Christ was born would send out Christmas cards. I wasn't involved with TWI at that point. Who is the teacher? LCM? I used to like his teaching style when I first started going to fellowship, but his ego started pouring out of him and ruined it.
  4. As of just a few years ago, the term "believer" had devolved to mean someone standing with TWI. This is what was promulgated from the upper levels. But we did have some individuals in my fellowship that understood there were believers all over the world that had nothing to do with TWI.
  5. I considered doing this but then determined, since I wasn't really with them in the first place, it wasn't my place. I just basically stopped interacting with them. And it's true, they still hold VPW in high esteem, and they do still teach his teachings, albeit phrased a little differently sometimes. Thankfully, while I was still listening to their teachings, they had stopped teaching the most bizarre aspects, like breathing in to receive holy spirit. And it is also true they have retained their reverend titles - reverend of what? I wonder. And probably the most irritating aspect, which is the main reason I lost interest, is it's the same core group that do the teachings, teaching what they think everyone needs to hear.
  6. Not making it publicly known would be a strange way to try to get money from people. Don't you think?
  7. You have to be ready, willing, and able to read between the lines. Oh, and I'm curious, have they denounced Rico and his business model? So then, they aren't.
  8. I guess not. Would you be more specific? Where are they asking for money?
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Right?!?! How absurd.
  10. I really don't care what Rico's teaching is about. He is not R&R. In fact, I don't really care much about the R&R teachings, either.
  11. Grace, it seems you think I'm referring to the R&R group, but my statement was in reference to TWI. WW, even though I'm not truly following the R&R group, they still haven't asked anyone for any money. However, just this evening I took a look at their web site to see what's been happening over the last few months. And, surprisingly, it no longer requires a password. I'm pretty sure my browsers aren't storing the password - I tried Firefox and Chrome - but just to make sure, maybe someone here would like to test it. Here's the link: https://revivalandrestoration.org/teachings
  12. The phrase you quoted was from me, and I never stated nor implied following these people, or any other mainstream ministers. I believe what Jesus Christ said, that the comforter [spirit] would guide us into all truth. That doesn't mean I never ask people if they understand a verse better than I do, but I look for that holy guidance from above. So, yes, the bible does, and always will, contain all we need to live a Godly life. The life principles in the bible can be applied to any and all situations. It isn't dependent on what the new technology is or standard of living is, no matter how complex.
  13. I'm inclined to agree. I'm convinced the actual Word of God is too expansive to be contained in what we now call the bible. But it contains all we need to live a Godly life - 2 Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: While I'm sure there are other things involved in these "all things", we have enough of His Word to enable this.
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