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  1. higherground30

    Second Open Letter to Jean-Yves DeLisle

    Preach it again brother
  2. higherground30

    New Zealand

    Your typical sycophant leader who leads the way in New Zealand
  3. higherground30

    New Zealand

    Lol amen
  4. higherground30

    Revival and Restoration

    Amen! That's what it's all about Allan Don't see any of that happening down at the way in NZ
  5. higherground30

    New Zealand

    Hey Twinky Not too sure about F hmmm big ponzi scheme running down at twi nz me thinks.The principles of 'abs' are used and abused no helping fellow people etc.. but hey a brand new car for the leader every year not an issue swipe that card!!
  6. higherground30

    New Zealand

    if only the twi members in NZ only knew that the ministry is only a money making cult run by Mice@l and Jennifer G@rrett sigh poor buggers oh well carry on
  7. yeah Skyrider pretty much nailed it on the head with that one. I met Jean-Yves twice, he is one of Rosalie's 'boys' when she says jump!! he will be saying 'how high?apart from that he was not impressed with me since i fell asleep during Rosalies welcoming speech at Founders Hall for International students(no bad intentions at the time) funny now LOL! and i ask myself how people would want to continue in a deceitful cult like this led by someone who does this kind of thing to families?! Brainwashed i say! but its the modus operandi of the way nothing new...
  8. higherground30

    When Did Way Productions Start to Suck and Why.

    Let me start by saying 'the renewed mind is the key.... haha yea it's awful alright but gotta give the guy props for breaking down those dance moves LOL!! Here's another tune wayyyy before my time https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hPU4GYXrKfg
  9. higherground30

    When Did Way Productions Start to Suck and Why.

    Yea I hear what Twinky saying, happened to quite a few in NZ...when I was in I listened to bands like 'sing it dave' and kerusso they were awesome 90s era, it was always played before a meeting or in the background during a service. It seems the way cult today has really lost touch with music just check out this outrageous clip LOL
  10. higherground30

    New Zealand

    Welcome all NZ! Haere mai!! Grace your more than welcome to drop myself, Allan or Twinky a line we are the kiwi crew so far
  11. higherground30

    Uncle Rico

    Met Rico a few times at advanced class 06' had a few conversations with him, even did the electric slide with him and Greg Bochalk, really nice guy was a big hit with the class students at the time had the real knack for public speaking and playing basketball, just a shame he used those talents for the cult
  12. higherground30

    Damage Control

    *grabs popcorn* Mate looks like a big mess to me at the way international Skyrider had mentioned in other posts that this sort of thing was bound to happend and look....
  13. higherground30

    Where's the EXIT?

    That's right Twinky Yeah so glad I'm out 3.5 years and couldn't be happier hope your Livin the dream bluecord
  14. higherground30

    Mark n Avoid

    Man those are some big names big around 90s era....but I am not suprised one by one members of the way cult will eventually leave only time will tell...good on em I say life's too short to be in this cult
  15. higherground30

    Uncle Rico

    You mean the guy who ran my advance class 2006 and destroyed everyone at basketball? Anyways if he has, good for him I wish him the best