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  1. Thanks for the back-story. Reminds me of Lynne, Dubofsky etc. and the 26 (?) page letter except like 20 years or so later. They also tried to fix it from within and were ousted.
  2. Just saw a movie which I accessed through Youtube called "Holy Hell." I think you have to pay for it, but it also is about a cult and people in it and people that left it. Just one of many many stories of cult members and how they left. Now that I'm out of TWI, I can see so many similarities among ex-TWI and other ex-cult members. Leah Remani's series on Scientology is also excellent. And documentaries about Heaven's Gate. on and on. We are not alone.
  3. Reminds me of when I left TWI and was in the process of what I call my self-deprogramming, I would hear Craig's voice in my head. When I would think an anti-way thought, there was Craig in my head yelling the opposite. Eventually the yelling went away.
  4. As for Revival and Restoration - What took them so long?
  5. What is to become of the millions TWI has upon it inevitable demise?
  6. Looks like the guy in the forefront is nodding off.
  7. We were taught that "in Christ" meant "in fellowship". Therefore the verse "there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus" became conditional. The implication was that if you weren't "in fellowship" you were under condemnation. I was always asking God's forgiveness for sins real or imagined in order to assure I was in the magical state of "in fellowship".
  8. Love those vending machines in the background! Insert believing, out pops whatever you want.
  9. Read Kris Skedgell's book "Losing the Way" if there is any doubt about what VPW was up to with women in The Way. That along with all the testimonies of woman after woman....
  10. I remember that Advanced class at San Diego State. I was a local and had to help with the physical set-up. I was in charge of furnishing the prayer room and we transported our own couch from our home to put in it and then was told it wasn't acceptable and had to haul it back out. I also remember how the dorm rooms were furnished for the Big Wigs to look like apartments. The rest of us stayed in the dorm rooms that were furnished like dorm rooms . i guess it was just beneath our superiors to lower themselves to spend a few days in a regularly furnished dorm room. It was then that I saw the inequalities between upper leadership and us regular peon believers. Some people in way homes were moved out to forfeit their room to people who were more important then them. Where they went was their problem. An of course the recipients of these benefits had no gratitude, just a sense of entitlement. Took me 9 more years until I finally left.
  11. One of the most liberating things when I left TWI was the realization the Sh1t Happens.
  12. I gave them money when I hardly had any to give.
  13. Wordwolf - "Hail to the Chief"??!! wow, don't recall that but that's messed up.
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