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  1. Pot bless??? Say it isn’t so!
  2. "Move the Word" - still don't know what the h3ll that means except I always felt guilty for not doing it enough.
  3. I agree. Good article. Can't help but recall how I eeked out 20% of my minimum wage job to TWI so I could be "blessed".
  4. Sometimes there is a lot of venting needed because we spent years with stuffed feelings and opinions and were not actually allowed to experience our reality, only the reality we were told to accept. It can take awhile to get in touch with the authentic self. And venting things that couldn't be expressed is often part of the process.
  5. outandabout


    How incredibly selfish of TWI to not have employees pay into SS. How do they get away with that? Just when I've learned enough about that despicable organization I find out something else. People used and abused. There for the grace of God go I. They must be stuck there at HQ. But then TWI might kick them out if they get too old to work like slaves and TWI would have to actually recompense them in some way for their years of loyalty - which they wouldn't. Cold hearted Pharisees.
  6. I remember you as a toddler. I have a distinct memory of your mom going into Kenyon Hall for something and I was there for some reason and with her was this adorable little blonde munchkin.
  7. I always like it when Children of The Way come here and post. I wish they did more often. Always interesting.
  8. Must have been inconvenient if you lived with them. up down up down.....
  9. I think I was there when that happened. Was it around 1974? He was pounding he podium. yeah, he was ....ed that ushers were still ushering. He said something like the devil would destroy the ministry if he weren't around. If it wasn't the time you're talking about, it happened then too.
  10. Oh yeah, I thought of another thing - the book "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler was promoted. It's premise is that the Jews of today are not descendants of the 12 tribes but are really from the Kaisers, whose country was located between a Muslim country and a Christian country (as I recall). Their solution was to adopt Judaism in order to avoid political conflict.
  11. We were encouraged to read "The Myth of the Six Million" which as I recall either denied the Holocaust or said fewer died than believed. And I remember Craig yelling about "The Jews" and how they "control everything".
  12. We were also told we can't share anything that happened in the training with anyone outside of it. That's pretty weird now that I think about it. I went to Momentous because someone in my fellowship hounded me into it. I originally didn't want to go. I was seeing a psychiatrist at the time which made me ineligible. But lo and behold it turned out I could (per Tuccini) as long as I wasn't on medication. So I went. I bought into everything that was going on but it kicked me into a manic episode and I ended up in the mental hospital. The group leaders actually came to see me. But there was never any acknowledgment from anyone in my fellowship that Momentous was to blame in any way. John Lynn stated in one of his communications that those that had problems in Momentous was because they "didn't want to face something in themselves" or something to that effect.
  13. outandabout


    I'm still here. Drop in a few times a week to see what I haven't read. Post here and there.
  14. Hi, DWBH! OldSkool mentioned it above, having to do with the R&R thing but I didn't know it was in the hundreds.
  15. Didn't know about Rosie marking a avoiding hundreds of people Smart move if you want their money.
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