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  1. When I was at Emporia in the 8th corps, the food was pretty good. (except liver)
  2. I still have my two WOW pins. Have always wanted to make them into dangle earrings.
  3. TWI basically focused on PFAL, Intermediate, Advanced and the other classes required before the Advanced Class. That was pretty much it. Focusing on those year after year over and over didn't result in much growth. And we thought we knew more than other Christians. It just went around in circles, becoming more and more stifling as the years went by. No freedom to actually research the Bible and learn new things. There are so many Bible scholars I have discovered and learned from since I left TWI - people who have dedicated their lives to the study of God's Word. And each of them has something unique to offer. I still apply some things I learned in TWI but that isn't the end all a be all regarding learning and growth.
  4. Wow. That sounds interesting. Sorry I missed it.
  5. Really. When a an actual thought from the true inner self appeared that contradicted the Waybrain, reaction is to resist it via "renewed mind" (it's the "old man") and thus perpetuate being a Way bot. It was a mental prison that kept us there more than a physical one. I could have walked away at any time but didn't know it. When I finally did, I was surprised how little resistance from TWI I actually encountered.
  6. Yeah, we were taught how wrong fear is, but it was natural to fear being reproved and yelled at and shamed at any moment. Then feeling guilty for being afraid, because fear was negative believing, therefore anything bad that happened was one's own fault. At least that's the mental hell I experienced.
  7. How strange that the Gospels were thought to be unworthy of our attention. That is where we learn about Jesus Christ after all, a rather important subject if you're a Christian, to put it mildly. And we were always led to believe that reading anything other than The Word or collaterals or The Way Mag etc. was "off the Word". Now I read what I want, including the Bible. Actually, my enjoyment of the Bible has increased since I've been out of TWI.
  8. A root is supposed to nourish the leaves but the leaves were working for the root. Ooops wrong thread I think.
  9. This reminds me to be thankful it's March and I don't have that Corps Evaluation that I dreaded. Nor do I have to justify where I want to live. Yay!
  10. I have a funny story about personal prophesy. I had a tape from John Lynn where he prophesized over me and one from John Schoenheit with another guy (who did it in Spanish) from a trip to Israel. Well one day for some reason I put them on a lower part of an end table. My husband was vacuuming one day and somehow it sucked up the tapes out of their cases. !!??!! Never did find out what the Spanish part said.
  11. I don't want to go anywhere near anything that remotely resembles TWI.
  12. Food for thought: 15 years out of my 70 in TWI makes 21% (rounded off). Googled that as a pie chart. The green represents TWI time. Gives me a lot of perspective! So much of my life NOT in a cult and JUST as much my life as the 21%. Just some musings on a Friday.
  13. In Redlands CA on my interim year as WOW branch leader.
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