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  1. After I left TWI, I realized my pre-TWI life was just as valid as during TWI. As posted above, we were taught to disavow our previous life as "old man" etc. i came to see my life a single thread, not a before and after. I reclaimed my previous life. I made a pie chart of my life with time in TWI highlighted. It's about a fifth of the pie and this point. As time goes by, the TWI section gets smaller and smaller....
  2. I think it was pretty heartless treatment of his wife to make her leave her newborn baby behind. I realized that after I became a mother.
  3. Didn't JN have an album "Wake Up America"? Remember we listened to it all the time when I was on the field as a Fellow Laborer in California in 1976.
  4. This is an old thread. I was thinking of B G Leonard for some reason and I remembered reading about the incident below when he was at The Rock in 1985. I remember him being there but didn’t get to see him personally. But what I wanted to mention about his visit is how Martindale blew up about Corps flocking to BG. Obviously he was jealous of the attention B G was taking from him. Anyway I just found a book that I downloaded into my Kindle about B G by Phyllis Tryon, published by Steve Sann. Entitled Show Me the Miracles: The Life of B. G Leonard. I was looking for Gifts of the Sp
  5. And at PFAL class an actually new unused styrofoam cup would have been nice.
  6. And what was that stuff that got added to it? What I needed was a decent shot of caffeine to stay awake. forgot to add the quote below.
  7. Oh, so if they change the no-debt policy is that like saying "Ooops, sorry, didn't mean it. Sorry you lost out on equity and a credit rating. Sorry if you sold your house to go live in a rental. Sorry some of you got kicked out over this. We didn't really mean it after all".
  8. I never did get that anniversary date. Never made any sense to me.
  9. Hey, that must have been cool when Martindale said the word was over the world. "I don't have to witness at Wondermall anymore!!!"
  10. Regarding Beguiled's mention of Martindale cancelling WOW that year - WHAT AN A-HOLE!!! (Martindale that is) What total DISREGARD for all the plans, sacrifices and inconvenient changes people had to make in their lives to go WOW. Then they get to the ROCK and it's "Ooops sorry, it's a no-go. Guess you'll just have to figure out what else to do now". What an A-hole. He could just drive his fancy car back to the Corps Chalet and congratulate himself on the great spiritual stand he just took against the devil. What an A-hole.
  11. They also harped on "phileo" v "agape". Agape being superior, spiritual not emotional. Emotional attachment was earthly and inferior. "I have no friends when it comes to the word.""
  12. Java Jane, just bought your book. Looks good. You got some good reviews.
  13. What kind of an organization bleeds its members of their resources, time, loyalty and when those members are of a reasonable age to retire, gives them NOTHING?? And why does a so-called non-profit have millions sitting in the bank? When those millions could be used to help "move the word" on the "field" or reward the faithful with a decent retirement? It's pathetic. The only people reaping a reward are the despots at the top. And I'm wondering why the R&R people took so long to finally dissent and then leave.
  14. Speaking of spiritual probation - my brother and his wife were put on it because their house was too dirty. He told me they didn't have time to clean it because they were always going to meetings. Anyway, they realized they were happier being away from TWI so they left for good.
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