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  1. outandabout

    Hello! Anyone out there?

    Hi, DWBH! OldSkool mentioned it above, having to do with the R&R thing but I didn't know it was in the hundreds.
  2. outandabout

    Hello! Anyone out there?

    Didn't know about Rosie marking a avoiding hundreds of people Smart move if you want their money.
  3. outandabout

    Hello! Anyone out there?

  4. outandabout

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    It was harder to leave if you were Corps. We had a "lifetime commitment." It might have not been any kind of physical restraint but it was psychological. I was subjected to an hour long yelling and blaming fest by the branch leader because I had mentioned to another person that sometimes I felt like leaving, who then ratted on me.
  5. outandabout

    Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    "The difference between a church and a cult is what they do when you try to leave" - Mike Rinder
  6. outandabout

    Athletes of the Spirit Video (from the '80's)

    Ha ha ha! That would be great! I can see it now!
  7. outandabout

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    I donated.
  8. outandabout

    GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2018

    Sorry to see the site go, if that is the case. Thanks to Pawtucket for all the hard work. And to the mods. I will miss this site if it goes. Been coming here since 2002 and still check in a few times a week.
  9. outandabout

    Revival and Restoration

    If you lived in a limb home with clergy did you have to stand up every time he/she walked in whatever room you might be in?
  10. outandabout

    Revival and Restoration

    The machine was broken because you didn't believe enough for a milkshake. (sarc)
  11. outandabout

    Twi's spiritual legitimacy is waning

    love that song!
  12. I remember in residence sometimes we sat and listened to detailed info about the Wierwille family and their history and blah de blah. I was wondering what the heck that had to do with God's Word. Were we about God and His Word or about the Wierwilles? Why were they so special? Didn't we all matter? Aren't we all members of the body of Christ? What a bunch of huey!
  13. WOW - taking the place of the absent Christ!!! Makes me think of the original lie -- Ye shall be as gods. Thank God I don't have to take his place. What a burden. We can't do that! Ridiculous. Haven't thought that way in so long it's hard to believe I ever did.
  14. outandabout

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    said so well - truth intertwined with non-truth.. Thus the cognitive dissonance that I experience to this day when trying to sort it all out. I can't explain it to people. If it were something totally off the wall, like we thought we were lizard people from Planet X it would be easier to disavow.
  15. outandabout

    Cults: Make Merchandise of You

    I just wish I'd left sooner.