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  1. A root is supposed to nourish the leaves but the leaves were working for the root. Ooops wrong thread I think.
  2. This reminds me to be thankful it's March and I don't have that Corps Evaluation that I dreaded. Nor do I have to justify where I want to live. Yay!
  3. I have a funny story about personal prophesy. I had a tape from John Lynn where he prophesized over me and one from John Schoenheit with another guy (who did it in Spanish) from a trip to Israel. Well one day for some reason I put them on a lower part of an end table. My husband was vacuuming one day and somehow it sucked up the tapes out of their cases. !!??!! Never did find out what the Spanish part said.
  4. I don't want to go anywhere near anything that remotely resembles TWI.
  5. Food for thought: 15 years out of my 70 in TWI makes 21% (rounded off). Googled that as a pie chart. The green represents TWI time. Gives me a lot of perspective! So much of my life NOT in a cult and JUST as much my life as the 21%. Just some musings on a Friday.
  6. In Redlands CA on my interim year as WOW branch leader.
  7. Wow, ain't that the truth.
  8. That's because he was so spiritual and tapped in.
  9. I've had to google stuff on the internet to catch up on things I never knew about while I was in the TWI cocoon. It's like I was on another planet for 15 years. (or in a coma)
  10. Re; the burning bush. At the time I was being a little satirical. "You want a biblical costume do you? Ok, take this!"
  11. I remember Halloween parties where we had to go as biblical characters. (of course) Once I taped sticks and leaves and orange and yellow streams of crepe paper and went as the Burning Bush.
  12. I was so bored with all the Wierwille legacy stuff. I didn't understand what that had to do with God's Word. Or why a Wierwille was any more important in the body of Christ than the rest of us.
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