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  1. I copied the emotion graph and wanted to comment on how it made me aware of the wide range of emotions we as humans are capable of. A little off topic but looking at it reminds me that we were taught not to feel them. I’m so glad I can claim my humanity and not feel condemnation that I am being earthly and leaning on sense knowledge when I feel what I feel.
  2. Yes, I have it on Kindle to read. Also saw him on Leah Remini's series. I'm fascinated with Scientology because it has so many parallels to TWI. Their doctrine is totally different but their methods in how they are organized and how they treat people are similar.
  3. That also includes fake laughing at the stupid jokes.
  4. I was aware of all the bruhaha surrounding that paper. People even got in trouble is if it was mailed to them. I read it. It was simply a well done logical research paper. Those who overreacted were incriminating themselves.
  5. i remember how we had to laugh at the jokes. Jokes we'd heard over and over and weren't that funny to begin with.
  6. Actually it was more than 10% or God wouldn't spit in our direction.
  7. Thanks for the back-story. Reminds me of Lynne, Dubofsky etc. and the 26 (?) page letter except like 20 years or so later. They also tried to fix it from within and were ousted.
  8. Just saw a movie which I accessed through Youtube called "Holy Hell." I think you have to pay for it, but it also is about a cult and people in it and people that left it. Just one of many many stories of cult members and how they left. Now that I'm out of TWI, I can see so many similarities among ex-TWI and other ex-cult members. Leah Remani's series on Scientology is also excellent. And documentaries about Heaven's Gate. on and on. We are not alone.
  9. Reminds me of when I left TWI and was in the process of what I call my self-deprogramming, I would hear Craig's voice in my head. When I would think an anti-way thought, there was Craig in my head yelling the opposite. Eventually the yelling went away.
  10. As for Revival and Restoration - What took them so long?
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