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  1. I feel like i must have lived a very sheltered life in the ministry as well. I consider my year at Emporia the best year of my life because of the love I was shown by the college division students and way corp members. I made so many good memories and people I still consider friends even though I haven't seen them in many years. Thinking back on some of the teachings and the very strict militant rules at the college I can now see a certain level of control and manipulation but there were also many lessons that had a very positive impact on my life. While at the college I had IMMENSE respect for JAL. Whenever he taught I felt like he was talking directly to me. He had a way of cutting to the core of a matter in a humorous, engaging and thought provoking way and for some reason he had a huge impact on me. Of course I was only 18 and missed a lot of what was happening at the college, especially with the way corp. I do know I was totally disgusted with the decision to put LCM in charge. I never liked him and had absolutely no respect for him even at my young age. His energy BAD. I always felt JAL would have been a much better choice. Having said that I have no clue how clean or dirty his hands were with regards to the rampant corruption within the ministry.
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